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Message from the Principal During my career in education, I have been deeply committed to developing strategies for second language acquisition in a variety of academic, business, professional and teaching contexts. For the last 20 years I have been working with principals and senior teachers from prestigious Hong Kong secondary and primary schools on developing school-based projects delivered both in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. In addition I have researched the Secondary English Language Syllabus prepared by the Curriculum Development Council, Hong Kong and presented a vertical and horizontal plan for a series of course materials. In June 2001 I authored several course books published by the Oxford University Press, Hong Kong. Through my work with teaching professionals since the early 1990s, I have gained considerable insight into the educational context and requirements in Hong Kong. It never ceases to amaze me how much the young students learn during such a short period of time when they come to the UK. They make a real success of the inter-cultural experience in the UK and many make friends for life. They learn how to become independent and more confident and are able to build relationships with people from different backgrounds and different cultures. Their response to the programme is always remarkably positive. Their appreciation of British culture, literature and drama is reflected in the way they respond to the challenges given to them. The end of course public drama performance, together with their publication are true testimonies of their commitment and achievements. Our programmes provide a truly unique experience for everyone involved and one that will stay with our students for the rest of their lives. Exploring and experiencing a different culture allows them to respond positively and form positive impressions in a non-threatening environment. These are the first steps to becoming international citizens.

Hanna Walton


Our programmes Advanced super intensive experience Boarding

Forms 3-5 / GCSE+ Prepare for university entrance ✓✓ Enjoy communicating effectively in English ✓✓ Exceed your own expectations expressing yourself in English ✓✓ Prepare for your global future

Classic super intensive experience Boarding or homestay

Forms 1-3 / Keystage 3-4 & GCSE Prepare for public examinations ✓✓ Enjoy speaking and performing confidently in English ✓✓ Experience the delights from total immersion in the UK ✓✓ Delight in becoming an independent young person

Primary intensive experience Boarding

Forms P4-6 / Keystage 2-3 Prepare for access to the best possible secondary school ✓✓ Relish speaking and playing in English ✓✓ Have fun with English in the magic of Epsom College ✓✓ Enjoy making friends with British people


The Excel Learning Programme

✓✓ Learn to communicate your ideas, opinions and knowledge in English with confidence and fluency

✓✓ Enjoy the benefits of the Excel Learning Programme that stimulates different parts of your brain

✓✓ Grow towards becoming an international citizen: build meaningful relationships in English with people from other countries


Advanced super intensive experience Boarding Lessons...

Workshops; students learn from the experts

✓✓ implement the highly successful and interactive Excel Teaching Method ✓✓ develop students’ confidence in public speaking, debating and rhetorical skills ✓✓ enhance students’ critical and analytical thinking skills ✓✓ promote effective discussions about philosophical, ethical and aesthetic issues through enjoyable and easy tasks ✓✓ reflect on famous texts, issues and dramatic works ✓✓ encourage the use of appropriate language and register to suit a variety of media and contexts

Experience immediate success in different learning environments: ✓✓ Improvisation for public performance ✓✓ Persuasion in speeches and writing ✓✓ Debating effectively to an audience ✓✓ Using voice to create power ✓✓ Creating a professional publication

Activities Students enjoy a fun packed activities’ programme: ✓✓ Interactive drama and games ✓✓ Leadership training ✓✓ Sports: football, rugby, cricket ✓✓ Making friends across cultures

Prepare for your global future...


Texts include: ✓✓ A Shakespeare play e.g. “Macbeth” ✓✓ Famous speeches ✓✓ A collection of short stories

Advanced super intensive experience

Become an ambassador of your school... Students... ✓✓ express their own opinions and ideas orally and in writing with fluency ✓✓ are empowered to communicate successfully in English ✓✓ achieve life skills: independence and leadership ✓✓ become confident in meeting the many challenges of future study in Hong Kong and abroad

Excursions Students reflect on the richness of the British culture on excursions and visits: ✓✓ BBC Televi­­­sion Centre ✓✓ The Houses of Parliament ✓✓ The Royal Courts of Justice ✓✓ The Bank of England ✓✓ London Duck Tour ✓✓ The Victoria and Albert Museum ✓✓ A West End Show


Classic super intensive experience Boarding or homestay Lessons...

