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White Rodgers Valves Robertshaw Valves Thermoelectric Valves & Honeywell Honeywell Controls Thermostats (Room) Sit SIT Pilot Injectors & Stop Buttons PTR, Ball & Check Valves Gas Solenoid Valves Flame Safeguards - RAM & Siemens Flame Safeguards - General Flame Safeguards - Brahma Fan Motors Fan Motors & Accessories Fan Times & Robertshaw Electrical Hot Water Elements & Sacrificial Anodes

Gas & Air Pressure Switches Fan Delay, Flow & Level Switches Thermostats (Contact & Hot Water) Burners Pilot Burners Pilot Burners Cont... Thermocouples Thermocouples Cont...

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Temperature Controllers Thermostats (Capillary & Bulb) Thermometers Gas Detection & Safety Gas Tools Measuring Devices Gas Hoses & Connectors Gas Connectors & Evap Cooler Spares Gauges & Knobs Knobs Cont... Stainless Steel Connectors & Brazing Alloys

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Cont... Miscellaneous Cont...

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Natural Gas

When a product carries the red symbol it is for use with LPG Gas

When a product carries the blue symbol it is for use with Natural Gas


1 kPa


0.145 psi


1/8 Inch

1 psi


6.895 kPa


1/4 Inch

1 kPa


4.0 in. WG


3/8 Inch

1 in. WG


0.25 kPa


1/2 Inch

1 kPa


10 mb


3/4 Inch

1 mb


0.10 kPa


1 Inch


1,1/4 Inch


1,1/2 Inch

1 MJ


947.82 Btu


2 Inch

1000 Btu


1.055 MJ


2,1/2 Inch

1 kW


3412 Btu/hr


3 Inch

1000 Btu/hr


0.2931 kW


4 Inch

1 kW


1.341 hp


6 Inch

1 hp


0.7457 kW

1 MJ/cu .m


26.76 Btu/cu .ft

1000 Btu/cu .ft


37.37 MJ/cu .m




White Rodgers combination gas valves are suited to all types of ignition systems, including: cycle pilots, proven pilots, direct spark ignition & H.S.I.  Features:  Pressures:  Voltages:

Compact size & simple application 3.5kPa - 5kPa § 750 mVDC, 24 VDC, 110 & 240 VAC §

 Coversion kit required for LPG applications §

Pressure ratings & supply voltages are model specific.

SCE No.: W007* Man No.: 25M

SCE No.: W0103* Man No.: 36E

SCE No.: W00985 Man No.: 36C - 408

Inlet / Outlet Size: 10mm Supply Voltages: 12, 24 or 240 V

Inlet / Outlet Size: 15mm or 20mm On / Off or High / Low

Inlet / Outlet Size: 15mm or 20mm Supply Voltage: 240 V

SCE No.: W0085 Man No.: 36C - 435

SCE No.: W0094 Man No.: 36C - 430

SCE No.: W008* Man No.: 36C - 438 / 439

Inlet / Outlet Size: 20mm Supply Voltage: 24V with thermocouple

Inlet / Outlet Size: 20mm Supply Voltage: 24V - Fully Electronic

T/Pile only or T/Pile & T/Couple Supply Voltage: Millivolt

SCE No.: W0086 Man No.: 36D - 401

SCE No.: W0103 Man No.: 36G54

SCE No.: W0103* Man No.: 36G22

Inlet / Outlet Size: 20mm Supply Voltage: 240V with thermocouple

2 Stage Combination - 24 VAC Inlet / Outlet Size: 15mm

On / Off or 2 Stage - 24 VAC Inlet / Outlet Size: 15mm




System Control stocks the full range of Robertshaw Unitrol Combination Control Valves.  Gases:  Pressure:  Sizes:  Voltages: §

Models available in LPG or Natural Gas 3.5kPa - 5kPa § Up to 25mm connections § Millivolt, 24 & 240 VAC §

Pressures, sizes & supply voltages are model specific.

SCE No.: RSBMVRL5507 Man No.: BMVRL5507

SCE No.: RSBMVRL57C5515 Man No.: BMVRL57C5515

SCE No.: RSBGORL60* Man No.: BGORL60*

Size: 20mm Thermopile Only

Size: 20mm Thermopile & Thermocouple Operation

Size: 20mm Modulating Thermostat Operated

SCE No.: RSBERL4520 Man No.: BERL4520

SCE No.: RS220RTSP* Man No.: 220RTSP*

SCE No.: RSTS11J Man No.: TS11J

Size: 20mm Supply Voltage: 240 VAC

Hot Water Valve (LPG, Natural & Solar) Suits: Dux & Rheem

Thermoelectric Safety Valve

SCE No.: RSBERL3501 Man No.: BERL3501


SCE No.: RSBERL4512 Man No.: BERL4512

Size: 20mm Supply Voltage: 24 VAC

Size: 25mm Supply Voltage: 24 VAC

Size: 20mm Supply Voltages: 120 or 240 VAC





System Control stocks a wide range of Thermo Electric Valves. Our range includes:  Robertshaw hot water Unitrol valves  White Rodgers log fire valves  Negaban space heater valves

SCE No.: JD026013 Man No.: 784 - 501

SCE No.: NY06* Man No.: 6801

SCE No.: RS220RTSP* Man No.: 220RTSP*

JD Valve - White Rodgers Suits: Gas Log Fires

Space Heater - Negahban High Rate Only

Unitrol Valve - Robertshaw Suits: Hot Water Units

HONEYWELL VALVES SCE No.: CG161494 Man No.: VK4105A1035

SCE No.: CG161505 Man No.: VK4105R1037B

SCE No.: CG161514 Man No.: VK8105R

Direct Ignition 1/2” x 1/2”

Air / Gas Ratio 1/2” x 1/2”

1/2” x 1/2” Suits: Brivis

SCE No.: HWR8301A4878 Man No.: VR8301A4878

SCE No.: HWV800A1179 Man No.: V800A1179

SCE No.: HWVR8300A4805 Man No.: VR8300A4805

Standing Pilot, Intermittent Pilot & Direct Ignition - 3 Terminals

Single Block for Standing Pilot

Standing Pilot, Intermittent Pilot & Direct Ignition - 2 Terminals




System Control now stocks a large range of Honeywell Controls, including:  Thermostats (Manual & Programmable)  Pressure Switches  Control Boxes

