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How Lutron light control solutions create a sustainable guest experience experience give guests complete control of their lighting present lobbies and public spaces in the perfect light at every time of day • provide guests and meeting planners with the technology they need • •

sustainability use lighting control as a core component of your green campaign dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your facility • invite guests to participate in your green initiative by dimming their lights • •

efficiency lighting controls reduce electricity costs throughout guestrooms, public spaces, and back-of-house spaces • dimmed lighting increases bulb life, saving money, and reducing waste • best-in-class equipment decreases maintenance time and dollars •

“The industry is banding together to find sustainable solutions meeting both consumer and business demands – and improving the health of our planet.” 

American Hotel & Lodging Association Environmental Initiatives

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Experience A better guest experience It is often said that to survive, a hotel brand must do more than meet guest expectations. It must exceed them. Imagine differentiating from competitors with cost-effective light control. At Lutron, our goal is to provide the most appropriate light control solutions for any hotel property. We can outfit single guestrooms or entire resorts, new construction or renovation.

“One of the most outstanding elements that distinguishes us from our competitors is the Lutron lighting system that allows us to create different moods to offer the greatest comfort to our customers.”

Stanza™ entry keypad ensures a warm welcome upon your guest’s entry and energy savings when your guest leaves the room.

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Stanza™ entry keypad shown in white at actual size.

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Sustainability Green leadership For the lodging industry, going green is essential. It saves money and improves brand marketability. It’s also the right thing to do. Using Lutron lighting control throughout a hotel facility can do more than any other single technology to advance a green campaign – all while improving the guest experience.

“While there may be a marginal increase in up-front construction costs associated with green hotels, the benefits and future savings may outweigh the extra expenses for many developers.” 

Preset lighting control in lobbies and public spaces creates precisely the right light environment while saving energy.

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seeTouch® wall control shown in antique bronze at actual size.

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Lutron light control reduces lighting energy usage dramatically, making it a major component of green design. Lighting control also extends lamp life, reducing the hazardous waste created when old lamps are discarded. Using a variety of energy-saving strategies, hospitality facilities can reduce their operating costs and shrink their carbon footprint substantially.


potential savings 20%-50%


Lighting uses the most electricity in a hospitality facility.2

food service water heating 3% 5%

lighting 45%

HVAC 26%

Lutron light control solutions make environmental and economic sense Lutron solutions contribute to energy savings, and reduce the carbon footprint of your facility. Year after year, Lutron systems pay for themselves.

Waste reduction Extended lamp life reduces waste when lamps are replaced and thrown away.

Reduced maintenance costs Dimming results in longer lamp life, less time re-lamping, and less money spent on new lamps.

LEED® certification Lutron light control can contribute to obtaining up to 20 points in 4 of 6 LEED credit categories.

“Utility expenditures represent the fastest-growing operating cost for hoteliers, increasing by an average of 12% per year from 2004 to 2006, and one of the largest controllable costs.” 1

1 Source: National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency Sector Collaborative on Energy Efficiency Hotel Energy Use Profile, US Environmental Protection Agency. 2 Source: Energy Consumption Survey, The US Energy Information Administration. 06 | Lutron

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the Lutron commitment A history of sustainability, innovation, and quality Lutron is a company built on a belief in taking care of people: customers, employees, and the community. We are a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council. And since 1961, we have been designing and delivering industry-leading light control technologies that enhance the visual environment, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We innovate in advance of emerging market needs and continually reinforce our quality, our delivery, and our value. Lutron owns over 250 patents and manufactures more than 15,000 products. For over 45 years, we have met and exceeded the highest standards of quality and service. Every one of our products is quality-tested before it leaves the factory.

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Global service and support You can count on a level of support unequaled anywhere in the industry and anywhere in the world. Lutron provides 24/7 technical phone support. Lutron Field Service, made up of a global network of customer-focused field service engineers, provides world-class service that begin before your building is commissioned and continue throughout the life of your building.

Call Lutron today at 1.866.299.2073 and you will be connected to a Lutron representative who will help you identify your hospitality light control opportunities.

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