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Lutron roller shade fabrics The Gallery Collection 速


The Gallery Collection


Vector R - White fabric featured on the cover with a half-wrap anodized aluminum bottom bar

“Style is the perfection of a point of view.” Richard Eberhart

Style meets technology Lutron® proudly introduces a new line of designer fabrics that combines style with precision control of daylight. The Gallery CollectionTM offers a variety of color, texture, and pattern to accent any décor. The collection is comprised of three families — burnout, texture, and dim-out fabrics. Enjoy the convenience and precision of Lutron Sivoia® shades with the beauty of The Gallery Collection. Relax knowing that the fabrics are sustainable in order to protect your health and the environment. Reflect your lifestyle, control daylight, and enjoy style and comfort.


Lutron 01

Burnout fabrics

Add mystery and drama using a burnout pattern that obscures and reveals all at the same time. Fiber-etching removes part of the fabric to create the design. Select from a collection of patterns ranging from whimsical to geometric. A new addition to the sheer family, burnouts diffuse light in a distinctive way. Fine Vertical - Black fabric featured above with an exposed anodized aluminum bottom bar


02 Lutron

Pixel R - White BO-PIX-WH

Vector R - White BO-VEC-WH

Tokyo - White BO-TOK-WH

Thin Line Floral - White BO-TLF-WH

Fine Vertical - White BO-FV-WH

Fine Vertical - Ivory BO-FV-IV

Fine Vertical - Black BO-FV-BL

Bali - White BO-BAL-WH

Bali - Black BO-BAL-BL

Nest - White BO-NST-WH

Nest - Beige BO-NST-BE

Snow Drops - Ivory BO-SWD-IV

Snow Drops - Beige BO-SWD-BE

Fabric Pixel R Vector R Tokyo Thin Line Floral Fine Vertical Bali Nest Snow Drops

Usable Roll Width 76 in (1930 mm) 76 in (1930 mm) 76 in (1930 mm)

Composition 100% Trevira CS 100% Trevira CS 70% Polyester, 30% Cotton

Openness Factor (%) n/a n/a 14

77 in (1956 mm) 77 in (1956 mm) 76 in (1930 mm) 77 in (1956 mm) 77 in (1956 mm)

55% Polyester, 45% Vicose 100% Polyester 100% Polyester 73% Cotton, 27% Polyester 73% Cotton, 27% Polyester

n/a n/a 11 n/a n/a

Refer to page 8 for all fabric rules.


Lutron 03

Texture fabrics

Add visual interest and warmth with a texture fabric, a new addition to the sheer family. Whether simple or complex weaves, sheer or linen, these fabrics lend an air of sophistication to any environment. Choose from rich grains or from a variety of neutral-based, softer colors to complement any living space. Bali - Linen fabric featured above with a half-wrap bronze bottom bar


04 Lutron

Scratch - White T-SCR-WH

Scratch - Beige T-SCR-BE

Crosshatch - White T-CHT-WH

Crosshatch - Natural T-CHT-NT

Bali - Linen T-BAL-LN

Light Linen - Natural T-LLN-NL

Plain Linen - Dark T-PLN-DL

Basketweave - Linen T-BKW-LN

Basketweave - White T-BKW-WH

3 Weaves - Linen T-3WV-LN

3 Weaves - White T-3WV-WH

Burlap - Brown T-BUR-BR

Usable Fabric Roll Width Scratch 77 in (1956 mm) Crosshatch 77 in (1956 mm) Bali 76 in (1930 mm) Light Linen 77 in (1956 mm) Plain Linen 77 in (1956 mm) Basketweave 85 in (2159 mm) 3 Weaves 77 in (1956 mm) Burlap 77 in (1956 mm) Refer to page 8 for all fabric rules.

Composition 100% Polyester 100% Polyester 94% Polyester, 6% Flax 94% Polyester, 6% Flax 60% Cotton, 40% Flax 90% Cotton, 10% Flax 90% Cotton, 10% Flax 100% Polyester

Openness Factor (%) n/a n/a 11 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


Lutron 05

Dim-out fabrics

Showcase the stunning interplay of light and shadow with a dim-out fabric that provides the light control you need with the privacy you desire. Select from a saturated palette of lightweight fabrics (Singing in the Rain) to make a bold statement in any room or from an elegant suede collection (Montana). Singing in the Rain - Port fabric featured above with an exposed bronze bottom bar


