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Exam zone

AT32AP7000 Intro

CS-423 Dick Steflik

Block Diagram

Capabilities 

High Performance, Low power AVR32 32-bit Microcontroller 

210 DMIPS at 150 Mhz

16K Instruction and Data caches

MMU to enable use with an OS

Single-cycle Instruction including SIMD and DSP Instructions

Pixel C-Processor

Multi-hierarchy Bus System

Data Memories – 32K SRAM

External Memory Interfaces 

SDRAM, DataFlash, SRAM, MMC, SD, CF, SM, NAND Flash

Capabilities (cont)‫‏‬ 

DMA Controller

Interrupt Controller

System Functions – Power and Clock Manager, Xtal Osc w/ PLL, Watchdog timer, Real-time Clock

6 Multi-function timer/counters


3 Sync Serial Protocol Controllers – SPI, I2C, generic

TWI – Philips I2C compliant

LCD Interface – TFT, QVGA, VGA, SVGA

Image Sensor Interface – 12-bit data interface foe CMOS cameras

Capabilities (cont)‫‏‬ 

USB 2.0

2 Ethernet MAC 10/100 Interfaces

16-bit stero audio bitstream DAC

On Chip Debug (OCD) = NEXUS, JTAG

Packaging 

256 BGA (Ball Grid Array)‫‏‬ 

16x16 array connections (not hand solderable)‫‏‬

Power Requirements 

VDDCORE – 1.65V – 1.95V

VDDIO – 3.0V - 3.3V

embedded sys1  

Exam zone AT32AP7000 Intro CS-423 Dick Steflik Block Diagram Data Memories – 32K SRAM Multi-hierarchy Bus System Pixel C-Processor     ...

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