SCE No.: HW62461523 Man No.: C6065A1523

SCE No.: HWS8610K Man No.: S8610K

SCE No.: HWT822D2584 Man No.: T822D2584

Pressure Switch - Blue Dot External

Universal Intermittent Pilot Replaces S86 Boxes

Manual Thermostat Single Stage / Heat Only

SCE No.: CG161748 Man No.: T8132A1049

SCE No.: CG161528 Man No.: S4565QD10381

SCE No.: CG161768 Man No.: TE6360

Heating or Heating & Cooling Range: 7oC to 30oC

Combined Valve & Ignition System 240 VAC

Manual Thermostat Heat / Cool

SCE No.: CG161602 Man No.: S4570LS1059B

SCE No.: CG161532 Man No.: S4565R1030B

Ignition Unit - Single Electrode - 240 VAC Suits: Brivis

Ignition Unit Suits: Omega Central




SCE No.: IM0546070 Man No.: TA3

SCE No.: W00172REM Man No.: F145-1328

SCE No.: SE052010 Man No.: TCPCD1B1

IMIT - 24 or 240 VAC Range: 5oC - 30oC

White - Rodgers Thermostat Remote Sensor

Seitron - Programmable (Daily / Weekly) Supply Voltage: 240 VAC

SCE No.: SBREV13 Man No.: REV13

SCE No.: W0019-261 Man No.: 1F80-361

SCE No.: W0005 Man No.: 1E78-140

Siemens - Digital Thermostat Supply Voltages: 24 VAC or 240 VAC

White Rodgers - 5/2 Day Programming Single Stage Heat / Cool

White Rodgers - 24 VAC or Millivolt Single Stage - Heat / Cool or Heat Only

SCE No.: W0004 Man No.: 1F78-144

SCE No.: W00172BMS Man No.: 1F95-1271

SCE No.: W00172BLUR Man No.: 1F97-1277

White Rodgers - 24 VAC or Millivolt Manual or Programmable - Heat / Cool

White Rodgers - 24 VAC or Millivolt Touch Screen - Multi Stage / Heat Pump

White Rodgers - 24 VAC or Millivolt Touchscreen - Programmable (7, or 5/1/1)

SCE No.: W00172 Man No.: Robertshaw

SCE No.: W0019-0471 Man No.: 1F80-0471

SCE No.: W0001 Man No.: 1E78-151

Robertshaw - 24 VAC 1 Heat / 1 Cool - 5 / 2 Day Programming

White Rodgers - Millivolt 1 Heat / 1 Cool - 5/1/1, 5/2 or 0 Day

White Rodgers - 24 VAC or Millivolt Programmable - Heat / Cool



6 SCE No.: Z01633 Man No.: F0610040

SCE No.: Z0145038 Man No.: 0630151

SCE NO.: Z015* Man No.: Minisit

Temperature Range: 35oC - 75oC Thermoelectric Flame Failure

Eurosit - Hot Water Temperature Range: 27oC - 65oC

Temperature Ranges of 0oC - 40oC, 120oC - 200oC & 100oC - 340oC

SCE No.: Z014* Man No.: D3

SCE No.: Z0172 Man No.: MIA

SCE No.: Z0183 Man No.: MIC

Sizes: 15mm & 20mm

Thermo Electric Valve Size: 8mm - F x F

Thermo Electric Valve Size: 10mm - M x M

SCE No.: Z0143* Man No.: NOVA822

SCE No.: Z015* Type: Tube & Bellows

SCE No.: Z01614 Man No.: 0270602

Double Block 240 Volt

Temperature Range: 0oC - 40oC

Length: 450 mm Silver Nut / Overtemp Switch

SCE No.: Z0148 Man No.: 0073203

SCE No.: Z0150KNOB Man No.: N50916111

SCE No.: Z0148H Man No.: 0630336

Piezo with cover for Minisit

Minisit Knob Increasing Gradient

Eurosit 630 Temperature Range: 100 - 340oC





System Control stocks a range of SIT Pilot Injectors, for use in:  Central heaters  Commercial cookers  Hot water services

SCE No.: CG0411*

SCE No.: CG0411*

SCE No.: CG0411*

Sizes: 0.25 & 0.35 mm Suits: LPG

Sizes: 0.41 & 0.51 mm Suits: NG

Size: 0.32 mm Suits: NG

STOP BUTTONS SCE No.: L0201M Type: Twist Reset

SCE No.: L020* Type: Twist Reset

SCE No.: L0020 Type: Push Button Rest

Up to 6 contacts per button Supplied with metal case

Up to 6 Contacts Per Button PLC Inputs

Gas valve manual reset module

SCE No.: L020* Type: Lockable Reset

SCE No.: L0201LABEL Type: Adhesive Label

SCE No.: L0201L-TRAF Type: Adhesive Label

Up to 6 Contacts Per Button PLC Inputs

Emergency Stop Label Suits L0201/K

Emergency Stop Label 125mm x 250mm



8 SCE No.: RSHTAVG* Man No.: AVG

SCE No.: RSHT55-1* Man No.: RMC

SCE No.: I04*

Pressure Temperature Relief Valve (AVG) Relief Valve - 15 mm

Pressure Temperature Relief Valve (RMC) Relief Valve - 15 mm

Lever Handle Valve (AGA Approved) Sizes: 8mm - 50mm (F x F or M x F)

SCE No.: I008*

SCE No.: I04*

SCE No.: I010*

3 - Way Valve Sizes: 8mm - 50mm

Flat Handle Valve (AGA Approved) Sizes: 8mm - 50mm (F x F or M x F)

Bib - Cock Valve Sizes: 10mm - 25mm

SCE No.: I02*

SCE No.: I008*

SCE No.: I015*

T-Handle Valve (General Purpose) Sizes: 8mm - 32mm

Non - Return (Europa or Spring Check) Sizes: 10mm - 100mm

Non - Return (Spring Check) Sizes: 10mm - 100mm

SCE No.: I007*

SCE No.: I0081

SCE No.: I04*

Mini Valve Sizes: 6mm - 20mm (F x F or M x F)

Needle Valve Sizes: 6mm (M x F) & 8mm (F x F)

T - Handle Valve Sizes: 8mm - 50mm (F x F & M x F)




System Control stocks a wide range of solenoid valves suitable for every gas application.  Sizes:  Pressures:  Voltages: §

8mm - 200mm § 10 - 200 kPa § 24VDC, 24 / 110 / 120 / 240VAC §

Sizes, pressures & supply voltages are model specific.

SCE No.: B2* Man No.: E*

SCE No.: KR15* Man No.: VAS*

SCE No.: KR14* Man No.: VG*

Fast Open - Fast Close Sizes: 6mm - 40mm

Fast Open - Fast Close Sizes: 10mm - 125mm

Fast Open - Fast Close Sizes: 10mm - 100mm

SCE No.: CG141008 Man No.: G601154-4

SCE No.: CG062116 Man No.: G601244-4

SCE No.: CG041136 Man No.: H15HR-6D

Goyen Coil - Grey 240 VAC

Goyen Coil - Black 240 VAC

Johnson Valve Inlet / Outlet Size: 10 mm

SCE No.: CG161300 Man No.: KM3059

SCE No.: KR18* Man No.: VK*

Goyen Coil - Brown 240 VAC

High Flow / High Pressure Sizes Available: 40 - 200mm




System Control stocks a broad range of RAM Control Boxes, including those suited to HSI and Direct Spark Ignition.  Pilot and main with air pressure proving where required  Separate wiring kits are available

SCE No.: RAM01* Man No.: RAM-3EMC*

SCE No.: RAM0210 Man No.: RAM-H4M7-01

SCE No.: RAM0160 Man No.: RAM-5EM7-01

DSI Control Available in Single or Double Sensor

HSI Control 24 VAC

DSI Control Pilot / Main Single Sensor


System Control stocks a broad range of Siemens Control Boxes, UV Cells & Valves including the following models:  LAL, LEC, LFE, LFL, LGB, LGK & LOA24  QRA & QRB (UV Cells)  RWF  SKP, SQM & SQN (Valves) SCE No.: SBLFE10* Man No.: LFE10

