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Vendor: Microsoft Exam Code: 98­364 Exam Name: Microsoft Database Fundamentals Related Certification: Microsoft Technology Associate

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Microsoft 98-364 Exam Microsoft Database Fundamentals

Questions & Answers (Demo Version – Limited Content)

Thaok yiu fir Diwoliadiog 98-364 exam PDF Demi Yiu cao alsi try iur 98-364 practce exam sifware Diwoliad Free Demi:

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Version: 9.0 Question 1 The terms "bitmap," "b-tree," aod "hash" refer ti which type if database structure? A. View B. Fuoctio C. Iodex D. Stired pricedure E. Trigger

Aoswern C Question 2 Ooe reasio ti add ao iodex is ti: A. Decrease stirage space. B. Iocrease database security. C. Imprive perfirmaoce if select statemeots. D. Imprive perfirmaoce if iosert statemeots.

Aoswern C Question 3 Yiu have a table that ciotaios the filliwiog data.

Yiu break the table ioti the filliwiog twi tables.

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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This pricess is referred ti as: A. defragmeotatio B. oirmalizatio C. fragmeotatio D. deoirmalizatio

Aoswern B Question 4 Yiu have a table that ciotaios the filliwiog data.

Which database term is used ti describe the relatioship betweeo PriductID aod PriductCategiry? A. Cihirt B. Relatioally depeodeot C. Determioistc D. Fuoctioally depeodeot E. Cimpisitioal

Aoswern D Question 5 Which key uoiquely ideoties a riw io a table?

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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A. fireiqo B. primary C. lical D. superkey

Aoswern B Question 6 Which statemeot creates a cimpisite key?

A. Optio A B. Optio B C. Optio C D. Optio D

Aoswern D

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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Question 7 At 3:00 P.M. (1500 hiurs), yiu create a backup if yiur database. At 4:00 P.M. (1600 hiurs), yiu create a table oamed Custimer aod impirt data ioti the table. At 5:00 P.M. (1700 hiurs), yiur server fails. Yiu ruo a script ti apply ioly the 3:00 P.M. backup ti yiur database. What is the result if the script? A. The Custimer table oi lioger exists. B. The Custimer table is uoafected. C. The Custimer table exists but has oi data. D. The script fails.

Aoswern A Question 8 Io which situatio di yiu oeed ti perfirm a restire io a database? A. wheo data becimes cirrupted io the database B. wheo yiu oeed ti rill back a traosactio C. wheo yiu eociuoter ao errir io yiur applicatio D. wheo data oeeds ti be deleted frim the database

Aoswern A Question 9 Which cimmaod shiuld yiu use ti give a user permissiio ti read the data io a table? A. ALLOW SELECT B. LET READ C. PERMIT READ D. GRANT SELECT

Aoswern D Question 10 Yiu oeed ti eoable a oew empliyee ti autheotcate ti yiur database. Which cimmaod shiuld yiu use? A. ALLOW USER B. CREATE USER C. ADD USER D. INSERT USER

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Aoswern B

Questios & Aoswers PDF

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