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Poultry climate management

Climate and production control Regulators, Management and control Computers, Sensors, Weighing and dosing, Safety and counting. Range of regulators The most complete range of computers for climate and poultry production management, with total control of all parameters that influence animal breeding, so that the environmental conditions will be perfect. From the simplest and most economical computers for handling of basic functions such as ventilation or heating, to the most complete ones that manage all the variables that comprise a farm, with the option of remote control. • Climate control -Ventilation, Cooling, Heating • Production --Feeding, Supply of water, Lighting, Feed storage, Poultry management, Collecting and counting. • Safety • Surveillance

Evolution of the most advanced and complete range: • From individual regulators associated with simpler equipment, such as peripherals for control of alarms, safety thermostats, temperature and humidity controls, etc. • Choice of advanced compact panels, with all the elements integrated in a single electrical cabinet. • New regulators with touch screens, mare intuitive, more potent and simpler to handle, flexible and configurable for each situation. Redesign of the complete range.



Accessibility Exportation



Identification Third parties



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Fodder industry


Technical service Surveillance

Statistics Administration

Weight control

Remote control PERSEO


Water control

Integrating company Fodder control


Monitoring of the farm by Internet from any location, for absolute control in real time. Reception of notifications about previously defined situations.



Complete range of temperature, humidity, ammoniac, CO2, capacitive, heating probes, revolution gauge, and pressure differential gauges.

Weighing, dosing, safety and counting

Fully leaktight box, thanks to its O-ring seal.

Their technology offers exhaustive levels of precision. Control for filling and replacement of feed. Interpretation of the stipulated consumption of the animals, according to their growth curve, which allows detection of any problem in normal ingestion of food. Essential for avoiding shortages in the silos. • Weighing of feed and of poultry • Consumption gauges • Egg counters


Air extraction Wall, chimney and large-volume fans, with the widest range of complements. Range of fans specifically developed to work in very aggressive environmental scenarios: corrosive environmental scenarios, high humidity, coldness and heat Exafan has evolved the development of the ventilation systems, merging them with ventilation logic (present in all Its computer programs). It has been able to bring together in a single concept, the environmental control system that guarantees low energy cost, as well as controlling the appropriate quantity and direction of air inside the room, preventing annoying air currents at the level of the animals. Thus, it is certified that the system developed by Exafan is the only one that treats these two parameters with the necessary rigor.

Wall fans Axial or helicoidal fans. The air inlet and outlet follow an axial direction (perpendicular to the blade plan) according to the coaxial cylindrical surface. They are the most common ones regarding the ventilation system within a farm, used indistinctively to propel or intake a large volume of air at a low pressure. • Engine and legs made of aluminum. • Metal parts painted in polyester. • Screws and bolts made of stainless steel. • Thermal protection incorporated. • Treatment against UV rays. • IP55 insulation. Engine class F, draining lids. • Possibility to equip with a probe of revolutions. • Water tightness thanks to the crankshaft oil seal and the closing rubber, protection grill according to regulation. O-ring seals for perfect tightness, which, together with the ball bearings and other details that are no less significant give the full range of Exafan extractors a luxury finish.

New range The new fans EC equipped with efficient synchronous motors and no brush, but with a permanent magnet and electronic commutation results in the “EnergySave” range as a response to the new required regulation to comply with in the European Community Erp2015.


Exagreen program Our products are adequate for the future. This way, we offer our clients a means of combining profitability and sustainability while taking advantage of the benefits involved regarding simple and well – planned facilities. Series 35 - EC 40 - EC 45 - EC


50 - EC 56 - EC

Series 63 - EU 71 - EU 80 - EU

63T - EU 71T - EU 80T - EU



Large volume fans The raison d´être of the entire range of fans EX is their long endurance, low maintenance cost and better relationship between the air flow delivered and the electric consumption.

