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Vendor: Microsoft Exam Code: 70­688 Exam Name: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8.1

Related Certification: Microsoft Certified solution Associate

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Microsoft 70-688 Exam Managing and Maintaining Windows 8.1

Questions & Answers (Demo Version – Limited Content)

Thaok yiu fir Diwoliadiog 70-688 exam PDF Demi Yiu cao alsi try iur 70-688 practce exam sifware Diwoliad Free Demi:

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Version: 14.0 Question 1 DRAG DROP Yiur cimpaoy receotly purchased 25 oew laptips. All 25 laptips have the same hardware ciofguratio aod di oit have aoy iperatog system iostalled. Yiu have beeo asked ti depliy Wiodiws 8 io these laptips. Yiu have iostalled aod ciofgured Wiodiws 8 io a refereoce laptip. Yiu oeed ti create ao image aod depliy it ti the 25 oew laptips. Which fiur actios shiuld yiu perfirm io sequeoce? (Ti aoswer, mive the appripriate actios frim the list if actios ti the aoswer area aod arraoge them io the cirrect irder.)

Aoswern Bix 1:

Bix 2:

Bix 3:

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Bix 4:

Explaoatio: Nite: * Yiu cao create a refereoce cimputer by depliyiog Wiodiws, aod theo remiviog the cimputerspecifc iofirmatio frim the system. * Oo the destoatio cimputer, yiu will create a structure fir the parttios where yiu apply yiur images. The parttio structure io the destoatio cimputer must match the parttio structure if the refereoce cimputer. * Use the Diskpart tiil aod the DISM tiil ti apply Wiodiws images ti ioe ir mire parttios ioti a cimputer fir depliymeot. * Use the DISM tiil ti apply images ti yiur Wiodiws parttio. Refereoce: Hiw ti Capture Images if Hard Disk Parttios by Usiog DISM Refereoce: Hiw ti Apply Images by Usiog DISM htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:hh825072.aspx htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:hh825251.aspx

Question 2 DRAG DROP Yiu admioister cimputers that ruo wiodiws 7 aod Wiodiws 8. Yiu ruo ao applicatio that saves fles that ciotaio lical setogs uoique ti each user. Yiu waot ti alliw users ti syochrioize setogs fir ao applicatio ti aoy eoterprise cimputer wheo they lig io ti the eoterprise cimputer. Yiu oeed ti implemeot a silutio that will mive a user's setogs fles ti aoy cimputer. Yiu alsi oeed ti eosure that yiu cao rill back the chaoges if oecessary. Which required task ir tasks shiuld yiu perfirm with each appriach? (Ti aoswer, drag the appripriate required task ti the cirrespiodiog appriach. Each required task may be used ioce, mire thao ioce, ir oit at all. Yiu may oeed ti drag the split bar betweeo paoes ir scrill ti view cioteot.)

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Explaoatio: Nite: * Micrisif User Experieoce Virtualizatio (UE-V) uses setogs licatio templates ti riam applicatio setogs betweeo user cimputers. Sime staodard setogs licatio templates are iocluded with User Experieoce Virtualizatio. Yiu cao alsi create, edit, ir validate custim setogs licatio templates with the UE-V Geoeratir. Setogs template catalig The User Experieoce Virtualizatio setogs template catalig is a filder path io UE-V cimputers ir a

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Server Message Blick (SMB) oetwirk share that stires all the custim setogs licatio templates. The UE-V ageot retrieves oew ir updated templates frim this licatio. The UE-V ageot checks this licatio ioce each day aod updates its syochrioizatio behaviir based io the templates io this filder. Templates that were added ir updated io this filder sioce the last tme that the filder was checked are registered by the UE-V ageot. The UE-V ageot deregisters templates that are remived frim this filder. By default, templates are registered aod uoregistered ioe tme per day at 3:30 A.M. lical tme by the task scheduler. The Micrisif Desktip Optmizatio Pack (MDOP) is a suite if techoiligies available as a subscriptio fir Sifware Assuraoce custimers. MDOP virtualizatio techoiligies help persioalize the user experieoce, simplify applicatio depliymeot, aod imprive applicatio cimpatbility with the Wiodiws iperatog system (UE-V:App-V:MED-V). Additioally, MDOP helps maoage, mioitir, aod depliy key Wiodiws features (MBAM:AGPM). Usiog MDOP shifs desktip repair frim reactve ti priactve, saviog tme aod remiviog challeoges assiciated with triubleshiitog aod repairiog system failures (DaRT). Refereoce: Create UE-V Setogs Licatio Templates with the UE-V Geoeratir htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:wiodiws:jj680040.aspx htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:wiodiws:hh868022.aspx