SCE No.: SBLGB* Man No.: LGB*

SCE No.: SBLFL1.* Man No.: LFL1.*

Flame Detection Supply Voltages: 110 or 240 VAC

LGB21.130 / .350 / .550 LGB41.258

LFL 1.122, 1.335 & 1.635




System Control stocks a wide range of Flame Safeguard Controls, including:  White Rodgers 50A72 HSI, suitable for commercial water heaters  Kromschroder BCU370 & IFS258  Honeywell, Fenwal & Scarico Flame Safeguard Controls, suitable for heating applications  The complete range of Satronic Controls  System Control Fan Timer Boards, suitable for STADT Central Heaters SCE No.: W0212 Man No.: 50A72-298

SCE No.: KR280* Man No.: IFS

SCE No.: HWS8610K Manufacturer: S86

White Rodgers - HSI Supply Voltage: 240 VAC

Kromschroder - UV or Flame Rod Supply Voltages: 110 or 240 VAC

Honeywell - Universal Intermittent Pilot Replaces S86 Boxes

SCE No.: KR282* Man No.: BCU

SCE No.: S4-0011D Man No.: 3300 Series

SCE No.: Z0398 Man No.: 35-615300-113

Kromschroder - UV or Flame Rod Pilot / Main Gas Valve

Scarico Supply Voltages: 24 or 240 VAC

Fenwal Microprocessor based DSI control

SCE No.: KR28052 Manufacturer: IFD-258

SCE No.: SA064* Manufacturer: MMG

SCE No.: SA082* Manufacturer: TMG

Kromschroder - UV or Flame Rod Supply Voltages: 110 or 240 VAC

Satronic - UV or Flame Rod Remote Reset

Satronic - UV or Flame Rod Remote Reset




Flame Detector UV or Flame Sensor

SCE No.: B1120 Man No.: AT5/TR

Alternatives to the above model are available (actual model not stocked)

SCE No.: B1164* Man No.: CM3*

Atmospheric Gas Burner Control Available with Fan

SCE No.: B1150 Man No.: CE11U

SCE No.: B1152 Man No.: CM11U

SCE No.: B1155 Man No.: CE31U

Microflat with Volatile Lock-Out Supply Voltage: 110 or 240 VAC

Microflat with Remote Reset Supply Voltage: 240 VAC

Microflat with Air Pressure Proving Supply Voltage: 240 VAC

SCE No.: B1156* Man No.: CM31*

SCE No.: B1188 Man No.: MM 192.4

SCE No.: B1200* Man No.: VM42*

Microflat with Remote Reset Supply Voltage: 240 VAC

Eurobox - Single Flame Rod Remote Reset

Eurogas Series - Class 2A Forced Draught Burners

SCE No.: B1300* Man No.: MPI

SCE No.: B1201* Man No.: VM44G*

SCE No.: Various Man No.: Various

Microprocessor Controlled Flame Detection: UV or Flame Rod

Eurogas Series Forced Draught Burners

Wiring Kits are available with most models for simple installation




System Control now stocks a large range of Fan Motors for the following applications:  Central Heaters  Evaporative Coolers  Wattages:

315, 600, 750 & 900 Watts §

 Accessories include: Blades, Brackets & Switches §

Wattages are model specific

SCE No.: V855BQVAA16 Man No.: 6051675

SCE No.: CG161592 Man No.: B016072

SCE No.: CG161636 Man No.: 80855NVA-A13

Evaporative Cooler Motor Wattage: 750 Watts

Brivis Fan Motor Wattage: 650 Watts

Universal 3 Step Fan Motor w / Starter Wattage: 315 Watts

SCE No.: CG161132 Man No.: CB-14S-201-01

SCE No.: CG161084 Man No.: HC21ZE117

SCE No.: CG161044 Man No.: FB-96-316-01

Fan Kit Universal Pyrox 400

Inducer Fan Motor HC21ZE117

3 Step Fan Motor w / Furnace D11 & D12

SCE No.: CG161192 Man No.: CB-12S-473-01

SCE No.: EFC200157 Man No.: 200157

SCE No.: CG161134 Man No.: CB-7S-002-01

2 Speed Space Heater Fan Motor

EGO Universal Fan Motor Kit Suits most common oven makes

Fan Kit Universal 180mm Pyrox



14 SCE No.: CG161638 Man No.: 61S082-03

SCE No.: CG161778 Man No.: Quasar

SCE No.: CG161642 Man No.: 12339

3 Step Motor w / Starter Wattage: 600 Watts

Fan Kit Assembly

Brivis Fan Motor Wattage: 250 Watts

SCE No.: CG161316 Man No.: FD-96-372-01

SCE No.: CG161274 Man No.: 5310871SP

Fan Series 20 with Furnace Vulcan

Fan Combustion EBM External



SCE No.: CG161480 Man No.: Universal

SCE No.: CG161542 Man No.: B000128

SCE No.: CG161550 Man No.: KIT-EMER-02

Capacitor 8µF

Steel Fan Wheel 90 x 70 mm

Universal Fan Motor Bracket

SCE No.: CG161404 Man No.: 0914

SCE NO.: CG161080 Man No.: LA660002

SCE No.: CG161292 Man No.: 1301064

Fan Switch (Lo - Off - Hi) 0914

Kit Inducer Fan

Capacitor 4µF




SCE No.: CG161236 Man No.: 5311205SP

SCE No.: CG161230 Man No.: 5001326SP

Circuit Card Modulating Control

Control Board PNE Non Mod

Circuit Card Vulcan

SCE No.: CG161234 Man No.: 4701616SP

SCE No.: W0430 Man No.: STADT

Circuit Card Silhouette W/F

Fan Timer Board Suits STADT Central Heaters

Robertshaw Electrical

System Control stocks a range of Robertshaw Electrical. Our extensive new range includes Switches & Thermostats:  Electrical Water Heating Thermostats  Energy Regulators (M Series)

SCE No.: RSST* Man No.: ST*

SCE No.: RSMP101-C Man No.: MP101

SCE No.: RSM55314K Man No.: 55314

ST Thermostat Single & Twin elements available

Energy Regulator (M Series) - Invensys Single Load, Single Pole, Solid Shaft

Infinite Control - Integrated Pilot Universal Kit - Single Pole




System Control stocks a range of Hot Water Elements.  Incoloy or Tin Plate Copper  High corrosion resistance  For use in hard water areas  Polymer coated

SCE No.: RSH03* Type: Corrosion Resistant

SCE No.: RSH0* Type: Incoloy 800 Sheath

SCE No.: RSH02* Type: Tin Plate Copper

Offset or Gasket Wattages: 2400 - 3600W

Offset or Gasket Wattages: 1800 - 4800W

Sickle Wattages: 1800 - 4800W


System Control stocks a range of Sacrificial Anodes to suit most types of water.  Aluminium for hard water (coloured blue)  Magnesium for soft water (coloured black or orange)  Magnesium for pure water, melted snow (coloured green)  Anodes available in either Rod or Flexi form


SCE No.: RSANR* Type: Rod Anode

SCE No.: RSANR* Type: Flexi - Rod Anode

SCE No.: RSANL* Type: Rod Anode

Magnesium Soft Water

Magnesium Soft Water

Aluminium Hard Water




System Control stocks a range of dual purpose Air Switches.  Responsive to differential, negative & positive pressure  Sturdy design eliminates fluttering due to vibrations (can be an issue with standard sail switches)  Mountable in any position (with the exception of upside down) SCE No.: W0202 Man No.: AFS222-121