DE 36” y 50”

• Locking shutter with a specific design in order to prevent the air / light from getting inside. • Shutter opening with a reinforced centrifugal system. • Central pulley and propeller support with an airtight, first quality and greased for life bearing. • Motor with an IP 55 protection and coil insulation degree type F, IE2, IE3, IE4 power classification. • Fan venturi made of plastic material with UV protection. • Front grid according to the standards on safety.



COLOSO 60. A fan for a lifetime, with excellent materials, high durability and 15% increase in the performance of the corrosion-resistant. fan, considerably reducing the electrical consumption of the motor. • Plastic cone (PP+fibreglass) can be disassembled into 8 parts, self-clipWide range, designed to offer more air ping and stackable. flow with a simple assembly and insta- • Plastic shell, adaptable to the panel llation system. or wall of the building and divisible into 4 parts for easy transport. • System for fastening on the vertical closure panel of the building. Thus, the shell has a double vertical frame that will be parallel to the interior wall of the building that is supported on the cut upon the wall, and parallel to it. • Chamfered on the shell to embed the sheets and transmit the forces of the fan to the structure of the building. • Steel structure for the transmission of forces to the structure. • Option of installation of valve which can be disassembled into two parts, manufactured in plastic. 5 • Very energy-efficient. Greater power, reliability and efficiency.

Air inlets Polyurethane, PVC, transparent inlets. Designed to obtain optimal distribution and dosing of the intake volume. Manufactured with highly corrosion-resistant materials. Perfect insulation. Capacity in m3 Ref.-

10 Pa

25 Pa

40 Pa

Vea 100




Vea 1400




Polyurethane inlets, VEA type

Manufactured In high-density polyurethane, with stainless steel screws. Equipped on all its edges of contact of the frame with the sheet, with systems of maximum insulation and leaktightness, such as weather strip seals.

Adaptable air inlets made of polycarbonate.

Transparent air inlets

PVC Inlets

Optimal for non-extreme climates that do not need heavy insulation. Adaptable to any size.

Air inlets made of PVC.

Air outlets A new removable and stackable chimney, designed to work both in air extraction mode and for air impulsion or intake into the farm, directed to the required zones, with its diffuser. We have combined two concepts in one single product, conic inlet and outlet, this way; we combine in one single product, easy management and optimization of the freight cost as well as ventilation system efficiency and performance.

Chimneys entirely made of high density polyethylene, non – polluting material; it generates no waste during the production process, resistant to light and temperature changes, easy to clean. 6

Actuators Winches, actuators with anti – asphyxia devices, opening systems for the ridge

The most complete range of products has been developed for the control and management of the different air inlets, safety windows for emergencies, zenithal lintels, etc.; This wide offer is completed with overpressure air outlets and entries of natural light, providing a solution for every type of need.

Independent systems for automating the air inlets. A wide range of regulators capable of interpreting the variables of temperature, wind direction, etc. Available in some cases with “anti-asphyxia” protection system (for one or two sides of windows). • Possibility of a loop connection. • Contactors included (1*) • Possibility of a timed working mode. (2*) Available in Rav models 1 * Available in Rav, Ravbb models 2 * Complete range of actuators with or without an anti – asphyxia system ready to work at 12 or 220 volts, lifting power capacity ranging from 100 kilos with a hoist up to 1000 kg. • Anti – asphyxia system available* • Adaptable outlet coil* • Band width programming* • Sensible programmable movements* • Time between programmable movements. • Specific control for the ridges.

MV1 Motors

With a sturdy design, to work in the most adverse conditions, providing an excellent result in quality/price ratio. Ideal for installations where it is necessary to act on a large number of air inlets. Maintenance-free. LIFTING CAPACITY OF 1,000 Kg WITH HOIST BLOCK. For the opening of windows, most of the actuators have an outlet adaptable to pipe spanner and with reel for cable or safety belt.


Cooling Cooling walls, spraying

Line of high-pressure sprayers Produces a spray curtain that obtains cooling by evaporation. Evaporative cooling is a simple but effective method, where the water requires calories to evaporate, so it takes 600 calories from the environment for each gram of water added to the air. The more water that evaporates, the cooler the surrounding environment will be.

