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The Excalibur

may 20, 2009 • Volume 19, Issue 9

section Editor • natasha vitale

Young women obsessed with superficial perfection Natasha Vitale Section Editor

It’s no secret that society is obsessed with the idea of perfection and superficial beauty. The countless ads on television bombard us with images that no one can live up to. Women are the most targeted group for this pressure and in reality, the result is low self esteem. This pressure is being put on girls at an earlier age than ever. Girls as young as six years old get pedicures and high lights in their hair. They are taught before they reach elementary school that beauty is a priority in this society. To make matters worse, the beauty treatments add up to a staggering cost over time. According to a Newsweek study, a 10-year-old already seeking beauty treatments will spend approximately $300,000 in their life on just her hair and face. At a young age girls are exposed magazines such as Seventeen and Cosmo Girl where they see fashion icons wearing the latest trends. From Cover Girl cosmetics to Juicy Couture, clothes and accessories are desired by girls of all ages. The more kids and teens want, the more their parents are giving into their children. The competition of the latest and greatest has begun to trickle up to the parents. Their desire for their children to look and dress the best has become excessive over the

ViewPoints Lancers in the hall answer…

“What teacher will you miss the most and why?” Compiled by Katie Isham and Karen Van Managing Editor and Repoter

“Glogovac, because of his wit.”

brittany trimble senior

“Mrs. Callahan: she’s just tight.”

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years. The age that these girls are becoming obsessed with their appearance comes at a critical time in their lives. When they should be focusing on reading, writing and math, they are focusing on looking beautiful, even though they’re much too young to need to improve their looks. Today’s generation is setting the

bar for beauty much too high. Not only can one not live up to these standards, but the number of people who are not content with their looks rises annually. When superficial concepts of appearance outweigh concerns about intellectual development, it’s no wonder the U.S. is falling behind in academics and pushing ahead in beauty and fashion.

Percentage of teen mothers on the rise Kelsi Kitchener

Managing Editor

After declining for several years, the teen pregnancy rate is once again trending upwards. The number of teen mothers has risen 4 percent and continues to increase. For many religious group and individuals, the idea of teen pregnancy is morally wrong and against their beliefs. But as generations have passed, teen girls having unplanned pregnancies are more accepted in today’s society. Part of the problem influencing our promiscuous generation is Hollywood. Actresses such as Jamie Lynn Spears, once a positive role model, now showing that sex before marriage is something that everyone does and somehow “things work out.” Movies like “Knocked Up” and “Juno” turn the situation into something common and possibly even funny and downplay the complications of pregnancy and parenthood. In reality, most teens are not supported by their parents and drop out of school due to difficulties. Although these movies are promoting to have the child rather than choose abortion, they are continuing to

source: Newsweek

send out the wrong message regarding sex to all young teens. Teens need to learn that even a night of casual sex can have one of the biggest consequences on their lives. Although the media has an enormous impact on kids, we can’t let them shoulder all the responsibility. Parents need to address the problem, having honest and open discussions of the importance of responsible decision-making in relationships. If parents can engage their children in candid and un-embarrassed discussions about the importance of abstinence (the only truly reliable birth control), contraception for those who choose to be sexually active and the importance of honoring your own morals, then teens are less likely to make poor decisions that will jeopardize their entire future. In reality, teen pregnancies prevent young girls as well as boys from living up to their full potential.The odds are against any teen (male or female) who has a baby or gets married. Their education is disrupted and their income is therefore in jeopardy. Not only do the young parents suffer, but their child also is affected. Everyone should have the best possible start in life; teens who make poor sexual choices because of mixed messages from adults deserve better.

carlos hernandez senior

“Mrs. Grassi: it was a laid back class.”

dagmauit teshome senior

“Mrs. Callahan, because she’s hilarious.” darryl garcia senior

“Herr Case, because he has the best stories.”

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“Mrs. Burt: she cares sincerely about all her students.”


megan benson senior

A Letter to the Editor about littering outside of the 200-hall

It is no secret that McQueen has a gang problem, but it might surprise you that gangs cause most of the littering problems on campus. Over the last year an associate and I have been reporting on a gang called D.C.P. This group conjugates primarily in the South end of the 200 hall. While there is nothing wrong with this, the amount of trash left by the group is causing

a problem for custodians. The act of littering is illegal, and people who participate in littering can be faced with heavy fines. So why is the group getting away with this? It is definitely not the fault of the administration; we have observed Officer Earl removing them from the hallway almost every other day. In 10 minutes the group returns and, when the bell rings, they discard

their food wrappers on the ground. Littering brings down the overall appearance of our school. No one likes to come to a school that looks like a landfill, and they should not have to. A few people should not be allowed to ruin the school for the rest of us. Sincerely, Brian Zordell

“Coach K, because he’s a gangster.”

Nick rauh senior


A Letter to the Editor about littering outside of the 200-hall carlos hernandez senior dagmauit teshome senior megan benson senior brittany...


A Letter to the Editor about littering outside of the 200-hall carlos hernandez senior dagmauit teshome senior megan benson senior brittany...