SCE No.: W020* Man No.: Cleveland

SCE No.: W0201 Man No.: 770-1 E5

Range: 0.175 - 30mbar SPDT Switch

Range: 2.5 - 10mbar Actuates on pressure rise / fall

Range: 0.175 - 30mbar SPDT Switch


System Control stocks a range of Kromschroder Switches.  Control of gas & air pressure  Negative pressure cut-out for gas, air & low voltage  Indication for limitation value  AGA Approved  Suitable for biologically produced methane  Internationally approved SCE No.: KR201* Man No.: DL*

SCE No.: KR200* Man No.: DG*

SCE No.: KR200* Man No.: DG*

Air Pressure Switch Range: 0.2 - 3mbar

Gas & Air Resetting Device / Not Lockable

Gas & Air Differential, Positive & Negative Pressure




 Type 6055  Time Delay Sequencer  Suitable for Central Heaters

Water Flow Switches

 Multiple paddles included  Brass pipe fittings  Aluminium body

SCE No.: E0200 Man No.: Econer

SCE No.: W1015 Man No.: 6055

SCE No.: F20401126 Man No.: 0401126

Inline flow switch Size: 15mm

6055 Fan Delay Switch Supply Voltage: 24 VAC

Water Flow Switch - Size: 25mm Max Operating Pressure: 10bar


System Control stock a range of liquid level switches, suitable for:  Clean Water  General Purpose Applications  Sewage  Waste Water

SCE No.: RSAKO53124 Type: Sewage & Waste Water

SCE No.: RSAKO53161 Type: Corrosive Liquids

SCE No.: RSAKO53114 Type: General / Clean Water

Operating Density Range: 0.9 - 1.1kg/dm3 Maximum Operating Temperature: 60oC

Maximum Operating Density: 0.8kg/dm3 Temperature Range: -20oC to 125oC

Maximum Operating Temperature: 60oC Suitable for corrosive liquids





SCE No.: CP1* Man No.: TY60R*

SCE No.: IM0545610 Man No.: BRC Pipe

Temperature Range: 40oC - 170oC Auto Reset

Temperature Range: 40oC - 170oC Manual Reset

Adjustable Range: 10oC - 90oC SPST & SPDT Contacts

SCE No.: CG161412 Man No.: 20601F8-32

SCE No.: CG161410 Man No.: Vulcan

Fan Switch Suits: IXL Heaters

Switch Fan Thermostat Blue Dot


System Control stocks a range of thermostats suited to Hot Water Storage Systems.  Temperature range 50oC - 80oC §  Electrical rating 25 Amp §  Fully adjustable §

Temperature ranges & electrical ratings are model specific.

SCE No.: RSST1* Type: ST Solar (Robertshaw)

SCE No.: RSKL20433-3-1 Type: KL20433-3-1 (Klixon)

SCE No.: RSST1* Type: ST (Robertshaw)

Adjustable Range: 50oC - 80oC One Shot OTC 93oC

Adjustable Range: 60oC - 80oC Amperage: 30 Amp

Temperature Range: 60oC - 80oC Single Element



20 SCE No.: CG061816 Man No.: RODEN

SCE No.: CG061076 Man No.: C6650

SCE No.: BR17* Man No.: AB175*

Left Hand & Right Hand - Manual Suits: Roden

Burner Hot Plate Suits: Chef

Atmospheric Burners Gas Log Fires

SCE No.: P011* Man No.: NP-BLADE

SCE No.: P3048 Man No.: BA216

SCE No.: P00* Man No.: TUBULAR

Blade Burners - Polidoro Capacities: 10 - 70 MJ / hr

Lengths: 200mm - 1200mm Capacities: 1 - 1.73 MJ / hr

Atmospheric Burners - Polidoro Various lengths & capacities available


SCE No.: P02* Man No.: L*


Suitable for gas or oil Configurations: on / off or high / low

Lengths: 300mm - 1200mm Capacity: 24 - 127MJ

BLU 120 - 700 models available Capacities: 60 - 700 MJ / hr

SCE No.: W011* Man No.: INSHOT

SCE No.: P340* Man No.: WOK

Inshot Burner - Becket For Commercial & Residential Appliances

Commercial work applications 18, 23 & 32 jet versions available




System Control stocks a wide range of Pilot Burners from leading manufacturers, including:  Kromschroder  Robertshaw  SIT  White-Rodgers

SCE No.: W0129 Man No.: E49D1

SCE No.: B3* Man No.: BP2*

SCE No.: CB112* Man No.: Catoba

2 - 3 Flame Burner Head Option of Natural Gas or LPG

Flame Length: 40mm - 100mm Option of Natural Gas or LPG

1 Way Pilot Natural Gas or LPG

SCE No.: CB122* Man No.: Catoba

SCE No.: CB133* Man No.: Catoba

SCE No.: RS76510 Man No.: 3CHA

2 Way Pilot - Flame Adjust Natural Gas or LPG

3 Way Pilot - Flame Adjust Natural Gas or LPG

3CHA Option of Natural Gas or LPG

SCE No.: KR3404 Man No.: ZAI

SCE No.: RS2C* Man No.: 2CH*

SCE No.: CB1723 Man No.: TARGET

Flame Length: 40mm - 100mm Option of Natural Gas or LPG

2CH Pilot - Right Hand Natural Gas

Target Pilot - SIT Option of Natural Gas or LPG



22 SCE No.: RS5C* Man No.: 5CH*

SCE No.: RS6CH24-1 Man No.: 6CH24 - 1

SCE No.: HWQ314A9015B Man No.: Q314A9015B

5CHR Natural Gas

3 Way Flame Pattern Option of Natural Gas or LPG

Orifice Type Pilot Burner Option of Natural Gas or LPG

SCE No.: CG161040 Man No.: B-O.145.028

SCE No.: CG161038 Man No.: B-O.145.027

SCE No.: CG041170 Man No.: B-O 140.032

Pilot Burner - Delta Left Hand - Natural Gas

Pilot Burner - Delta Right Hand - Natural Gas

Pilot Burner - High Efficiency Cookon

SCE No.: CG041166 Man No.: A-O 160.064

SCE No.: CG041164 Man No.: A-O 190.610

SCE No.: P1509 Man No.: 509F

Pilot Burner Cookon

Pilot Burner FFR Series

2 Way Pilot Option of Natural Gas or LPG

SCE No.: RS4SHR-44 Man No.: 4SHR-44

Pilot, thermocouple, thermopile & electrode for Natural Gas or LPG




System Control stocks a wide range of Thermocouples, including:  Universal thermocouples  Over-temp thermocouples  Quick response thermocouples  Thermocouples with Interuptor

SCE No.: W015* Man No.: H06E-*

SCE No.: CB21* Man No.: SIT

SCE No.: HWQ309A2135B Man No.: Honeywell

Lengths: 455mm - 1820mm Long Life

Lengths: 400mm - 1200mm (M x 8 or 9) Plain or threaded head available

Screw in type - 24 Inches Clip in type - 21 Inches

SCE No.: CC4* Man No.: Universal

SCE No.: RSTS475N Man No.: Robertshaw

SCE No.: Z016* Man No.: D45 / D55

Lengths: 600, 900, 1200 & 1500mm Fits All Pilot Burners

Length: 475mm (11 / 32 Connection) Over Temperature Cut-Out

Length: 600mm (with 9mm nut) SIT Plain or Threaded Head

SCE No.: RSTS* Man No.: Robertshaw

SCE No.: W0155 Man No.: H06F-24

SCE No.: CC40* Man No.: Flame

Length: 460, 600 or 915mm Connection: 11 / 32

Universal - Long Lasting Length: 600mm

Universal - Conical Nut Length: 600, 900 or 1200mm



24 SCE No.: RSTS* Man No.: Robertshaw

SCE No.: JD01204 Man No.: White - Rodgers

SCE No.: RS51023 Man No.: Robertshaw

Length: 440mm TS Version Available (with S/Switch)

Thermopile w / Fibreglass Cable Length: 900mm

Thermopile w / Coaxial Cable Length: 915mm

SCE No.: CG161070 Man No.: 614656

SCE No.: CG161704 Man No.: CA1.918.264

SCE No.: CG161810 Man No.: ?

