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beautiful innovative green what’s new CEDIA Expo 2009 | booth #2408

what’s new CEDIA Expo 2009 | booth #2408

beautiful innovative green

02 | shading systems Kirbé™ vertical drapery system Roman shades featuring CERUS™ technology Expanded tensioned shade family Sivoia® QS Wireless The Gallery Collection The Avant Collection™

06 | RadioRA® 2 Flexible, scalable and reliable Open integration Easy to install and program

08 | Ivalo® L’Ale® cast aluminum sconce 09 | energy saving solutions Light sources System components Software 10 | HomeWorks® QS Wireless The power of Quantum® Beautiful new aesthetics Energy saving capabilities

12 | technology Clear Connect™ RF Technology Third-party integration

Welcome to CEDIA 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. What a year it's been! From the lows of the housing market, to the highs of the unemployment figures, the past year has demonstrated that the creation of new and sustainable revenue opportunities is critical to survival in the worst economic downturn we’ve seen since the Great Depression. Despite all of these incredible challenges, and while many companies have cut back and reduced investment for the future, Lutron continues to invest heavily in new products, new people and new tools and systems that support our mutual opportunity to create new and sustainable revenue growth. Our theme for this year’s CEDIA is Beautiful, Innovative and Green. Lutron is passionately focused on re-defining the word leadership in terms of expanding the market for electric, daylight and environmental control solutions with a focus on aesthetics, comfort, usability and energy. Starting with the introduction of our Clear Connect™ RF Technology, Lutron is dedicating its engineering resources to easily position industry-leading RF products across all market and channel segments. Taking a solutions-based, holistic view, we are able to deliver easy-to-install, easy-to-program and easy-to-use devices that reliably control lights, shades and HVAC devices. The introduction of our new RadioRA® 2, Sivoia® QS Wireless and HomeWorks® QS Wireless platforms and solutions will transform your business and create new business opportunities. Finally, all of this is highlighted by Lutron’s insistence on Taking Care of the Customer by continuing our leadership in quality, service and value. We are planning on an exciting and successful 2010. Thank you for visiting Lutron’s booth to learn how Lutron’s impactful Beautiful, Innovative and Green total light and environment control solutions can help your business to grow and prosper. We greatly value our residential solutions customers and look forward to working with you to create mutual growth and value for you, your clients and Lutron. Sincerely,

David M. Weinstein Christian Murray Vice President, Residential Sales Vice President and General Manager, Residential Products and Solutions

Lutron | 01

what’s new

shading solutions NEW Kirbé™ Vertical Drapery System Lutron has taken drapery in a whole new direction. The Kirbé Vertical Drapery System is an industry first— this entirely new type of window treatment smoothly pulls drapes up and completely out of the way at the touch of a button. The Kirbé vertical drapery system captivates with its unique and unexpected motion. The product also eliminates stack-back—referring to the mass of fabric left when a traditional drapery is opened. The Kirbé is perfect for over French or sliding doors, windows along side fireplaces or at the end of a hallway—anywhere one would wish to eliminate stack-back. Available in Sivoia QED®, Sivoia® QS or Sivoia QS Wireless technologies.

02 | Lutron

The Avant Collection™: Oasis Flamingo drapery fabric and Chic Paprika cornice fabric

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NEW Roman Shades Featuring CERUS™ Technology Lutron has revolutionized the design of Roman shades by introducing CERUS technology—Cord-Eliminating Roman Uptake System. This innovation allows for a safer Roman shade system by eliminating lifting cords typically associated with their construction. Eliminating cords from the traditional construction of Roman shades offers two major advantages over traditional styles. CERUS technology allows for a safer system by utilizing uptake bands that do not create pressure points as a strangulation hazard. CERUS also improves performance and reliability, offering smoother, more even travel of the shade and eliminating the possibility of cords tangling. Available in Sivoia QED®, Sivoia® QS or Sivoia QS Wireless technologies.

The Avant Collection™: Fausta Garnet fabric

NEW Expanded Tensioned Shade Family Lutron has expanded its tensioned shade family. In addition to skylight shades, Lutron introduces angled and bottom-up shades. These shades range from -135° (roller at bottom) to +135° (roller at top) and guarantee sag-free performance. With sheer, dim-out and blackout fabric options, tensioned shades can provide the flexibility you need for any custom project. Maximize solar reflectance with Basketweave Silver fabric

