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Lutron light controls improve your triple bottom line people | planet | proďŹ ts

Lighting is your greatest opportunity for savings Annual electricity use in office buildings* space heating 5%

60% e nerg ys av ing su s

g in tions olu ns tro Lu

ventilation 9%

space cooling 14%

lighting 39%

office equipment 15%

More electricity is used for lighting than any other building system. Controlling your lighting is usually the easiest and most visible way to manage your energy costs while enhancing your space.

other 18%

Give us a minute and we’ll show you how to reduce 60% or more of your lighting energy costs, improve productivity, and greatly improve your visual environment.

* Source: Energy Information Administration, 2003 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, released September 2008.

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How Lutron light control solutions enhance your triple bottom line 1 people • • • • •

improve employee comfort and health provide a safe and secure work environment free up local energy to prevent black outs in the region empower employees to control their visual work environment reduce employee absenteeism

planet • • • • •

reduce your carbon footprint 2 lower green house gas emissions protect the night skies by reducing light pollution maximize the effective use of daylight reduce landfill waste

profits • • • •

cut wasted lighting energy costs by 60% reduce labor, maintenance, and operation costs lower electrical power rates and eliminate penalty charges enhance employee productivity 3

1 John Elkington, founder of SustainAbility, coined the phrase “triple bottom line” (TBL) in 1994 2 By up to 1 metric ton for every 4,000 kWh saved according to the U.S. Department of Energy 3 Source: Determinants of Lighting Quality II by Newsham, G. and Veitch, J., 1996 Lutron | 3

Customers who have partnered with Lutron

• • •

The New York Times

Georgian College

New York, New York, USA

Ontario, Canada

Estimated annual savings: 70% lighting energy $315,100 1,250 metric tons of CO2

• • •

Estimated annual savings: 70% lighting energy $137,000 1,282 metric tons of CO2

“Lutron’s involvement from the beginning was invaluable. They understood that the ‘quality’ of the lighting mattered as much as anything – and they were able to deliver a highly sophisticated digital lighting system with a very powerful control software tool that’s easy to use and that carried the clients’ wishes to the Nth degree.

“We really took the time to select the best technology for our campus. We looked into full-voltage, DALI, and IP addressable ballasts. We chose Lutron EcoSystem because it is the most versatile and simplest to use. And people love the single-zone lighting control”

Attila Uysal, Principal/Technical Director SBLD Studio

Jeff Choma, Manager of Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Georgian College

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Visit for more information on these and other case studies.

• • •

Atlantic City Casino

Access Living

Lima, Peru

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Estimated annual savings: 50% lighting energy $105,480 760 metric tons of CO2

• • •

Estimated annual savings: 65% lighting energy $10,400 90 metric tons of CO2

“Lutron provided us a simple way to operate the lighting with all the different alternatives we needed that could not be done with a conventional system — and the energy and money savings is fantastic.”

“At first, we weren’t even thinking about daylight sensing and other ‘fancy’ technologies because this was a non-profit’s project and we just assumed we couldn’t afford them. But we were pleasantly surprised and decided immediately to adopt them as part of our plans to be both universal and green in our design.”

Eddie Thornberry, General Manager Atlantic City Casino

Kerri Callahan, AIA, IIDA Architect, LCM Architects Lutron | 5

How much energy can you save? Typically 60% of your lighting energy, as well as 20% of your heating and cooling energy. Lutron’s lighting energy savings recipe Fine tuning lights 20% reduction Vacancy sensing 15% reduction Personal control 10% reduction Daylight harvesting 1 15% reduction Total lighting savings

60% energy savings

Lutron’s heating and cooling energy savings recipe 10% reduction Dimming 2 Controllable window shades 3 10% reduction Total heating and cooling savings

20% energy savings


lighting energy savings 20%

HVAC energy savings

Find out how much you can save: Visit

How much does it cost? Typically $ 3 – $ 4/sq. ft. installed.

1 Optimized by Lutron controllable window shades 2 Reducing light levels reduces heat in the space, which decreases the power use of your AC system. Typically every 3-Watt reduction in lighting power eliminates 1-Watt of cooling power. 3 Lutron commissioned simulation by T.C. Chan Center for Building Simulation and Energy Studies, University of Pennsylvania, September 2008. 6 | Lutron

What is the payback? If a productivity gain of just 1% is included,* payback for all Lutron lighting control systems is less than 1 year. Payback depends on the type of system installed: System

Typical payback period based on energy savings

Typical payback period based on energy savings and a 1% productivity gain

simple wall-mounted dimmers

1 year

less than 1 year

fluorescent lighting control system for 30-person area

2 – 3 years

less than 1 year

whole-building lighting control system

3 – 5 years

less than 1 year

“The place is bustling. There is a clear difference in how people act and perform in this building. Just recently, when I asked an employee how he was doing, he told me, ‘I am great and I have been great ever since we moved here.’ ”

Hussain Ali-Khan, Vice President of Real Estate Development for the Times Company

* Lighting controls enhance productivity. Determinants of Lighting Quality II by Newsham, C. and Veitch, J., 1996.

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Lutron customers save over 9 billion kWh of energy each year.1

1 Sources: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U. S. Department of Energy, and Lutron sales data. 2 Same sources as above plus Con Edison.

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That’s equivalent to:

As much energy as 2,000 windmills produce in one year. 1

Enough energy to light 4.5 million homes for one year. 1

Enough energy to light and power Times Square for 10 years. 2

As much CO2 as 2 million acres of trees absorb in one year. 1

Lutron | 9

Our company A history of sustainability, innovation, and quality At Lutron, sustainability is not new to us. Lutron is a company built on a belief in taking care of people: customers, employees, and the community. We are a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council. And since 1961, we have been designing industry-leading technology that saves energy and reduces green house gas emissions.

We innovate in advance of emerging market needs and continually improve our quality, our delivery, and our value. Lutron owns over 250 patents and manufactures more than 15,000 products. For over 45 years, we have met and exceeded the highest standards of quality and service. Every one of our products is quality-tested before it leaves the factory.

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Global service and support You can count on a level of support unequaled anywhere in the industry and anywhere in the world. Lutron provides 24/7 technical phone support. Lutron Field Service, made up of a global network of customer-focused ďŹ eld service engineers, provides world-class services that begin before your building is commissioned and continue throughout the life of your building.

How can I partner with Lutron? Call Lutron today at 1-866-299-2073 and you will be connected to a Lutron representative who will be able to provide you with a plan of action for your application.

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Lutron light controls improve your triple bottom line people | planet | profits ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS STATEMENT

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Lutron light controls improve your triple bottom line people | planet | profits