Over Temperature Cut-Out

W/F Convair

Length: 1500mm M9 x 1 Thread / SL

SCE No.: CG062046 Man No.: B508004

SCE No.: CG062048 Man No.: B508026

SCE No.: CG161218

Length: 1200mm Grill

Length: 1400mm Oven

Rinnai 20SF

SCE No.: Z01614 Man No.: 071428

Length: 450mm Overtemp Switch - Silver Nut




SCE No.: CC03555 Man No.: Chef

SCE No.: CC03630 Man No.: Spring Load

SCE No.: CC03500 Man No.: PZ10015

Electrolux Piezo Comes with Lock Nut

Nut Version: 18mm Mounting Spring Kit Version: 16mm Mounting

Lock Nut Version Also available in Double Spark

SCE No.: CG181280 Man No.: PIE-Y12444

SCE No.: CG161198 Man No.: WS5048

SCE No.: JU0020 Man No.: CP101053

Aqua Max Piezo Comes with Lock Nut

Suits: Super Ray Heaters

Heavy Duty - Large Style Suits: Atmospheric Burners


System Control’s range of Electronic Continuous Spark Ignitors are available in the following options:  2 Point - 8 Point  Repetitive Spark  Voltages 1.5 / 9 / 12VDC & 110 / 240VAC  Constructed with brackets for easy installation  Very competitively priced SCE No.: ZE08020 Man No.: 2 Point

SCE No.: ZE08060 Man No.: 6 Point

SCE No.: ZE08080 Man No.: 8 Point

2 & 4 Point Supply Voltage: 240 VAC

6 Point Supply Voltages: 9 VDC or 240 VAC

8 Point Supply Voltage: 240 VAC



26 SCE No.: W0420C Man No.: 401F

SCE No.: CG161422 Man No.: 5011635

SCE No.: W0420W Man No.: Brivis

Ceramic 25.4mm 24 VAC

Sensor Flame 50mm

Brivis 110 VAC

SCE No.: W0418 Man No.: 451

SCE No.: W0419 Man No.: 401

SCE No.: W0420B Man No.: Vulcan

24 VAC

HSI With Metal Shield 24 VAC

Vulcan 24 VAC

SCE No.: W0420E Man No.: Chef

SCE No.: W0423 Man No.: Rheem

SCE No.: W0425 Man No.: Aurora

HSI With Shield Electrolux

White Rodgers

450oC 240 VAC

SCE No.: W0426 Man No.: Speed Queen

SCE No.: W2014 Man No.: Rheem

SCE No.: W0420H Man No.: STADT

110 VAC

HSI & Sensor 24 VAC

Stadt 24 VAC




SCE No.: Z8040 Man No.: Modern Maid

SCE No.: CB2056 Man No.: SIT

SCE No.: PS0042 Man No.: PSE-2

Modern Maid - Long Igniter Spark

Suits SIT & Catoba Pilot Dimensions: 53mm x 7mm x 6mm

Rod Length: 75mm Lead Length: 1000mm

SCE No.: PS0070 Man No.: PSE-RG1

SCE No.: AP050067 Man No.: 9041-403

SCE No.: CB2058 Man No.: SIT

Combination Electrode / Sensor Earth Rod With Bracket

Electrode With Integral Lead Teardrop Bracket

SIT Target Pilot Universal

SCE No.: W0252

SCE No.: Z8000 Man No.: Universal

SCE No.: Z8020 Man No.: Universal

Ignition Electrode - White Rodgers Earth Electrode

Length: 300mm Optional Clip & Rubber Boot

Flame Rod Length: 100mm Porcelain Body Length: 45mm

SCE No.: CG061508 Man No.: 260156

SCE No.: Z8038 Man No.: 082111

SCE No.: CG161144 Man No.: Pyrox

Ceramic Body Series

Universal Electrode & Earth Rod Length: 36mm

Igniter Spark Plug SQ Pyrox





System Control stocks a range of Brahma Electronic & Electromechanical Transformers, featuring:  Single Pole or Dual Pole High Voltage Output  Low Power Consumption  High Efficiency  Light Weight  Small Size SCE No.: B0* Man No.: T11M

SCE No.: B0* Man No.: TC2LVS

SCE No.: B0* Man No.: TC1LVCA

Single Output: 1 x 9kV Intermittent Ignition: 33%

Double Output: 2 x 10kV Continuous Ignition: 100%

Single Output: 15kV / Side Continuous Ignition: 50%


System Control stocks a range of Step Down Transformers, featuring:  Step Down 240 - 24 VAC  Amperage 1A, 1.25A, 1.75A or 2A  High Durability  Long Lasting  Reliable


SCE No.: Z03016

SCE No.: Z0307

SCE No.: Z0302

Output: 1 Amp

Output: 2 Amp

Output: 1.25 Amp




System Control stock a range of Appliance Regulators from leading manufacturers including Jeavons & Maxitrol.  Inlet Pressures:  Sizes: §

5 - 10kPa § 6mm - 20mm §

Inlet pressures & sizes are model specific.

SCE No.: J008*

SCE No.: Z0210 Man No.: NG - 2369

SCE No.: Z020* Man No.: RV20LM-22-*

Jeavons - L.P.G. & Natural gas Size: 8mm - 15mm

Natural Gas Size: 15mm

Maxitrol - Natural Gas or L.P.G Sizes: 6mm - 20mm


System Control stock a range of Commercial & Industrial Regulators from Jeavons.  Inlet Pressures:  Sizes: §

35 - 860kPa § 15mm - 150mm §

Inlet pressures & sizes are model specific.

SCE No.: J000* Man No.: J78*

SCE No.: J000* Man No.: J48*

SCE No.: J015* Man No.: J125*

Sizes: 15mm - 25mm Inlet Pressure (Max): 35kPa

Sizes: 20mm - 150mm Inlet Pressure (Max): 35kPa

Sizes: 20mm - 50mm Inlet Pressure (Max): 860kPa




System Control are now the exclusive agents in Australia for Madas products. Our Madas range includes an assortment of gas regulators.  High Quality  Competitively Priced

SCE No.: MDDF* Man No.: FBC02

SCE No.: MDDF* Man No.: FB02

SCE No.: MDDB* Man No.: RC090020

Sizes: 15mm - 25mm Pressure: 5bar (100m3/hr)

Sizes: 40mm & 50mm Pressure: 1bar (300m3/hr)

Sizes: 20mm - 100mm Pressure: 1bar


System Control stocks a large range of Gas Filters & Strainers.  Inlet Pressures: 0 - 16bar §  Sizes: 10mm - 250mm § §


Inlet pressures & sizes are model specific.