Lutron | 03

what’s new

shading solutions NEW Sivoia® QS Wireless Sivoia QS Wireless is a shading system that is beautiful, scalable and reliable. This new system can be used to control all Lutron shading systems, including roller shades, drapery tracks, new Roman shades and tensioned shades, both wirelessly and elegantly. The versatile Pico control can function as a lightweight handheld remote, a stylish tabletop control or a wallmounted keypad with a Lutron Claro® designer wallplate, but without wires or the need for a wallbox. Sivoia QS Wireless is a scalable shading system that can be installed to give precision control of shades in one room, multiple rooms or an entire home. A single Pico control can operate one or multiple shades. A whole-home option uses a centralized keypad and customizable shading “scenes” to configure shades in different rooms throughout the home to simplify daily routines and maximize energy savings. Sivoia QS Wireless utilizes Lutron’s Clear Connect™ RF Technology—the most reliable in the industry. This allows Sivoia QS Wireless to seamlessly integrate with Lutron lighting controls, including GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless, RadioRA® 2 and HomeWorks® QS Wireless.

Basketweave 90 sheer fabric paired with Premiere blackout fabric

04 | Lutron

Block the sun on a southern façade and save on cooling costs.

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The Gallery Collection The Gallery Collection has expanded to include an additional 25 fabrics, including sculpted sheers, texture and dim-out fabrics, along with a new fabric family, metallic sheers. The Gallery Collection is a line of designer roller shade fabrics that combine style with precision control of daylight, offering color, texture and pattern to accent any dĂŠcor.

The Gallery Collection: Snow Drops Beige sculpted sheer fabric paired with Singing in the Rain Pumpkin fabric

NEW The Avant Collection™ The Avant Collection is a new fabric collection from Lutron, offering soft fabrics and woven woods in contemporary and traditional fashions for style made easy. The collection can be used to fabricate finished drapery panels, cornices or new Roman shades in a variety of pleat and cornice shape options. The Avant Collection: Honduras Camilla fabric

Lutron | 05

what’s new

RadioRA  2 ®

NEW RadioRA 2 RadioRA 2 is a wireless light control system that provides convenient and intuitive control of lights, shades, audio-visual devices and temperature in a single room or throughout a whole home. Now with PC setup tool, open integration, Lutron’s reliable Clear Connect™ RF Technology and more.

Wall-mounted hybrid keypad

06 | Lutron

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Flexible, scalable and reliable RadioRA ® 2 is scalable from 2 to 200 devices. It’s flexible enough to be used in new construction or retrofit applications, simple enough to add to every job and capable enough to offer complete control of a large home. RadioRA 2 can also connect seamlessly to Sivoia® QS Wireless shades and drapes and GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless, making it easier than ever to offer a solution tailored to a homeowner’s needs. What’s more, because it uses Lutron’s Clear Connect™ RF Technology, you can rest assured that it will work every time. Sivoia QS Wireless shades Open integration Lutron lighting and shading systems can be integrated with popular control and automation systems. By utilizing standards such as TCP/IP or RS-232, and providing well documented integration communication protocols, Lutron ensures that its products work as well in an integrated environment as they do in stand-alone systems.

RS-232 Clear Connect RF Technology Ethernet

Main repeater






RadioRA 2 | design & setup Lutron House keypads


time clock

Current Selection




Selected Room



Master Suite

transfer Show advanced programming view

Night Stand



Master Suite Bath


Wall Keypad Help me program this keypad

Recessed Lights Accent Lights

Tabletop Keypad


Recessed Lights

Tabletop Lamp


Accent Lights Exhaust Fan

Reading Lights Sheer Shades Blackout Shades

Lights Morning Evening

South Windows

Bath Shades

Left Sheer Shade

Sheer Shade

Left Blackout Shade

Blackout Shade

Relax Shades Open Preset Close

Right Sheer Shade Right Blackout Shade Button Label:


Button Type:




LED Logic


Reverse LED Logic

Programmed Item


Fade On

Fade Off

Bath Recessed Lights


0.5 seconds

2.0 seconds

Bath Exhaust Fan




Bath Accent Lights


0.5 seconds

2.0 seconds

Easy to install and program RadioRA 2 is the only system offering you the choice of PC-based or button-press programming. An intuitive PC setup tool saves time on larger projects while easy button-press programming simplifies smaller jobs. RadioRA 2 can be easily installed in any home— new or existing. New components make retrofit installations easier than ever.

PC setup tool for design and programming

Lutron | 07

what’s new



NEW Ivalo Light Fixtures Ivalo is committed to the great tradition of modernism and its power to anticipate future modes of living. Ivalo light fixtures combine creative vision and progressive technology with quality and advanced design to enhance the visual character and optical effects of the spaces they illuminate. The Ivalo Collection includes suspended pendants, interior sconces and exterior sconces. New products L’Ale® 27" interior sconce A 27" tall indirect/direct wall sconce that is ADA compliant, the L’Ale interior sconce utilizes white LEDs that consume a fraction of the wattage used by traditional light sources. Designed for use on all walls, flanking doors and windows. Noteworthy products The Aliante® family of products An elegant, nautically-inspired form that harmonizes with many architectural styles, the Aliante family has grown to include pendants, interior sconces and exterior sconces in a variety of sizes and finishes.

