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IBM 000-M61 IBM Lotus Protector Technical Sales Mastery Test v1 10 Q&A

Version 3.0

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-2- Q: 1 What is the advantage of using Lotus Protector over Domino?

A. Protector is a dedicated anti-spam appliance B. Protector can greatly help free up cycles for other Domino processes C. A and B D. None of the above

Answer: C Q: 2 What is the process when spammers attempt to find names by guessing email addresses on websites to send unsolicited emails?

A. Open Relay B. Router Domain Trapping C. Harvesting Names D. Abusive Email Solicitation

Answer: C Q: 3 Choose the statement that is NOT true regarding email security

A. Attacks include targeted industrial espionage and financial fraud Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


B. Customer who are proactive with security spend little to no money on spam prevention C. Spam, Phishing, andMalware compromise up to 90% of all SMTP traffic D. Most customers have or will increase their budget for mail security technology

Answer: B Q: 4 After Lotus Protector configuration, what is something that must be checked before blocking access of mail to the Domino server?

A. Make sure Lotus Protector is receiving mail B. Check for spam coming from the Allow List C. Assure that outbound mail is flowing to the mail server D. Check for viruses on the Lotus Protector appliance

Answer: A Q: 5 Choose the option that stops spam by inspecting URLs and files

A. Spam and Phishing Database B. Embedded UPL Detector and File Analysis C. Spam Bayesian Classifier D. Spam Structure Analysis

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Answer: B Q: 6 Choose the statement that describes Traditional Anti-Virus?

A. Stops viruses from spreading after reaching user mail inbox B. Fights all the normal viruses that most users deal with everyday by use of filter databaseand memory allocation C. Prevents known viruses and worms and checksagainst a database to protect users from getting bad emails D. Quarantines bad emails on the Domino server to keep from spreading

Answer: C Q: 7 Why is it important to implement block and allow lists at the network level?

A. This effectively keeps unwanted e-mail outside the internal network and off of the Domino server B. This improves filter efficacy C. This reduces false-positives D. This allows filtering for confidential and compliance related information

Answer: A Q: 8 Which is NOT a spam filtering option?

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A. Spam filtering in the ¡°Cloud¡± B. Spam filtering on the local network C. Spam filtering on the Domino Directory D. Spam filtering on the actual server

Answer: C Q: 9 After mail configuration, what is an important rule to remember?

A. Lotus Protector and Domino can both receive mail if approved by the network B. Domino should only accept mail from Protector or clients behind the firewall C. Domino should only accept mail from Protector or approved internet sites D. Protector should only accept mail from Domino and approved network sites

Answer: B Q: 10 Which statement is true about the Phishing Check module?

A. Uses fingerprinting analysis B. It has customizable keyword search capability C. Check the subject line for signs of spam D. Checks the intent of the email and identifiable characteristics

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Answer: D

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