SCE No.: I051* Man No.: Art 193

SCE No.: KR02* Man No.: GFK*

SCE No.: MDFG2* Man No.: FG

Sizes: 8mm - 100mm Pressure: 16bar

Sizes: 15mm - 250mm Pressure: Up to 6bar

Sizes: 15mm - 80mm Pressure: 6bar



SCE No.: RELV404B4KM Man No.: LV404KM

SCE No.: RELV3403TR Man No.: LV3403TR

SCE No.: LP00170 Man No.: LMB-290

Twin Stage - Rego - 525Mj Manual C/O Kit

Rego (First Stage) - 1500Mj Size: 8mm x 15mm

Twin Stage (Manual C/O Kit) - 160Mj Size: 8mm x 10mm

SCE No.: RELV4403TR9 Man No.: LV4403TR9

SCE No.: M554H0121 Man No.: 554H

SCE No.: M865H0010 Man No.: 865H

Rego (First Stage) - 2500Mj Size: POL x 15mm

Muller - 1200Mj Size: POL x 10mm

Muller (OPSO) - 7500Mj Pressure: 16bar (In) / 0.5 - 2bar (Out)

SCE No.: RELV4403B4 Man No.: LV4403B4

SCE No.: RE5726B23 Man No.: 5726B23

SCE No.: LP* Man No.: MB290-00

Rego (Second Stage) - 935Mj Size: 15mm x 15mm

Rego (Twin Stage Kit) - 180Mj Auto C/O Kit

Twin Stage - 160Mj Size: 8mm x 10mm

SCE No.: LP00400K Man No.: 6060545

SCE No.: CG021032 Man No.: 6060534

Bromic - 400Mj Auto Change Over

Bromic Manual Change Over





SCE No.: F01* Man No.: MP1-6*

SCE No.: RE15774-1 Man No.: Rego

SCE No.: RE2404 Man No.: Rego

Pressure Gauge Range: 0 - 350 PSI

Female inverted flare x male

Universal Regulator Bracket

SCE No.: RE31* Man No.: Rego

SCE No.: AI76503/69VB Man No.: Blue

SCE No.: RE31* Man No.: 3144

Valve Relief Size: 8mm (NPT)

3 Way Change Valve

Yellow Cap Size: 32mm

SCE No.: RE3199X Man No.: Rego

SCE No.: RE970U Man No.: Rego

SCE No.: RE7141F Man No.: Rego

Adaptor POL excess flow Size: 8mm

Adaptor POL x 8mm NPT

Coupling safety check Size: 32mm FAEME

SCE No.: RE75* Man No.: Gunfill

SCE No.: RE912FS* Man No.: Rego

SCE No.: RE912FS* Man No.: Rego

Filler gun assembly

Pigtails - Various Lengths Thickness: 1.2mm

Pigtails - Various Lengths Thickness: 1.2mm




System Control stocks a wide range of Fan & Limit Controls for Universal Replacement.  Regulates Fan or Blower operation & acts as a High Limit Safety Control  Single element types available for space restricted applications  Individual dial pointers for fan cut-in & cut-out settings  Slotted mounting holes for easy installation SCE No.: W003* Man No.: 5D51-*

SCE No.: HWL406* Man No.: L406*

SCE No.: HWL406* Man No.: L406*

White Rodgers Available in 5, 8 & 11 PRB

Honeywell - Manual Reset Available in 8 & 11 PRB

Honeywell - Auto Reset Available in 8 & 11 PRB


Thermostat Guards

 Suitable for use with gas  Protect thermostats from tampering log fires  Suitable for use in  Wide range available offices, schools, restaurants & other public places SCE No.: W0016-* Man No.: 3*

SCE No.: W002* Man No.: F29-1*

SCE No.: CG161230 Man No.: 5001326SP

RF Remote Control Unit (with Receiver) Programmable Temperature (7 Days)

Sizes: 63/8 x 31/2 x 31/4 Inch or, 81/8 x 45/8 x 31/4 Inch

RF Remote Control Unit (with Receiver)




System Control stocks a complete range of multifunction temperature controllers, designed to satisfy any application requirements.  Front cover protection rating is IP65  Fast, easy installation & programming  Selectable PTC or NTC temperature probes

SCE No.: VDXR* Man No.: XR*

SCE No.: ELIC902* Man No.: IC902*

SCE No.: ELIC912* Man No.: IC912P*

Dixel - NTC Probe - 240 VAC Alarm w / optional Buzzer Relay

Eliwell - Single Stage Heating / Cooling

Eliwell - Double Stage Heating / Cooling

SCE No.: ELID961* Man No.: ID961*

SCE No.: ELID974* Man No.: ID974*

SCE No.: ELID8000MB Man No.: ID8000MB

Eliwell - 1 Input / 1 Output Refrigeration

Eliwell - 2 Inputs / 3 Outputs Refrigeration

Thermostat Mounting Box

SCE No.: SBRWF40.0* Man No.: RWF40.0*

SCE No.: CARIR33S0ER00 Man No.: IR33S0ER00

SCE No.: CARMD33A5ER00 Man No.: MD33A5ER00

Siemens Various Output Selections

Carel - Medium Temperature Digital Controller & Probe - 240V

Carel - Medium Temperature 240V




SCE No.: IM054* Man No.: TR2*

SCE No.: RSEA34478K Man No.: EA34478K

SCE No.: CP4014* Man No.: KMF70U

IMIT - Adjustable Settings Temperature Range: -30oC - 300oC

Robertshaw - Oven Thermostat Range: 70oC - 290oC

Jumo - Fully Enclosed & Fail Safe Range: -20oC - 150oC or 50oC - 300oC

SCE No.: CP40* Man No.: TY95*

SCE No.: CP4011* Man No.: TY95Z*

SCE No.: CP40943 Man No.: TS95H30.01

Campini - Fryer Thermostat (Failsafe) Temperature Range: 95oC - 205oC

Campini - Fryer Thermostat (Over Temp) Temperature Set Point: 235oC

Campini - Immersion Double Temperature Range: 0oC - 90oC

SCE No.: RSEA56070K Man No.: EA56070K

SCE No.: RSGS7005K Man No.: GS7005K

SCE No.: RSLCCM0017 Man No.: LCCM0017

Robertshaw - Bain Marie Thermostat Range: 15oC - 120oC

Robertshaw - Fryer Thermostat Temperature Range: 95oC - 205oC

Robertshaw - Fryer (Overtermp Cutout) Temperature Set Point: 230oC

SCE No.: RSLCH0025 Man No.: LCH0025

SCE No.: EF55.13042.230 Man No.: EF55.13042.230

SCE No.: RSBJ0100 Man No.: BJ0100

Robertshaw - Manual Reset Fryer Thermostat - Temp Set Point: 235oC

EGO - Gold Contacts Temperature Range: 95oC - 205oC

Robertshaw - Plugs for 4 Outlets Oven Stat - Temp Range: 95oC - 290oC




Mechanical Thermometers

 Large temperature ranges  Mechanical operation  Easy to read dials

Digital Thermometers

 Large temperature ranges  Low power consumption  Panel mountable models available  Portable models available  Infra - Red laser models available

SCE No.: IM14147 Man No.: 912.