08 | Lutron

L’Ale interior sconce

what’s new

energy savings solutions

Lutron® lighting control systems provide endless energy savings solutions

Maestro® eco-dim® dimmers

Light sources Dimming saves energy Lutron dimmers save energy and extend the life of your halogen and incandescent bulbs. Longer-lasting bulbs mean fewer are going into landfills, significantly reducing our waste stream. Lutron can also dim light sources such as fluorescents and LEDs.

Radio Powr Savr™ wireless occupancy/ vacancy sensors

System components Occupancy sensors Occupancy sensors provide light when needed and save energy when rooms are unoccupied.

Radio Powr Savr daylight sensors

Daylight sensors Daylight sensors control the lights and shades in the home by taking advantage of the available sunlight. The sensors balance the amount of electric light and daylight, saving energy and maintaining a constant level of light in the room.

Sivoia® QS Wireless shading solutions

Shading solutions In the summer, reduce cooling costs by closing the shades to block out solar heat. In the winter, reduce heating costs by opening the shades to let in the warming rays of the sun. Software Green button Program the green button to adjust lights, shades and temperature with the touch of a button—making it easy for homeowners to save energy using their HomeWorks® system.

Lutron | 09

what’s new

HomeWorks  QS Wireless ®

NEW HomeWorks QS Wireless HomeWorks has been the leader in light control for luxury homeowners for over a decade. And now, we’ve taken HomeWorks to the next level with the introduction of HomeWorks QS Wireless.

This home light control system offers powerful new features on a new platform, plus elegant aesthetics and control devices designed to enhance the homeowner’s lifestyle. It can easily be installed in new construction, renovation, or retrofit projects.

Wall-mounted Vierti® keypad

10 | Lutron

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The power of Quantum® Quantum architecture provides for powerful control of daylight and electric light, from small systems through large applications. Hardware advancements include control and dimming of high-efficacy light sources, such as LEDs and fluorescents, while software advancements include Hyperion™ solar adaptive shading and Green Glance™. Green Glance

Beautiful new aesthetics Vierti® and Stanza™ dimmers, switches and keypads are now aesthetic options in HomeWorks® QS Wireless. The Vierti single touch dimmer is the new standard for elegant control in high-end architecture, combining intuitive use with a sleek design in a local dimmer style. Stanza is a contemporarylooking, large button slide dimmer that’s also intuitive to use. With Stanza, you get the local slide dimmer style combined with the power of HomeWorks QS Wireless. Vierti dimmer

Stanza dimmer

Energy saving capabilities Occupancy/vacancy sensors and daylight sensors add to the energy-saving capability of HomeWorks QS Wireless. The Radio Powr Savr™ occupancy/vacancy sensor is ideal for laundry rooms, bathrooms, walk-in closets and other rooms where lights are often left on inadvertently.

Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy/vacancy sensor

Lutron | 11

what’s new

technology Clear Connect™ RF Technology Reliable First. Forward Thinking. After more than a decade of experience and refinement, and more than one million RF devices installed globally, Lutron is pleased to announce that its robust, wireless RF technology has been branded as Clear Connect RF Technology—the latest advancement in reliable RF communication. The company’s exhaustive research and unwillingness to compromise on performance, led to its leadership in the RF lighting control market.

Clear Connect is used in Lutron’s next-generation RF systems

Maestro Wireless®

12 | Lutron

Radio Powr Savr™ sensors

GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless

Sivoia® QS Wireless


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Pronto remotes by Philips®

Third-Party Integration Lutron systems can be easily integrated with control systems via contact closures, infrared receivers, RS-232 and ethernet connections, allowing installers to offer their clients total control of their visual environment—and save energy. Lutron’s lighting control systems work with the following manufacturers’ products: • AMX® • Control4® • HomeLogic ® • Life|ware ® • Philips Pronto • RTI® • Savant® • Universal Remote Control®

Lutron is also demonstrating control of multiple Z-Wave and Zigbee devices from its HomeWorks® and RadioRA® 2 systems. Lutron booth visitors can explore working demos and see Lutron systems interfacing with products like smart receptacles and thermostats. Lutron's open architecture system designs give installers the option of integrating best-in-class Lutron products with the most popular home control products, including touchscreens, remote controls, thermostats and more.

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Lutron CEDIA 2009 New Product Brochure  

Lutron CEDIA 2009 New Product Brochure