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Excel Enterprise Sales Training Companies : 3 Questions to Ask Your Sales Training Provider

Nick Hallett

Sales Training Companies 3 Questions to Ask Your Sales Training Provider • Sales Training companies abound in every city across the world • Yet many are not as successful as they hoped • Sales Training is vital to a companies success and mistakes can be costly

Make or Break • In the current economy, a successful sales team will make or break the recovery or growth of a business • Before you rush and make a hasty decision about Sales Training consider the following 3 points

1.How Big Are They.... • Is your sales team based in 1 city or country? • Do they all speak the same language? • How big is your team?

• Are you a large sales organisation with global offices? • Do you need bi lingual trainers? • Do you need to deliver training on multiple sites on the same day?

1.How Big Are They.... These are all valid questions especially if you need a consistent training approach, cross different divisions of your business and in different geographical locations.

2. One Size Fits All vs Bespoke • Cynics might say, selling is selling is selling ....not so. • Are your sales team selling: -to the end user -B2B, B2C or both -a technical product

You’ll soon spot the calibre of a sales training company when they don’t flinch about designing a course to meet your needs Bespoke 3D Training




Follow Up

3.What Results Are They Getting And Who With? • It’s OK for a Sales Training Company to glow about ... Doubling the sales of a sales team of 3..

Or How about; • A company that can demonstrate measureable ROI, • Testimonials from large corporate companies • Or both over many years

What results can you expect with Excel Enterprise? ÂŁ18 million Pitch won after Pitching for Business


after Versatile Selling Course

3 new major Contracts, after Sales Training Course

Outcome Selling Engaged a reluctant Sales Force

What Do You Want Your Customers to Experience?

or Who do you want to train your sales team?

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Sales Training Companies 3 Questions To Ask Your Sales Training Provider