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honor roll of donors } thank you for giving it up 4 EWU | 2012

message from the president

Dear Friends, It is a great privilege for me to thank you, our generous donors, for choosing to “Give It Up 4 EWU� so that Eastern Washington University students can achieve their dreams. Your generosity has been critical during this period of record enrollment. Many students would struggle to stay in college without scholarship support, which helps students with tuition, housing and the cost of books. Just one gift to the scholarship fund, a college, department or program helps students achieve their academic and lifelong goals, while assisting the university in its primary mission to help students succeed. Take a moment to read the inspiring testimonials in the following pages to learn how your support has made a tremendous difference to our students. Most important, these scholarship recipients understand the value of giving and sharing, and they are eager to return the favor through philanthropy, community service and volunteering. As president, this means a lot to me as well because I want to ensure our students not only stay at Eastern but graduate with a sense of pride and civic responsibility. It is a great honor to recognize those who know the importance of investing in students at EWU. With gratitude,

Rodolfo ArĂŠvalo, PhD President

your generosity makes a difference } To continue our commitment to students, we must overcome the modern realities of higher education. Shrinking budgets, declining state funding and higher tuition are just some of the challenges facing EWU. That’s why support from the corporate and philanthropic foundations and individuals listed on these pages is so critical. Rising Student Tuition Resident Undergraduate Rates* Declining State Support State Contributions to EWU General Fund in Millions* $56.196 million

*Source: EWU Office of Budget Services


$43.121 million

$34.285 million

$33.803 million











giving it up 4 ewu


} More than 70% of EWU students receive financial assistance. We were able to award more than 2,000 scholarships last year. The need will be even greater next year.

thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 2

Giving It Up 4 Family


phaedra cote

A young mother holds her critically ill son in her arms, willing him to pull through once again. Since his birth in 1998, his small body has already endured numerous life-saving surgeries. Mother and son have spent most of his first five years in the hospital. Without warning, the little boy suffers respiratory arrest. Health-care professionals descend upon him with skill, machines and humanitarian care. He is saved again, but will spend weeks in the pediatric intensive care unit. His health gradually improved. By 2006, the 8-year-old and his little brother were in school. Their mother, Phaedra Cote, had never been able to leave her firstborn’s side to go to college or work, but with the boys in school, she finally had time to explore her new interest in triathlon sports. “The challenges I faced with my son taught me a lot about my deeply rooted inner strength, which I found translated well into the sport of triathlon,” she said. “I started training in February 2006, did my first half-Ironman six months later, and placed so well that I qualified for the World Championships.” Timex offered her one of 50 worldwide positions on its Multisport Team. She raced for three years on the team, trained while her children were in school and traveled the country. “I even crossed some finish lines with my boys’ little hands in mine,” Phaedra said. In 2009, Phaedra and her husband divorced. She was a single mom with no college education or financial security. Phaedra reflected on her years of experiences in hospitals with her son. “That difficult time shaped me, not only as a mother, but as a person, and I learned that I did very well in the health-care environment,” Phaedra said. Phaedra’s father cosigned a car loan for her, and she began her quest for an education and career in health care. She enrolled in community college, later transferred to Eastern, and secured a dental assistant job in a pediatric setting. It solidified her confidence to choose dental hygiene as a major and future career. Phaedra’s busy life with her children (now 15 and 11), classes and job leave no time or money for triathlons. Her 15-year-old’s severe food allergies create expensive grocery bills. She had to sell her beloved bike and triathlon gear. “That’s just how important my education is to me,” Phaedra said. “I have made every sacrifice possible to fund my education and support my children; even so, it would be impossible to pay for Dental Hygiene School if it weren’t for generous donors who have supported my scholarship.” In her minimal spare time, Phaedra has conducted children’s free triathlon clinics and a triathlon with 115 participants. She also has coached women athletes. “I love sharing my passion for health and fitness,” Phaedra said. “It’s something I can offer to the community.” Phaedra talks with her sons about hard work and sharing. “I tell them I am proud and honored to be a scholarship recipient,” she said. “Donors live outside themselves and go beyond what is required of them as human beings. Contributing to scholarships is such a selfless gesture. “There are lessons in this for my boys: When you believe in yourself and work really hard, you get results that have a positive impact on your own life, and you inspire others to do the same. Additionally, you can be recognized for your hard work. I explained to them that my scholarship recognizes the sacrifices we have made as a family for me to be in school, and the fact that I’ve performed well in my courses shows donors that school is a big priority for me.” thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 3

Ujima is Swahili for collective work and responsibility, to build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems, and to solve them together. That concept truly defines Quinton Baker and guides his life’s goals. When he was a little boy, Quinton’s mom worked two jobs to pay for their one-bedroom apartment. He learned from her that he would have to work hard to get what he wanted in life. He also learned along the way that he had a passion for helping people. In high school, he fell in love with psychology. He wanted to find answers to complex questions: Why do we act the way we do? What causes emotion? When his mother was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease, Quinton focused on another question: Could psychology, alternative medicines and a healthy lifestyle cure her? “Doctors of Western medicine told my mom there is no cure for her disease,” Quinton said, “but I believe there is a cure, just not with the conventional prescription pill.” In an effort to help his mom and others by answering his questions, Quinton set a goal to attain an undergraduate degree in psychology, and eventually a PhD in health psychology (the study of psychological and behavioral processes in health). “I’m looking forward to contributing to research conducted in natural herb and medicine remedies,” he said. Quinton attended community college, and then, thanks to scholarships made available by generous donors, he transferred to Eastern. In his first year at EWU, Quinton met his goal to make the Dean’s List. His current academic goal is to graduate near the top of his class. Quinton has another goal that aligns with his desire to help others: “To volunteer for causes as long as I live,” he said. Last year, he was a mentor for Eastern’s Ujima Summer Bridge Program, which provides incoming African American freshmen with tools for academic success. In the broader community, Quinton has volunteered for American Red Cross’ Natural Disaster Unit, Department of Social and Health Services’ homeless count, Bloomsday, Spokane-toSandpoint Relay, and Special Olympics. Addressing domestic violence, he volunteered at a marital and domestic violence counseling center, and he spoke at a domestic violence seminar for police, clergy, politicians and citizens, and on a Spokane radio station. Quinton thanks donors for his scholarships. “They helped pay for tuition, books and housing, and they afforded me time for volunteering, which is an important component in the advancement of my education,” he said. After he graduates from Eastern, Quinton plans to give back so that future students may also achieve success. “Giving back is a critical part of keeping an organization or a foundation alive,” Quinton said. “Not only should alumni give back financially, I feel they should also invest professionally. Alumni hold the keys to professional doors, and they should be looking to employ qualified graduates as they transfer from the classroom to the boardroom. Eagles helping Eagles!” He’s got the right idea for achieving “Ujima.” thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 6

quinton baker

a volunteer 4 life }

the campbells

eagles 4 life } Philanthropy and service are a huge part of life for EWU Alumni Association President Gina Mauro Campbell ‘90 and her husband, Connan Campbell ‘91. “Often, we have three things we can give: time, talent or treasure,” Gina said. “When we’re young, we often have more time and talent than treasure. I think alumni should listen to their hearts and give in whatever way they can, whether it be time or money, to an organization that resonates with them. If that’s EWU, fantastic! Eastern has always been a place where the impossible is possible. Providing scholarships to help students is a beautiful thing.” You can find Gina and Connan participating at alumni events, cheering on the Eagles at games and serving on various committees. In addition to the Alumni Association Board, Gina serves on the EWU Foundation Board and the Eastern magazine Editorial Board. Connan serves–––– as a regional volunteer officer for Sigma Nu, the fraternity he joined at EWU. You can also find them giving back in the broader community. As director of Visitor Services at Visit Spokane, Gina is extraordinarily connected throughout the region. She volunteers with Safety Net of Spokane, a nonprofit group that fundraises for youth aging out of the foster care system. She serves on the committee that helps plan Safety Net’s annual auction fundraiser, and she heads up the Annual Art Day for local artists and area foster youth to create art together. While Connan worked at Washington State University, he served many years as president and member on the Pullman YMCA Board. He was recently appointed director of Student Development at Spokane Community College, and is looking forward to local volunteer opportunities. “Giving back is just something that feels natural,” Connan said. “It’s a way to help others be successful.” Numerous community leaders and mentors who crossed Connan’s path throughout the years inspired him to be benevolent. Gina said her mother, who graduated from Eastern in 1972, is very compassionate and instilled in her the importance of helping others. At EWU, Gina enjoyed the philanthropic aspect of being an Alpha Phi. Her Eastern experience, which was enriched by the generosity of alumni and friends of Eastern, also inspired her. “I feel I’ve been very lucky, and my education has provided me with so much opportunity,” Gina said. “It’s important to help smooth the path for others. I truly believe that those who have been given a boost up along the way will look for ways to pay that forward.” thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 7

andrew delgado

in it 4 fun and education } As funny as it may sound, some children need help to have fun. Sometimes it takes fundamentals or functionality or fundraising. Just ask Andrew Delgado. He will tell you that a small town can be a boring place for high-energy middle school kids. That could be the case in Cheney, but it wasn’t the case when Andrew volunteered more than 350 hours at the youth center. He put those hours into providing teens with fun after-school activities that burned energy in a positive way. At EWU, Andrew discovered that he could pursue a degree in recreation management to follow his dream of helping young people lead fun, healthy, active lives. Andrew also found that he could rack up hundreds of hours at the campus H.O.M.E. Program. The acronym stands for Helping Ourselves Means Education. “At H.O.M.E., we are dedicated to helping nontraditional students work toward higher education,” Andrew said. “We focus on EWU student parents and their children by programming a variety of events throughout the year. We host fun events for children of student parents, raise money for childcare scholarships, provide children with gifts during the holiday season, and provide student parents with additional resources on our campus and in our community.” Andrew works part time, but he acknowledges he would have had to give up volunteering and valuable study time if he had to work full time to cover all of his tuition, fees, books and housing. “Financing college has become a challenge for many, including myself,” he said. “Over and over, I have seen friends walk away from our campus with unfinished goals and broken dreams. By funding scholarships, donors have lightened my financial burden, which has allowed me to continue to work toward my education and pursue a degree in a field that I am strongly passionate about. I will continue giving back to our community, and one day I hope I can help students achieve their academic goals just as donors have helped me.” Thanks to donors who have chosen to Give It Up 4 EWU, Andrew will graduate from Eastern this spring, and he already has his first career-field job lined up. You’ll find him providing recreational fun in the sun at a large resort in Florida. thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 9

lifetime giving societies }

Benjamin P. Cheney Society $1 million or more

Mary Monroe Society $250,000 to $499,999

William J. Sutton Society $100,000 to $249,999

The transportation industrialist Benjamin Cheney contributed $10,000 to fulfill the vision of area citizens who had long desired an institute for higher learning.

Mary Monroe was the first female chair of the board of trustees in the 1920s and an advocate for women in professional careers.

William Sutton organized the first public school in Cheney, serving as the Cheney Normal School principal and professor of math and history.

College Success Foundation Oracle Corp. *Marty and *Helen Terzieff UGS PLM Solutions

Clarence Daniel Martin Society $500,000 to $999,999 Clarence Martin fulfilled his dream of a fouryear college in Cheney after he was elected governor of Washington in 1933.