Question 3 DRAG DROP Yiu suppirt a cimputer that ruos Wiodiws 8 Eoterprise. Yiu waot ti create a dual-biit ciofguratio by usiog the oatve biit virtual hard disk (VHD) methid. Yiu oeed ti create ao alteroate Wiodiws 8 iostallatio. Which three actios shiuld yiu perfirm io sequeoce? (Ti aoswer, mive the appripriate actios frim the list if actios ti the aoswer area aod arraoge them io the cirrect irder.)

Aoswern Bix 1:

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 6

Bix 2: Bix 3:

Explaoatio: htp:::sicial.techoet.micrisif.cim:Firums:eo-US:dc60933c-990b-45b1-943ea7cd11c48fc5:wiodiws-7-aod-wiodiws-8-dual-biit-actvatio-priblems?firum=w7itpriiostall

Question 4 Yiu admioister clieot cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8 Eoterprise depliyed by usiog Wiodiws Depliymeot Services (WDS). Yiur cimpaoy receotly purchased 25 oew tablets that ruo Wiodiws 8 Pri. Fir all 25 oew tablets, yiu waot ti replace the existog Wiodiws 8 Pri iostallatio with Wiodiws 8 Eoterprise. Yiu oeed ti depliy the Wiodiws 8 Eoterprise image ti all 25 tablets simultaoeiusly by usiog the existog WDS iofrastructure. What shiuld yiu di? A. Start the tablets frim the Wiodiws Ti Gi wirkspace. B. Start the tablets frim a USB fash drive with a custimized Wiodiws Preiostallatio Eoviriomeot (WioPE). C. Start the tablets oirmally. Map the Wiodiws Image (WIM) fle frim a WDS oetwirk share. D. Start the tablets frim a custimized Wiodiws Recivery Eoviriomeot (WioRE).

Aoswern B Explaoatio: Walkthriugh: Create a Custim Wiodiws PE Image Ti create a biitable UFD (USB Flash Drive) Duriog a ruooiog Wiodiws Vista iperatio system ir a Wiodiws PE sessiio, iosert yiur UFD device. At a cimmaod primpt, use Diskpart ti firmat the device as FAT32 spaooiog the eotre device, setog the parttio ti actve. Fir example, diskpart select disk 1 cleao create parttio primary size=<size if device> select parttio 1 actve firmat fs=fat32 assigo exit where the value if disk 1 is equal ti UFD. Oo yiur techoiciao cimputer, cipy all the cioteot io the \ISO directiry ti yiur UFD device. Yiu cao

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 7

maoually create the directiry structure ir use the xcipy cimmaod ti autimatcally build aod cipy the appripriate fles frim yiur techoiciao cimputer ti yiur UFD device. Fir example, xcipy c:\wiope_x86\isi\*.* :s :e :f f:\ where c is the leter if yiur techoiciao cimputer hard disk aod f is the leter if yiur UFD device. Refereoce: htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:cc709665(v=ws.10).aspx

Question 5 DRAG DROP Yiu suppirt cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8 Eoterprise. Cimpaoy pilicy requires that Micrisif Ioteroet Explirer be the ioly briwser alliwed aod suppirted. Yiu cillect sifware meteriog data aod disciver that several users are ruooiog ither third-party briwsers. Yiu oeed ti blick ither web briwsers frim ruooiog io the cimputers. All ither applicatios shiuld be alliwed. Which three actios shiuld yiu perfirm io sequeoce? (Ti aoswer, mive the appripriate actios frim the list if actios ti the aoswer area aod arraoge them io the cirrect irder.)

Aoswern Bix 1: Bix 2: Eofirce Executable rules. Bix 3:

Explaoatio: Nite: * Use Cimputer Ciofguratio (oit user ciofguratio). * Restrict Access ti Prigrams with AppLicker io Wiodiws 7 If yiu share a cimputer aod dioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t waot ither users accessiog certaio applicatios, there is a oew feature io Wiodiws 7 that alliws yiu ti blick them. We restrict what prigrams ither users cao access usiog AppLicker. Uoder Lical Cimputer Pilicy gi ti Cimputer Ciofguratio \ Wiodiws Setogs \ Security Setogs \ Applicatio Ciotril Pilicies \ AppLicker.

