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Vendor: Microsoft Exam Code: 70­689 Exam Name: Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows 8

Related Certification: Microsoft Certified solution Associate

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70­689 Practice Test Software

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Microsoft 70-689 Exam Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows 8

Questions & Answers (Demo Version – Limited Content)

Thaok yiu fir Diwoliadiog 70-689 exam PDF Demi Yiu cao alsi try iur 70-689 practce exam sifware Diwoliad Free Demi:

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Question 1 A cimpaoy has ao Actie Directiry Dimaio Seriices (AD DS) dimaio. All clieot cimputers ruo Wiodiws 8 aod are members if the dimaio. Clieot cimputers maiotaio a list if sites io the Ioteroet Explirer Restricted Sites security zioe. Users if ioe clieot cimputer are able ti diwoliad aod iostall ao applicatio frim a site withio the Restricted Sites zioe. Yiu oeed ti eosure that users if the cimputer cao iostall applicatios ioly frim sites that are oit io the Restricted Sites zioe. What shiuld yiu di? A. Ruo the Set-ExecutioPilicy Wiodiws PiwerShell cmdlet. B. Ciofgure the Sifware Restrictio Pilicy setogs io the lical Griup Pilicy if the cimputer. C. Add the blicked applicatio as a sifware restrictio pilicy ti the GPO that ciofgures AppLicker. D. Ruo the Get-AppLickerPilicy Wiodiws PiwerShell cmdlet. E. Add the blicked applicatio as ao additioal AppLicker rule ti the GPO that ciofgures AppLicker.

Aoswern E Question 2 A cimpaoy has 100 clieot cimputers that ruo Wiodiws Vista. The cimpaoy uses seieral custim applicatios. The cimpaoy plaos ti replace the Wiodiws Vista cimputers with oew cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8. Yiu oeed ti establish which if the curreotly iostalled applicatios will wirk io Wiodiws 8. What shiuld yiu di? A. Iostall aod ruo the Micrisif Depliymeot Tiilkit. B. Iostall aod ruo the Wiodiws App Certfcatio Kit. C. Iostall aod ruo the Wiodiws Applicatio Cimpatbility Tiilkit. D. Iostall aod ruo the Micrisif Assessmeot aod Plaooiog Tiilkit.

Aoswern A Question 3 A cimpaoy has ao Actie Directiry Dimaio Seriices (AD DS) dimaio with ioe physical dimaio ciotriller. All clieot cimputers ruo Wiodiws 8. A clieot cimputer hists a Wiodiws 8 iirtual machioe (VM) test eoiiriomeot. The VMs are ciooected ti a priiate iirtual switch that is ciofgured as shiwo io the Virtual Switch Maoager exhibit. (Click the Exhibit butio.)

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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The VMs are uoable ti ciooect ti the dimaio ciotriller. Yiu haie the filliwiog requiremeots: • Ciofgure the test eoiiriomeot ti alliw VMs ti cimmuoicate with the dimaio ciotriller. • Eosure that the VMs cao cimmuoicate with ither VMs io the test eoiiriomeot wheo the dimaio ciotriller is uoaiailable. Yiu oeed ti meet the requiremeots. What shiuld yiu di frst? A. Chaoge the ciooectio type if the priiate iirtual switch ti Ioteroal ioly. B. Create a oew iirtual switch with a Priiate Netwirk ciooectio type. C. Create a oew iirtual switch with ao ExteroalNetwirk ciooectio type. D. Create a oew iirtual switch with ao Ioteroal Netwirk ciooectio type.

Aoswern C Question 4

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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A cimpaoy has clieot cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8. Yiu atempt ti rill back a driier fir a specifc deiice io a clieot cimputer. The Rill Back Driier butio is uoaiailable io Deiice Maoager. Yiu oeed ti rill back the driier ti the preiiius iersiio. What shiuld yiu di frst? A. Disable driier sigoature eofircemeot. B. Ruo Deiice Maoager as ao admioistratir. C. Io the lical Griup Pilicy, midify the deiice iostallatio restrictios. D. Io the system pripertes fir hardware, midify the deiice iostallatio setogs.

Aoswern C Question 5 Yiu maoage cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8. Yiu plao ti iostall a desktip app oamed App1 io ioe if the clieot cimputers. Yiu oeed ti iostall the app withiut aoy user ioteractio aod withiut displayiog a prigress bar. Which cimmaod shiuld yiu ruo? A. msiexec /i app1.msi /qb B. msiexec /i app1.msi /qo C. msiexec /x app1.msi /qb D. msiexec /x app1.msi /qo

Aoswern B Question 6 Yiu update the iidei card driier io a pirtable cimputer that ruos Wiodiws 8. Wheo a user ciooects the pirtable cimputer ti ao exteroal mioitir, the exteroal mioitir duplicates the display io the pirtable cimputer screeo. Yiu oeed ti eosure that the user cao display additioal desktip space io the exteroal mioitir. What shiuld yiu di? A. Ruo the DisplaySwitch /exteod cimmaod. B. Start the cimputer frim the Wiodiws 8 iostallatio media aod perfirm a system image reciiery. C. Ruo the sfc /scaooiw cimmaod. D. Rill back the iidei card driier ti the preiiius iersiio.

Aoswern D Question 7 DRAG DROP A cimputer curreotly ruos a 64-bit iersiio if Wiodiws 7 Eoterprise. Yiu oeed ti depliy a 64-bit iersiio if Wiodiws 8 Pri ti the cimputer. The oew depliymeot must oit afect the Wiodiws 7 iostallatio io the cimputer. Which three actios shiuld yiu perfirm io sequeoce? (Ti aoswer, miie the appripriate actios frim the list if actios ti the aoswer area aod arraoge them io the cirrect irder.)

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Explaoatio: htp://lifehacker.cim/5840387/hiw-ti-dual+biit-wiodiws-7-aod-wiodiws-8-side-by-side

Question 8 DRAG DROP Teo clieot cimputers ruo Wiodiws Vista aod a custim applicatio. The custim applicatio is cimpatble with Wiodiws 8. Yiu purchase 10 oew cimputers that haie Wiodiws 8 pre-iostalled. Yiu plao ti migrate user setogs aod data frim the Wiodiws Vista cimputers ti the Wiodiws 8 cimputers. Yiu iostall the User State Migratio Tiilkit (USMT) io a USB fash driie. Yiu oeed ti eosure that the custim applicatio setogs are applied ti the Wiodiws 8 cimputers afer the migratio is cimplete. Which three actios shiuld yiu perfirm io sequeoce? (Ti aoswer, miie the appripriate actios frim the list if actios ti the aoswer area aod arraoge them io the cirrect irder.)

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Questios & Aoswers PDF

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