Anonymous *Lucille M. Christ *Edward C. Johnson Meitje Esveldt Christ Memorial Fund Rural American Scholarship Fund David A. and Sandra L. Sabey *Dr. Earle K. and *Florence Stewart Wittenbach Memorial Scholarship Trust

Anonymous (2) *R.G. Andres, MD Avista Corporation *John D. Bohanon *Thomas W. Bonsor Cheney Christian Church Dale Wilson Trust Daniel and Margaret Carper Foundation *Maxine C. Davidson *Dr. Aretas A. and *Kittie M. Dayton Estate of Howard A. Dettmers *Dr. Alan B. and Kaye Hale Herbert B. Jones Foundation *Frances B. Huston Inland Northwest Community Foundation Itron, Inc. John Fluke Corporation The Kresge Foundation M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Microsoft Corporation *Edward and *Vieno V. Nansen Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. of Spokane Dr. Walter L. and Myrtle M. Powers Rockwood Clinic, PS Katherine M. and Michael Roos Dr. Jean'ne M. Shreeve Spokane Teachers Credit Union *Patsy K. and *Robert Utter *Betty S. Wheeler

Agilent Technologies - Liberty Lake Amgen, Inc. AMX AutoPatch Apple Computer Corporation Associated Industries of the Inland Northwest Avista Foundation Bank of America, 5th Ave. Seattle Branch *Virginia Baz Boeing Company Monetary Donations Bonneville Power Administration Boone Foundation *Helen Brown *Martin A. and Jennie S. Brown Carl M. Hansen Foundation CenturyLink - Gig Harbor Charlotte Y. Martin Foundation *Benjamin P. Cheney Maureen M. and Bob Clark Empire Health Services Estate of L. May Foreman *Neal R. and *Helen W. Fosseen *Howard L. and *Lorene H. Franz GreenVolts, Inc. *Dr. Phillip D. Grub Billie Jean Hall *Dick L. and *Nancy D. Hughes Pitak Intrawityanunt *Dr. Judith D. Kaufman The Kegel Family Klaue Family Foundation David A. Klaue *Akira Kusaka

The Annual Honor Roll of Donors is based on gifts from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012. If we have made an error, please let us know by calling 509.359.6252. * Deceased. Bolded names indicate new members.

*Lawrence K. and *Vera R. Laughbon The Malcolm Fraser Foundation Chris D. and Kris M. Mikkelsen Mark A. and Vickie L. Nysether *Dr. O.C. and *Mary E. Olson Kurt E. and Gayle S. Orton Output Technology Corporation Parametrix - Corporate Randy Park and Susan Holliss Kathy S. and Maj. Gen. Kenneth L. Privratsky Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center Roger H. and Claudia Salquist *Kathy G. Schluneger Susan J. and Richard Schwasnick Barbara R. and Walter Shields *G.A. Skov *Dr. Victor C. and *Dottie Murray Smith Stanley and Bernice Fahlgren Fund with INCF Sterling Bank - Corporate Lawrence B. Stone *J. Herman and Jean Swartz Telect, Inc. U.S. Bancorp Foundation U.S. Bank - Seattle Main Branch Univar Corp. Washington Dental Service Foundation Washington Trust Bank - Corporate The Wham Charitable Trust Paul M. and Gail H. Wham Xilinx Corporation


President’s Society $25,000 to $99,999 Named in honor of the presidents who guided the university to its present eminence.

Anonymous (4) 4 Seasons Coffee Company, Inc. Alcoa Foundation Aldec, Inc. James L. and *Shirley A. Anderson

Dr. Rodolfo and Nadine A. Arévalo Arrowhead General Insurance Tom Askman Aslanian-Thompson Family Foundation Trust Kyoko Awamura and Thomas H. Morton Jr. Bob Baker Bank of America Foundation Bank of America Regional Office Bank of America - Spokane Main Banner Bank - Corporate Pamela A. Bariletti and David E. Simpson Henry S. and *Maryjane Bates *Carol K. and Charles H. Baumann Betty W. Bender *Jean L. and Robert P. Beschel Best Western Peppertree Airport Inn BLRB Architects - Corporate BNSF Foundation Boeing Commercial Aviation Services Dr. Dorv and Diane D. Breitenfeldt *Bob O. and *Bertie J. Brugge Gordon E. and Rhoda P. Budke Carol J. Burns *Tony and Vivian K. Carpine *Don R. and *Patricia E. Case *Joe and Yvonne A. Chatburn Cheney Real Estate Management Cheney Realty, Inc. George and Kay Cheroke Harriett A. and James E. Clark Calvin A. and Deborah K. Clausen CliftonLarsonAllen-Spokane Cochrane & Company Thomas E. and Cindy A. Cochrane Coeur d'Alene Tribal Casino College Spark Washington Collins Family Dentistry - Spokane Kenneth M. and Sharman Collins Helen E. and *Gilbert L. Cooley *Lois B. Copenhagen Corning Incorporated Colin and Ann H. Cowherd Bob and Darlene Seibert Curnow Ron H. and Lidwina E. Dalla David and Dorothy Pierce Trust Ted C. and Kathy L. Demerritt Dollar Rent-A-Car Harlan D. and Maxine H. Douglass Educational Broadcasting Company WNET

Estate of Ellis S. Gottbehuet Estate Of Ruth Cheney Streeter Benji and Marcie Estrellado Ewing M. Kauffman Foundation Excell Foods Wendell L. Exline Faculty Organization of EWU Fidelity Foundation Fire Control Sprinkler Systems Co., Inc. Charles and *Neda Fisher Ed C. and Susie Fisher *J.E. and Vee Fletcher Fluke Networks Fosseen Foundation Candace M. and Donald G. France Ed and Susan M. Franklin Eleanor J. Friar Jack L. and *Viola F. Frisk *Glen O. and Hope S. Fuglsby Garco Construction Gas Transmission Northwest Dr. Peggy Gazette Gesa Credit Union John L. and Sherry Gilbert Glenn Foundation for Medical Research Global Credit Union Neal A. Gmeiner Ron C. and Carolyn A. Gooley Great Plains Software *Frank W. and Noreen Groh *Bill Hall and Jean Hall Ray O. and Judith S. Hamel *Anne Harder-Wyatt and *Robert Wyatt *Betty L. and *Dewey Hendrickson *Betty and *Clarence E. Henning Hewlett-Packard - Giving Station Dennis R. and Sandy L. Higgins *Dr. Robert E. and *Alice Hungate IBM International Foundation IBM - Spokane Inland Empire Toyota Dealers Association Inland Imaging Business Associates *Loyd G. and Nancy A. Jenny *James A. and Janyce L. Johnson Ray and June Johnson Jeff A. and Esther T. Joireman Margie R. and LeRoy A. Jones *Dr. Wendal S. and *Virginia M. Jones Dr. Stephen M. and Ruth Kinnie Jordan Raj and *Irene M. Joshi *John A. and *Carol M. Joy thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 12

Jubilant HollisterStier Mabel L. and *William N. Kaiser Kalispel Tribal Economic Authority Joe and Jan Karas Kawai America Corporation Patricia M. Kelley Pat Kilkenny Marilyn J. and Jim L. Kirschbaum Claude L. and Sharon L. Kistler *Frederick H. and *Kathryn N. Koch *Gertrude R. Laurance *Marguerite Leeper Leona Hickman Educational Trust Marian R. and *Dr. Roland B. Lewis Ray W. and *Helen L. Liberg Bob N. and Neva L. Lincoln Dirk L. and Violet Lincoln Helen E. and Dr. Phil R. Marshall Martin Automotive Group Dana R. and Mary Martin Dean and Jean Martin Dr. Jackson J. and Phyllis R. Martin Dr. Sonja C. Matison Doug A. and Alisa L. Matson *Elpha M. and *Edwin McDonald *Mary Louise R. and *Louis F. McEldery John and JoAnne McKay Patrick F. and Darlene M. McManus Medical Service Corporation Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities Co. Greg M. and Kendy S. Meyer Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Moss Adams Foundation Moss Adams - Seattle Muckleshoot Indian Tribe *Fay E. Mutchnik Nathan R. and Bonnie Narrance Rob D. and Randi L. Neilson Dr. Frank E. and Margaret E. Nelson Mary Ann Nelson Laurel M. Nett *Gene and *Jean Newman Joan E. Niemann Northern Quest Resort and Casino Northwest Alloys, Inc. *Cecily C. Nyberg John W. and Erika O'Neil Nancy A. and *John F. O'Neill Oracle - Bellevue PEMCO Financial Services PEMCO Foundation, Inc. thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 13

Dr. Peter Piper and Patricia J. Baxter Piper Pixar PricewaterhouseCoopers, Corporate-USA Providence Associates Medical Laboratories Providence Holy Family Hospital PWC Matching Gift Program Qwest Foundation Jay W. Rea Red Lion Hotels – Corporate W.B. Red Reese Family Betty and Bill E. Rennebohm Research Corp. Dr. Travis S. and Sharlene A. Rivers *Horace and *Gwendolyn Robinson Richard N. and Debi G. Roccanova *Clifton B. and *Eleanor H. Rock Sue and Don L. Rodman Donna M. and *Harold L. Roloff *Elsie G. and *Harvey A. Rubin S.G. Farms, LLC Sabey Corporation Safeco Inland Northwest Safeco Insurance Foundation Sahlin Foundation Jody and Lee J. Sahlin Kathy R. Sawtells Kurt E. and Susan M. Schulz Scottish Rite Foundation of Washington Seattle Seahawks Seismic Micro-Technology, Inc. Diane B. and Bill J. Shaw Catherine D. and *Claude L. Simpson Raymond A. and Marlene G. Soltero *Dr. Ward E. and *Eleanor N. Sorrels Janet L. and *Dr. Stephen S. Spacek Spokane District Dental Society, Inc. State Farm - Trent Ave. Dr. Lynn M. Stephens *Ruth C. Streeter David A. and Rita L. Swanson Lee and Dr. Kenneth C. Swedberg System TWT Transportation Mike and Linda Ann Taylor Tektronix Tom and Stella Thompson Pamela R. and *Robert M. Thorstenson Sr. Sally S. and Thorne L. Tibbitts Rockne J. and Regina M. Timm Triumph Composite Systems - Spokane

U.S. Bank - Spokane Main Branch *Woodrow and *Eleanor J. Van Fredenberg Verizon Foundation W.K. Kellogg Foundation Wagstaff, Inc. *Cairlon M. and Victor E. Wallace Sr. The Wasmer Foundation James D. and Stacey S. Weddle Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Foundation Randy L. and Aleta M. Wells Welsh Family Foundation Jackie and Tim Welsh Trevor and Daiatra H.P. Westlund Beverly and Jim C. Williams *Dr. Obed and *Ruth Williamson Mary S. and *Frederick Wilson Jr. Dick and Gayle L. Withnell Women Helping Women Fund *Bill and *Sally A. Wynd Zak Designs, Inc. Irv and Angela R. Zakheim

Rebecca Hardy } Music student Rebecca Hardy volunteered her time and talents to organize a concert to benefit the Harrington Opera House in Harrington, Wash., and she began the process of raising funds for their new piano.

1882 Society In honor of Eastern’s year of founding, this society recognizes supporters who contribute $1,000 or more annually. Number after name indicates consecutive calendar years giving.

