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Chartered Financial Analyst June/December 2013 Exams

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Excellence Education Centre

Welcome to Excellence Education Centre Why Excellence Education Centre ?


About the CFA® Program


CFA® Registration and Exam


Benefits and Career Options


CFA® Levels


CFA® Training at Excellence Education Centre


Level 1 Course Schedule


Dear Candidate We are delighted to welcome you to Excellence Education Centre and our 2013 course for the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) exam. Inside this guide you will gain an understanding of EXCELLENCE EDUCATION CENTRE’s unique approach to education – intuition, clarity of materials, support, flexibility and value. However you choose to study, you will receive the full Excellence experience, both inside and outside the classroom. At Excellence you are the Centre point and quality is all that matters.

Management, Excellence Education Centre

CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by EXCELLENCE EDUCATION CENTRE. CFA Institute, CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.


Why Excellence Education Centre? At Excellence we teach investing with a passion. Our foremost priority is high pass rates and 100 percent customer satisfaction. Having said that we also believe in not just passing the exam but to also gain insights over a period of time into how the markets really work and how the CFA速 curriculum can be applied to today's news stories. One-to-one tutor introduction


Our support begins on the day a student enrols with us. All of

Our tutor provides an intuitive understanding of finance,

our candidates are invited to a one-to-one meeting or phone

not just a long sequence of formulae for rote learning. This

call with their course tutor. The instructor will explain the

understanding helps to make complex analytical exam

curriculum and discuss studying techniques that suit the

questions easier, as well as providing longer term benefit to

individual candidate.

the candidate as well as their employer.

Teaching style Inspirational tuition from expert practitioner who uses real examples in the classroom to bring the course to life. Flexibility Our courses are structured in modules to allow maximum

Facilities Students have access to study rooms and a breakout room with drinks, snacks, for those well-earned breaks. Pass guarantee * If you are unsuccessful in your CFA exam, you can re-sit

flexibility for candidates. We offer classes on weekends for

with Excellence Education Centre and get up to 50% off our

the convenience of students.



*Terms and Conditions apply (See Page 6)

We offer students with 100 plus hours of tutored class time, with no subjects in the curriculum omitted. The length and intensity of class is kept to suit your working style and budget. Support Tutor is available in the weekends and further support will be available towards the end of session before exams. Class sizes Our class sizes are strictly capped, enhancing the level of support available to each candidate inside the classroom.

Open Evenings

Excellence Education Centre holds regular free Open Evenings throughout the year to enable prospective candidates to get an idea of who we are, what we do, and why we provide you with the best chance of success.

Come and meet us informally and let us explain how the CFA速 Program and our courses can help you and your career.




About the CFA® Program The CFA® Program is one of the most recognised and

Entry Requirements

respected professional designations within the global investment industry. For candidates entering the investment field, professionals increasing their expertise

Before you enrol in the CFA® Program and register for

and marketability, and people making a career change into

your first exam, you must meet the entry requirements listed below:

the world of financial analysis from other disciplines, the

CFA charter will position you at the forefront of career

Have a bachelor's (or equivalent) degree or be in the final year of your bachelor's

opportunities within the investment industry.

degree course at the time of registration 

The Program now attracts more than 200,000

or have four years of professional work experience (this does not have to be investment related)

candidates from over 135 countries to the exam each 

year, and the number of CFA charter holders currently

or have a combination of professional work and college experience that totals at least four years.

stands at around 90,000.

Part-time positions do not qualify, and the fouryear total must be accrued prior to enrolment.

In three successive exams you will be assessed on a wide 

range of subjects including ethics, quantitative techniques,

If you initially enrol/register as a final year undergraduate student with a degree in progress,

economics, financial reporting & analysis, corporate finance,

you may not register for the Level II exam

equity, fixed income, derivatives, alternative investments

until you have earned your degree, or obtained

and portfolio management. The knowledge you gain while

professional work experience that meets the

studying will be invaluable to your future career, and the

Program's entrance requirements. At the time your

CFA charter has become universally recognised by

degree is awarded, you may update your account information to certify that your degree has been

employers and investors as a mark of excellence and


integrity within their profession. 