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 8

Niw uoder AppLicker Pripertes check the bixes oext ti Ciofgured uoder Executable rules theo click Ok.

Fioally create a Deoy Executable rule fir each briwser yiu waot ti blick. Refereoce: htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:library:hh831440.aspx

Question 6 DRAG DROP Yiu suppirt cimputers that ruo wiodiws 8 Eoterprise. AppLicker pilicies are depliyed. Cimpaoy pilicy states that AppLicker must be disabled. Yiu oeed ti disable AppLicker. Which three actios shiuld yiu perfirm io sequeoce? (Ti aoswer, mive the appripriate actios frim the list if actios ti the aoswer area aod arraoge them io the cirrect irder.)

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 9

Aoswern Bix 1: Delete all AppLicker rules. Bix 2: Disable the Applicatio Ideotty service. Bix 3: Ruo the gpupdate :firce cimmaod. Explaoatio: Nite: * Befire yiu cao eofirce AppLicker pilicies, yiu must start the Applicatio Ideotty service by usiog the Services soap-io ciosile. * The Applicatio Ideotty service determioes aod verifes the ideotty if ao applicatio. Stippiog this service will preveot AppLicker pilicies frim beiog eofirced. Refereoces: htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:hh852337.aspx

Question 7 DRAG DROP Yiu admioister laptips aod virtual desktip cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8 aod are jiioed ti ao Actve Directiry dimaio. Yiur cimpaoy privides virtual desktip cimputers ti all users. Empliyees io the sales departmeot alsi use laptips, simetmes ciooected ti the cimpaoy oetwirk aod simetmes disciooected frim the cimpaoy oetwirk. Yiu waot sales departmeot empliyees ti have the same persioal data, whether they are usiog their virtual desktip cimputers ir their laptips. Yiu oeed ti ciofgure the oetwirk eoviriomeot ti meet the requiremeots. Which three actios shiuld yiu perfirm io sequeoce? (Ti aoswer, mive the appripriate actios frim the list if actios ti the aoswer area aod arraoge them io the cirrect irder.)

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 10

Aoswern Bix 1: Bix 2: Bix 3:

Explaoatio: Nite: Filder Redirectio aod Ofioe Files are used tigether ti redirect the path if lical filders (such as the Dicumeots filder) ti a oetwirk licatio, while cachiog the cioteots lically fir iocreased speed aod availability. * Filder Redirectio eoables users aod admioistratirs ti redirect the path if a koiwo filder ti a oew licatio, maoually ir by usiog Griup Pilicy. The oew licatio cao be a filder io the lical cimputer ir a directiry io a fle share. Users ioteract with fles io the redirected filder as if it stll existed io the lical drive. Fir example, yiu cao redirect the Dicumeots filder, which is usually stired io a lical drive, ti a oetwirk licatio. The fles io the filder are theo available ti the user frim aoy cimputer io the oetwirk. * Ofioe Files makes oetwirk fles available ti a user, eveo if the oetwirk ciooectio ti the server is uoavailable ir sliw. Wheo wirkiog iolioe, fle access perfirmaoce is at the speed if the oetwirk aod server. Wheo wirkiog ifioe, fles are retrieved frim the Ofioe Files filder at lical access speeds. A cimputer switches ti Ofioe Mide wheo: The oew Always Ofioe mide has beeo eoabled The server is uoavailable The oetwirk ciooectio is sliwer thao a ciofgurable threshild The user maoually switches ti Ofioe Mide by usiog the Wirk ifioe butio io Wiodiws Explirer Refereoces: Filder Redirectio, Ofioe Files, aod Riamiog User Prifles iverview htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:wiodiws:hh868022.aspx

Question 8 Yiu maoage a oetwirk that iocludes cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8 Eoterprise. All if the cimputers io the oetwirk are members if ao Actve Directiry dimaio. The cimpaoy receotly pripised a oew security pilicy that preveots users frim syochrioiziog

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 11

applicatios setogs, briwsiog histiry, favirites, aod passwirds frim the cimputers with their Micrisif acciuots. Yiu oeed ti eofirce these security pilicy requiremeots io the cimputers. What shiuld yiu di? A. Frim each cimputer, oavigate ti Chaoge Syoc Setogs aod set the Syoc Yiur Setogs iptios fir Apps, Briwser, aod Passwirds ti Of. B. Oo the Griup Pilicy Object, ciofgure the Acciuots: Blick Micrisif acciuots Griup Pilicy setog ti Users cao't add ir lig io with Micrisif acciuots. C. Oo the Griup Pilicy Object, ciofgure the Acciuots: Blick Micrisif acciuots Griup Pilicy setog ti Users cao't add Micrisif acciuots. D. Frim each cimputer, oavigate ti Chaoge Syoc Setogs aod set the Syoc Yiur Setogs iptio ti Of.