Anonymous (6) Eva-Glynne E. and Ronald L. Adams2 *Richard W. Ager2 American Association of State Colleges and Universities Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program7 Eleanor A. Andersen2 James L. Anderson7 Apex Physical Therapy - Cheney2 Dr. Rodolfo and Nadine A. Arévalo7 Tom Askman12 Aslanian-Thompson Family Foundation Trust4 Associated Industries of the Inland Northwest4 Avista Corporation27 Avista Foundation10 Ayco Charitable Foundation2 Bob Baker15 David J. and Marina S. Baranowitz2 Pamela A. Bariletti and David E. Simpson10 Karla and James S. Bennett2 Diane M. and Rick Betts Daniel P. Beyer17 Bielec Properties2 Bi-Mart7 Irene B. and Brian D. Birdsall5 Gary N. and Susan M. Bloom Mitch and Jacki D. Blumenthal2 Boeing Company Monetary Donations32 Scott A. and Karen L. Bogdanoff Mary Lou & Anthony D. Bonanzino Sr. Timothy M. and Shelly Bradbury3 Dr. Dorv and Diane D. Breitenfeldt5 Clay P. and Lorna S. Breshears Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. Bernadette and Norman C. Brown2 Gordon E. and Rhoda P. Budke16 Todd E. Butler4 Melanie D. and Mark J. Butorac2 Terri H. and Ron Caferro2 Micheal A. Callaway Brian L. and Lisa S. Campbell LeeAnn Case7

Randy C. and Michaelyn M. Casto Edward L. and Faris E. Charbonneau Bill Chaves6 Cheney Environmental Association13 Cheney Free Press Cheney Real Estate Management15 Dan B. and Lita R. Clark17 Maureen M. and Bob Clark13 Sara E. and David Michael Cleveland Cochrane & Company8 Thomas E. and Cindy A. Cochrane3 Collins Family Dentistry - Spokane13 Kenneth M. and Sharman Collins30 Laurie F. and Patrick F. Connelly13 Colin and Ann H. Cowherd3 Patrick A. and Tonyia M. Crebbin5 Connie F. and Dr. William R. Cross5 Chris D. Curtis4 Custom Body Collision Repair2 Ron H. and Lidwina E. Dalla27 Damon and Damon Orthodontics Daniel and Margaret Carper Foundation12 David and Dorothy Pierce Trust21 Elise B. Dean22 Linda J. and Mark S. Dearborn17 Dell, Inc.2 Cher and James M. Desautel6 Merry E. and Bill Dick28 Wendy and Bill M. Diedrick Jr.7 Michaele E. Dietzel Arthur C. Dimarco5 Catherine M. and David A. Dixon4 Do It Best Hardware - Champaign2 Harlan D. and Maxine H. Douglass15 Pete Exline13 Susan Y. Eymann Kevin L. and Linda L. Fairhurst9 Stuart J. Fealk2 Fidelity Associates15 Fidelity Foundation14 William L. and Linda R. Fisher3 Ronald H. Fleming7 Michael M. and Carole F. Folsom32 Justin A. Franke Ed and Susan M. Franklin3 H.G. and Mary W. Frederickson4 Rob and Lisa M. Friese10 Rex D. and Susan L. Fuller7 Jerry R. and Ruth A. Galm21 George H. and Cathy L. Garber Kenneth L. Garmann9 Dr. Peggy Gazette13 Elin V. and Boyd L. George19 Gary W. and Susan J. Geschke3 John L. and Sherry Gilbert2 Global Credit Union3 Neal A. Gmeiner28

Elizabeth A. and Raymond M. Gogolewski3 Ron C. and Carolyn A. Gooley17 Heather L. and Shan Graham Ivy L. and Michael K. Green2 Noreen Groh18 Russ C. and Diane R. Haehl5 Trish Hahn2 Halfmoon Heights3 Billie Jean Hall12 Jean Hall25 Dr. Kenneth A. and Britta Jo Hammond18 Gary M. and Jeanine C. Hann2 Daniel P. Harbaugh2 Thomas C. Hayes and Sonia Arévalo-Hayes4 Terri R. and Tom Hayman3 Nancy J. and John E. Heard2 Jack E. and Lisa H. Heath Karen M. and Jon J. Heimbigner22 Barbara D. Hennessey Herbert B. Jones Foundation10 Rosemarie Higgins and Alan S. Dernbach *Gwen A. Hill12 Rich and Patricia G. Hole20 Gary J. and Mary R. Hopkins2 Horizon Credit Union Gary and Susan M. Hustad3 I.S. and Emily Fetterman Foundation6 IBM International Foundation27 Alexia Iñigues6 Uriel R. and Connie W. Iñiguez2 Inland Neurosurgery & Spine Associates Inland Northwest Bank - Corporate2 Inland Northwest Community Foundation17 IREX Itron Corporate Giving Program2 Itron, Inc.10 Yim Jaehoon *Eva M. Johnson Ray and June Johnson16 Johnston-Hanson Foundation2 Jeff A. and Esther T. Joireman2 Peter A. and Diane E. Joss3 Robert E. Kaake6 Dr. Alan R. Kabat Mostafa Kabbani2 Jon M. and Terri L. Kagawa Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.2 James F. and Jan E. Karel2 Patricia M. Kelley17 Terry M. and Cynthia J. Kelly2 Tracy J. and Kory L. Kelly10 Claude L. and Sharon L. Kistler23 Gary L. Klassen9 Brenda S. and Von Klohe9 Hitomi Kobayashi James M. Krofchek9 Tesha A. Kropidlowski16

The Annual Honor Roll of Donors is based on gifts from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012. If we have made an error, please let us know by calling 509.359.6252. * Deceased

David D. and Ingrid S. Kuo7 Jeff and Ruth Larew Kupp13 Judy L. and John Labelle7 Larry Larison Danny L. and Carroll LaTurner3 Janet L. and Dan H. Leaf20 Leona Hickman Educational Trust3 Ray W. Liberg31 Liberty Mutual Group6 Haideh N. and Donald R. Lightfoot2 Bob N. and Neva L. Lincoln21 Caren L. Lincoln28 Dirk L. and Violet Lincoln7 David M. Lynch M. & L. Supply Company, Inc. Eileen H. and W. Scott Mabee Gay and Mike N. Macaulay12 Kendra L. and Christopher D. Majer The Malcolm Fraser Foundation2 Kari and John J. Manning Jr.26 Helen E. and *Dr. Phil R. Marshall9 Martin Food Ventures2 Jackson J. and Phyllis R. Martin28 Jim R. and Kym S. Martin13 Barbara C. and Robert Materne Jr.2 Dr. Sonja C. Matison Doug A. and Alisa L. Matson14 Rick J. and Carolyn T. Mattern11 Arlene Fisher Maurer and Richard A. Maurer4 Lynn C. and Mike McCarthy2 Richard B. and Erlys Ellen McCoy4 *Lenora E. McEachran James F. and Karen L. McElwain3 Bob D. and Judy A. McFarland John and JoAnne McKay7 McKibben Demographic Research5 Lt. Col. (Ret.) Jerry P. Mellick5 Members Give2 Mercer Estates Winery3 Greg M. and Kendy S. Meyer The Michael Roos Foundation Microsoft Matching Gifts Program16 Chris D. and Kris M. Mikkelsen25 Chuck and Bonnie Millham4 Octavio J. and Diana L. Morales William R. and Elizabeth A. Morig2 Moss Adams Foundation8 Catherine G. and Ronald D. Moss4 MSNBC.COM Matching Gifts Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Mike R. Mumford14 James M. and Jill J. Murphy17 Timothy S. Murphy3 Charlie Mutschler13 Mark Muzi and Laurie A. Boehme3 MW Consulting Engineers Sherri Myre-Burrington and Randy L. Burrington4 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 15

Nathan R. and Bonnie Narrance2 Rob D. and Randi L. Neilson11 Kent W. Nelson4 Robert L. and Joan A. Morgan Nelson13 LeRoy D. and Brenda S. Nosbaum2 Patricia W. and John S. Nugent Sr.31 NW Behavioral Health Clinic2 Mark A. and Vickie L. Nysether12 Carol J. and Terry J. O'Leary3 Frances Olmsted and David Williams4 Nancy A. O'Neill14 Colin A. Ormsby Jack L. and Kathy D. Ossello Ted and L.J. Otto6 Owl Pharmacy - Corporate5 Maryam Parviz Walfrido B. Patawaran Brad C. and Sandi L. Patton4 Pearson Foundation4 Richard E. and Esther J. Pearson2 PEMCO Foundation, Inc.24 Lance J. and Angelique E. Perry Frank C. and Sheila V. Gates Ping7 Dr. Peter Piper and Patricia J. Baxter Piper17 *Wallace B. and Georgiana Plowman11 POE Asphalt Paving2 Diane M. Powers Druska M. Powers2 Dr. Walter L. and Myrtle M. Powers16 Gregory P. and Alice Prekeges15 Premera Blue Cross Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc.16 Kathy S. and Maj. Gen. Kenneth L. Privratsky3 Providence Associates Medical Laboratories12 Jim Rabideau5 Scott R. and Suzette L. Rahn9 Rain Shadow Research The Rasmuson Foundation6 Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund Jay W. Rea32 John M. and Elaine Reese13 Lavona L. Reeves4 Monica L. and Larry G. Rencken George Renner2 Edward T. Riley Dr. Travis S. and Sharlene A. Rivers18 Robert and Cathleen Brett Trust2 Robert Baker Foundation, Inc.3 Richard N. and Debi G. Roccanova23 Donald W. and Donna Rockstrom Rockwood Clinic, PS13 Sue and Don L. Rodman23 Donna M. Roloff27 Daric P. and Heather R. Ronngren3 Katherine M. and Michael Roos5 Rosa's Pizza4 Richard D. and Lori Rousseau13

Ronald P. and Susan A. Runyon3 Rural American Scholarship Fund23 S.G. Farms, LLC10 Safari Club International6 Sahlin Foundation15 Jody and Lee J. Sahlin4 Roger H. and Claudia Salquist Craig A. and Leslie Sanders2 Amy C. and Shannon Sanderson John and Rita Santillanes5 Kathy R. Sawtells31 Dr. Thomas J. Sawyer4 Jerry and Debbie Schmidt5 School Employees Credit Union of Washington - Corporate6 Dave R. Schultz and Debra D. Webster Kurt E. and Susan M. Schulz3 Susan J. and Richard Schwasnick21 Scottish Rite Foundation of Washington13 Donna J. and Brig. Gen. Neal Sealock II9 Julia A. Seipp2 Staci and Dan Seliger Selinger Shone Foundation3 Diane B. and Bill J. Shaw30 Barbara R. and Walter Shields5 Vickie R. and Peter G. Shields8 Dr. Jean'ne M. Shreeve4 Joanne F. Shreeve16 Craig D. and Jodi L. Sides Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Renee E. and Bill A. Simer8 Linda L. Simpson17 Priscilla T. Sims20 Janet L. Spacek32 Ray R. and Pat A. Spanjer8 Spokane Occupational & Hand Therapy Spokane Produce, Inc.6 Spokane Teachers Credit Union14 Rod Stackelberg14 Jeffrey L. and Debra H. Stafford15 Stu and Shirlee Steiner11 Stejer Development2 Dr. George M. and Marianna Stephens7 Dr. Lynn M. Stephens23 Donald G. and Arlene E. Strate5 Jean Kaye Swartz30 Lee and Dr. Kenneth C. Swedberg7 System TWT Transportation T.C. Trading Company, Inc.4 Michael L. and Carla R. Teegarden6 Justin L. Terry2 The Kegel Family11 The NRA Foundation The Welty Foundation, Inc.4 Patrick and Diane Thomas Tom and Stella Thompson13 Peder H. and Kathleen Thorstenson2

Sally S. and Thorne L. Tibbitts30 Tony Brooks Insurance Agency Julie M. and Eric S. Tucker Stephen Twiggs3 U.S. Bancorp Foundation13 U.S. Bank - Seattle Main Branch Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane Jergen Unutzer VPI Quality Windows Wagstaff, Inc.14 Carolyn H. Wall13 Victor E. Wallace Sr.15 Tim A. and Laurel C. Warner5 Washington Science Olympiad Washington State Healthcare Executives Forum5 Washington Trust Bank - Corporate11 Charlie H. and Kathy M. Watson2 Charles R. and Donna L. Weaver2 James D. and Stacey S. Weddle3 Welsh Family Foundation3 Jackie and Tim Welsh3 West Terrace Golf3 Samuel P. and Jodi L. West Maj. Gen. Scott G. and Patricia J. West2 Altamae S. Whitehill18 William J. Shupper Family Foundation2 William K. Hall Family Limited Partnership3 Joseph P. and Karen Susan Williams Tom R. and Joyce Ann Williams3 Dr. Sally A. Winkle16 Withnell Motor Company Dick and Gayle L. Withnell2 Jamie A. and Jackie D. Wolff4 Edmund J. and Jane O. Yarwood7 Jonathan and Brittney Young2 Dr. Bill Youngs27 Irv and Angela R. Zakheim2 Len and Dawn L. Zickler


| barnes

Physical Therapy

“Some of my greatest joys have come through seeing the way service I render affects the lives of others. I would not have been able to volunteer in our community, spend time with my two children or maintain a fulltime internship without the generous scholarship I received.”

