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post-9/11 GI bill abroad basics

Get accepted at top universities abroad

unique majors around the world

Photo courtesy of Durham University

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IFA Paris, the Fashion school of Design and Business. “ Parisian Roots, International Vision ”

All our Bachelor programs are taught in English:

Bachelor Fashion Design Bachelor Fashion Marketing


Bachelor Visual Merchandising

We love your talent! ifaparis ifaparis




GI Bill and US Federal Aid


bachelors degrees

approved institution

(transfer students accepted)

Five QS Stars


professionally focused for teaching, employability and internationalization

masters degrees

Located in Scotland, the

most beautiful country in the world (Rough Guides)

Edinburgh is home to the world’s largest arts festival (Rough Guides)

Study with us... Accounting, Financial Services & Law Biological and Biomedical Sciences Business Management Creative Writing Computing Science & Information Technology Computer Security & Networking Construction and the Built Environment Criminology Design

Digital Media Ecotourism Engineering Festival & Event Management Film Game Technologies Healthcare Management Human Resource Management Journalism & Publishing

Marketing MBA Music & Photography Physical Activity and Health Psychology Social Sciences Sport and Exercise Science Tourism and Hospitality Transport and Logistics

For more information email Aly Stewart, Senior International Officer:



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“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Spring 2017 Issue

The Degree Abroad Guides are distributed throughout four-year Universities, Community Colleges and select high schools throughout California.


hree years ago, I attended a study abroad fair

Our education-focused guides are

at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, on

published several times a year. The

behalf of an international university. While most exhibitors at the fair promoted short-term study abroad, I was promoting transferring abroad and finishing your degree in another country. Near the end of the fair, a gentleman came to the table and told me he was a Veteran. “Can I use my GI Bill at your university?” he asked. I was stumped. I was aware of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, but never considered whether a U.S. Veteran could use it abroad. The student told me he was sure he could use his benefits abroad, but I was unsure how to help him. Shortly after, I researched to find out if a Veteran could use their Post-9/11 GI Bill abroad

focuses are on Summer Education, Degree Abroad, Grad Schools Abroad, and Education for Veterans. For advertising information, please email or go to 434 South Euclid Street, Suite 180 Anaheim CA 92802 USA 1-714-520-1180 All photos courtesy of the respective universities, except where noted. Degree Abroad Guide, its counterparts and Excel Youth Media, Inc. are not affiliated with any universities or

and it was absolutely possible to do so.

programs mentioned or referenced

Over 1,800 institutions outside the U.S. are approved – including all mentioned and those

its subsidiaries are not responsible

advertising in this guide. The benefits are similar to what you receive in the states. In this

for errors or individuals decisions

issue, we discuss:

regarding their education choices.

+ the basics on a Post-9/11 GI Bill abroad, including where to search for approved

within. Excel Youth Media, Inc. and


schools and programs + the top universities in the world, and how you can get accepted + UNIQUE MAJORS, and where you should go to find them I wish I had that conversation way back when with that Veteran and helped him find his perfect fit to go abroad and utilize his benefits. I hope that he finds this copy (if he is still at OCC) and hope he sees all the opportunities to use the Post-9/11 GI Bill abroad. Thank you Veterans for your service to this country, and I hope this guide opens your eyes to the educational experiences ahead of you.

Look for our upcoming summer Education Guide in Spring 2017



Medicine is a calling. At St. George’s University, we are all about providing our students

with educational and career guidance they need to answer this call. Our Match Strategy Team in our Office of Career Guidance works with students from day one to provide the tools, resources, and direction they need to facilitate their postgraduate success. Only one medical school in the world can boast international exposure, then place over 870 United States residencies to date in 2016. I 800.899.6337

*According to published information as of June 2016.

St. George’s University is the #1 provider of new doctors into the US health care system*

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Post-9/11 GI Bill Abroad Basics W

ith a growing list of over 1,800 approved universities and training schools in over 100 countries, the time to go abroad with your Post-9/11 GI Bill is now.