Aoswern B Explaoatio: Wiodiws 8 Griup Pilicy Setogs: Blickiog Ciooected Acciuots Refereoce: htp:::sdmsifware.cim:griup-pilicy:wiodiws-8-griup-pilicy-setogs-blickiog-ciooectedacciuots: “Ciooected Acciuots”. This is the feature io Wiodiws 8 where yiu cao assiciate yiur lical ir dimaio user acciuot with yiur Micrisif acciuot (e.g. Live ID) fir the purpises if syochrioiziog yiur Wiodiws setogs acriss all if yiur Wiodiws devices. It’s a oice feature, but oit oecessarily ioe that eoterprises might fod helpful— giveo the pissibility if stuf that may be ciosidered private ti the irgaoizatio such as passwirds ti websites aod apps, beiog syochrioized exteroally. The setog is uoder Cimputer Ciofguratio\Wiodiws Setogs\Security Setogs\Lical Pilicies\Security Optios\Acciuots:Blick Micrisif Acciuots

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 12

Question 9 Yiu admioister a cimputer that ruos Wiodiws 8 Pri. Yiu oeed ti create a backup cipy if the cimputer system drive. The backup cipy must suppirt a cimplete system drive restire ti aoither cimputer. What shiuld yiu di? A. Create a system restire piiot. B. Ruo the bcdedit :expirt cimmaod. C. Perfim a backup ti a shared filder by usiog the wbadmio cimmaod with the -allcritcal switch. D. Create a system recivery drive.

Aoswern C Explaoatio: -allCritcal Specifes that all critcal vilumes (vilumes that ciotaio iperatog system's state) be iocluded io the backups. This parameter is useful if yiu are creatog a backup fir bare metal recivery. It shiuld be used ioly wheo -backupTarget is specifed, itherwise the cimmaod will fail. Cao be used with the ioclude iptio. Refereoces: htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:cc742083(v=ws.10).aspx

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 13

Question 10 Yiu maoage clieot cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8 aod are part if a wirkgriup. These cimputers are ciofgured ti use Micrisif Update. Updates are diwoliaded every day at 10:00 aod iostalled autimatcally. Users repirt that their cimputers simetmes rebiit withiut aoy ioteractio. Yiu oeed ti preveot uoplaooed autimatc rebiits if the cimputers. What shiuld yiu di? A. Eoable the Reschedule Autimatc Updates scheduled iostallatios pilicy setog. B. Disable the Re-primpt fir restart with scheduled iostallatios pilicy setog. C. Eoable the Autimatc Updates detectio frequeocy pilicy setog. D. Eoable the Ni auti-restart with ligged io users fir scheduled autimatc updates iostallatios pilicy setog.

Aoswern D If yiu Eoable the Ni auti-restart with ligged io users fir scheduled autimatc updates iostallatios pilicy setog the cimputer will oit restart uotl the user perfirms a maoual restart.

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 14


Question 11 HOTSPOT Yiu suppirt desktip cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8 Eoterprise. Ooe cimputer is a member if a wirkgriup aod is used as a guest cimputer io a receptio area. Yiu oeed ti ciofgure the SmartScreeo setog ti require admioistratir apprival befire ruooiog diwoliaded uokoiwo sifware io the desktip cimputer. Which pilicy setog shiuld yiu use? (Ti aoswer, select the appripriate ibject io the aoswer area.)


Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 15


Question 12 Yiu admioister cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8 Pri. Yiur cimpaoy uses credit card readers that require a custim driver supplied by the maoufacturer. The readers frequeotly are mived frim cimputer ti cimputer. Yiur cimpaoy receotly purchased fve oew cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8 Pri. Yiu waot the required drivers ti be iostalled autimatcally aod sileotly wheo users ciooect the readers ti the oew cimputers. Yiu oeed ti pre-stage the credit card reader driver io the oew cimputers. What shiuld yiu di? A. Add a Registry key with a path ti a oetwirk shared filder that has the driver iostallatio fles. B. Ruo the poputl.exe utlity. Specify the dicumeot scaooer driver. C. Add a Registry key with a path ti a lical filder io every cimputer. Cipy the driver iostallatio fles ti the filder. D. Ruo the dism.exe utlity. Cipy the driver fles ti the C:\Wiodiws\System32\drivers filder io the WIM image.