Kinnikinick Society Named for the Northwest native perennial evergreen and traditional name of the Eastern yearbook, we honor donors for their loyalty, recognizing support of any amount for three or more consecutive years. Number after name indicates consecutive calendar years giving.

Friends of EWU Anonymous (3) 4 Seasons Coffee Company, Inc.3 Wayne A. and Carol B. Adamek4 Cleo L. Adams5 Yvonne and Jay C. Adkins3 Keith V. Adolphson11 AEP American Electric Power Company7 Steve P. and Linda Agen3 Agpro Systems, Inc.5 Alaskan Adventure Charters3 Dan and Anne V. Alsaker5 Dr. Barbara L. Alvin4 Bonnie and Harvey B. Alvy12 Ambassador Limousines3 Hugh Ambelang4 Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program7 Ames Ranch3 Amgen4 Patricia L. and Skip Amsden3 Noel W. Anderson5 Robert S. and Linda L. Anderson13 Sam Anderson11 Marge E. Andrews and Michael P. Arnot4 Susan L. and Robert F. Anselmo4 Joan and Greg Arata3 Dr. Rodolfo and Nadine A. Arévalo7 Bradley D. and Debbie Arlt6 Nancy J. and Dennis A. Armstrong-Montes5 Wendell V. and Donna L. Arntzen8 Lynn A. and Douglas C. Arthur5 Tom Askman12 Aslanian-Thompson Family Foundation Trust4 Associated Industries of the Inland Northwest4

Barbara A. Augusta7 Heidi M. and David B. Austin3 Avista Corporation27 Avista Foundation10 Bob Baker15 James D. and Peggy A. Baker3 James W. and Marsha Bannon4 Clay and Cassandra L. Barr3 Linda and Lyle S. Beach8 Douglas and Judy Beane3 Elizabeth S. Beardsley8 Ben Franklin Store16 Betty W. Bender21 Marjorie H. Bender6 Doug and Judith Bendewald5 John R. and Mary Benham12 Doug R. Benson4 Dorie K. and Jerry D. Berger5 Berry and Associates, Inc.4 Prakash H. and Aruna P. Bhuta26 Cecilia Bigley3 Mike J. and Sandy L. Billings4 Peter T. and Cecylia Bilous3 Bi-Mart7 Joe A. and Diane M. Birkenfeld3 Blue Sky Window Cleaning3 Boeing Company Monetary Donations32 Carol A. Borg12 Thomas A. and Susan L. Borges6 Laura A. and Jim Bowen3 Marvin J. and Diane M. Bracken4 Richard Brainard4 Deborah E. and George H. Brandt5 Robert W. and Natalie Bray3 Christine Briggs and Brent Sprague4 Lynn C. and Larry Briggs10 Douglas S. and Roberta A. Brooke3 Saundra and Steven P. Broussard3 Cynthia N. Brown3 Ida M. and Dale Brown3 Penny and Gary E. Brown5 Shelly Brown4 Theresa and Dennis M. Brown4 Debbie and Mike Brunner3 Keith A. and Donna O. Bruton5 Bruttles Candies3 Debbie and Patrick Buckley3 David C. and Susan Bunting32 James V. and Sharon M. Burger6 Eimear Burke3 Katherine M. Burt3 Brian Butorac and Susan Wood-Butorac5 Phillip Butterfield6 Linda M. and Scott E. Byerley8 Rebecca T. and Ken C. Cage3 Bill and Sherry A. Campbell5 Lupe and Eugene M. Cannon5

The Annual Honor Roll of Donors is based on gifts from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012. If we have made an error, please let us know by calling 509.359.6252. * Deceased

Shelley Carlson and Richard L. Stephenson3 Marilyn and Warren G. Carpenter4 Beth Ann Carr and Marvin E. Smith II11 Frances J. and Luther James Carr Jr.17 David and Katharine J. Carson4 Judd A. and Jeanne Case6 LeeAnn Case7 Elizabeth Casey3 Joseph F. and Donna M. Casey6 Tom W. and Jeanne I. Casstevens12 Irma and Ricardo Castro3 Craig Catlett9 Rosemary and William Caton5 Louise H. Chadez13 Ron M. Chadwick3 Ernie and Sandra Chapin6 Judith R. and James P. Chasse9 Bill Chaves6 Mary Chavez6 Cheney Dental Care3 Cheney Environmental Association13 Cheney Real Estate Management15 Cheney Realty, Inc.14 George and Kay Cheroke4 Mary C. and Lee D. Chester7 Chevron Humankind Program13 Sandra L. Christensen16 Kevin L. and Nancy J. Christiansen3 Craig Christopher5 Anthony J. and Margie Cichoke3 Brenda Clark5 Jennifer L. and Michael D. Clark4 Julie J. and Jerry L. Clark3 Marilyn and Tim J. Clark5 Calvin A. and Deborah K. Clausen7 Clearwater Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.5 Robert Cleveland3 The Clorox Company Foundation7 Cochrane & Company8 Alan J. and Renee Coelho19 Ed and Gloria Coker3 Collins Family Dentistry - Spokane13 Karen J. Collins14 Kenneth M. and Sharman Collins30 Shawn M. Collins and Margaret Mellinger3 Combined Fund Drive10 Jean M. Comstock3 Laurie F. and Patrick F. Connelly13 Peter J. and Susan W. Conrick11 Continental Door Company3 Robert E. and Pam J. Corlett9 Carolyn J. and William Rice Cosgrove Jr.3 Joy L. and James W. Costar3 Lorna L. and John Coulthard3 Colin and Ann H. Cowherd3 Judy J. Crabb6 Gregory T. and Autumn R. Crary4 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 17

Rebbeca S. and Thomas Bertrand Cresswell3 Paul Croxford4 Diane Cunningham6 Mike Cunningham7 Cris M. Currie3 Chris D. Curtis4 Daniel and Margaret Carper Foundation12 Roger D. and Loretta R. Daniel15 Jackie and Lt. Col. Al Daniels Sr.13 David and Dorothy Pierce Trust21 Thomas L. Davis3 Donna L. Dean-Wright and Charles Wright3 Robert L. and Molly E. DeBolt12 Kevin Decker3 Deep Clean3 Rodney F. and Clara Deitz4 Sharon DeLoach4 Roxann and Gregory D. Dempsey Sr.7 Curtis and Lucinda Denison5 Desautel Hege Communications6 Richard A. and Mary M. DeVany7 Dean DeVitto3 Patrick R. and Susan DeVries6 Karen E. and Kenneth H. Dickens3 Arthur C. Dimarco5 Debbie and Ron Dion7 Catherine M. and David A. Dixon4 Nancy L. and George E. Dooley III7 Harlan D. and Maxine H. Douglass15 Loretta P. and Richard L. Dragoo5 Mary B. Druffel10 Hallie M. Duck4 Joan E. and John P. Dugger3 Carla M. Duncan14 Jody Dunn-Oster and Randy M. Oster3 Don and Lynda S. Duval4 Catherine O. and Chip Dyer5 Robert A. and Cathy C. Eastwood8 Colleen A. and Greg D. Eik5 Sharron L. Eisler3 Margaret Ely5 Scot and Janet L. Erickson4 Michael N. Evans5 Martina M. and Allen D. Evenson6 EWURA Golf League7 Pete Exline13 Barbara Fairleigh and Dennis Goreman4 Timothy J. and Tammy Fastabend4 Denis and Judy L. Felgenhauer3 Lynne C. Feller-Marshall & John S. Marshall13 Lorrie and Larry L. Felton8 Paula and Jay Timothy Ferris3 Fidelity Associates15 Fidelity Foundation14 Fire Control Sprinkler Systems Co. Inc.9 Alan S. Fisher3 Kevin and Joann Flaherty4

Ronald H. Fleming7 James and Linda L. Folk4 Lindsey A. Forgey8 Fosseen Foundation12 Stacey M. and Martin H. Foster3 Candace M. and Donald G. France3 Ed and Susan M. Franklin3 David T. Fransk4 Viola K. and Bob T. Freeman10 George T. Frobisher II5 Richard L. and Beatrice Fuchs11 Rex D. and Susan L. Fuller7 G. Hartzell & Son7 Jack and Qun Wei Gambill5 Carmen and Russ Gaut5 Dr. Peggy Gazette13 Cass and Alycia Gebbers4 Andrew A. and Adalgiza A. Gebhart4 Qi Geng and Bing Li3 Meryl R. and Robert Gersh5 Gary W. and Susan J. Geschke3 David J. Gilbert5 Joan Gilbertson7 Gillingham Sand & Gravel Company4 Jack and Christina Gillingham7 Ernest H. Gilmour32 Terry D. and Laura M. Gingrich9 David N. and Julie A. Glass3 Global Credit Union3 Gregg R. Godsey and Janet R. Katz5 Elizabeth A. and Raymond M. Gogolewski3 Dave and Kathleen Gooch12 John and Becky Graham5 Melody A. and Monte J. Graham8 Michael L. and Cheryl L. Grambo3 Renee S. and John A. Grandinetti II5 Greater American Construction Company5 Brian S. and Kelly Green3 Jodi K. and Ron Green3 Mary K. and Richard B. Green3 Greenburo6 Jerry W. and Linda Greer8 Rick A. and Tamira L. Gregory3 Douglas L. Griffith11 Noreen Groh18 Paula D. and Gregory Paul Gruber9 Joan M. Guerin4 Marie and Bradley L. Gunn15 Terri J. and John Gurtisen5 Thomas Haas6 Russ C. and Diane R. Haehl5 Tamara and George J. Hageage III5 Daryl G. and Jean S. Hagie13 Haglund's Trophies3 Bill J. Haley3 Halfmoon Heights3 Billie Jean Hall12