Workshops; students learn from the experts

✓✓ implement the highly successful and interactive Excel Teaching Method ✓✓ are totally interactive using the English language for communication at all times ✓✓ are structured strategically to build confidence in speaking and writing fluently ✓✓ are fun and purposeful ✓✓ have positive and supportive learning dynamics at all times ✓✓ maintain a high level of enjoyment and success ✓✓ enable students to achieve a sense of self-esteem

Experience immediate success in different learning environments: ✓✓ Improvisation and voice production ✓✓ Performing own ideas and imagination ✓✓ Writing for an audience ✓✓ Producing a magazine for publication

Activities Students enjoy a fun packed activities’ programme: ✓✓ Interactive games ✓✓ Sports: football, rugby, cricket ✓✓ Singing, dancing, making music, arts and crafts


Texts include: ✓✓ A Shakespeare play e.g. “Romeo & Juliet” or “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” ✓✓ Paul Jennings “Unreal” ✓✓ Charles Dickens “Oliver Twist” ✓✓ Michael Morpurgo “Kensuke’s Kingdom” ✓✓ Philip Pullman “Northern Lights”

Classic super intensive experience

Enjoy immediate success in expressing your own ideas and imagination in English...


✓✓ express their own ideas and thoughts fluently both orally and in writing ✓✓ enjoy stating their opinions positively and convincingly ✓✓ learn for life: leadership and independence ✓✓ increase their levels of self-esteem ✓✓ build confidence in performing in English

Excursions Students discover and explore the British culture meaningfully on excursions and visits: ✓✓ Cambridge or Oxford: a visit to one of the famous colleges ✓✓ The Globe Theatre ✓✓ St Paul’s Cathedral ✓✓ Westminster and the Houses of Parliament ✓✓ Royal Castles and Palaces ✓✓ A West End Musical


Primary intensive experience

Boarding Lessons...


✓✓ implement the highly successful and interactive Excel Teaching Method ✓✓ are totally interactive using the English language for communication at all times ✓✓ build confidence in speaking and writing fluently ✓✓ are fun and enjoyable ✓✓ are dynamic at all times ✓✓ make learning easy and enjoyable

Students enjoy a fun packed activities’ programme ✓✓ Interactive games ✓✓ Sports: football, rugby, cricket ✓✓ Singing, dancing, making music, arts and crafts

Workshops; students learn from the experts Experience immediate success in different learning environments: ✓✓ Improvisation ✓✓ Developing voice for clarity and specific effects ✓✓ Performing poetry and texts ✓✓ Writing for an audience ✓✓ Producing a magazine for publication

Texts include: ✓✓ C.S. Lewis “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” ✓✓ L. Frank Baum “The Wizard of Oz” ✓✓ J. K. Rowling “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” ✓✓ The Lion King


Primary intensive experience

Enjoy immediate success when speaking in English ... Students... ✓✓ enjoy expressing their own ideas and imagination in English ✓✓ relish learning through play and fun activities ✓✓ learn for life: orientation, leadership and becoming responsible ✓✓ build confidence in personal abilities and performance in English

Excursions Students discover and explore the British culture meaningfully on excursions and visits: ✓✓ Westminster and the Houses of Parliament ✓✓ The British Museum or Science Museum ✓✓ Buckingham Palace ✓✓ Royal Castles and Palaces ✓✓ A West End Musical


The Excel teaching method The Excel Teaching Method This extremely powerful learning tool enables students achieve personal progress and success in the performance of English for now and the future. It is based on psycho- and socio-linguistic principles activating the brain on many different levels. Students perform a great variety of interesting and professionally constructed tasks that lead to successful results. Learners speak in English at all times. They express their own ideas, identity, imagination and opinions in English. Students become independent learners. They use self-, peer- and teacher-assessment and targets to achieve and maintain increasingly high levels of personal progress. Famous authors and successful public speakers provide inspiration for students to create their own texts, stories, poems and speeches that are appealing, entertaining and moving.


The Excel learning programme

Prepare for your future... The Excel Learning Programme ✓✓ A super intensive learning programme, maximising students’ personal progress in learning English, measuring success and building confidence and independence ✓✓ A holistic learning approach that promotes English communication skills inside and outside the classroom: • • • • • • • • •

Excursions Activities Interactive lessons Workshops Master classes Personalised learning programmes Talented, highly trained, experienced and dedicated teachers Experts from different professional fields Professional and specialised resources


Outcomes and achievements Outcomes and achievements Our students celebrate their achievements and success displaying their own publication as well as presenting a drama and public speaking performance at the end of the programme. All students receive a graduation pack, a helpful evidence for further study, containing: ✓✓

Personal and detailed academic reports


Content and objectives of the learning programme


Achievement certificate


Publication: magazine or collaborative journal


DVD of the farewell performance and ceremony

All students participate in an achievement ceremony attended by their teachers, Excel Academy staff, parents and host families where applicable.



