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Cartography, impressive purified geographical and organic graphics are the motto for this season’s collection.

The aim is to portray an adventure on the road, a journey with no destination to explore new routes, adrift in freedom.

Land links translated into winding lines of aerial views, which include political boundaries linking them with lines, create a simple schematic map - usually used to show how to reach a specific destination or an electronic map, complex innate of a satellite-guided era that can join many different types of maps and information – as a piloted 3D topographic image in a screen. This inherent duality of the time we live brings to the product a natural aspect transmitted through a more tech visual.

Natural materials coexist with technological textiles, textures and shiny surfaces live side by side. We want to portray the adventurous side of travels made without a specific whereabouts always in the pursuit of long lasting memories. Visions of open landscapes with the horizon line as background that cross different levels of focus.

The product is designed for Midsummer, made out of materials that enhance breathability and in typologies that allow it to be used on different occasions on a trip with different kinds of stops.

Details of active footwear are used in casual footwear in organic lines that derive from the graphic registry of different dimensions, play with finishes that simulate natural textures.

EXCEED Shoe Thinkers | ROAD MAPS | Summer 2018 Collection  
EXCEED Shoe Thinkers | ROAD MAPS | Summer 2018 Collection