Jean Hall25 Jim L. and Gayle B. Halmo6 Ray O. and Judith S. Hamel2 John T. Hanly3 Gretchen L. and John A. Harder3 Bob and Velva I. Harris4 Kate K. and Jeff P. Harrison5 Rhonda Hart4 Mary J. Harvey4 Della R. and Mark E. Harwood5 Haskins Steel Co., Inc.7 Hatch & McKay, PS6 Arthur C. and Teresa R. Hathaway12 Tom and Susan M. Havey8 Jon and Vicky Hawkinson9 Nancy R. and William Hawley3 Darren Haworth5 Margaret L. Heady3 David C. and Cindy Heitstuman4 Lanae and Tony Hentges3 Herbert B. Jones Foundation10 Augie Hernandez4 Gail F. and Barry C. Hicks29 Karla Hill4 Jennifer and Thomas M. Hill Jr.3 Tom Hill9 Shirley M. and Robert L. Hillhouse Jr.8 Elizabeth L. and Michael D. Hively10 Christine E. and Alan C. Hjort Jr.10 Mike and Mary Ann Hoefel17 Gary A. and Dee Dee Hoffer3 Anna M. and Les Hogan6 Beth R. Holben14 Herb Holden13 Holiday Inn Express3 Holiday Inn Express - Cheney7 Holiday Inn Spokane Airport10 Dave and Donna Holleran3 Harry H. Hollibaugh3 Melinda J. and Steven S. Holloway3 Jeff C. and Denise K. Holt3 Sue Holter6 Christine and Douglas Homer3 Robert L. and Susan R. Hooper7 Richard J. and Dolores A. Hoppe5 Jeanne L. Hornbuckle3 Jeanne A. and Harry L. Hotchkiss3 Janet M. Hubbard12 Berneal L. Hughes11 Tricia M. and Marc J. Hughes12 Janet and Dale Hume3 Rita and Larry Husby4 Gary and Susan M. Hustad3 Susan L. and Ronald M. Huxtable3 Paul C. and Holly Hyndman4 I.S. and Emily Fetterman Foundation6 IBM International Foundation27

Kosuke Imamura8 Inchelium Short Stop3 Simon and Luz Iniguez4 Inland Empire Paper Co.5 Inland Northwest Community Foundation17 Darrell B. Irvin10 Mardell Irvin10 Pat and Cindy Isbell8 Itron, Inc.10 Gary E. Jackson7 Robbie Jackson13 Alan B. Jacob3 Mary M. and Roger O. Jaenicke3 Sara D. Jaenicke3 James R. Nolen Chiropractic3 Juanita and Mike L. James4 David L. Jamieson4 Bonita M. Janssen3 Paula M. Jeffries3 Dean M. and Laura J. Jennings3 Laura and David Lee Jepsen4 Jessica B. Palfreyman Trust3 Jewelry Design Center7 Joel E. Ferris Foundation3 Torben A. Johnsen4 Charlotte J. Johnson7 Janyce L. Johnson4 Jones & Sons Chassis3 Justin M. and Breann Jones7 Penelope R. and Dean E. Jordan3 Peter A. and Diane E. Joss3 Journal of Business12 K. & K. Farms, Inc.3 Lisa B. and Robert J. Kalina5 Kalispel Tribal Economic Authority5 Marge Kallem9 Kennard J. and Marie E. Kapstafer3 Robert M. Karlsten3 Jo Ann Kauffman and Thomas Patrick Keefe Jr.9 Stephen and Nellie C. Kaufman3 Erick F. and Kim Keating8 Kathleen A. Kelleher4 Dr. Sarah C. Keller16 Bill Kelley29 Patricia M. Kelley17 Don K. and Diane L. Kelly10 Gary G. and Lee Ann Kelly16 Holly J. and Rodney D. Kelly3 Tom and Linda Marie Kelly8 Janet R. Kendall3 Key Bank Foundation3 Kiemle & Hagood Company3 Paul D. and Juli A. Kienbaum8 Bryan D. King3 Randy L. and Laurie L. King5 Terry M. and Margaret J. King11 Virginia L. and Bill Kitley5

Klaue Family Foundation21 Jay Kleaveland4 Russell L. and Lisa Kolts10 Bertha A. Koplitz3 Evelyn R. and Albert C. Kowitz3 KPG - Tacoma4 Larry and Peggy D. Kraft10 Tom Kramer5 Sarah M. and Ron C. Krausse4 Peter Krueger Sr.4 Tom Kuntz10 David D. and Ingrid S. Kuo7 Miles Kydd8 Margaret M. LaBelle-Imhoff6 Tammy L. Lacey3 Lakeside Industries, Monroe Division5 Brian Landes3 Sharon and Sandro Lane4 Cheryl and Robert B. Lang3 Donna L. Langer3 Richard and Mary A. Lathim8 Ann C. Le Bar17 Drs. Mindy S. and Morgan R. Leach5 Faith Leaf4 David and Carrie Lee3 Hyung S. Lee4 Grant D. and Allison Leep5 Dave E. and Kathy R. LejaMeyer6 Leona Hickman Educational Trust3 Brian and Debbie Liberg8 Liberty Mutual Group6 Eileen K. and Bruce A. Liebing3 Tom K. and Sue L. Lienhard5 Yolanda and Bobby Linares3 Bob N. and Neva L. Lincoln21 Dirk L. and Violet Lincoln7 Liz Lind8 Dale M. Lindekugel3 Maralyn K. and Boyd Lindholm3 Steve Linnell and Mary Ellen Lang-Linnell4 Mary and Eric Linscheid3 Karen L. Linscott7 Brian E. Livingston3 Richard C. Lloyd4 Howard J. Lohr and Sheran Sakamoto-Lohr8 Kugie and Lillian M. Louis5 Kerry F. and Robin Luciani11 Linda L. and Tom Lundquist8 Evelyn and Joseph Lusignan3 Patricia A. and James A. Lynass3 Sandra A. Lyon3 M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust9 Sunni B. and Tim B. Mace4 John M. Macy10 Mail Box Center, LLC3 Lawrence Main9 Iola H. Malaby12 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 18

John E. Malaby12 Lynn and Doug Malsam8 Diane M. Manasco5 Mimi Marinucci13 Wayne J. and Merri G. Martin5 Doris I. Maruska3 Beverly A. Massie4 Teri D. Mathis and Bryan G. Stuart5 Christina Matson8 Danielle Matson8 Dillon Matson10 Janet N. and John H. Matthews6 Susan C. and Donald E. Mattoon Jr.5 Yvonne and Jon A. Mattson5 Sue and Joseph S. Mauro3 Tom P. May13 Sandy and Stan Mayernik3 Dave L. and Judy V. Mayfield16 Dr. Mark and Paula Mays3 Mary McArthur19 Bob E. and Barbara McAvoy11 Nancy and Al McBroom6 Betty J. and Donald H. McCall4 Don and Laverle M. McCandless11 Mary C. McCartney4 Linda B. McCollum16 Alan H. and Audrey McCoy3 Richard B. and Erlys Ellen McCoy4 Richard J. and Ida T. McCoy5 McDirmid Mikkelsen & Secrest, PS16 Bill and Betty McGonigle25 Linda S. and Alex C. McGregor10 David and Grace A. McHugh4 John and JoAnne McKay7 Heather R. McKean25 McKibben Demographic Research5 Evelyn J. McLaughlin11 Kathleen D. and Jerry K. McLaughlin3 Patrick F. and Darlene M. McManus3 Brian and Carolynn G. McNaughton5 Deborah M. and Norman R. McNulty Jr.6 Patricia A. and Steve McPherson5 Peter B. McRae5 Gary F. and Jan McSweeney4 Caryn L. and David W. Mears3 Marcia J. Mecklenburg14 Fred H. Megerth5 Mercer Estates Winery3 Merck Company Foundation3 Metal Rollforming Systems3 Microsoft Matching Gifts Program16 Mike's Water Systems & More3 Dan and Valerie Miller4 Julie L. Miller7 Stanley L. Miller3 Chuck and Bonnie Millham4 Patricia M. and Bruce E. Mills5 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 19

Jeffrey T. and Kathleen Minnerly4 Michelle C. and Aaron Mintz3 Dr. Bruce M. and Radell Mitchell32 Julanne and Joe J. Mittge3 Cathie L. and Jim K. Moeller12 Thomas A. Molter4 Moonlighting Antiques & Collectibles8 Alice C. Moore3 JoAnn and Lyle A. Moquist4 Jeri L. Morgan25 Sandi and Terry L. Morgan3 Stuart C. and Danica D. Morgan3 Glen Y. and Sandy Moribe9 Laurie V. Morley13 Shawn A. Mosey3 Moss Adams Foundation8 Richard L. Mount3 William A. and Lynn Mount26 Mountain Gear3 Jim W. and Arlene Mowatt14 Leslie L. Mowatt8 Jay M. Moynahan6 Paul T. and Karon Smith Mueller3 Mike and Debbie Mulholland6 Doris M. Munson9 Aileen Murphy3 James M. and Linda L. Murray6 Nelle and John Murray5 Del Muse21 Denise R. Mutschler12 Mark Muzi and Laurie A. Boehme3 Carolynne Myall16 Sherri Myre-Burrington and Randy L. Burrington4 Tedd Nealey5 Cajer and Jamie L. Neely4 Suzanne and Donald Neil3 Jim C. and Cathy Neir5 Kent W. Nelson4 Patricia L. Nemetz-Mills16 Barry L. and Susan J. Newman13 Claude W. and Marilyn M. Nichols5 Jeanette C. Nicholson3 Laura J. Nielsen4 Joan E. Niemann5 Nora E. and William I. Nikkola Sr.11 Jim R. and Kanani Nolen4 Chris J. Nordlund8 Virginia and Arvid M. Nordman3 Thomas and Sandra Norman5 Brian L. and Melissa A. Norton9 Cheryl A. and Kristopher P. Nowak3 Craig A. and Carolyn R. O'Brine3 Jovan Ojdrovic11 Jan Oliver3 Frances Olmsted and David Williams4 Arley L. Olson4

Janice C. Olson5 Paula J. Olson3 Richard O'Neill15 Donald C. and Patricia Orlich14 Justin L. Otto3 Ted and L.J. Otto6 Brandie Overbay-Stiltner7 Owl Pharmacy - Corporate5 Heidi G. and Bob Packer10 Cheryl E. and Joseph A. Pakootas3 Jessica B. Palfreyman3 Parametrix - Puyallup, Inc.4 Vonice D. and John S. Parker6 Christopher S. Parkin5 Paul G. and Linda A. Parkin4 Danielle D. and Kevin D. Parsons3 Brad C. and Sandi L. Patton4 Gregory and Roberta Paulitz5 Bob and Julie K. Paull4 Pearson Foundation4 Emma V. and Eugene M. Pecchia3 Francine M. Peirone3 PEMCO Foundation, Inc.24 Susan Pence3 Kathryn L. and William A. Perkins9 Adele M. Perrault3 Picture Perfect3 Dr. Peter Piper and Patricia J. Baxter Piper17 Harriet D. and William H. Plucker16 Susan K. Potter13 Russell W. Pounds11 Robin H. and Brian E. Powell5 Dr. Walter L. and Myrtle M. Powers16 Gary L. Pratt and Christine R. Perez-Pratt4 Gregory P. and Alice Prekeges15 Bob and Mary Prentice4 Betty E. Presnail5 Jim and Ann M. Price11 Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc.16 Sally H. Pritchard and Thomas N. Tremaine4 Procter & Gamble Fund7 Providence Associates Medical Laboratories12 Roger L. Pugh4 Johanna and Mark Pugsley3 Robert R. and Sue Quinn7 Cecelia J. Quirk9 Ramon Family Trust3 Teresa Raney5 Laura and David C. Rannow3 Rhonda and Daniel J. Raska4 The Rasmuson Foundation6 Resa L. and Jeff J. Rawley4 Linda and Victor Ray3 Connie S. Raybuck and Timothy J. Connor4 Paul and Nadine Rayburn5 Richard M. and Kristal Raymond4 Raytheon3