Aim high and achieve high ... Past Excel Academy students have gained access to Universities such as: ✓✓ Oxford ✓✓ Cambridge ✓✓ Imperial College London ✓✓ London School of Economics And early admission to Hong Kong universities


The homestay experience Our host families welcome their visiting students as real members of their family. They share their everyday life and extend genuine friendship and interest. Students become confident in living harmoniously in a foreign environment. Each host family is professionally vetted by a highly trained and experienced homestay coordinator. They help students to settle with their families and provide excellent pastoral care. Each host family is unique, which makes each student’s experience unique. Students become familiar with many cultural differences and learn how to adapt to a different way of life, routines, food and values. The homestay environment fosters a real understanding of how to live in a new culture quite naturally and students learn how to build successful relationships. They quickly become confident and independent young people and learn how to appreciate cultural differences.


Location of schools for homestay experience

✓✓ Highly reputable local secondary schools or colleges known for their excellent facilities ✓✓ Suitable and appropriate environment conducive to learning ✓✓ Close proximity to central London (2030 minutes by train) enables students to embrace the real buzz of life in the capital whilst living in a safe, residential greenbelt area

We place students in the following residential areas: ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓

Bromley Shirley Bexleyheath Sidcup Epsom Sutton Ewell Kingston


The boarding experience Magic and fun Students relish the super intensive experience at Epsom College. They are actively engaged at all times: during lesson, workshops, excursions and evenings. Past students found the residential programme great fun, magical and exciting. They have revelled in the enormous green open spaces at Epsom College and thoroughly enjoyed the many wonderful activities that were offered to them. Every activity encourages students to achieve the most from this interactive and varied learning programme.

Activities The Excel Academy arranges a wide range of fun activities outside the classroom that foster English communication skills, relationship building, leadership and independence. This ideal combination of learning and leisure activities encourages a dramatic improvement in confidence and fluency in English in a very short space of time.


Epsom College for boarding experience

Active learning opportunities at all times... Epsom College Students stay at Epsom College, a prestigious British boarding school close to London, where they live as British boarders. Our teachers and the accompanying Hong Kong teachers provide 24 hour care for the students as they stay together in the same boarding house. This caring environment fosters trusting and genuine friendships between students, teachers and staff.

Accommodation and food The food is excellent. The College prides itself on the high quality, nutritional value, wide choice and wellbalanced meals suitable for growing children. Students live in attractive and very pleasant dormitories that are well-equipped.


About us

The Excel Academy was formally incorporated in 1994 to serve schools and their students by enabling them to benefit from our curriculum enhancement projects. Students continue to benefit from the Excel Academy’s expertise developed over the last two decades in bringing together specialists, knowledge and international experience from wide ranging disciplines within the domain of education. The key to our success is based on our on-going and increasing personal working relationships with Hong Kong schools, educationalists and teachers. Our specialist team develops and adapts quality course programmes and teaching approaches to make the students’ educational experience totally relevant to their requirements. Inter-cultural interaction and collaboration maximises students’ progress during their stays in the UK.

The company was incorporated at Companies House in 1994, number 2941066, under the name Excel Academy Language Programmes. The Excel Academy is accredited by the British Council and since 1998 has maintained the highest level of quality from ISO 9002 for its management systems and processes.



About us

courses are run efficiently and managed well...


Our mission ✓✓ To empower students to communicate effectively in English, building on the language they have already learnt and developing strategies for different purposes, situations and contexts ✓✓ To encourage students’ interest and enthusiasm for learning to develop their critical creative, imaginative and original thinking ✓✓ To stimulate students’ own sense of self-discipline and make them aware of their own effort to achieve personal success and satisfaction ✓✓ To develop leadership skills: working in teams sharing observations, analyses, making impartial judgements and solving problems in an international context ✓✓ To foster an atmosphere of confidence and enhance students’ personal independence as well as learning about how to learn


Our mission

Students achieve their aims... ✓✓ To promote the principles of mutual understanding and inter-cultural communication skills and experience ✓✓ To increase students’ awareness of their own culture in order to appreciate other cultures and promote tolerance and respect and so avoid misunderstandings ✓✓ To provide the highest level of education to prepare students for their global future in an international world ✓✓ To be totally committed to the success, enjoyment and well-being of the students entrusted into our care by parents, teachers and schools ✓✓ To provide a unique opportunity to experience British culture first-hand and to use English to communicate effectively at all times with British people, other students and teachers