Many factors make a degree abroad very attractive to U.S. students and former military. Length of program, currency value fluctuations, available military benefits, as well as many unique opportunities in host countries may influence your desire

Exchange Rates

to choose a particular country to study in. If your interest is in Creative Writing and

Canada: 1 USD = 1.33 CAD

you’ve always wanted to visit the UK, then Bath Spa University (

EU: 1 USD = .93 EUR

may be the place to tackle this popular major. Alternatively, if you’ve always wanted

Australia: 1 USD = 1.29 AUD

to live in London, Shanghai or Dubai and have an interest in Business, then Hult

UK: 1 USD = .80 GBP

International Business School ( may be a perfect home for you the next several years. Many foreign degrees in Europe and Australia utilize a 3-year degree plan, vs. the 4-year plan we are familiar with in the U.S. This means you may be able to stretch your GI Bill benefits and cover your entire degree cost over less time. These 3-year degree programs typically do not require general education, such as math and english classes not related to your major. You’re able to dive into major coursework

Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits for the 16-17 Academic Year $21,000/year in tuition for up to 36 months up to $1,500/month for housing| $1,000/year for books

from day one, shortening the time it takes to earn your degree and substantially reducing the costs involved, including tuition and living costs. A foreign degree puts you out in the workforce a year earlier, too, which may be very attractive to older students who are looking forward to graduation and securing their future employment


and career path.

Use the government’s WEAMS database

Currency exchange rates may significantly influence the cost of your degree over

status of elgibility for Post-9/11 GI Bill

several years while abroad. There may not be much fluctuation in current exchange


rates for the country you have your educational eye on (or maybe there is?), but

you will want to be conscious of any possible upcoming movement possibility, and

the historical exchange value, to forecast your education costs over the term of your degree. You want to avoid being caught short, or having to supplement your education costs more than planned. While some countries have historically offered more bang for the buck as far as exchange rates, like Australia, other places like the

to check for approved programs and

Learn about education programs and compare estimated benefits by school using the GI Bill Comparison Tool:

UK with their British pound have been upside down to the U.S. dollar for decades.

While one dollar is worth less than a pound, the dollar holds more value today, than it

According to the Department of Veterans

has since the 1980’s, meaning now is the time to go to the UK! Finally, the Post-9/11 GI Bill is an opportunity to visit and live in a place you’ve always wanted to go. Spending up to four years earning your degree abroad may change your life. If you want to study business operations, but have a desire to learn Cantonese, then look for a university in China to fulfill both of those dreams. Not sure how far from home you want to go? Then a Criminal Justice degree in Canada may be exactly what you’re looking for. Love everything Shakespeare? Living in the UK will give you a unique opportunity to study English Literature where it was born. These are special opportunities you cannot duplicate while studying in the states, and are worth checking out as you plan the rest of your educational journey.

Affairs, many Veterans and Active Duty personnel will qualify for more than one type educational benefit such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill or similar. Use this “Road Map for Success” found here: to make sure you’re on track to receive the best set of benefits that match your educational plans.


Plymouth University is a






5 1


(Times Higher Education ‘100 Under 50’ 2016 league table)



OR OF INTERNATIONAL QUALITY (2014 Research Excellence framework).

For more information visit:






of living in the UK






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Photo Courtesy of University of Oxford

What Does it Take to Get Accepted at One of the Top Universities? Do you have what it takes to enroll in a top-ranked university? Maybe you have dreamed of attending Harvard, Stanford or Berkeley for the prestige and pride of attending the best of the best? You’ll find universities abroad that are ranked as high and even higher than these famous U.S. based institutions. We asked many of these top universities what it takes to gain admission and they responded. Currently, we’ve seen a trend with more emphasis on coursework like AP/IB courses, rather than your top GPA. Admissions offices are looking for students already decided upon their major, especially in the UK where programs exclude general education and you get right into your subject matter from the very beginning. Along with the below tips to get you accepted into the top world universities, you’ll find that the Post-9/11 GI Bill is approved at all of these institutions mentioned.