Jay W. Rea32 Red Lion Hotels - Corporate4 Cheryl J. Reed and Tim D. Owen3 W.B. Reese Family13 Lavona L. Reeves4 James A. and Jill M. Rehm3 Debora M. and Guy F. Reisenauer3 Roxanna L. and Frank L. Reisenauer10 James F. Reitan4 Rich W. Relyea4 Wendell Reugh3 Richard N. Roccanova, DDS5 Randy and Denise Rieckmann4 Dr. Travis S. and Sharlene A. Rivers18 Barry L. and Helene R. Roach10 Robert Baker Foundation, Inc.3 Robert I. Stockton, DDS29 Robert M. Trask Agency, Inc.6 Bobbie S. Robinson20 Stanley F. Robinson5 Rock Rollers, Inc.32 Rockwood Clinic, PS13 Rockwood Retirement Communities5 Ed and Linda L. Rodriguez3 Blane E. Rogers4 Victoria S. and Richard S. Roig11 Timothy J. Rolfe14 Michael L. Rooth and Julie Yankee6 Rosa's Pizza4 Marie B. Rosenberg4 Douglas and Joyce A. Rosenoff13 Robin S. and Ryan R. Roush7 Dick and Muriel J. Rubens4 Lee and Vera M. Ruebush8 Zona C. Rueppel15 Lester W. and Tracy L. Ruhs3 Rural American Scholarship Fund23 Rebecca S. and Scott E. Rushing Sr.6 Byron E. Russell13 Loren J. and Sherry D. Rux3 S.G. Farms, LLC10 Safari Club International6 William and Enid A. Sagvold5 Sahlin Foundation15 Jody and Lee J. Sahlin4 Bert M. and Linda Salisbury9 Monty D. and Patricia O. Sampson23 Gary and Terry Sanderson5 Carol S. and David R. Sanford3 Peggy L. Sanford3 John and Rita Santillanes5 Steve J. and Laurae W. Sather3 Mary Ann and Wilfredo Savella3 Lynn R. and Michael P. Savoie15 Ryan Sawyer5 Dr. Thomas J. Sawyer4 Carol L. and Dennis Scarcello4

Kay and Gary Scheidegger3 Vernon E. Schick and Fannie Chan-Schick4 Mariah R. and Paul H. Schimpf7 John R. and Kathy S. Schmidt6 The Scholarship Foundation10 Dr. Allan Scholz25 School Employees Credit Union of Washington - Corporate6 James A. and Nancy L. Schrack3 Marilyn A. and Charles A. Schroeder15 Sherry W. and Joe B. Schroeder3 Mark R. and Jenny M. Schuetzle4 Megan Schuller5 Wendy M. and Mark Schuller11 Raymond L. and Ninon O. Schults4 Schwab Charitable Fund6 Dr. Suzanne M. Schwab26 Scottish Rite Foundation of Washington13 Dave and Candy R. Scoville9 Del and Dwyllis Secrest6 Anne L. Selcoe and Richard L. Erhardt7 Selinger Shone Foundation3 Leonard F. Selvaggio6 Alecia M. Sharp3 Frances B. and Steven W. Sharpe3 Deb J. and Larry Shepherd14 Vicki D. and Ronald B. Shepherd8 Myra M. and Hal M. Sherman3 Debra A. Sherritt6 Vickie R. and Peter G. Shields8 Dr. Jean'ne M. Shreeve4 Fred R. and Susan J. Sievers10 Edward P. Simonen3 Priscilla T. Sims20 Partha Sircar21 Janis Slaughter4 Eric and Twila Slind3 Kimberly A. and Daniel K. Small4 Lelia D. and Grant W. Smith4 Merleen and Laurence D. Smith17 Michelle and Clint Smith3 Nan Smith4 Thomas M. and Mary Ellen Smith9 Sandi Snow5 Thomas A. Solan3 Donald and Valerie L. Soo Hoo3 Charlotte K. and Jesper L. Sorensen3 Janet L. Spacek32 Gary J. and Judy J. Spangelo11 Specialty Management9 Spokane Athletic Supply3 Spokane County Title Company12 Spokane District Dental Society, Inc.5 Spokane Produce, Inc.6 Spokane Teachers Credit Union14 Laura L. Spradley and Tom Sowa4 Mary Jane and Norm Spragg6

Ellen Spring3 Jill R. Springer Forrest and Jeffrey Forrest4 Rod Stackelberg14 Jeffrey L. and Debra H. Stafford15 Laurie A. and Charlie L. Staley3 Steve R. and Judy L. Staley3 State Bank Northwest8 State Farm Companies Foundation27 Carol K. Steffens4 Sally A. and Robert K. Steidl Jr.4 Kathy A. Stein3 Tim Steiner9 Winifred M. Steiner9 Dr. Lynn M. Stephens23 Sterling Bank - Corporate25 Don N. and Dana K. Stewart5 Patricia A. and Robert R. Stillmaker3 Shawnna M. and Robert I. Stockton7 Nan and Jeff Stonestreet6 Mark E. Story23 Elena and Charles D. Stowell3 David C. and Laura M. Strasser9 Darrell W. and Vanessa R. Strong13 John M. and Robette C. Stuart3 Jennifer R. Stucker16 David W. Sundstrom5 Carole E. and Richard A. Swanson3 Jean Kaye Swartz30 Lee and Dr. Kenneth C. Swedberg7 Paul Swetik3 Tim L. and Linda Szymanowski6 T.C. Trading Company, Inc.4 Charles D. and Barbara A. Tappa3 Carolyn K. Terry16 Donna Terry3 The Kegel Family11 The Welty Foundation, Inc.4 Vera L. and Paul R. Thibodeau5 Boon Thompson3 Del L. Thompson12 Duane G. and Milli Thompson3 Mike and Linda S. Thompson4 Joe and Susan Thornton7 Sally S. and Thorne L. Tibbitts30 TicketsWest and WestCoast Entertainment4 Richard J. Tiffany10 Doreen M. and Roger Timm20 TNT Property Managment, LLC3 Georgianna H. and Clayton Todd3 Tom Rousseau Insurance Agency5 Beth E. Torgerson6 Erin Torres5 Towners Conoco7 Keith and Joan I. Tracy15 Dave B. Trefry8 Julia and Bob Tripp5 Mark S. Turner4 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 20

U.S. Bancorp Foundation13 Paul Unger3 United Way of Pierce County4 United Way of Spokane County16 United Way of the Columbia-Willamette5 Glenda J. and Vernon L. Upson6 Christina A. Valeo6 Dustan J. and Marcia Van Vleet6 Darl W. VanderLinden11 Gerald L. and Judith A. VanPevenage4 Jeff and Laura J. Vaughan7 Verizon Foundation10 Dennis P. and Marlene M. Vermillion3 Carol M. and Ronald Vines14 Viren and Associates, Inc.3 Paul and Beth Viren3 Mary E. Voves14 Kim and Carl Wade3 Doris C. Wages3 Edward J. and Bonnie Wagner5 Jen Wagner2 Ed G. and Debra A. Wagnild3 Wagstaff, Inc.14 Donita J. and Lee H. Walker9 Carolyn H. Wall13 Robert A. Wall3 Aaron and Michelle Wallace3 Chris Wallace11 Victor E. Wallace Sr.15 Ronald L. and Diane M. Ward4 Catherine Wardle4 Nancy S. and Kurt L. Warner6 Washington State Healthcare Executives Forum5 Washington Trust Bank - Corporate11 Paula and Tom Watterson9 Moira F. and Ray B. Watts3 Lynn and Dr. Craig Webster6 James D. and Stacey S. Weddle3 Larry J. Weir6 Bev A. Weisbrodt and Ted J. Venetz5 Marcey A. Welfringer-Olson & Gene M. Olson3 Randy and Ginny Wellan5 Wells Fargo Foundation20 Randy L. and Aleta M. Wells15 Welsh Family Foundation3 Elizabeth M. Welty3 West Terrace Golf3 Western Market5 Michael J. and Jennifer L. Westfall7 Dr. Bart Whelton9 Patricia S. and Laurence White3 Jeff D. Wieck3 Julie K. and Gary P. Wilkerson3 Lisa C. and Michael R. Wilkinson3 Ozzie and Virginia L. Wilkinson4 William K. Hall Family Limited Partnership3 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 21

Connie and Michael J. Williams3 Tom R. and Joyce Ann Williams3 Harold E. Wilson15 Ken A. and Carylyn C. Wilson5 Richard A. and Jane Wilson3 Rita D. and Wayne D. Wilson4 Robert L. Wimp3 Dr. Sally A. Winkle16 Kaye and Edward K. Winslow5 Patrick G. and Joyce J. Winters14 Nancy L. and Bob Withycombe8 Joy L. and Babe D. Witter3 Frieda H. and M. Sgt. (Ret.) William Wolrehammer3 Jessica C. Wong4 Kelly S. and Gary S. Wood3 Roger D. and Teresa M. Woodworth8 Maryalice M. and Larry J. Woody8 Dr. Sue M. Wright and Richard B. Davidson14 Sharon Yaeger3 Edmund J. and Jane O. Yarwood7 Chuck and Nancy Young6 Dr. Bill Youngs27 Walt E. and Marie J. Zabel5 Bruce I. and Eloise H. Zelk3 Dr. Duanning Zhou and Ping Ping12 Kathleen S. and Robert Zinke27 Phylis J. Zoller7 Gabor M. Zovanyi26

Alumni By Class Year Number after name indicates consecutive calendar years giving.

1937 Mabel L. Kaiser14 1938 Doris M. Eriksen19 1939 Jean F. Stevens4 1940 Franc H. and Harris A. Taylor19 1941 Martha M. Butler19 1943 Jacqueline M. Ormsby14 Harris A. and Franc H. Taylor19 1944 Carolyn E. and Ray Giles19 Dorothy F. Stebbins5 1946 Ray and Carolyn E. Giles3 Wilma M. Lee16 Jack R. and Janice Roffler11 Mary E. Weed5 Dr. Robert H. and Marilyn A. Wilson15 1947 June Bauer5 George W. Lotzenhiser11 Barbara I. Woodworth15 1948 Viola R. and Ralph W. Boese13 Ruth G. and Donald D. Dorn3 Margaret L. Fea19 George R. Gablehouse11 Roberta L. Rogers17 Conrad D. and Megan Walth6 Louise J. Zaidi4

Molly Yin } Student Molly Yin, Health Informatics Technology and Management, has volunteered to help others in need. “Through volunteering, I realize not everyone is as fortunate as I am to be able to pursue a degree, and one person can make a difference by dedicating their time. Therefore, I am grateful for the opportunities scholarships have provided for me.�

1949 Harold R. and Pat Hartman17 Wesley C. and Dorothy A. Newbill4 Jim Rabideau5 Margaret S. Rayburn5 Janet C. Shaffer8 Beverly P. Simmons19 Doreen E. and Ronald W. Young17 1950 Bart L. and Mariam L. Bartlett12 Alfred C. Biggs15 John M. Dix4 Gene and Julia L. Hoon5 John G. Johnston13 Lexine Killian11 Margaret A. Knapp6

