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The spiritual truth behind this is that as spiritual beings, we are in a constant state of serenity. Having the human experience can sometimes cloud this truth when we get caught up in emotional or mental conflicts. When we remember that those conflicts have no place in our being we are restored to our natural state. Zen. Creative visualization and affirmations can help you through human conflict, and return you to your natural state. This truth also applies to those around us. We can know this truth for them as well. It may require some denial of the obvious chaos that we're viewing in order to accomplish this. Denial is the act of knowing that anything less than perfection is false. It requires a certain objectivity to your environment, and deciding simply that all this chaos just isn't necessary. Denial is a handy trick to have at your disposal and since we're talking about affirmation "band-aids" I think it's appropriate. Knowing the spiritual truth of any situation can bring us greater peace for ourselves and our loved ones. Just know that the truth is peace, better known as Zen.

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