University of Oxford (ranked #1 in the world) According to their admissions office, the most important question for any applicant to Oxford is: “Which course (major) do I want to study?” They say that more than anything, they look for a commitment to a particular, academic subject. Go to for a list of courses. A 1,470 on the new SAT (out of 1,600), or 32 out of 36 on the ACT is required. Finally, applicants need a Grade 5 in at least three Advanced Placement tests.

Imperial College London (ranked #8 in the world) The 8th ranked institution in the world is still accepting Masters and Ph.D. applications for fall enrollment. Most courses will be full by June. Three Advanced Placement tests with a grade of 5 is required. Imperial College London does not look at GPA, SAT or ACT’s. Visit for more information.

University College – London (ranked #15 in the world) The 22nd ranked institution in the world asks that students apply through UCAS. com by January 15th. Students applying for graduate school can apply directly through UCL’s web site, and many programs have an application deadline in July. Students without AP test scores, but with a year of college level study and an average GPA of 3.3 may apply. UCL doesn’t normally accept transfer students, but those interested in this option should contact the department they are interested in. UCL has 40,000 students on campus, with 40% from outside the UK. Visit for more information. *According to 16/17 The Times Higher Education World University Rankings

University of Toronto Canada (ranked #22 in the world) This high-ranking University to our north accepts applications a year prior to the start of the Fall semester. Programs fill up early, and will close before the posted deadlines. Expect to submit high GPA/SAT/ ACT scores, along with two SAT Subject Tests, or AP or IB courses, or a combination thereof covering two different subjects. For Graduate programs, your strong academic record, along with your most recent annual average, will consider you for the program. Visit future. to review all programs and admission requirements.

University of Edinburgh (ranked #27 in the world) University of Edinburgh in the UK is accepting applications through June 30th for undergraduate courses and July 31st for graduate courses. GPA is not required for undergraduate courses. Instead, the admissions offices will look at standardized test scores, such as the SAT, ACT or AP. For graduate courses, a minimum 3.25 GPA is required, and no GRE is required. Seventeen GI Bill students are currently enrolled at UE. Visit for more information.

STUDY IN THE UK York St John University was founded in 1841 and is


one of the oldest higher education institutions in

• 3 years bachelor’s degrees

England. With around 6400 students, our size and

• 1 year master’s degree

community ethos make the university an incredibly

• Students with an Associate Degree may be eligible

friendly place to live and study. We have invested over

to enter directly into year 2 of a bachelor’s degree

GBP £100 million in our award-winning campus over the past 10 years, which is based in the heart of a beautiful and historic city.

• US Financial Aid (FAFSA) recognised • VA Funding accepted • One of the top 10 most affordable UK universities for international students

SPOTLIGHT ON GAMES DEVELOPMENT BSc Games Development is one of our newest and most exciting bachelor’s degrees. Explore core programming, design and computational systems with specialist classes to prepare you for working in the games industry. You will invent and test game mechanics and collaborate with students on our design programmes to create your own games.

TO FIND OUT MORE: Contact our Admissions Team at or +44 (0)1904 876598 You can also find more information and apply directly at and there is no application fee.

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gi bill College Profiles We talked to five GI Bill students who are studying abroad for their full degrees and are using their veteran education benefits. While most are veterans themselves, we also feature April Johnson, who is utilizing her Mother’s education benefits (yes, you can do this too!). Check out these featured profiles and see why these veterans and family decided to go abroad, what they like most about where they chose to study, and what they plan to do in the future. With all the available opportunities available to you through the GI Bill benefit program, you may find your dream degree in a place you’ve always wanted to visit, or return to.