Al and Phyllis J. Latimer4 Ken Ledgerwood15 William C. and Caroline A. Palmer13 Marvin L. and Ruth N. Ray20 Clyde W. and Noreen F. Sale10 Jacque D. Workman4 Elwin E. Wright13 1951 Merle A. and Patsy J. Allenbach12 Darlene M. Carlton13 Dick and Jerrie L. Eicher16 Rich and Patricia G. Hole20 Gene G. and Eula M. Kelly12 Suzanne E. and William F. Moody5 Carl W. and Betsy N. Pearson7 *Wallace B. and Georgiana Plowman11 Anton Rasmussen6 Ruth N. and Marvin L. Ray20 Marjorie H. and Jim Simanton4 Edwin R. Thiringer13 Eileen W. Tibbitts20 Altamae S. Whitehill18 Wayne and Nancy Wright5 1952 Bill and Rhoda J. Barton16 Betty J. Beard5 Howard S. and Mary Floy Dolphin15 Neal A. Gmeiner28 William G. and Rosie M. Laws6 Jackson J. and Phyllis R. Martin28 Gene D. and Jimmie Savitz8 Bob A. and Bonnie H. Warnecke21 Jane Weeks3 1953 Deral D. and Carol L. Adams25 Jean L. Carvey17 Charles B. and Merilyn G. Clizer5 Mary Ann and Billy E. Guyer5 Tom H. and Nadine R. Jones11 Joan Nelson14 Francis Ruud7 Tracy B. and Leta F. Walters3 Carl E. and Doris E. Welch13 Keith L. and Dolores H. Yates16 1954 Ken W. and Maxine M. Benshoof9 James B. and Mayona Faye Clatworthy12 Bill and Carol A. Ellis12 Patricia S. Fullerton11 Yvonne L. and Gilbert Goodwater5 William A. and Jean L. Greene5 Julia L. and Gene Hoon5 M. Lois and George L. Lunden5 Tommiana B. and Robert G. Lynch5 Harold W. and Mary Kay Meili19 Bob A. and Ardeth Morris6 George C. and Elizabeth A. Pratt8 Jim and Marjorie H. Simanton4

1955 Bert M. Baron26 John W. and Joyce M. Ditz11 Richard W. and Nancy L. Edwards9 Duncan E. and Carol R. Hallett19 Cleave V. and Audrey J. Hedman6 Mary C. Ruud7 Jean L. Wagner11 James L. Worley and Sandra J. Lane4 1956 Col. Roy B. and Zelma L. Bernd10 Robert D. Biggs15 Dr. Kenneth A. and Britta Jo Hammond18 Don and Penny Johnson5 Pheryl E. Montroy3 1957 Richard R. and Arla J. Ault9 Sally and Bud Baumgardner16 Wayne Harris3 David A. and Constance L. Henry3 Jack E. Lane26 Ray W. Liberg31 Keith and Ann M. Mortensen9 Walter G. and Deanna E. Munk4 Patricia A. and Hal L. Roy3 Al and Gayle E. Semprimoznik4 1958 Dorothy A. and Daryll Bahr5 Mick and Sue J. Burdge16 Ike Cummings5 Lee and Merna R. Graese5 Darlene R. and Ken Judd3 Eugene Kelly4 Allen T. and Janice I. Matsumoto4 Charles W. and Eleanor M. Mueller3 Donna L. and Harry G. Sanford5 Lt. Col. Lawrence H. Schafer15 Walter L. and Betty Sutton9 Bobette and Ted Tuchek15 1959 Phil N. and Joann H. Anderson2 Daryll and Dorothy A. Bahr5 Marguerite A. and Bill Borgert10 Richard D. and Doris E. Dierckins3 Virginia and Lyle E. Gillette Jr.18 Jean L. and William A. Greene5 Mel and Darlene S. Griffith13 Dick G. and Jan Harris9 McLaren L. and Susan W. Harris9 Garnett S. Hordemann5 Ken and Darlene R. Judd3 Faye R. Lucke15 Bob K. and Pat A. Miller7 Clark D. and Mary Ann Myers12 Robert L. and Joan A. Morgan Nelson13 Janet G. and Dean M. Owen12 Nancy H. and Joe Potoczny4 Patricia M. Riggs10

Hal L. and Patricia A. Roy3 Duane K. Simshauser3 Ron H. and Virginia H. Sperber31 Norma J. and Thomas W. Staudacher11 1960 Dorothy A. and Rolland F. Armstrong19 DeWayne E. and Betty L. Boyd4 Warren H. and Lee Cook17 Maggie and Kenneth R. Dolan14 Raymond L. and Helen E. Gilman3 Barbara H. Hyer19 Clark E. and Jeanne Jewell3 June F. Johnson3 Gary Losh3 Philip T. and Elizabeth M. McClintock4 Carol J. and Steve Y. McNair7 Dean M. and Janet G. Owen12 Robert L. and Coralie C. Rose10 Sally M. Schultz5 Ted D. Schultz and Sue Ann Lyle3 Dan and Anita Simurdiak19 Carol L. and Don L. Williams3 Charles W. and Myrna D. Wiltse Jr.24 1961 Ronald F. and Jill Briskey3 Wayne G. and Sue Fleming26 James M. Krofchek9 Harvey W. Laib31 Boyd E. and Diane Leonard17 Duncan P. and Janice L. MacDonell5 K. Dale McCulley3 Walter D. and Zola Z. Myers4 Richard D. and Barbara L. Pruitt26 Florence I. Samels8 Martha J. Speelmon19 Ruth D. and Glenn Wollweber3 1962 Bobbi A. and Harold N. Bowers3 Pete and Eileen R. Cannon3 Richard P. and Linda L. Cannon8 Bill and Merry E. Dick28 Darrell R. and Carol A. Dyer4 Cloyde R. Hardman16 Mertis K. Harmon5 Lonnie V. and Marlies Herington5 Paul K. and Linda K. Lewis4 Robert S. and Hope Neilson17 Patricia W. and John S. Nugent Sr.31 Athanasia S. Pampori30 Bruce A. and Irene H. Peters3 Roger A. Riggs9 Vic P. and Julie Roberts12 Susan J. and Richard Schwasnick21 Gerald I. and Colby J. Stanley15 Dr. George M. and Marianna Stephens7 Irene Tallent19 Janet A. and Marty C. Thompson7 Al J. and Bernie M. Toutant20

The Annual Honor Roll of Donors is based on gifts from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012. If we have made an error, please let us know by calling 509.359.6252. * Deceased

1963 Mary Lynne and Ray G. Armstrong18 Kathleen H. and David J. Bone4 Harold N. and Bobbi A. Bowers3 Gordon E. and Rhoda P. Budke16 Kenneth R. and Maggie Dolan14 Jane Eberle6 Nicholas J. Eggleston2 Carol F. and Darryl W. Isotalo12 Richard W. and Charlene A. Knowles10 Linda K. and Paul K. Lewis4 Mike N. and Gay Macaulay12 Keith C. Martensen3 Hope and Robert S. Neilson17 Col. Ted Paterson16 Jae L. and Virginia Turner3 John M. and Janice Vick6 1964 Howard W. and Dee J. Bailey14 Col. Joseph M. and Karen A. Barrow8 Robert L. and Linda I. Carr9 Bill Cobb4 Ron H. and Lidwina E. Dalla27 Shirley B. Drummond15 Virginia A. Flower3 Ernie F. Geschke and Sally Nagel-Geschke7 Patricia R. and Leon J. Johnson7 Bonnie L. and Gilbert T. Kimbrough3 Carol V. and John P. Kowzan5 Grace I. Landis6 Glen E. Little6 John W. and Marcia K. Magnuson4 Richard J. and Karen L. Nye8 Giampiero Pecelli and Myra Jean Prelle21 JoAnn R. and John C. Schmidt16 Martin F. and Rita G. Seedorf23 Sally K. and Walter D. Sheridan5 Ron and Frances Shoemaker5 Jim and Linda R. Strom Jr.26 David R. and Ruth M. Thomas3 1965 Gary L. and Jean L. Anderson10 Gerald O. and Linda L. Anderson17 Jean L. and Gary L. Anderson10 Carla R. and Don L. Brown15 Curt L. and Susan E. Byrnes3 Linda I. and Robert L. Carr9 Bob and Maureen M. Clark13 Richard A. Clauss6 Jody L. and Jim Coker17 Kay J. and Jack E. Gentry5 Charles E. and Judy H. Hiatt21 Mel and Carol E. Hill17 Richard H. Iverson23 Michael E. Maier and Mary J. Chaney5 Vi R. Martin4 Steve Y. and Carol J. McNair7 Judith D. and Joe Mosebar4 Stephen R. and Lynn Marie Muench18 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 23

Fred H. Muhs and Judy K. Novobielski-Muhs19 James M. and Jill J. Murphy17 Mary Ann Nelson4 Dean A. and Dorthea Nichols14 Charlie F. and Reed Reavis Jr.12 Virginia J. Rotondo21 Walter D. and Sally K. Sheridan5 Col. James R. and Sandra L. Tutton Jr.15 Patricia H. Voge5 Jeneane F. and Robert L. Wilkinson Jr.5 William C. and Carolyn Williams29 1966 Herbert Aldinger19 Dina A. Baker5 Marjorie Bamford8 Jon J. Barstad15 Bill and Linda J. Bayless9 Kathleen A. and Stephen H. Bennett6 Marilyn M. and Daryl Ray Click6 Jim and Jody L. Coker17 Ron and Patty Coolbaugh21 Dr. William R. and Connie F. Cross5 Mark S. and Linda J. Dearborn17 John W. and Pat Fishback13 Herbert D. and Joy E. Fitzpatrick3 Patrick and Janet S. Frostad10 Allan W. and Joyce M. Gaddis3 Shirley M. and Alfred Garcia Sr.8 David R. and Peggy J. Gelb6 Ken and Eugenia Goldman20 Dean and Elizabeth Grafos16 Carmen M. Hagman19 Steve B. and Sandra K. Hecker3 Constance L. and David A. Henry3 Dennis A. and Sharon K. Jones23 James L. and Vicki C. Knapp19 Richard L. and Virginia R. Langum3 Judy and Ray Looper4 Betty Marti3 Michael M. McAtee and Pamella A. Diehm-McAtee4 Dorene F. and Edward D. McDonald8 Charles H. and Sara A. McGregor4 Carolyn L. and Tom McKern13 Sharon L. and Maynard G. Millay21 Joe and Judith D. Mosebar4 Susan Nees-Bustos and Chuck Bustos7 Dennis L. and Dorothy E. Nelson6 William R. and Linda K. Odell4 Lee Ann M. and Richard G. Powell19 Bonnie J. and Ed Tom Presnell3 Sue and Don L. Rodman23 Kevin J. and Joan M. Schultz6 Darrell S. and Judy A. Shane3 Donald J. and Carolyn M. Sheldon5 Melvin G. and Dixie Stanton3 Mike Werle28 William K. and Sharon K. Williams6 Heidi M. and Dick Zornes3

