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Safe and Enjoyable Child Care Playground Equipment

On this modern day era, working parents need a place where they can leave their little kids behind while they perform their daily tasks. One of the options being considered is hiring the service of a childcare facility. When parents leave their children behind, they expect that the facility will provide a fun-filled and safe environment for them. By having safe child care playground equipment, parents can be assured that their little ones are in good hands, thus reducing their worries.

Numerous child care playground equipment are available in the market but not all of them are considered safe. That is why every owner should have a keen eye when purchasing equipment for their facility. Here are some examples of good playground equipment that a childcare center can have. • Play Center – This is a kind of child care playground equipment where more than one kid can play safely at a time. Many play centers are especially intended for young kids where they can enjoy running, sliding, and climbing on them. Usually, the material used is sturdy plastics and surfaces are painted using leadfree paints. To guarantee optimum safety, choose slides and ladders with enough space only for one kid to use at a time. Although this kind of child care playground equipment is safe, it is a must for an adult to supervise the children all the time.

• Tunnel Train – Another good example of child care playground equipment is a brightly colored tunnel train. Kids can climb through the various phases of the train then safely get out on the opposite side. Make sure that the surfaces are free from lead paint and the size is appropriate for them to climb one at a time. Again, adult supervision is highly required when the kids are playing on the tunnel train.

• Spring Animals – These are wonderful and fun child care playground equipment. Select one that are specially designed for children, made of durable plastic and has no sharp edges. This is to ensure that they are safe to use. Spring animals come in wide variety of animals and colors that children will definitely enjoy. You also have a choice of having multi-rider or single rider springs.

• Sandboxes – These are also excellent child care playground equipment that can help enrich the imaginative mind of the children. This equipment can also help in improving their social and motor skills development. Many sandboxes are safe to use that makes them suitable for any childcare facility. You need to check it at least twice a week to ensure that there has been no development of sharp edges. In addition, make sure that any additional equipment that you will provide like buckets and plastic spades are appropriate for the kids. Do not leave them unattended when playing in the sandbox.

It is a must that all child care playground equipment is in good working condition and meets the safety guidelines of the state or country. Licensed childcare facilities are subjected to regular inspections to make sure that all the requirements are properly met.

Safe and Enjoyable Child Care Playground Equipment