April Marie Johnson Hometown: Tucson, Arizona Military service: My mother is retired United States Air Force, My mother served 21 years and is now considered 100% disabled which allowed me this opportunity. Current university: International Fashion Academy, Paris, France Paris! Where else do you study fashion? Everyday here is a new adventure and when I chose overseas I knew I would have more opportunities to meet more people to jump outside my comfort zone, Joshua Franklin

completely. It’s hard, but worth it. IFA is an affordable overview of

Hometown: Sterling, Virginia

pushing your mind.

all fashion at a fast pace. They let you explore your creativity while

Military service: 8 years, U.S. Marine Corps Current university: American University of Paris

Jharrod Meade-Frazier

major: History Minor: Computer Science

Military service:

I found AUP while I was stationed as a Marine Security Guard in Copenhagen, Denmark. I wanted to stay in Europe, and was excited to see that AUP accepted

U.S. Army 220th Transportation Company, deployed twice to Iraq

the GI Bill. I have loved my time at AUP. The smaller

Current university: Temple

classes allowed me to develop close relationships with

University, Tokyo, Japan

my professors, who have really helped me develop my thoughts and academic skills. The city of Paris could not be a better campus! Beyond the Eiffel Tower and Champs Élysée, there is always something new to discover. I couldn’t ask for a better location.

Since I came to TUJ in 2012, I have had the wonderful experience of working closely with expert faculty in International Affairs, Political Science, and Asian Studies. All of these faculty take an active interest in students’ educational goals and career ambitions.

ACCELERATE YOUR MILITARY CAREER Accelerate your career in global security with a graduate program at Queen’s University Belfast. Our suite of MA programs provide a dynamic and critical study of international conflict in the heart of Belfast city- a living laboratory for conflict transformation and security issues.

We are Global Queen’s is ranked

MA Conflict Transformation and Social Justice MA Global Security and Borders MA International Relations MA Violence, Terrorism and Security

We are World Leading Queen’s is ranked in the


We have Impact Queen’s is ranked




top 1%

in the world for international outlook

of universities in the world

(Times Higher Education, 2015)

(QS World University Rankings 2016/17)

in the World for Research Intensity

Visit to find out more about our graduate programs and international scholarships. Photo courtesy of The University of Melbourne

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Jay Schwer Hometown: Anaheim, California Military service: I served for about 7 years in the infantry. Almost 3 years in Korea. Then I went to Ft. Hood, TX, where I served with 2/7 Cavalry. While there, I was deployed to Iraq from March 2004 to March 2005. I was in a small area of Baghdad for most of the time, but went to fight in Fallujah for the big offensive in 2004. After returning from Iraq, I was stationed at Ft. Bliss, TX. At this time, I was medically retired and moved to Australia. Current university: Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia Current major: Bachelor of Social Work, will follow with Masters in Social Work, after Bachelors is completed. Brittany Ziehler Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This is the second year I have been going to college in Australia. I have lived in Australia for almost 10 years now and I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I worked for quite a while making good money,

Military service: United States Air Force, Captain,

but when the market took a downturn, my partner said I should do

Logistics Readiness Officer, and served 5 years active duty,

something I would enjoy doing. After contemplating for some time,

went directly into the reserves from there and have been

I thought that I would like to help others dealing with issues such as

doing that for almost 4 years now.

PTSD and other issues from dealing with traumatic experiences. I

Current University: Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

learned that Griffith University offered the degree I wanted, and is also one of the better schools in Australia. I find the people here

Major: French I decided to obtain a degree abroad because I’ve always loved traveling and exploring new places. While in the Air Force, I was fortunate to be stationed in Italy and have the chance to travel extensively, so I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to live overseas again when I found out the GI Bill covered schools abroad. I have my own travel consultation business and decided to get a Masters degree in International Tourism Management at Edinburgh Napier, in order to further my education and knowledge on running my business. I chose Napier because they offered multiple unique tourism post-grad degrees, and because it’s in one of my favorite cities in the world, Edinburgh. I figured, what better place to get a degree in International Tourism than in one of the world’s top tourism destinations? ENU is an extremely diverse school, and I’ve met so many students

are nice and not afraid to talk or help if needed. The teachers in the

from all over the world, in just my program alone. What I

school are quite helpful and very knowledgeable in the courses they

really liked about the school is that they offered so many

teach. The campus is nice and is receiving many upgrades to help

more degree options than any other school I looked at, that

keep it modern and updated with new structures and equipment to

weren’t just your typical sciences and humanities. I would

include electronics. All in all, I would have to say it’s a great school

highly recommend it to anyone considering studying here.

between the staff and students and campus.