Our teachers teaching methods were entirely appropriate to students, their levels of English and their needs BRITISH COUNCIL 2011



Our teachers

Highly talented teachers impart confidence and self-belief... Our teachers are very talented, knowledgeable, committed and highly successful educators. They stimulate our students to help them achieve fast progress in their English performance skills: speaking and writing. Effective English and Drama specialists enhance their expertise in the use of second language acquisition strategies that constitute the Excel Teaching Method. Their insight into how students learn together with extensive training in the Excel Teaching Method prepares them to deliver our super intensive learning programmes successfully. All our staff are selected for their friendly personalities and high level of pastoral care. They know how to deal with the challenges younger students may face when they are away from home for the first time and function in a different culture.

Qualifications, background and competencies of our teachers: ✓✓ PGCE/BEd and/or TEFL, MA, Fellow in Skills and Learning ✓✓ Headmaster of famous and high achieving grammar school ✓✓ Theatre director at well-known theatres in the UK and abroad ✓✓ Author of children’s books ✓✓ Advanced skills’ teachers ✓✓ Heads of English and Drama departments ✓✓ Examiners: GCSE and A-Level ✓✓ Pastoral care specialists ✓✓ Successful lead teachers with proven track records in coaching and winning competitions in public speaking, debates and Shakespeare performances ✓✓ Motivating dedicated teachers with a genuine desire to make a difference

What the students say: “I think my English has improved a lot and I’d like to thank all of the teachers in charge” “I enjoyed all the lessons. It was a very memorable experience” “The magazine workshop is the best”


What our students say ­­­“Please add 15 more days!”

“I enjoyed the trip. The teachers were really nice and their lessons were well prepared and useful. Also, the host family was very generous and affectionate”

“Teachers and host families really worked very hard and put their hearts into organising all the activities”

“My favourite activity was the farewell presentation because it was fun and we were able to present all the things we have learnt”

“My stay was fantastic and I look forward to staying in touch with my host family”


Who benefits? Participating Schools Since 1991, students from the schools mentioned below have benefited from our curriculum enhancement programmes. They improved their performance and creativity in English, developed teamwork and leadership skills as well as learning to take responsibility and independence. The Excel Academy maintains a close working relationship with each school to ensure continuous improvements to the students’ educational enrichment. Some of the schools we have worked with:

✓✓ Belilios Public School ✓✓ Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division ✓✓ Good Hope School ✓✓ Holy Trinity College ✓✓ La Salle College ✓✓ Marymount Secondary School ✓✓ St Clare’s Girls’ School ✓✓ St Joseph’s College ✓✓ St Mary’s Canossian College ✓✓ St Paul’s Co-Educational College ✓✓ St Paul’s College ✓✓ St Paul’s Secondary School ✓✓ St Rose of Lima’s College ✓✓ St Stephen’s College Preparatory School ✓✓ St Stephen’s Girls’ College ✓✓ True Light Schools



Frequently asked questions 1. What guarantees do I have as a client? The stay in the UK is guaranteed by an organisation that has successfully delivered inter-cultural programmes since 1991 to prestigious Hong Kong schools. 2. Is the Excel Academy a registered company? Yes, it is registered with Companies House UK, number 2941066, under the name of Excel Academy Language Programmes Limited. 3. Is the Excel Academy a member of a professional organisation? Yes, it is accredited by the British Council. Yes, it is accredited by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Yes, it is a member of the IATEFL organisation for professional development. Mrs Walton is also member of the Institute of Directors and an Alumnus of the Institute of Education, London. 4. Is the Excel Academy inspected by an external quality auditor? Yes, it is inspected annually by the ISO and has been certified for Quality Management Systems every year since 1998. It is also inspected by the British Council. 5. Will my child be safe in the host family? Yes, all host families are vetted by one of the Excel Academy’s highly trained and experienced homestay coordinators. The selection procedures adhere to the protocols of the UK Child Protection Act. 6. How does the Excel Academy ensure my child will be happy in their host family? The Excel Academy takes into consideration each student’s individual requirements and background to select the most suitable host family. 7. Do I receive any information in advance about the host family? Yes, the Excel Academy sends a letter of placement 10 days prior to departure. 8. What if my child is not happy with their host family? In the first instance, the accompanying teachers, together with the Excel Academy’s teachers, will counsel both sides. In the unlikely event that the student remains unhappy, the Excel Academy will find a replacement family. 9. Can I contact the Excel Academy team directly in the UK? Yes, by phone on (+44) 208 466 7070 or email to 10. Is it safe for my child to visit central London? The Excel Academy staff carry out a risk assessment prior to all excursions. If there is any cause for concern, the trip will not go ahead and a contingency plan is put in place for an alternative activity. 11. What happens if my child becomes ill during their stay in the UK? Most travel insurances will cover medical costs incurred in the UK; please confirm this in your insurance policy provided by your travel agent. The Excel Academy’s host family or teacher will take your child to a local doctor or an Accident and Emergency department at a hospital depending on the circumstances. Please refer to terms and conditions for further information on charges and insurance claims. 12. How do I enrol? The Excel Academy team will deliver a presentation on the curriculum enhancement project at your child’s school. A letter of invitation to this meeting, stating the date, time and venue, will be sent to all interested parents. An enrolment form must be completed and returned to the school office as per instructions.


