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Cisco 351-080 351-080 : CCIE Data Center Written Beta Exam 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 Refer to the components below. Which data center design layer contains these components? -Cisco UCS 6100 Fabric Interconnect -Cisco Nexus 1000V -Cisco UCS 5100 Blade Chassis

A. the Virtualization layer B. the Management layer C. the Compute layer D. the Services layer

Answer: C Q: 2 The persistent storage service (PSS) is used by which function?

A. storage of log files across reloads of the system B. storage of license files in the backplane EEPROM C. storage of the process-specific state for stateful process recovery D. storage of core dump files from crashed processes

Answer: C Q: 3 What is the command to check the pinning of the server ports to the uplink ports?

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A. show pinning border-interfaces B. show pinning server-interfaces C. show service-profile circuit server D. show fex

Answer: A Q: 4 When configuring VLANs on a Cisco UCS B-Series, which entire range of VLAN IDs is reserved?

A. 3967 to 4047 B. 3967 to 4048 C. 3968 to 4048 D. 3968 to 4049

Answer: C Q: 5 When configuring Cisco Fabric Interconnects via the Cisco UCS Manager, the Fibre Channel ports on an expansion module can be configured only as which type of port?

A. server port B. uplink port C. fixed port

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D. downlink port E. FC port

Answer: B Q: 6 What is the length of the UUID number that is used in the Cisco UCS Manager?

A. 32-bit B. 64-bit C. 128-bit D. 256-bit

Answer: C Q: 7 Which value on the IOM decides if the IOM firmware needs to upgrade and match the firmware on the FI?

A. GCV B. startup firmware C. SDP D. backup firmware

Answer: A Q: 8 What is the function of the WWPN pool? Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


A. to assign WWPNs to the vHBAs B. to assign WWPNs to the servers C. to assign WWPNs to the vLANs D. to assign WWPNs to the vNICs

Answer: A Q: 9 In Cisco UCS Manager, under the LAN tab, which subcategory should you select to configure a vNIC template?

A. LAN Cloud B. Policies C. Pools D. Internal LAN

Answer: B Q: 10 Company XYZ has purchased a newly released Cisco UCS blade to expand their existing Cisco UCS system. Which three changes must the Cisco UCS administrator consider to ensure that the blade will interoperate with the existing environment? (Choose three.)

A. The Cisco UCS capability catalog may need to be upgraded. B. The Cisco UCS firmware version may need to be upgraded.

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C. The Cisco UCS management extension may need to be upgraded. D. No changes need to be made to the system.

Answer: A, B, C

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