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The Exchange ÂŤTowards the reunion of the worldÂť (Paul Claudel) A theatre based on diversity, going beyond borders. Theatre for the present

Diversity and interbreeding

A sensorial experience

Our theatre is popular and always relevant in the actual context, it is spontaneous and makes our choice of classic or modern translations accessible for a 21st century audience, going beyond conservatisms.

Our theatre is international and outside any boxes, crossing the borders of cultures and traditions, and creating a cocktail of western pop-culture and non-western influences.

"In 20th century western culture, theatre is primarily visual entertainment. We see it with our eyes but do not experience it and learn from it." Jean-Paul Sartre We offer an experience that goes beyond theatre, reaching the public on an emotional level, stimulating our audience on multiple levels of sensations.


CREATION Exchange Theatre’s work is connected to the contemporary world. With a highly visual work and sonic or musical creations, using multimedia and multilingualism, our theatre must be both a technical achievement and a sensorial experience in order to create a feeling level. In terms of productions, our primary objective is to make unknown or rare texts discovered. The process implies either new translations of plays, or the production of our own new plays. Beyond the mere discovery the aim is to make those plays accessible to a 21st century audience.

33 Productions amongst which

12 adaptations 11 translations 12 new writings 07 devised plays

In total, 65 actors, 13 musicians, 8 set designers,

21 British premieres 07 guests productions 13 kids productions

11 sound designs 14 videos designs 17 set designs

6 sound designers, 5 lighting designers and 12 technicians have worked with Exchange Theatre.

CHRONOLOGY 2006 Creation of the company Creation and production of the 1st play

2007 Creation of 1st Workshops

2008 coproduction with Myriad Production st 1 bastille week


2015 2 commissioned plays by lycée Français a dismountable set built at the Young Vic Theatre workshops

2013 Production of a play performed in french and english by 2 teams

2016 10 year anniversary tour with a production of The Doctor in Spite of Himself

2010 Commission of a play by Institut français

2014 Production of French company Gérard Gérard in London

January 2011 Move into a 50 square metre rehearsal space

2011-2012 Two year residency at Institut français


PLAYS July 2006 and 2007 THE EXCHANGE by Paul Claudel

British Première Translation by David Furlong and Louise Witherell. Directed by David Furlong. With Fanny Dulin, Anna Ruben, Toby Manley, Kevin Golding and Kevin Rowntree. Original music and sound creation: Dilan Hookoomsing. Set design: Paul Wallis and David Furlong. Lighting design: William Gallegos. The founder show of the company, it already contains the basis of our work: highly visual, multi-lingual with subtitles, use of videos and original musical composition for a real sensorial experience. David Furlong’s directorial debut.

«Elegance, simplicity and beauty. We laughed a lot without missing the complexity of human nature» Paul Claudel Review - August 2006

October 2007 BUSINESS by David Furlong

New Play Written and directed by David Furlong. Translation: Emma Green. With Alexandre Liaume, Allen Lidkey and Paul Bruce. Set design and video creation: David Furlong. Lighting design: William Gallegos. Sound design: Dilan Hookoomsing. Co-production: Medialex. An Englishman, a Frenchman and an American are stuck in an airport in Siberia. A globalised comedy pushing further the visual and sonic work, devised with ten dazzling moments of theatricalism.

This play is important because it talks about things we all think about» Fringe review - October 2007


PLAYS November 2007 BAL TRAP by Xavier Durringer

British Première Translation by David Furlong and Fanny Dulin. Directed by David Furlong. With Hannah Lean, Fanny Dulin, John Mc Quaid, Robert Shilton and Dilan Hookoomsing. Co-production: Strange Gain. Durringer, considered as the “French Ravenhill” approved the translation in person. One of the most important playwrights in France thanks to a unique “urban poetry”, his language is crude and direct. The play gave us the opportunity to investigate the use of live music integrated into the show, with a guitarist playing live throughout the piece, not as transitions but to underline emotions.

July 2008, 2009 and 2010 FEYDEAU DOUBLE BILL

Madame’s Late Mother & A House Bath

Two British Premières Translation by David Furlong and Fanny Dulin. Directed by Samuel Miller and Gaël Colin. With David Furlong, Fanny Dulin, Anna Ruben, Emma Green, Niall Costigan, Andy Dowbiggin and Heather Wilds. A double bill of unknown and newly translated hilarious French farces. Two classics of French comedy based on the simplest misunderstandings.

