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Legend of Odysseus For page:

Mljet has been known for its beauty back to the time of the ancient Greeks, who gave it the name Melita, meaning honey. This reputation along with an interesting natural feature of the island has led some scholars to the believe that Mljet could be the island of Ogygia, mentioned in Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, where the King of Ithaca was seduced by the nymph Calypso. In this tale, Odysseus embarks on a ten-year journey home following the Trojan War. Encountering many adventures along the way, a storm shipwrecks him on Ogygia. Clinging to life, Odysseus swims ashore and finds shelter in a cave, in which he meets the nymph Calypso, daughter of Atlas, who nurses him back to health. On her island paradise, Calypso falls in love with Odysseus and uses her divine powers to place him in an unending trance. Destined to make him her immortal husband, she grants Odysseus all her worldly pleasures. Trapped in a spell and on this paradise for seven years, Odysseus still dreams of home and sends a request to Zeus to free him. At last, Calypso breaks the spell on Odysseus and he builds a raft and sets out to sea. Mljet’s ‘Odysseus Cave’ is a large grotto, with an entrance from the sea, while above its chimney exposes itself to the sky and produces a beautiful blue within the cave. Access to the cave is limited to the sea, so to enter one must swim or take a small boat into Odysseus’ Cave. It is one of the many enchanting natural beauties to be found on the island.

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