14. How do I pay? Please refer to the payment procedure as outlined on the Enrolment and payment procedures on page 31. 15. Can I cancel? Yes, but this will incur the following charges: Up to 8 weeks before Hong Kong departure 8 weeks to 8 days before Hong Kong departure 7 days and non-arrival

– 10% of total cost – 50% of total cost – total cost payable

16. Can I make alternative arrangements for the return flight? Parents wishing to make alternative arrangements at the end of the programme must forward the following to the Excel Academy by 2nd April and no later than two weeks before arrival: • A special arrangements form, signed by the student’s parents and the teacher in charge • A passport photocopy of the person collecting the student, signed by the collecting person • A £50 administrative fee Students can be collected on the scheduled departure date from either: • The teaching centre at 08:45am • The teaching centre after the farewell presentation (boarding programme only), or • The check-in desk for the group’s return flight from London Heathrow, 3 ½ hours before the departure time Please note that all other arrangements will be charged at £200. 17. What about pocket money? The Excel Academy provides a pocket money service to prevent students carrying a lot of cash on their person. The allowance is £100 for up to 15 nights and £150 for 17-19 night programmes. This allowance is payable with the course fees and is returned to the students in two instalments during the programme. The Excel Academy cannot be held responsible for any money lost during the programme. Parents are strongly advised not to send additional large sums of money. 18. Can students make unsupervised outings? No, unauthorised outings are not permitted during the programme. 19. Are students allowed out with a family member or friend on Sundays? Authorised outings are permitted on parental request and the buddy must also be invited. Please follow the procedure laid out in the Terms and Conditions. 20. Can students stay with their friend in the host family or share a room in the boarding house? Yes, but you must indicate the name of the friend and agree with them and their parents before completing the enrolment form. Please note that the Excel Academy cannot guarantee that this requirement will be met. 21. What can I do if there is a pandemic? Please ensure your travel insurance covers pandemics.


Frequently asked questions

13. What if I can’t attend the presentation? Please contact the Excel Academy by any method in FAQ 9 and a brochure together with an enrolment form, that details the procedure, will be sent. Please note that an enrolment form must be returned to the school office by the specific date arranged by the school.

Terms and conditions CANCELLATION BY STUDENTS: •

Up to 8 weeks before Hong Kong departure

– 10% of total cost

8 weeks to 8 days before Hong Kong departure

– 50% of total cost

7 days and non-arrival

– total cost payable

POCKET MONEY: The allowance is £100 for up to 15 nights and £150 for 17-19 night programmes and is payable with the course fees. It is returned to the students in two instalments during the programme. TAKING AND COLLECTING (homestay programme): students will take local transport or walk to and from school each day with their host family buddy. Parents can opt to pay for the host family to guarantee taking and collecting to and from the school each day, so that students do not have to make their own way. The cost for this is shown in the enclosed content summary and prices document and is strongly recommended for Form 1 and 2 students. This must be paid with the course fees. If taking and collecting is not possible, the Excel Academy will reimburse these fees. STAYING BEHIND ARRANGEMENTS: parents wishing to make alternative arrangements at the end of the programme must submit the following to the Excel Academy by 2nd April and no later than two weeks before arrival: •

A special arrangements form, signed by the student’s parents and the teacher in charge

A passport photocopy of the person taking the student, signed by the collecting person

A £50 administrative fee, which will be deducted from pocket money if not transferred with the course fees. Late special arrangements (forms received after 2nd April) will incur a charge of £200.