SCE No.: F130100 Man No.: TB-63

SCE No.: F110120 Man No.: TBR-80

Temperature Range: -20oC - 80oC

Temperature Range: 0oC - 500oC Diameter: 63mm

Temperature Range: 0oC - 120oC Diameter: 80mm

SCE No.: F120120 Man No.: TC-M63

SCE No.: CP3160 Man No.: VTX

SCE No.: SE0210 Man No.: PORTE2BIK

Temperature Range: 0oC - 120oC Diameter: 63mm

Temperature Range: -45oC - 130oC Supply Voltage: 240 VAC

Temperature Range: -50oC - 1300oC Supplied with K Type Thermocouple

SCE No.: IM14160 Man No.: 0104

SCE No.: ELIC902NTC Man No.: IC902

SCE No.: HLT1326 Man No.: T1326

Temperature Range: -50oC - 70oC Supply Voltage: 2 x 1.5V Batteries

Temperature Range: -50oC - 99oC Supply Voltage: 240 VAC

Infra - Red Thermometer Temperature Range: -35oC - 500oC





 Practical & Economical  Non - flammable  Non - toxic  90% Biodegradable

Leakator Jnr & Leakator 10

 Compact  Simple to use  Detects most hydrocarbon gases  Audible & Visual indicators

SCE No.: SMRVS100401 Man No.: RUS

SCE No.: BA02009 Man No.: Leakator

SCE No.: HL7701 Man No.: 7701

Gas Detection Spray - Suits all gases Practical & Economical

Leakator 10 - Audible & Visual Indicators 50cm Flexible Probe

CO Detector - Large 3 & 1/2” LCD Display Audible & Visual Alarms

FIXED DETECTION Commercial Detectors

 Up to 200 sensors  Suitable for car parks commercial kitchens, heating plants & fuel storage

Home / Boat Detectors

 Trigger an alarm when gas is detected  Optionally trigger a gas valve when gas is detected  Remote sensor available

SCE No.: TCCE400* Man No.: CE400*

SCE No.: TCSE* Man No.: SE*

SCE No.: SE03* Man No.: Beagle

Tecnocontrol - Central Detector Unit Up to 8 sensors

Tecnocontrol - 12 VDC or 240 VAC Detects: Various Gases (NG, LPG, CO)

Seitron - 240 VAC Detects: Natural Gas, LPG





Portable Combustion Analysers are the perfect tool for determining carbon monoxide safety and combustion efficiency in combustion applications.  Suitable for use with gas, oil & propane  Carry case or pouch provided  Automatic power off feature  Accurate operation  Light weight SCE No.: BA002* Man No.: Fyrite

SCE No.: BA0038* Man No.: Tech 60

SCE No.: BA0015* Man No.: PCA2

Fyrite Insight - 5 Tools in ONE! Residential Combustion Analyzer

Fyrite Tech 60 - 2 Year Warranty Very Affordable

PCA2 Analyser - Stores 500 Records Includes Wireless Printer


System Control stocks a broad range of gas shut off protection systems. Applications include:  Boiler Rooms  Kitchens  Laboratories  Multi-Story Buildings  School Rooms §

All valves sold separately

SCE No.: L0012 Type.: Stove Timer Switch

SCE No.: KR3266 Type.: Kromschroder - LSV

SCE No.: L0040* Type: Gas Check / Guard

Turns Gas Stoves Off Setable Timer

Pressure Proving Safety Valve & Control Panel

Suitable For LPG & Natural Gas Suitable For High & Low Pressures




MANOMETERS Tube Liquid Manometers

 Affordable  Light Weight  Hanging Chain  2 Measurement Ranges  Protective Front Cover

Digital Manometers

 Small Sized  User Friendly  Large Pressure Range  Data Logging  Overrange Protection  Auto Switch Off  Excellent Battery Life

SCE No.: DG-PM80 Man No.: PM80

SCE No.: Z010* Man No.: SCE

SCE No.: DG-20* Man No.: 20*

Digitron - Water Resistant (IP 67) Range: 0 - 130mbar

Hanging Chain Range: 0 - 3kPa or 0 - 8kPa

Digitron - Digital Display Range: 0 - 10bar

SUB METERS Samtech Diaphragm Meters

 Suitable for L.P.G or Natural Gas  Low Registration Rate  Low Frequency Pulse Output (upon request)  Large Flows Available

Kromschroder Turbine Meters

 Compact Design  High and Low Frequency Output (when used with a converter)

SCE No.: SMCT* Man No.: G*

SCE No.: SMCT* Man No.: G*

SCE No.: KR66* Man No.: DM*

Samtech - Large Diaphragm Meters Range: 10 - 16m3

Samtech - Small Diaphragm Meters Range: 0 - 10m3

Kromschroder - Turbine Meters Range: 0 - 6500m3




System Control’s range of Dormont, super safe, stainless steel connectors are trusted for their proven performance, superior quality & exclusive design features.  High flow rates  AGA Approved  500kPa working pressure on stationary connectors  Highest selling gas connector worldwide  No neck design allows for greater flexibility & superior appearance SCE No.: DR03* Type: Moveable Connector Kit

SCE No.: DR20* Type: Fixed Connector

SCE No.: DR2* Type: Fixed Connector

Lengths: 36 - 72 Inches Connections: 1/2 - 1 1/2 Inch

Lengths: 36 - 72 Inches Connections: 1/2 - 1 1/4 Inch

Lengths: 36 - 72 Inches Connections: 1/2 - 1 1/4 Inch

SCE No.: CG021088 Man No.: A21

SCE No.: DR01* Type: Quick Disconnect

SCE No.: DR1* Type.: Flex Tube

Bend Outlet for Gas Meter

Connections: 1/2 - 1 1/4 Inch

Lengths: 6 - 72 Inches Connections: 1/4 - 1/2

SCE No.: DR02* Type.: Super Swivel

SCE No.: DR026* Type.: Cimfast Ball Valve

SCE No.: CG0213* Type.: Stainless Steel

Connections: 3/4 - 1 1/4 Inch Swivel Connector

Connections: 1/2 - 1 Inch Quick Disconnect

Lengths: 36 - 72 Inches Connections: 3/8 - 3/4 Inch



SCE No.: CG062110 Man No.: NGCK3

SCE No.: CG0213* Man No.: GF210*

Tube Pilot - Small Brivis

Conversion Kit - LPG BBQ

Gas Hose

SCE No.: CG021344 Man No.: GF3103

SCE No.: CG0213* Man No.: GF511*

SCE No.: CG021262 Man No.: 37601B

Gas Hose

Gas Hose

Test Pressure Piece



System Control stocks a range of spares suited to Evaporative Coolers.  Dump valves  Solenoid valves  Pumps