Understand the professional conduct requirements (you will be asked to sign the Professional Conduct Statement and Candidate Responsibility Statement).

Be prepared to take the exams in English.

The CFA® Charter In order to be awarded the CFA Charter you must: 

Have four years of qualified investment work experience (speak to us for details of what counts)

Become a member of CFA Institute

Pledge to adhere to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

Complete the CFA Program.



CFA速 Registration and Exam Exam format

The CFA速 Program includes exams in three levels. These three exams must be passed sequentially as one of the requirements for earning the CFA charter.

The CFA exams include three types of question format.

Candidates may register for only one exam at a time and

The Level I exam consists of multiple choice questions

must wait to receive their results before registering for the

only. The Level II exam consists of case study item set

next level.

questions only. The Level III exam morning session comprises essay

Level I is conducted twice a year, in June and December, while Levels II and III are administered just once a year in June.

questions and the afternoon session is composed of item set questions.

Registration fees Jun

Dec x

Jun x



Level I



Level II




Level III




Payment Deadlines


Program enrolment (new candidates only)


Exam Registration


Total Cost



Sep 2012

13 Mar 2013






Feb 2013

21 Aug 2013






Mar 2013

18 Sep 2013






Note: The registration prices listed above are for eBooks only, for printed books add

The diagram above illustrates the progression through the

$60, and for both eBooks and printed books add $90. For example, a first time

three levels assuming success in each exam.

candidate enrolling before the August 21st deadline would pay $1180 for eBooks, $1240 for printed books, $1270 for both eBooks and printed books.

Benefits and Career Options 4% 5%

Portfolio Managers Research Analyst


26 %

Financial Advisors


Chief Executives Consultants Relationship Managers

Risk Managers

Corporate Financial Analysts 5%

Investment Banking Analysts/Bankers

6% 8%


Investment professionals who want to specialise, enhance their careers, or gain a broader investment perspective, choose to study the CFA Program, to achieve these goals. Non-investment professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, choose to earn the CFA charter in order to develop their professional expertise. Students entering the finance or investment professions understand there is no better way to show their determination and professional qualities than by enrolling in the CFA Program and earning the CFA charter.



CFA® Levels Understanding Levels I, II & III The three levels follow a three stage investment process. Level I provides a detailed drilling of investment tools, Level II applies these tools to asset valuation and Level III completes the big picture with portfolio construction and management. 5%

5-15% 15%

10% 10%




Level I

Level II

Level III 30-60%



Ethics & Professional Standards

Investment Tools - Quantitative Methods - Economics - Financial Reporting & Analysis - Corporate Finance

Asset Classes - Equity - Fixed Income - Derivatives - Alternative Investments

Portfolio Management & Wealth Planning

Level I - Tools

Level II - Asset Valuation

Level III - Portfolio Management

Level I covers the foundations of finance with a significant emphasis

Level II is often seen as the toughest technical level of the CFA

The final stage of the CFA Program,

on the analytical tools, especially accounting and quantitative techniques. Although the depth of

Program, however with a solid grounding from Level I this next step

wealth planning and portfolio

is immensely rewarding.

subjects (accounting and quants in

Level III, has a strong focus on management. Some of the analytical

these topics may seem challenging, the benefit to candidates is the ability

In this level you will start to see the

to “uncook the books” and get behind

“big picture”, with economics,

the published numbers.

portfolio management and accounting delving into the issues of international

The course curriculum contains ten different subjects, and it is exciting to


see how many interlinks there are

Much of Level II focuses on asset

between topics as you progress

valuation: you will see fixed income

through them; you cannot understand bonds without a bit of quants, and

and derivative models that look pretty

help us to achieve a client's

complex, but are, in fact, highly logical


equity valuation hinges directly on the

when explained in the clear and

financial statements of a business.

intuitive EEC style.

particular) drop from the curriculum, much to the disappointment of many candidates! Instead, you will investigate in detail the requirements and psychology of investors, with asset valuation being primarily from a portfolio perspective: how do shares, bonds, derivatives and alternatives

Evaluation and synthesis skills that you gain during the preparation for your final exam will enable you, on successful completion of Level III, to enter your workplace with your head held high: as a CFA charter holder.