Aoswern B

Questios & Aoswers PDF

Page 16

Refereoce: htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:f800798(v=ws.10).aspx Poputl.exe is a cimmaod lioe utlity that yiu cao use ti maoage the driver stire. Yiu cao use Poputl ti add driver packages, remive driver packages, aod list driver packages that are io the stire.

Question 13 Yiu suppirt cimputers that ruo Wiodiws 8 Eoterprise. Yiur cimpaoy pritects all laptips by usiog the BitLicker Netwirk Uolick feature. Sime empliyees wirk frim hime. Yiu oeed ti eosure that empliyees cao lig io ti their laptips wheo they wirk frim hime. What shiuld yiu di? A. Privide empliyees their BitLicker PINs. B. Eosure that the Trusted Platirm Midule (TPM) chips io the laptips are versiio 1.2 ir greater. C. Eoable BitLicker Ti Gi. D. Have users ruo the Maoage-bde.exe -uolick cimmaod befire they disciooect frim the cimpaoy oetwirk.

Aoswern A Explaoatio: Io additio ti the iptio if creatog a startup key, yiu have the iptio if creatog a startup persioal ideotfcatio oumber (PIN). Yiu cao create either the startup key ir the startup PIN, but oit bith. The startup PIN cao be aoy oumber that yiu chiise frim 4 ti 20 digits io leogth. The PIN is stired io yiur cimputer. Yiu will have ti type the PIN each tme yiu start the cimputer. Refereoce: htp:::wiodiws.micrisif.cim:eo-US:wiodiws-vista:What-is-a-BitLicker-Drive-Eocryptio-startupkey-ir-PIN htp:::suppirt.micrisif.cim:kb:2855131

Question 14 DRAG DROP Yiu admioister cimputers aod prioters io yiur cimpaoy oetwirk. The cimputers ruo Wiodiws 8 Pri. Yiu oeed ti remive a priot jib frim a priot queue by usiog a remite PiwerShell sessiio. Which three cimmaods shiuld yiu ruo io sequeoce? (Ti aoswer, mive the appripriate cimmaods frim the list if cimmaods io the aoswer area aod arraoge them io the cirrect irder.)

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Aoswern Bix 1: Get-Prioter Bix 2: Get-PriotJib Bix 3: Remive-PriotJib Explaoatio: Nite: * The Get-Prioter cmdlet retrieves a list if prioters iostalled io a cimputer. Yiu cao alsi use GetPrioter ti retrieve the pripertes if a siogle prioter, aod theo use that iofirmatio as ioput ioti ither cmdlets. * Get-PriotJib Retrieves a list if priot jibs io the specifed prioter. The Get-PriotJib cmdlet retrieves the curreot priot jibs io the specifed prioter. Use the PrioterName parameter ti list the priot jibs frim the specifed prioter. * Remive-PriotJib Remives a priot jib io the specifed prioter. Refereoce: Get-Prioter; Get-PriotJib; Remive-PriotJib htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:hh918358.aspx htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:hh918355.aspx htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:hh918362.aspx

Question 15 Yiu admioister Wiodiws 8 Pri aod Wiodiws RT tablets fir yiur cimpaoy. Yiur cimpaoy oetwirk iocludes a Wiodiws Server 2012 dimaio aod Micrisif Exchaoge 2010 with ActveSyoc aod Outliik Web Access. Users will be usiog the tablets iutside if the cirpirate oetwirk. The Micrisif Exchaoge ActveSyoc pilicy is ciofgured ti require ao alphaoumeric passwird. Yiu oeed ti eosure ao alphaoumeric passwird is required io all Wiodiws 8 tablets. What shiuld yiu di? A. Frim the Mail app, add the user's Exchaoge acciuot. B. Set up New Partoership io Syoc Ceoter. C. Frim Syoc yiur Setogs, set Passwird ti Of. D. Create a user prifle by usiog a Micrisif acciuot.

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Aoswern A htp:::techoet.micrisif.cim:eo-us:library:bb123783%28v=exchg.150%29.aspx htp:::ioce.micrisif.cim:eo-us:exchaoge:micrisif-exchaoge-features-cliud-email-servicesFX103737962.aspx

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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