«Exchange have done a service making those plays available in English» Reviewsgate - July 2009


PLAYS August 2008 and Mars 2009 THE FLIES by Jean-Paul Sartre

Adaptation by David Furlong. Directed by and with David Furlong and Kevin Rowntree. Assisted by Blanche McIntyre. With the band A RIOT IN HEAVEN and Shani Perez, Fanny Dulin, Pierre Becker, Brett Foulser, Miranda Colman, Niall Costigan, Filippos Kanakaris, Adam Piercy, Sadao Ueda and George Xander. Co-production: Myriad Productions/Indie Ocean. The most bloody tale of fight for liberty by rebel and Nobel Prize Winner. Sartre meets Fight Club. Exchange Theatre meets Myriad Production’s vigorous Asian techniques for a visual and physical piece of theatre. Pursuing the work with integrated music, the play is performed with the band A RIOT IN HEAVEN live on stage! «It’s commendable to see so much innovation, invention and energy» Fringereview - July 2008

March 2010 SQUARE(D) by David Furlong

New Play Translated by Benedict Cooper. Directed by Francesca Seeley. With David Furlong, Toby Manley, Duncan Barrett and Stephen Leask. Set design: Mike Lee. Video design: Ian Latimer and Aaron Rackley. A grunge farce, the most chaotic form of theatre, about four thirty-something who realise one night that they have the same meaningless consumerist purpose, and even the same mistress. A “tarantinesque” experience.

« Very entertaining with a reminiscence of Shallow Grave » Nuala Calvi (freelance journalist The Guardian- The Stage) - 2010


PLAYS July 2011 LADY MAC WATA by Magali Muxart

New Play Directed, percussions and sound creation by David Furlong. With Magali Muxart and Elisa Alexis. Lighting design: Benedict Cooper. Performed in French. An actress prepares to play Lady Macbeth. She can’t find her dark and criminal side, and decides to invoke « Mamie Wata », a witch from her childhood in Africa. Lady Mac Wata is a trip in the schizophrenia of actors, in African mysticism, and into the curse of the Scottish play. With percussions and Congolese hip-hop, the play encapsulates our unique cultural bridge created between France, Africa and the UK.

February 2012 CLOCKS!

or Around Jules Verne in 80 minutes

New Play Devised by and with Alex Kanefsky and David Furlong. Lighting design: Benedict Cooper. Video design: David Furlong. Alex and David’s quirky double act get together to tell all Jules Verne’s “voyages extraordinaires” with the same kind of unusual props, no costumes, a smoke machine. They play all the characters: Passe-Partout, Phileas Fogg, Captain Nemo and even the machines! A funny and playful way to discover the one who was the pioneer of science fiction, space travel, water travel and much more. Also with a video creation as crazy as hilarious!


PLAYS November 2013 FEMININE after plays by Virginie Despentes, Xavier Durringer, Magali Mougel, Noëlle Renaude, Philippe Minyana et Laurent Gaudé

Created by David Furlong. With and directed by Maud Madlyn, Alexandra Bergeron, Géraldine Cottalorda, Christine Renard, Magali Muxart, Fanny Dulin, Nathalie Adam and Emilie Perraudeau. Lighting design: Benedict Cooper. Visual design: Vincent Castevert. A show made for actresses. Created with an accent on the collective process rather than the product, we searched unknown monologues and devised the piece, each alternating the roles of actresses and directors. The show addressed this universal issue that is parity, and made discovered jewels of new French writing for women.

June and July 2013, 2014 UN AIR DE FAMILLE and A FAMILY AFFAIR by Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri

London Première Adapted par Andy de la Tour. Directed by Christine Renard and Emilie Perraudeau. With Nathalie Adam, Jamie Alderson, Pauline Cousty, Alexander Devrient, Fanny Dulin, Susie Fairbrother, David Furlong, Guillaume Laroche, Natalie Law, Jerry Marwood, George Papakyriacou, Blair Robertson, Morgan Sebode, Nick Skaugen and Carole Street. Set design: Cleo Harris-Seaton. Lighting design: Benedict Cooper. Performed alternately in French and in English. Never seen in London, A family Affair is a cult French comedy, by Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri (Cuisines et Dépendances, Le Goût des Autres), which won the best script award at the César when they adapted it for the big screen. « Everything here is perfectly spick and span, well organised and genuinely enjoyable » One Stop Arts - July 2013