• Nozzle point made of stainless steel AISI 416. • Stainless steel nubulizing nozzle AISI 304 • Nozzle internal part made of stainless steel AISI 416.

• With an anti – drip system and filter of 25 microns

• Sintered filter of 30 – 40 μm.

• Detachable for cleaning purposes.

• Lubricated nozzle.

• From 8 l/h to 40 bar.

• Nozzle angle 60º, 0.75 gph 1.25 gph

• Easy installation system with no tools needed.

• High – pressure nozzle made of stainless steel. • Anti – drip support to install on the pipeline made of PVC copper or stainless steel.

APLICATIONS Cooling in poultry farms either fatteners or breeders.


Humidification The wet wall cooling system is a very durable group of modules of evaporation cooling panels 10 cm or 15 cm thick, manufactured in stainless or galvanized steel, with which larger cooling surfaces can be obtained with a good ratio between efficiency and investment.

The panels are based on evaporative cooling by water falling on a cellulose panel, located in the window, through which the air passes, increasing the relative humidity and decreasing the temperature. This passage causes evaporation and cooling of the room. - Cooling modules made of stainless steel. - Cooling modules made of PVC - Panels for modules 10 cm and 15 cm thick. - Cooling modules 10 cm and 15 cm thick. - Cooling modules made of polypropylene Self-supporting module Option of having complete “Eco” model modules. They are different from the standard one in that they include the water pressure system, reducing to the greatest extent the plumbing installation.

Cooling modules of polypropylene

• Excellent cooling capacity • The special surface properties of the polypropylene compound in combination

with the element‘s geometry ensure a very good cooling capacity. • Easy to clean / long service life • The use of welded, highly resistant polymer sheets (PP) allows the humidifying cooler to be cleaned without difficulty and without damaging the elements. In addition, the elements owe their durable mechanical strength to thermal welding of the sheets. • The use of polymer material in combination with thermal welding guarantees a long service life. • Impermeable to light • Low pressure loss • UV resistance 9

Heating and recovery Progressive recovery of ICR calories, heating Cannon, Hot air generator, Infrared radiator.

Progressive heat exchanger of calories ICR 180 The ICR is a progressive recuperator of calories, with perfect air diffusion due to its adjustable deflector, both in height and in width. It has precise control of air renewal from the start, with its progressive fan and its recovery hatch. It can be coupled to the customer’s dynamic fan. The state-of-the-art device A 4.000 m3/h. offers a 40% higher performance as compared to a tubular exchanger. • Optimization of the environment (performance of 85%). • A notable decrease in gas consumption (up to 28%). • A considerable improvement in the quality of the bed.

G100 kW heating cannon, suspended from roof 100 kW / 86,000 Kcal/h. Provides savings in fuel costs, improves the conversion ratios and decreases production costs.

Hot air generators. Turbo-generators. Heaters.


Hot air generators Due to its minimal inertia, the conductive element is the air, that provides a rapid increase in temperature. It requires a low initial investment and minimal maintenance to ensure clean combustion (does not require emission of smoke).

The burner supplied incorporates an electronic turning – on and control device by means of some ionization electrodes guaranteeing the heater turning –on, it reduces the presence of CO2 in the air flow to only 0,3%, (Clean combustion) which together to

its total reliability, easy maintenance and maximum performance makes it the most convenient option.

Gas infrared radiator

Offers energy-saving and energy-efficient solutions. Option of acquiring it with a patented infrared micro-pilot, which ensures the ignition of the main burner with no need for electric power supply, eliminating unnecessary fuel consumption. • Possibility to progressively regulate the power, from 10% to 100%. • Ideal radiation distribution, without obstacles. • Two radiating surfaces, even at a low regime. (Two metal radiating surfaces formed by two concentric cones, that is to say, two radiators in one). • Absence of an air filter, and still keeping a correct combustion process. • Washable with water, internal and externally.


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The information, features and images of the products included in our catalogues and brochures may be modified without previous notice given their continuous technological development.




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