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Definition Of A Rational Number Definition Of A Rational Number We have to learn about rational numbers definition. Any rational number can be expressed in form of p/q, where we say that the numbers p and q are integer numbers and the number q <> 0. We say that all the natural numbers, whole numbers, integers and the fraction numbers with their additive inverse all are the rational numbers. Let us take the example of each one of them. Let us first start with natural number. Let 5 be any natural number. We call this natural number also as the rational number. As we can see that the natural number 5 can be expressed as 5/1, which is the form of the rational number. Now let us check it for any of the integer. Any integer number say -4 can also be written as -4/1. So we say that the integers can also be expressed in the form of the rational numbers. Any rational number will have the numerator and the denominators as the integers and we know that all the natural numbers and the integers are written such that they have 1 as the denominators. So we can say they all are in the form of the rational numbers too. Know More About :- Bank Clerk Sample Paper of Marketing Aptitude

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If we write any of the rational number, all the mathematical and the logical operators can be performed on the rational numbers. By the logical operators we mean that the two rational numbers can be compared and there is a set pattern to compare any pair of the rational numbers. Here we will look at how to compare any of the two rational numbers. We will first check if the two rational numbers are like or not. If the pair of the rational numbers are like, it means that the smaller numerator will represent the smaller of the two rational numbers. On the another hand, if we have two rational numbers, such that they have same numerator, then we say that the smaller of the denominator will represent the larger rational number. Some times we compare the two rational numbers, which have neither the numerator equal nor do they have equal denominators. In such situations, we say that we will make the two rational numbers like, by taking the L.C.M. of the two denominators and then converting the two rational numbers into the equivalent rational numbers such that the denominators becomes same. Now ones the two rational numbers becomes like rational numbers, then we say that the smaller of the numerator represent the smaller rational number. Also using this same rule, the series of the rational numbers can be arranged in ascending or descending order. On another hand if we have to look at the mathematical operators of the two rational numbers, we say that all the mathematical operators can be performed on the rational numbers. It includes the operation of Addition, subtraction , multiplication and division can be the operations on the rational numbers. The operation of powers and exponents can also be performed on the rational numbers. In case we have one number as rational number and another as integer, then we will write 1 as the denominator of the integer to convert it into rational form. Read More About :- ISEET maths syllabus

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Definition Of A Rational Number  
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