PLAYS May 2015 ANTIGONE by Jean Anouilh

Commissioned by Lycée Français Charles de Gaule Directed by Alexandra Bergeron with Fanny Dulin, David Furlong, Rachel Gemaehling Victor Klein Caroline Roussel and Lula Suassuna. Lighting design: Benedict Cooper. Set design Cleo Harris Seaton. Set constructor Will Wyld. Performed in French. « Elle s’appelle Antigone et il va falloir qu’elle joue son role jusqu’au bout. » Created for schools, Antigone is an intense, visceral experience exploring the light and dark power, family, duty and love.

« It was excellent. The acting so powerful! » Louise, St Benedict School - 2015

November 2015 ET TOI, ISMENE by Nathalie Adam after Henri Bauchau

London Première New Writing Directed by Nathalie Adam with Fanny Dulin, Julie Vignau, Ingrid Saker and David Furlong. Video and set design: Aseel AlYaqoub. Lighting design: Camille Bortz. Additional films: Stephan Palmyre. Co produced by Chemistry Theatre. Performed in French. Set in modern ways and influenced by the refugee’s crisis, Et toi Ismene revisits the myth of Antigone through the eyes of her Sister, Ismene. In a time when we're writing history, when 12 millions of people are migrating from war, this production’s profit was sent to the UN High Comission to Refugees.



November 2016 MEDEE KALI by Laurent Gaudé

by Molière

Directed by David Furlong, with Anita Adam Gabay, Jacqueline Berces, Fanny Dulin, Léo Elso, David Furlong, Matt Mella and Yanouchka Wenger Sabbatini. Set design: Annick Bosson. Lighting design: Camille Bortz. Performed alternately in English and French. Moliere meets Breaking Bad! In this classic Molière affair, Sganarelle is a drunk and beats his wife, who in return spreads the word that he is a brilliant doctor who can only work when beaten! Cue a stream of patients and beatings! The Doctor In Spite of Himself offers a protean look into Moliere’s trademark wit, and a rare treat for French theatre lovers. Nominated for Best Director at the Offies 2017 «The company’s talent and vision is highly commendable and deserving of larger production values» The Play’s The Thing - July 2016

British Première Directed by Yanouchka Wenger Sabbatini. With Fanny Dulin and David Furlong. Set design: Annick Bosson. Lighting design: Camille Bortz. Graphic Design by Nelly Sanchez. Performed in French. A graphic sequel to one of the most terrifying myth of Greek Antiquity, by genius living best-selling author Laurent Gaudé. Medée Kali: «Do you want to know what is that fear in my eyes, which contaminates passers by from just one look».


FAMILY PLAYS In 2010, Exchange Theatre starts a new residency at the French Institute aimed at a young audience with the commission to present a selection of major French tales. The goal is to translate in order to turn them into bilingual and experimental adaptations in a non-theatrical site and later on, in the auditorium of the cinema. Whilst making sure make sure to keep our sparkle of interactivity, we wrote and devised a series of workshops, readings and children shows which created a real exchange between the audience and the actors, always breaking the fourth wall. Thanks to its humour, our team managed to seduce not only the young one but also the grown ups!

Nut! after Alexandre Dumas père - December 2010 and 2011 The nutcracker is the most famous Christmas tale. Dumas wrote his own version for his daughter as an encouragement to dream. It was the best choice for our first Christmas, when we turn the Médiathèque into a toy battlefield. This show confirmed our permanent residency.

How to Make a Good Little Riding Hood ? after Charles Perrault - January 2011 and November 2011.

Perrault is most certainly the most famous children author. He inspired Hoffman, the Grimm brothers and many more. It was the most appropriate choice to start the creative residency. In How to make a good riding hood, we look at what it is like to be the most famous children writer..

The Untold Story of Sleeping Beauty after Anatole France - February 2011 France, famous novelist and 1921 Nobel Price winner in Literature, published in 1909 “the Seven Wives of Blue Beard and other fairy tales”, a series full of humour and surprises, unexpected for a renown 'serious' author. Performed as a promenade in the Institute, our adaptation follows two subjects of Sleeping Beauty who also slept for a hundred years… Funny and witty.

