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Plastic Extrusions service

Since 1970, Excalibur has manufactured plastic pipe and plastic tubing for irrigation, vacuum tubing for central vacuum systems and plastic cores used in various medical applications or in products such as brushes and film. Proudly based in the USA, we strive for higher standards of quality control and customer care by continually re-evaluating and improving all of our processes. And to fill your order fast and efficiently, Excalibur maintains an extensive inventory.

Plastic Tubing

We offer standard and quality custom-extruded plastic tubing such as rounds, hexes, square tubes, and rectangular tubing. Whether you need heavy or thin-wall tube, we can meet your exact specifications.

Plastic tube extrusion

A plastic tube or profile extrusion is characterized by having a continuous shape where all of the bumps, groves, angles, and curves run in one direction. The process allows efficient, continuous

production of uniform cross-section by forcing the plastic through the orifice of a die resulting in simple shapes such as plastic tube, plastic pipes, and enclosed shapes of any length. Excalibur Extrusion makes possible the production of plastic tubing with  Wall thickness from .025" to .750  Tolerances to ± .005  Round plastic tubing 1/16" through 8 ½  Square plastic tubing 1/8" x 1/8" through 7.5" x 7.5  Enclosed shapes of nearly any design  Wide range of OD and ID finishes including smooth, ribbed and key-way

Custom Tooling for Plastic Tubing

Excalibur Extrusions has for over forty years designed and run some of the most unique extrusion tooling for products for a wide range of industries ranging from medical to fencing; from toys to aerospace; from wind mills to film labs. We offer in house die design with the latest in 3D CAD. We know that the proper design of an extrusion die is extremely important to achieve the desired shape and accurate dimensions of the extruded product. We have the expertise to design extrusion dies to the desired shape and accurate dimensions of the extruded product.

What type of fabrication do you need Excalibur Extrusion's custom plastics fabrication services are focused on meeting the design and specification needs of our customers. Does your product require bending, champfering, machining, gang drilling? We boast an expert staff that implements our standards of high quality in supplying custom fabrication plastics for all types of commercial, industrial and retail applications. With our 40 years of experience and the latest technology, Excalibur can handle your fabrication needs.

Some processes we offer:

• Drilling • Belling

• Bending • Punching • Beveling / chamfering • Printing • Flares • Slitting • Gluing

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Plastic extrusions service  
Plastic extrusions service  

Since 1970, Excalibur has manufactured plastic pipe and plastic tubing for irrigation, vacuum tubing for central vacuum systems and plastic...