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HyperionSolutions 00M-222 00M-222 : Tivoli Enterprise Asset Management Sales Mastery Test v2 (000-M222) 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 What is IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management?

A. Geospatially enabled asset and service management B. A Maximo add-on that provides remote asset management C. An asset management solution used by NASA D. An asset management solution to manage linear asset

Answer: A Q: 2 In which of the following industries are customers less likely to purchase Maximo Calibration?

A. Government B. Oil and Gas C. Life Sciences D. Nuclear

Answer: D Q: 3 Today, many companies use converged assets to support their business operations that are responsible for managing the converged assets?

A. Plant Engineers have sole responsibility for delivering on the converged asset performance Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


B. IT Managers have sole responsibility for making decisions on how to manage the converged asset C. Plant engineers and IT Managers are jointly responsible for delivering high availability of the converged asset performance D. Neither Plant Engineers nor IT Managers focus on converged asset performance

Answer: A Q: 4 What is the most significant benefit that IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management provides?

A. it allows users to schedule preventative maintenance of their critical assets. B. It allows users to manage linear assets. C. It allows asset managers to visualize the spatial relationships among managed assets and other mapped features. D. it allows users to calibrate assets remotely.

Answer: C Q: 5 Which are new key features for Maximo for Nuclear 7.1.1?

A. Corrective Actions, Permits, Change Configuration Management, and Equipment Group B. Impact Plans, Permits, Change Configuration Management, and Equipment Group C. Corrective Actions, Permits, Clearances, and Equipment Group

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D. Corrective Actions, Permits, Change Configuration Management, and Tech Specs

Answer: B Q: 6 Why do some customers need to calibrate their assets?

A. Correctly performed calibration is needed to provide users with preventative maintenance. B. Correctly performed calibration can reduce risk of the assets C. Correctly performed calibration increases productivity, optimizes resources,and assuresconsistency, comparability and compatibility of the products and services. D. Correctly performed calibration can only increase productivity

Answer: C Q: 7 You have learned what Maximo Calibration can do. From which industry/industries would you likely find prospective customers for Maximo for Calibration? (choose two)

A. Life Sciences and Oil/Gas B. Aerospace and Defense C. Government and Manufacturing D. Government

Answer: A, D

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-5- Q: 8 Many new features are included in Maximo Calibration 7.1.1 release. Which following features can be found in Maximo Calibration 7.1.1 release?

A. Maximo Mobile Calibration and Non-Linear Instruments B. Maximo Mobile Calibration and Multiple PM Frequency C. Standard Validation and Non-Linear Instruments D. Multiple PM Frequency and Loop Calibrations

Answer: D Q: 9 Before Talking with a customer about potential areas of opportunity for them to increase revenues and improve asset performance you should:

A. Read their Annual Report to understand key areas of threat and opportunity B. Talk with Maximo Industry Leaders about potential benefits for the client C. Research the products that the client is manufacturing D. Both A and B

Answer: C Q: 10 The best way to maximize Return on Assets is for Enterprise to:

A. Stop spending money

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B. Determine the level of service they want to perform at and balance the resources against this level of service at an appropriate cost level to accomplish positive profit position. C. Engage 3rd Party services to outsource all maintenance services D. Deliver on service no matter what the cost

Answer: B

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