CFA® training at Excellence Education Centre Why prepare at Excellence Education Centre Excellence Education Centre is a premier institute in providing Investment, Finance and Accountancy related courses in Doha. Excellence is well managed by an advisory committee of professionals and experienced individuals from the field of investment and finance. We offer extensive training for CFA, ACCA, CIMA, FIA and other similar qualifications. This program has been created for individuals who wish to shape their learning through the combined process of expert faculty training, group learning, real time problem solving and more. This learning mode with its regularity of class as well as testing sessions brings discipline into the learning process.

OUR OBJECTIVES AND CHALLENGES Our objective is to make you expert at every level and topic covered in CFA. The prime focus will be to make you pass in the very first attempt so that your time and resources do not get wasted. We focus on holistic approach of training for students from any stream, so that they don’t face any difficulty in understanding the material.

WHAT DO WE OFFER? • • • • • • • • • •


Pass guarantee scheme Counselling and advising Follow-up on result delivery Quality control program implementation Mock test with proper feedback and assessment Maximized value chain of students' learning process Small-sized classrooms to encourage more interaction 100 plus hours of well-designed training over a period of 3- 4 months State of the art environment for students to practice and gain hands on experience of calculation Training on financial calculators




COURSE SCHEDULE Twice a week; 3 hours class TUITION FEE CFA Level 1

QR 8,500/=

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS UPTO 25% AVAILABLE FOR: • 10% Cash payment discount (for those who pay upfront) • 10% Referral Discount • 5% Early Bird Discount INSTALLMENT PAYMENT TERMS • 50% upfront at registration • 25% by the end of first month • 25% by the end of second month REFUND POLICY After enrolment, if a student withdraws for a valid reason, the money will be refunded according to the following procedure: • 100% Refund prior to course delivery • 50% Refund for any drop during the first week of classes • No Refund thereafter RETURNEE POLICY Pre-enrolled candidates are eligible to return to the program with a 20% discount *Pass Guarantee Policy Applies to students who: • Attend 90% of the classes • Pass Mock Exam


CFA速 Level 1 Course Schedule





1= L1

Ethical & Professional Standards

2 = L1

Ethical & Professional Standards

3 = L2

Quantitative Methods 1

4 = L2

Quantitative Methods 1

5 = L3

Quantitative Methods 2

6 = L3

Quantitative Methods 2

7 = L4

Economic Analysis 1

8 = L4

Economic Analysis 1

9 = L5

Economic Analysis 2

10 = L5

Economic Analysis 2

11 = L6

Economic Analysis 3

12 = L6

Economic Analysis 3

13 = L7

Financial Statement Analysis 1

14 = L7

Financial Statement Analysis 1

15 = L8

Financial Statement Analysis 2

16 = L8

Financial Statement Analysis 2

17 = L9

Financial Statement Analysis 3

18 = L9

Financial Statement Analysis 3

19 = L9

Financial Statement Analysis 3

20 = L10

Financial statement Analysis 4

21 = L10

Financial statement Analysis 4

22 = L11

Corporate Finance I

23 = L11

Corporate Finance I

24 = L12

Portfolio Management

25 = L13

Markets And Instruments

26 = L14

Equity Investments

27 =L15

Fixed - Income Investment 1

28 = L15

Fixed - Income Investment 1

29 = L16

Fixed - Income Investment 2

30 = L17

Derivative Investments 1

31 = L17

Derivative Investments 1

32 = L18

Alternative Investments

Saturday* 2:30pm - 6:00pm 29-June

05-Jul 06-Jul 12-Jul 13-Jul 19-Jul 20-Jul 26-Jul 27-Jul 02-Aug 03-Aug 10-Aug 11-Aug 16-Aug 17-Aug 23-Aug 24-Aug 30-Aug 31-Aug 06-Sep 07-Sep 13-Sep 14-Sep 20-Sep 21-Sep 27-Sep 28-Sep 04-Oct 05-Oct 11-Oct 12-Oct 18-Oct

*Note: The above class schedule is tentative and will be decided based on students requirement.


Excellence Education Centre, Opposite to Ahli Sports Club Gate no 2 Villa no 22 Bilal bin Rabah Street Al Nuaija, Doha - Qatar

Excellence Education Centre

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