Study, Work and Live in Toronto, Canada

More than 160 Programs. Seven Schools. Four Campuses. • • • • •

#1 College choice for international students in Canada! Post-secondary, fast-track and post-graduate programs Opportunity to work in Canada after graduation Co-op work terms and field placement options Applied Research Opportunities for students

Contact our Recruitment Manager: Melida Renkwitz | For more information, visit: @CentennialInternational @CentennialIE

Connect with us.

Centennial College is an approved foreign school for eligible recipients of GI Bill® Benefits

See where experience takes you.

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unique majors

and Where to Find them Around the World

We’ve talked to veterans like Jay Schwer, who we profile in this issue, about choosing an area of educational interest. Jay and other veterans say they are using their benefits and Post-9/11 GI Bill education opportunity to pursue something they really enjoy doing. We think this may be the best advice to students embarking on their educational journey. Exploring your interests first will certainly make you happy, and engage you through the term of your education program, all the way to graduation! There certainly isn’t anything wrong with popular degrees like business or engineering, but we don’t think there is anything right with choosing the path most traveled if it really isn’t included in your personal interests. Whether you’re looking for Computer Game Development or Aviation Management, we’ve put together a list of interesting and unique majors you may (or may not know you) want to pursue. Can’t find your desired area of interest? Search the WEAMS link on this page for approved program offerings at your desired institution.

Aviation Management Griffith University, Australia

Business Studies BA (Hons) Globe Business College, Munich, Germany aviation-management

Program offers 6 different degree and certificate paths. Become a commercial pilot while studying in areas of theory and practice of aviation, aviation management, navigation, planning and more.

Botany University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand Studying Botany will empower you to understand and harness the power of plants for a diverse array of applications such as climate change mitigation, ecological restoration and food production. Explore this, or 20+ other approved programs in New Zealand.

WEAMS institution search Find your Post-9/11 GI Bill approved program here at the WEAMS database link (search by country):

This 3-year Bachelor Honors degree provides an understanding of key business areas such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Management Information Systems, and more.

Children’s Entertainment: Writing, Production and Management Centennial College, Toronto, Canada Spend twelve months/three semesters in this postgraduate certificate program preparing for a career as a highly-skilled children’s content producer. Learn to create a wide range of entertainment products.

Computer Science BSc (Hons) Plymouth University, UK bsc-computer-science Gain technical skills in computational theory, software development on a variety of devices and platforms, database development, computer hardware and networking in this three-year degree.




SUPPORT Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits Monthly Housing Allowance AUP Veterans Scholarship

€ 19,357 € 12,880 € 5,000

The American University of Paris proudly supports veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. We accept the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) and the Survivors and Dependents Ed Assistance Program (Chapter 35). Students who qualify may be eligible for assistance for tuition, fees, books, and housing, as well as our AUP Veterans Scholarship. AUP also offers a rich community of veterans on campus with over 20 GI Bill recipients, a dedicated Student Veterans of America club and strong ties with the American Veterans Association in Paris.

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unique majors


Costume and Performance Design BA (Hons) Arts University Bournemouth, UK

International Business John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

Graduates from this course have gone on to design and make costumes for theatres and film studios all over the world.

Focus on a globalized world in this program that emphasizes international business, political and economic order, specific marketing and management situations, and more.

Creative Writing BA, Scriptwriting MA Bath Spa University, UK

National Security Studies/Political Science MA University of Haifa, Israel

This program includes prose, poetry, scriptwriting for the stage and screen, feature journalism, writing for new media, life writing and direction for drama and film student writing.