06 Lutron

Singing in the Rain White P-101-WH

Singing in the Rain Flax Seed P-103-FS

Singing in the Rain Raisin P-601-RN

Singing in the Rain Moss P-503-MO

Singing in the Rain Khaki P-105-KK

Singing in the Rain Dusk P-401-DK

Singing in the Rain Indigo P-402-IG

Singing in the Rain Port P-301-PT

Singing in the Rain Pumpkin P-701-PP

Singing in the Rain Mocha P-104-MC

Singing in the Rain Charcoal P-804-CH

Singing in the Rain Nickel P-802-NK

Montana - Prairie P-PRA

Montana - Moccasin P-MOC

Montana - Saddle P-SAD

Montana - Buffalo P-BUF

Fabric Singing in the Rain Montana*

Usable Roll Width


68 in (1727 mm) 100% Recycled Polyester 67 in (1702 mm) 100% Polyester

Openness Factor (%) n/a <1%

*Montana fabric allows transmittance of light. Shapes and shadows will be visible. Refer to page 8 for all fabric rules.


Lutron 07

Fabric rules Maximum heights All fabrics have a maximum height limit of 156 in. (3962 mm) with the exception of Singing in the Rain, which has a maximum height limit of 120 in. (3048 mm). Railroading/Welding Fabrics in this collection can be railroaded up to twice their usable roll width. Contact customer service for exact measurements. Montana dim-out fabric is the only fabric that can be welded. Bottom bar options All shades made from this collection are available with architectural bottom bars only. The bottom bars may be exposed (pages 4 and 8) or half-wrap (cover and page 6).

Pattern rules The following shade fabrics exhibit a repeating pattern: 3 Weaves, Pixel R, Scratch, Snow Drops, Thin Line Floral, Tokyo, Vector R. Pattern matching will be centered on the shade left to right and vertical repeat patterns will be applied to each shade as the fabric comes off the roll. Please visit for complete details.

3 Weaves

Pixel R

Solar properties A complete listing of solar properties will be available October 2008 at


Openness factors A complete listing of openness factors will be available October 2008 at

Snow Drops

Fire ratings The following fabrics are fire retardant according to US Standard NFPA-701: Montana, Pixel R, and Vector R. All others are not currently rated. Lead time Completed shades from The Gallery CollectionTM are available for shipping within 20 business days of order receipt.


08 Lutron

Thin Line Floral


Vector R

Lutron technology ®

The technology behind the experience is the Sivoia® Quiet Electronic Drive. Hidden inside each shade roller tube is a patented intelligent drive offering a number of features that translate to ease of operation, reliability, and elegance. • • • •

Features: Ultra-quiet operation (44dBA) Symmetrical light gaps Intelligent bottom bar alignment 8-year warranty Sivoia Quiet Electronic Drive

Resources The following resources are available •  Memo samples – all requests will be processed within 48 to 72 hours •  For more information on how this collection and other Lutron fabrics are sustainable, refer to the Sustainable Fabrics 2008 brochure (P/N 367-1529) •  Visit to view fabrics, specifications, and promotional material, or call Customer Service at 1.800.446.1503 •  All fabrics are currently available in the September 2008 SCT release •  A fabric binder for this collection will be available to order November 2008

fabric binder and cards

Refer to our website,, to learn more on specifying these fabrics.

memo fabric samples Please note that due to the printed process, color swatches may not be exact. When selecting fabrics, please request a fabric sample from Lutron Customer Service at 1.800.446.1503.


Lutron 09

Lutron® has been the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting controls and systems for more than 45 years. With the addition of Sivoia® shading solutions, Lutron has opened up a new world of possibilities by seamlessly integrating electric and daylight control with a focus on innovation, world-class engineering, and customer service. Lutron blends technology with design and environmental sensitivity to provide the ideal solution for total light control. Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. 7200 Suter Road Coopersburg, PA 18036-1299 U.S.A. World Headquarters +1.610.282.3800 Barcelona I Beijing I Berlin I Hong Kong I London I Madrid I Mexico City I Milan I Paris I São Paulo I Shanghai I Singapore I Tokyo Technical Support Center 1.800.523.9466 Customer Service 1.800.446.1503 © 08/2008 Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.


Printed in the U.S.A.


P/N 367-1528

Lutron roller shade fabrics The Gallery Collection  

Reflect your lifestyle, control daylight, and enjoy style and comfort. Openness factors A complete listing of openness factors will be avai...

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