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Professional translations

Professional translations by Defenders of the Word Italian ><  Portuguese  (EU  &  South  American) Spanish  ><    Portuguese  (EU  &  South  American) English  ,  Portuguese,  Italian><  Spanish  (EU  &  South  American) English><Italian><Arabic

English ><  Portuguese  (EU  &  South  American) French  ><  Portuguese  (EU  &  South  American)

Italian ><  Portuguese  (EU  &  South  American) Spanish  ><    Portuguese  (EU  &  South  American)

English, Portuguese,  Italian><  Spanish English><Italian><Arabic Russian><Spanish Spanish><Bulgarian English>Bulgarian

archaeology arts commerce commercial culture E.U. fishing industry

general medicine geography geology IT hardware, software healthcare history

hotel and restaurant trade international relations legal literature marine science

marketing mechanics oceanography pharmaceutical development politics

publicity religion sociolinguistics sociology technical tourism


From 0.05 to 0.09 euros per incoming word depending on the language

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Excalibur translations  
Excalibur translations  

Excalibur Traduçôes is a group of professional freelance translators, providing quality service at competitive prices. The mission of our K...