Learn from the experts! This one-year, interdisciplinary program taught in English, brings students together from around the world to engage in a challenging academic curriculum and hands-on experience in National Security.

Engineering and Mathematical Sciences The University of Western Australia The Engineering Science major provides you with fundamental engineering knowledge and develops your scientific, communication and problem solving skills through a combination of practical, hands-on courses, industry projects and theoretical foundations.

Police Foundations Algonquin College, Canada Prepare for a career in law enforcement. Become police officer in Canada in 2 years!

Publishing MSc Edinburgh Napier University, UK Games Development BSc (Hons) York St John University, UK

Train to become a publisher in one year/three trimesters.

Learn core programing, design, and computational systems which can be used across a multitude of industries, including Gaming.

Violence, Terrorism, and Security MA Queens University, Belfast, Ireland

Global Communications BA and MA American University of Paris, France ViolenceTerrorismandSecurity.html

Explore conflict intervention, contemporary security, global terrorism and more with this one-year degree program.

Become an active world citizen while studying in this, or another one of the 21 Post-9/11 GI Bill approved programs at AUP.


Via della Lungara, 233 00165 Rome, Italy Email: Toll-Free: 1-855-JCU-ROMA

John Cabot University provides you with the opportunity to study at an American-accredited university while you take advantage of our multicultural student body and beautiful Roman campus. In addition to our generous scholarship program, you can finance your time abroad in Rome with federal financial aid through the Title IV program. Learn more at

JMC Academy is approved by VA for Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits. Use the comparison tool at for more information.


Audio Engineering

Entertainment Business Management

3D Animation

Game Design

Digital Design

Launch your creative future at JMC Academy.

Australia’s leading creative industries institution with campuses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We offer Diplomas and Bachelor degrees in Audio Engineering, Music Performance, Songwriting, Entertainment Business, Film and Television, Digital Design, Animation and Games.

“The courses at JMC give you a good solid foundation for the theory as well as an in depth practical knowledge that gives you the edge in the real world. The lecturers are full of knowledge and are really in love with the subject matter, which makes learning so much easier.”

With top industry teachers, outstanding facilities, small class sizes and strong student support, our students and alumni are making their mark on the creative industries in Australia and internationally.

Aldo Sampaio, Audio Director, Ubisoft

Graduates have gone on to work at HBO, Sony Music, Universal Music, Rolling Stone, Ubisoft, EA Games, Nickelodeon, MTV, and on films including ‘Ghostbusters’ (2016), ‘San Andreas’ and ‘The Lego Movie’.

“JMC really kicked the door open for me. I got my first interview thanks to another JMC graduate and it was the skills that I learned at JMC that got me the gig. So it was a mixture of who I knew and what I knew, and they both came from JMC.” Charles Duncombe, Creative Services Manager, Channel 9

Film and Television Production

Intakes in February, June & September. jmcacademy


International Network Member



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Free GMAT Test Is your eye set on a graduate degree in business? You’ll need to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) for admission consideration to over 2,000 business schools worldwide. To get an idea of where your score will likely land, take this micro, mini or full GMAT test on the Hult International

Look for Excel Magazine in the Fall!

Business School website to prepare for the real GMAT. Find the tests here:

Overseas Yellow Ribbon Program Need additional funds for your education? The Yellow Ribbon program is available to fund fee and tuition expenses exceeding the thresholds you are entitled to under the Post-9/11 GI Bill provisions. While this program is not available at most international institutions, it is available


Katie Ledecky Her College Life in California

this academic year at many overseas campus locations of U.S. based schools.