SCE No.: CG101064 Man No.: 0080591SP

SCE No.: CG101062 Man No.: 6001336SP

SCE No.: CG101010 Man No.: JRM38

Solenoid Valve 24V

Dump Valve Suits: Bonaire Integra

Pump Type: Fasco




GUAGES SCE No.: Z05* Man No.: PCK

SCE No.: Z05* Man No.: PBGA

SCE No.: EG6150110 Man No.: 6150110

Pressure: 0 - 600mbar 1/4� Bottom Entry / Male Thread

Pressure: 0 - 1600kPa Dimensions: 63mm x 8mm Bottom Entry

Temperature: 0oC - 120oC IFC00-052KRF

SCE No.: EG6509587 Man No.: 6509587

SCE No.: EG6150300 Man No.: 6150300

SCE No.: EG6199364 Man No.: 6199364

Temperature: 50oC - 200oC TF00-059K

Temperature: -40oc - +40oC IFC00-052KRF

Temperature: 0oC - 120oC IFC48-045KRF



SCE No.: CG041078 Man No.: PEL

SCE No.: CG041034 Man No.: Commercial Cookers

SCE No.: CG161128 Man No.: 3200166SP

Knob Gas Cock Kit PEL21

Knob Assembly Black Commercial

Knob Black Pyrox Executive

SCE No.: CG161362 Man No.: 2290324SP

SCE No.: CG161360 Man No.: 49441003SP

SCE No.: CG161174 Man No.: F1102

Knob Rear Register Vulcan

Knob Control Gas Series 49

Knob Control Fitzroy Cannon

KNOBS Cont...


SCE No.: W5363 Type.: White Rodgers

SCE No.: W5364 Type.: White Rodgers

SCE No.: W5365 Type.: White Rodgers

Fryer Knob for 2B61 - 994 Dial Range: 145 - 200oC

Valve Knob 36C New Style

Valve Knob 36C Old Style

SCE No.: RS82220 Type.: Robertshaw

SCE No.: RSP2* Type.: Robertshaw Electric

SCE No.: RSP2* Type.: Robertshaw

Unitrol 7000 Control Knob On / Off Pilot

Available Dial Ranges: 15 - 120oC, 30 - 100oC or 70 - 290oC

Knob for 4200 - 025 Series Dial Range: 150 - 550oC

SCE No.: RSD6194 Type.: Universal

SCE No.: EG0009K Type.: EGO

SCE No.: RSP2793 Type.: Robertshaw

Universal Bezel to Suit Knobs

Commercial Fryer Knob Dial Range: 90 - 200oC

Fryer Knob for GS7005 Dial Range: 95 - 205oC

SCE No.: Z05* Type.: Minisit

SCE NO.: EF524.107A Type: EGO

SCE NO.: EF524.151A Type: EGO

Available Dial Ranges: 0 - 40oC, 120 - 200oC & 100 - 340oC

EGOFIX Knob Kit Temperature Range: 50oC - 320oC

EGOFIX Knob 0-1, 2-3





System Control stocks a good range of stainless steel connectors.  Reliable, economical, practical & flexible  External braid not connected to tube liner  304 Stainless steel braid  AGA Approved SCE No.: CG0213* Man No.: GF MODELS

SCE No.: CG0213* Man No.: GF MODELS

SCE No.: CG0213* Man No.: GF MODELS

10 mm (M x F) Lengths: 600, 900 & 1200 mm

10 mm (F x F) Lengths: 600, 900 & 1200 mm

15 & 20 mm (M x F & F x F) Lengths: 600 - 1200 mm

BRAZING ALLOYS SCE No.: VHD620* Man No.: D620*

SCE No.: VHBK* Man No.: BK*

SCE No.: VFTBSS15 Man No.: TBSS15

Dynaflow ™ - Brazing Alloy

Blockade ™ - Brazing Alloy

Silver Solder 15% 2.4mm

SCE No.: VHAL200RC Man No.: AL200RC

SCE No.: VHS* Man No.: S*

Alcor - Flux Cored Aluminium Brazing Alloy

Harris - Stay Clean Flux Paste - 4Oz




SCE No.: CG161328 Man No.: 9011876SP

SCE No.: CG181264 Man No.: Boilers

SCE No.: CG041070 Man No.: KBF60P

Fusible Link Cut-off 99oC

High Limit Switch Micro Temp

Cock - Gas Kit PEL 21 Series

SCE No.: CG061750 Man No.: Modern Maid

SCE No.: CG021338 Man No.: RTV 926

SCE No.: CG021330 Man No.: 7170381

Heavy Door Oven Hinge

Silicone - Black 926 Rhodorsil

Yellow Gas Tape

SCE No.: CG021136 Man No.: Universal

SCE No.: CG181404 Man No.: WH010053

SCE No.: CG181308 Man No.: 1031511

Jewellers Reamer

Filter - Valiant

Water Control - Mixer Aquamax

SCE No.: CG161266 Man No.: 4700128SP

SCE No.: CG161210 Man No.: Radiant

SCE No.: CG062144 Man No.: LM006

Door & Frame Assembly

Radiant 2001 Space Heater Rinnai

Incandescent Lamp Oven Clear



46 SCE No.: G099* Type.: Gas Test Points

SCE No.: G0992 Type.: Pete’s Plug

SCE No.: G0994 Type.: Guage Adaptor

Sizes: 1/8” BSP & 1/4” BSP Orifice Size: 0.7mm meets AGA standard

Size: 1/4” BSP Brass Bodied

Size: 1/4” Diameter Length: 50mm

SCE No.: Z0135 Type.: Smoke Matches

SCE No.: Z0137 Type.: Smoke Pellets

SCE No.: Z0138 Type.: Data Plates

Packet of 12

Packet of 10

Record Important Information Highly Durable

SCE No.: Z111* Type.: Gas Thread Sealant

SCE No.: CG021330 Type.: Teflon Tape

SCE No.: CC10* Type.: Interruptor Block

Quantity: 150g Non - Toxic

Length: 12m Width: 12mm

Available in 11/32, 8, 9 & 10mm Suits: Most Common Thermocouples

SCE No.: W045* Type.: Ceramic Tile

SCE No.: W201* Type.: AC Contactor

SCE No.: W301* Type.: DC Contactor

Infrared Tile Replaces Schwank Tile

White Rodgers 90 - 246 240 VAC Coil

White Rodgers 586 - 906 SPNO 36 VDC Coil




SCE No.: CG061818 Man No.: 99 99 533

SCE No.: CG041106 Man No.: Waldorf

SCE No.: CG161082 Man No.: 322680-401

Cap Gas Cook Bromic Roden

Oven Seal Welted Fibre

Gasket - Inducer Motor

SCE No.: CG021082 Man No.: G9043

SCE No.: CG021084 Man No.: G9042

SCE No.: CG181402 Man No.: WH012156

Adaptor for Gas Meter BRS MxF

Adaptor for Gas Meter BRS MxF

Stuffing Box / Gland Nut Valiant

SCE No.: CG161772 Man No.: 393690-4

SCE No.: CG161378 Man No.: SIT

SCE No.: VFPSC* Man No.: FPSC*

Block & Screws Honeywell

Olive Pilot Tube Series 49

50 mm Mesh (standard) Many Dimensions Available

SCE No.: CG021124

SCE No.: CG021286

SCE No.: CG021138 Man No.: GD4080

Brush - Venturi 15 x 80 x 400mm

Screwdriver 4BA 1/4�

Drill Thumb Set Sizes: 0.35 - 2.50mm


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