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BITSAT Books For Chemistry BITSAT Books For Chemistry There are many entrance examinations that have been conducted for various career fields in India. For engineering itself their lot of exams that have been organized, BITSAT is one of them. Birla Institute of Technology And Sciences organizes this Birla Institute of Technology And Science Aptitude Test every year between May to June for the students who want to pursue this course from their institute. Students who want to be an Engineer in any discipline like Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Mechanical ,Civil and Chemical, BITSAT is a way to chaise your dreams. Books the necessary to have to prepare for any exam either it is a competitive exam or it is your regular school exam. For Chemistry for BITSAT we are offering you BITSAT Chemistry books that will help you to study chemistry in a very familiar and interactive way. If we do not have the books we have to waste our precious time in searching for the course content, so here we are helping you to get your BITSAT books for Chemistry. Know More About :- BITSAT Chemistry Books

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These books cover all the topics that are included by the BITS board after getting it approved by the Education Ministry of India. So students you can follow them without keeping any doubt about their content as these Chemistry books for BITSAT are not unknown for you as they are based on the very familiar NCERT pattern. So they cover the topics included in that NCERT syllabus like in the Chapter of Chemical Kinetics it explains you all about different aspects of Kinetics, Factors affecting Rate of reaction, Different types of reactions under the heading of Mechanism of Reaction and all about Radioactive Isotopes in these BITSAT Chemistry books. The other topics like Classification of Organic Chemistry, all about Alkenes, Akenes, Alkynes and Cycloalkanes, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Haloalkanes, Haloarenes and Petroleum are covered under the Unit of Principals of Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons and so on these BITSAT books for Chemistry. Students you have to prepare yourself for exam not just by these books but after finishing each topic from these Chemistry books for BITSAT you should practice that chapter by solving the previous year questions and sample papers we offer you on our web portal. For further details and suggestions just visit our portal and get all about BITSAT Chemistry books and also about the other books information of other subjects for different competitive exams

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BITSAT Books For Chemistry  
BITSAT Books For Chemistry