This is how it works. Degree granting institutions voluntarily enter into


an agreement with the government to cover the expense overages, up


to a predetermined amount, on a year-to-year and student-to-student


basis. These additional funds are contributed from the University, and


the VA then matches those funds, reducing or eliminating the need to


supplement the costs of your educational career. It is important to note that the amounts and eligibility may change year to year, and students must apply and be approved to receive available funds. There are programs this academic year in many different geographic locations. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs at, the following is a sampling of the locations and Universities you can study at and take advantage of this program. In San Juan, Puerto Rico, you may study at Carlos Albizu University and pursue degrees like Psychology, Speech Language Therapy, while capturing additional benefits up to $1,000/year from the school, plus the VA’s match. You can study all offerings at Embry – Riddle Aeronautical University in popular locations like Berlin, Singapore,

Cover Photo courtesy of American University of Paris


100,000 print circulation 4 issues per year Hand delivered in high traffic locations throughout the largest college campuses in California Advertising and postering packages available

Naples, Kuwait, and more with up to $20,000 in additional funds from the school, plus the VA match amount. Webster University in Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and Thailand is also participating in the Yellow Ribbon program in all degree programs, and offering unlimited additional funds, plus the VA match amount. There are many opportunities to take advantage of additional benefit funds, plus match contributions from the VA.

contact Eric Tiettmeyer 714-520-1180

Roman baths

Newton Park

THE uk University of Choice for Creativity, culture and Enterprise

Study in the safest city in THE uk The beautiful UNESCO world heritage city of Bath ■ Choose to study a Bachelors Honours, Masters or a Semester Study Abroad programme from our wide range of liberal arts majors ■ Graduate with a Bachelors degree in 3 years or a Masters in 1 year ■ Transfer your credits to complete your Bachelors degree quicker ■ Use FAFSA or your Post 9/11 GI Bill to fund your studies

■ Highly ranked government university with excellent student satisfaction ■ Study in our historic buildings, including a 14th century castle! ■ Become part of the Bath Spa community at one of our small, friendly campuses ■ Get involved in the extra curricular activities to become a socially engaged global citizen.

I chose Bath Spa University because I wanted to be involved with a small class size. This allowed me to really get the most out of my tutors. Getting my degree in Bath means that my resume will stand out amongst others in the difficult workforce that 'creatives' operate within. Alena Nicholson BA (Hons) Photography | Year 2

To find out more - contact Bath Spa University’s California Rep Eric Tiettmeyer directly mail. tel. +1-714-520-1180 skype. eric.tiettmeyer

Cardiff 60 minutes Bristol 12 minutes

London 60-90 minutes

Located in the city of Bath, only 90 minutes from London

International Relations Office / Bath, England, BA1 3ET / T: +44 (0) 1225 875777 / /

Development, Creative Writing, Criminology, Dance, Drama Studies, Education: International, Early Years, Youth and Community Studies, English Literature, Environmental Science, Fashion Design, Film and TV, Food and Nutrition, Geography, Graphic Design,

History of Art and Design, History & Heritage, Media and Publishing, Music, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, Photography, Publishing, Psychology, Sociology, Textiles, Theatre Production. For full information on majors available visit

Majors Include: 3D Design, Acting, Art, Biology, Business Management: Accounting, Tourism, Marketing, International, Human Resources, Ceramics, Creative Computing: Animation, Gaming, Software

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Top Picks Globalize your career with an MBA from Hult International Business School. US veterans can use the GI Bill to start their Global One-Year MBA in London or Dubai and then rotate to finish the program in San Francisco, Boston, Shanghai, or New York. Hult offers special military scholarships and waives the application fee for veterans. Find out more at or email

Center for Study Abroad. Low cost, non profit programs world-wide. Open to all. Earn academic credit. Summer terms with weekly schedules. Programs in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam and Wales. 20 years of study abroad experience, CSA staff are committed to assist you in a safe and courteous manner. For more information, go to

The University of Otago is located in Dunedin, a beautiful city in South Island, New Zealand. It’s the country’s oldest university with over 20,000 students. Otago offers access to worldclass academics teaching undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Business, Health Sciences, Humanities and Sciences. As the country’s only collegiate university it provides a fantastic opportunity for international students to live and study alongside locals. The region is famed for its natural beauty and ease of access to spectacular natural attractions – mountains ideal for hiking and skiing, a harbour for water sports, and surf beaches, all an easy drive of the city. For more information, email