Tales to Ninon ou Simplice after Emile Zola - March 2011

Before becoming one the most translated French author with Therese Raquin, the first Zola book as “Tales to Ninon”. We took a plunge into the world of the young man who would become the greatest 'Literary naturalist', a world full of stories of romance, anticipated ecology, fairies and simple minded princes.


FAMILY PLAYS Clocks! after Jules Verne - April 2011 and January 2012 Verne is the pioneer of science fiction and the third most translated writer in the world. He wrote about space and underwater travel and about cutting edge technology before it was all possible. We decide to play around “Master Zacharius”, a forgot novel about time, clocks and madness.

Passing through Maupassant, The Necklace after Guy de Maupassant - May 2011 Considered the father of novels, he wrote more than 300 short stories and six major novels. We chose to jump into his slightly dark but yet great mind. Mixing humour and supernatural elements, the show turned the Médiathèque into the ballroom it once was and was like a gothic experience, but still made for children.

Pictures of Love after Théophile Gautier - June 2011 and June 212 With Hugo, Musset and Stendhal, Gauthier is one of the most important « romantique » author of the 19th century. Mixing beauty and comedy, his famous novels inspired lot of modern films (like The Mummy). We wrote Pictures of Love based on two novels where paintings are alive and carpets fall in love.

The Peau d’Ane Rehearsal after Charles Perrault - February 2012

A bunch of actors have to act out Peau d’Ane. But they don’t know the story. Nevertheless the show must go on! The magic of theatre appears when they discover a trunk full of costumes. “Let’s improvise” say the director. And this is how they tell the craziest story Perrault has ever written. It’s like a Pirandello play but for kids.

Le Chat in Boots after Charles Perrault - May 2012

No need to introduce Puss in Boots. We created a faithful version of the fantastic cat story who manages, through tricks, to make his master noble and rich! But our cat is special: not only does he talk, he also breakdances! A show with a contemporary dancer as a special guest.

Scrouge! after Charles Dickens - December 2012 and 2013 (Ciné Lumière) To close the residency and come back to an English author, we chose to honour Dickens. Scrouge! Is a bilingual adaptation of the Christmas Carol with a French touch. Performing in the cinema, the show is a multimedia explosion and an authentic musical in the best West End tradition.

EDUCATION Exchange Theatre's education branch was born after a genuine observation: there are 300 000 French people in London yet there was no theatre workshops available for amateurs. Our concept is simple:

Practice drama in London in your native language «Beyond an excellent drama class, the workshop is a beautiful human adventure» (Auriane, student 2007 - 2010)  Adult Amateur Classes (Le Workshop)

In 2007, our first workshop destined to Francophile amateurs was created. We convey, with our educational branch, the same idea of exchange than with our main work. We place generosity, fun and sincerity in acting at the centre of our courses to help the youngest as the oldest to blossom. Since the creation of those classes, the students have performed around twenty shows.  Children and school educational workshops After launching our classes for adults, we were approached by English schools to teach languages to children through drama. This was an opportunity for us to develop a new form of theatre for children, a new philosophy based on games and pedagogy. We now offer many plays and workshops based on the English school curriculum and offer student the chance to discover a piece in its original language. We give children an entertaining and creative way to learn French. Exchange Theatre Workshops has just designed two new courses for A level students. Always in an exchange and discover approach, we adapt our workshops in order to present French literature programmed in the national education curriculum.


Exchange Theatre have their own premises in London Bridge where the company works, runs their classes and rehearse their shows. The T.R.A.P. (Theatre, Rehearsals, Auditions, Productions) also welcomes friend companies who need a space to develop their work. Among regular users: The Faction, Paper Balloon, Without a Paddle and BeFrank Theatre. The office is an open space for emerging theatre companies in need of a base. It is named after our first public patron and supporter, Xavier Durringer, whose play Bal Trap was created for the first time in Britain in English. The space, designed for show rehearsals, is available to hire.

50 square meters 05 minutes from London Bridge Station POpposite MORE London 0Bright and clean 0Piano 0Chairs and tables for meetings 0Private Toilets


CONTACT Artistic Director David Furlong 0787 529 5917

Executive Director Fanny Dulin 0790 3311 723

46 oxford drive, Magdalen Street London SE1 2FB

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