OUTINGS: students are NOT ALLOWED out unsupervised, i.e. without the presence of a teacher or authorised adult. The Excel Academy does not accept responsibility for unauthorised outings of any kind. Authorised outings are ONLY permitted on parental request. Authorised outings CANNOT be arranged or processed after arrival. For homestay students, the “buddy” must also be invited as a student cannot stay alone. The procedure below must be followed to arrange an authorised outing: •

A special arrangements form for both students must be completed. They must be signed by parents and the teacher in charge and sent to the Excel Academy by 2nd April and no later than two weeks before arrival.

A passport photocopy of the person collecting the students, signed by the collecting person, must also be sent.

A £50 administrative fee must be included with payment of the fees.

The collecting person must show their original passport to the host family or the Excel Academy staff as proof of identity to allow the transfer of students into their care.

Please note that if additional fees are not paid, they will be deducted from the student’s pocket money. SUPPLEMENT: a supplementary charge may have to be made if the airline is unable to meet the dates of travel and the programme has to be extended. COMPLAINTS: any complaints during the programme should be directed immediately to the Excel Academy Directorate in Bromley to ensure a quick resolution. INSURANCE CLAIMS: students are required to pay for small insurance claims such as damage to property, medical or other expenses, from their own funds. Students must keep receipts for personal insurance claims. Please ensure that your insurance policy has ‘no excess.’ MEDICAL CHARGES: in the event that a student needs medical treatment, the Excel Academy will charge a fee of £30 for a representative to accompany a student to the doctor or hospital. PERSONAL PROPERTY AND MONEY: The Excel Academy cannot be held liable for any money or property that is lost during the trip. It is the responsibility of each student to take care of their own money, belongings and possessions. Where possible the Excel Academy will help in reporting any lost property to the appropriate authorities but recovery cannot be guaranteed. Students must pay particular attention to managing their own pocket money. LAUNDRY: host families or Epsom College will launder the students’ personal clothing once a week. However, the Excel Academy cannot be held liable for any damage or loss. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PARTICIPANT: the participant must bring a valid passport, Hong Kong Identity Card (and visa if required) and arrive punctually at the specified meeting place for departure. The Excel Academy is not responsible for any delayed arrivals. Failure to meet scheduled departure time is deemed a change to group travel arrangements and additional costs have to be paid by the student’s parents. UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR: The Excel Academy reserves the right to repatriate participants deemed to be behaving in a socially unacceptable manner. All costs of this repatriation are payable by the student’s parents.


✓✓ Enrolment deadline for all programmes is the end of December, as agreed with the school ✓✓ Complete the enclosed enrolment form in black ink, capital letters and in English ✓✓ Please send a digital copy of the student’s passport photo by email or attach 2 x passport photos, with the name of the student clearly written on the back in English, to the enrolment form ✓✓ A photocopy of the student’s passport ✓✓ If payment is made by internet transfer, please ensure that the names of the student and Hong Kong school are entered as the reference. This is essential to identify your payment OR ✓✓ If payment is made at HSBC, 1 Queen’s Road Central, please ensure that the bank official enters the names of the student and Hong Kong school on the paying-in document. This is essential to identify your payment ✓✓ Failure to identify your payment will result in a serious delay in accepting your application ✓✓ Please submit a copy of the transaction confirmation (payment made by internet transfer) or the original paying-in document (payment made at HSBC) as proof of payment to the school office or as per instruction

Enrolment and payment procedure

Enrolment Payment Payment deadline for deposit: 31st December Payment deadline for balance: 2nd April Monies must be received in GBP currency Monies received in HKD will not be accepted Bank name:

HSBC Hong Kong

Bank address:

1 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong

Account Name: Excel Academy Language Programmes Limited Bank code:


Account number: 801-079765-838 SWIFT code:


Payment to be made by internet transfer or at HSBC HK, 1 Queen’s Road, Central only Bank charges to be paid by the client and NOT deducted from remittance Please note that any unpaid bank charges will be deducted from pocket money

Receipts After your payment has been identified, a receipt will be sent along with a formal acceptance of your child’s enrolment


51 Tweedy Road | Bromley | BR1 3NH tel +44 (0) 20 8466 7070 | UK Registered Company no 2941066 British Council Accredited and Quality Assured by ISO 9001

Copyright Š Excel Academy Language Programmes Limited

Location of our schools

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