Arts University Bournemouth was first established in 1885 as a specialist art institution, and is now a leading university on the South Coast of the UK, offering high quality specialist education in art, design, media and performance across the creative industries. The university remains passionate about our subjects and continues to encourage curiosity, risk-taking and adventure in exploring and pushing the boundaries of subject knowledge. Whatever your passion, we’ll help you explore it. Whatever your ambition, we’ll provide the route to get you there. On the way, you’ll collaborate with other courses, learn new skills from inspiring staff and create work with industry-standard equipment. Whatever your journey, we’ll help you get from A to B. See • #degreeabroadguide | 23

Top Picks Located in the vibrant and sunny city of Perth, The University of Western Australia (UWA) is one of Australia’s leading universities, ranked #96 in the world and in the top 50 for subjects such as Sports Science, Marine Biology, Life and Agricultural Sciences, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering—and more. For details, email or go to

The University of Haifa is home to 7 faculties, 8 schools and 72 research centers, and is the leading university in Israel in the fields of humanities, social sciences, marine research, and education. It houses Israel’s largest and most prominent School of Political Science and the IDF National Security College, which enrolls the largest number of Israeli military and security personnel. Outstanding graduate students from around the world study in English at the University’s International School, which offers 16 one-year Master’s programs in a variety of subjects through the lens of Israel’s unique geopolitical situation.,

Abertay University. Ranked best modern Scottish university, Abertay offers cutting-edge degree programs in areas as diverse as Business Management and Civil Engineering, to Ethical Hacking and Computer Games Technology. We pride ourselves on delivering programs that will help you secure a career, not just a degree, and many of our programs offer built-in work placements. Our university is located in the heart of the city of Dundee – just an hour north of Scotland’s historic capital, Edinburgh, and a couple of hours away from the stunning Scottish Highlands. Students from over 60 countries study at Abertay and our international students can expect the warmest of Scottish welcomes!

At Globe College you benefit from our unique educational approach. Our graduates, in addition to their formal academic qualifications, have the ability to think on their feet, operate in dynamic environments, have great people skills, communication abilities and are driven by a growth mind-set. We offer a range of business programmes, all taught in English in the heart of Munich, including a Bachelor (Hons) in Business Studies, a Top-Up Business Bachelor degree program, and shorter courses including a Foundation Certificate in Business, and a Business Summer School. All programmes are accredited and recognised in Europe and further afield. For more information, go to

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Study in Australia at Griffith University | At Griffith, we celebrate, believe in and strive for the remarkable. Griffith is a comprehensive, multi-campus institution, with 50,000 students and over 200,000 graduates. We are known for our high-impact research, outstanding student experience, commitment to social justice and welcoming environment.

Ranked among the top 3% of all universities* and among the top 50 universities under 50 worldwide#

Choose from a range of courses including Aviation, Sciences, Digital Media, Education, Exercise Science, IT, Design, Marine Science, Nursing, and Psychology

Our Community Internship course allows you to volunteer with a non-profit for credit towards your degree

Dedicated Griffith Global Mobility team helps you with everything from your application process to maximising your time at Griffith

Griffith’s five campuses are located in beautiful, sub-tropical South-East Queensland, Australia which averages 300 days of sunshine per year. Enjoy either the relaxed, beach lifestyle of the Gold Coast, or the cosmopolitan city life of Brisbane.

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Students can study with us using the following funding: Post 9/11 GI Bill Montgomery GI Bill Veterans Education Assistance Program

Find out more *Academic Ranking of World Universities; CWTS Leiden Rankings; and the QS World University Rankings. #2016 QS World University Rankings; 2016 Times Higher Education Rankings. CRICOS Provider Number: 00233E

Veterans Guide Degree Abroad Guide Spring 2017  

Veterans Guide/Degree Abroad Guide Spring 2017 Post-9/11 GI Bill Abroad Basics Top Universities Abroad Unique Majors around the World

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