1967 Pamela I. and Stephen H. Ahrens4 Randy C. and Rollie Behrens8 Calvin K. Cooney3 Carole J. and Allen Correll II13 John L. and Theresa M. Downs18 Jeanne and Jack L. Fankhauser5 Kenneth L. Garmann9 Elin V. and Boyd L. George19 Lynn and William G. Hein3 Carol E. and Mel Hill17 Gary L. and Linda A. Johnson3 Mark W. and Marsha Kuntz7 Bob and Cheryl L. Lothspeich3 Jack W. and Sandy Jean McBride5 Lt. Col. (Ret.) Jerry P. Mellick5 John S. and Marian S. Neumann5 Jerry and Dianna M. Perrine8 Nancy A. and Ed D. Pohle21 Richard C. Roark5 Ron C. and Diann Rockstrom12 Roger A. Schjeldahl12 Virginia J. and Jack Schuster Sr.3 Bruce M. Shadduck5 Mick and Lyn Soss5 Jack F. and Colleen M. State5 Paul and Sharon L. Sterling3 Rita M. and Howard Stoess17 Donald G. and Arlene E. Strate5 Karen K. and Martin John Tarabochia Jr.4 Bernie M. and Al J. Toutant20 Lewis M. and Marilynne A. Wilson5 1968 Robert C. and Janice A. Arleth5 Dr. Clyde H. and Irene Barlow3 Roger J. and Evelyn R. Beck3 Bill and Pat Beneke4 Raymond R. and Barbara A. Bradley3 Barry K. and Jo Buth16 Carole J. and Allen Correll II13 Terry R. and Jodie Cripps22 Jerry L. and Lynn A. Cummins4 Elise B. Dean22 Doris E. and Richard D. Dierckins3 Michael J. and Gayle W. Ekins17 Ron C. and Carolyn A. Gooley17 Rich W. and Charlene K. Graham9 John R. and Kathy Halfmoon22 Kathryn I. Henderson4 Joan C. and Curt Hisaw13 Susan L. and Ron Howe19 Bob L. and Karen A. Huggins8 Lela L. and Dean G. Jamieson15 Fred Juras and Linda S. Sato Juras5 Gary L. Klassen9 Lynda C. Labounty5 Hank and Jean B. Langeman18 Del and Jeannette J. Liljegren5 Pat J. and John Lindquist5 Pat and Barbara L. Lockard5

Mona L. and Larry J. Marlett12 Mary C. Maxfield and Rosmond G. Langberg4 Nancy A. McKay and Kent H. Richardson3 Gary K. and Pamela K. Myhr10 Dorothy E. and Dennis L. Nelson6 Les and Kathy Payne22 Ed D. and Nancy A. Pohle21 John G. and Karen Post5 James L. and Karol A. Price21 Mike and Janet L. Pugh7 Col. Thomas J. and Elizabeth C. Quigley4 Richard E. Rust7 Larry D. Sorenson3 Sharon L. and Paul Sterling3 John E. and Susan Sullivan5 Rich Tschirgi9 Patrick G. and Carol Uptagrafft7 Ronald D. and June A. Vanhorne14 Robert D. and Karin A. Walker13 Tamara L. Weeks3 Jackie and Tim Welsh3 Bill and Cammy S. Yeend23 Dick and Heidi M. Zornes3 1969 Dr. Rick and Alvarita Mari Allen18 James L. Anderson7 Roger S. and Carol F. Bergh9 Elizabeth A. Bock4 Bruce J. and Beuna J. Bowen13 Tim D. and Megan M. Brinson4 Gerda W. Brown7 Thomas E. and Mary A. Brown5 Larry S. and Wendy B. Carpenter23 Judy A. and Craig P. Corder6 Mike Corkrum4 Wendy and Bill M. Diedrick Jr.7 Penny J. and Robert J. Garrison19 Steven E. and Timme K. Goodell3 Tom and Sally J. Halfmoon22 Karen M. and Jon J. Heimbigner22 Jane E. Helt-Veter and Dennis D. Veter4 Linda M. and Bruce A. Hildahl3 Michael G. and Marcia L. Hirai3 Nancy L. and James Hobbs5 Margaret L. Jack3 Dennis D. and Sherrie Jording3 Claude L. and Sharon L. Kistler23 Sheila M. Lehto5 Ray and Judy Looper4 Marcia K. and John W. Magnuson4 Larry J. and Mona L. Marlett12 Margaret A. and John C. Meyer5 Lawrence A. Nelson6 Lynn J. and Gail E. Nelson7 Danny L. and Linda J. Noel11 Carl J. and Sandra J. Nuechterlein10 Jami S. Nulton5 Earl J. and Bonnie R. Overlie4 Dr. Martin B. Parks19

Maj. Gen. Kenneth L. and Kathy S. Privratsky3 Fred C. and Kay Pruett8 Chuck and Shirley Rodman10 Don L. and Sue Rodman23 Donna M. Roloff27 Herbert J. and Christine R. Sargo19 Lavonne I. and Don A. Saunders13 Hal and Malinda Sautter6 David A. and Ingrid G. Stanley18 Bill and Sandra L. Stevens22 Esther M. Thiemens5 Lorraine L. and Jim Uhlman5 Allen R. and Mary Walch4 Leta F. and Tracy B. Walters3 Gary A. and Eunice A. Weible5 Jim C. and Beverly Williams11 Larry A. Williamson4 Karen L. and Warren C. Wilson7 Jamie A. and Jackie D. Wolff4 Anthony M. and Sally A. Wood13 1970 Nick R. and Jean S. Albers12 Ron Anderson16 Karen J. Bart3 Daniel C. and Sharon M. Cagle5 Jim Chaffee4 Judy Chastain5 Anita C. Condon4 Nancy L. Decker10 Douglas A. and Peggy L. Duehning3 Vee Fletcher15 Tom F. and Marybeth B. Fox19 Ronald H. Hanson3 Jon J. and Karen M. Heimbigner22 Larry M. and Sherry A. Heimgartner3 Tim R. Henderson4 Mike and Kathy Hepworth II12 Marcia L. and Michael G. Hirai3 Curt and Joan C. Hisaw13 Jean C. Hordyk3 Betty L. and Harry G. Howard19 Ron and Susan L. Howe19 Linda A. and John M. Kapigian3 Lorraine D. Larson3 Robert E. and Carol A. Lingow13 Linda T. and Martin Marler3 Jim R. and Kym S. Martin13 Anne E. McKay4 John C. and Margaret A. Meyer5 Erling A. and Susan Molver4 Carol Ann and Bruce L. Mountjoy4 Doug and Beverly A. Myers12 Arlo E. and Judy A. Pagel6 Kay and Fred C. Pruett8 Gail K. and Terry L. Reed3 Linda A. and Richard G. Reedy5 L. Mike and Donna B. Rice9 Kent H. Richardson and Nancy A. McKay3 Robert C. Ritchie7

Jim and Sandy L. Roloff4 Christine R. and Herb J. Sargo19 Wesley C. and Annette McCormick Seat7 Dennis L. Siegel and Bette A. Pope8 Linda L. Simpson17 Jeff B. and Terry Skeesick3 LaVerne and Lloyd F. Smith Jr.23 George M. and Donna R. Tressa12 Nancy J. Tsutakawa8 Stephen Twiggs3 William F. and Linda M. Way9 Dan E. Weaver14 Dave L. and Pam S. Zack4 1971 Stephen M. and Ann L. Ames3 Diana G. Austen9 James Bell III3 Jack L. and Kathleen H. Cartee16 Ronald P. and Nancy Christenson12 Dale W. and Melissa S. Cloninger7 Marilyn L. and Patrick Collins5 Jeff C. Craig19 Mary J. Craig19 Lucille and Donald L. Davis9 Col. Eddylou Donovan13 Kathi and Mark W. Eckerich13 H.B. and Mary Eddings3 Ed C. and Susie Fisher5 Vicki L. and Fred J. Fleming17 Dale E. and Connie R. Heldt6 Clyde Y. and Sherri Hosokawa3 Lawrence L. and Carol Ann Hussey3 Bob and Dee Ingram5 Robert E. and Cheryl A. Johnson9 Gene D. and Marjorie A. Jorgenson15 Gail W. and Maurine Kalk3 Gene E. and Linda Keene5 Thomas L. Keough3 Mary and Douglas E. Ladwig11 Danny L. and Carroll LaTurner3 Cheryl L. and Bob Lothspeich3 Bob and Marsha G. Marcuson9 Barbara J. and Jerry R. Martin15 Eloise E. and Pat McDonald10 Carol A. and James P. McGurk15 Patricia and Ron N. McKinley4 Nancy A. and Roger C. Moore19 Ken and Terry L. Morgan13 Jerry L. and Janice M. Morris6 Geoff Mutch9 Bruce and Stefanie Pettit6 Sharon L. and William S. Pifer5 James B. and Mary G. Prudente4 Terry L. and Gail K. Reed3 Paula R. Roos21 Richard D. and Lori Rousseau13 Thomas H. and Renee Ruchert5 Norman E. Savery3 Kathy R. Sawtells31 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 24

Rosemary A. Shockley14 Linda R. and Jim Strom Jr.26 Arthur L. and Sandra C. Tackett4 Carol A. Utt19 Dennis D. Veter and Jane E. Helt-Veter4 Morris J. and Susan M. Whalen Jr.4 Lorri G. and Paul A. Williams3 1972 Anonymous Steve H. and Colleen R. Brandon20 Chris J. and Janet A. Brandvold3 Larry L. and Suzanne Bretting3 Larry A. and Barbara W. Byrne5 Dan B. and Lita R. Clark17 Allan D. and Teresa Cunningham6 Bill C. and Sandra Y. Dodge7 Geraldine E. and Donald R. Esch18 Donald M. and Roxy Freeman9 Erling D. and Karen Gebers3 Gary W. and Laural Gillingham3 Carrie M. and James W. Graham Jr.3 James P. Haglund3 Douglas C. Hamilton5 Randy A. and Phyllis A. Hatfield3 Ronald D. and Geri Hecht5 Bruce A. and Linda M. Hildahl3 Dee and Bob Ingram5 Cheryl A. and Robert E. Johnson9 Dan L. and Wendy A. Jones13 Kris C. and Marty J. Kittelson25 Patricia J. Kobza11 Linda M. and Robert N. Kukal10 Tim Lawhead and Teresa A. Hurliman10 Janet L. and Dan H. Leaf20 Jule E. and Janet M. LeBeau19 Paula M. and Glenn L. LeVan13 Gary A. and Leatha Ann Lorentzen11 Gay and Mike N. Macaulay12 Karen L. and Howard C. Marsh Jr.5 Martha A. McRae7 Joy E. and Howard K. Mewhinney Jr.5 Leo M. Moore Jr.13 Larry D. and Marcia Olson3 Linda K. and Dave C. Portwood8 Larry J. Pound3 Barbara L. and Greg Pryde3 Peggy L. and John D. Renford9 Lindley and Danny L. Rice11 Carrie L. and Scott E. Rider5 Timm S. and Marie J. Boivin Shepard12 Perry L. Smith3 Jack M. and Karen M. Soliday11 Ingrid G. and David A. Stanley18 Jann M. and Monte M. Swenson4 Sherman G. and Robin R. Thomas3 Tom and Stella Thompson13 Ray Touchstone7 Gretchen E. Weeks and Donald T. Mccully5 Trudy and Ron F. Weston5 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 25

Kathleen A. and Desmond Whelan14 Thomas F. and Janice A. Whitfield3 Paul R. and Diane M. Wilson4 James A. and Marie C. Wyatt14 Otto L. and Sharon K. Yusi3 1973 Otto M. and Michelle Allison18 Timothy W. and Judith A. Beamer4 Steven D. and Deann M. Becker6 Donna M. Bremner10 John A. and Diane G. Brennan18 Gary W. and Rosanne L. Cramer12 Tom Curren and Joanna L. Guilfoy3 Carmela S. Dempsey8 Jim and Nancy A. Doll6 Mark W. and Kathi Eckerich13 Valerie A. and Jon E. Eliassen3 Linda R. and William L. Fisher3 Mary F. and Randall C. Fuller16 Richard H. and Linda Diane Greb3 Frank C. and Margaret Helen Griffith19 Audrey C. Guettinger4 Timothy J. Houck6 Sandra L. and Fred A. Hurand31 Patricia M. and Robert S. Ingram7 Catherine A. and John W. Iron8 Duane A. and Marlene G. Johnson17 Estella J. Johnson10 Don and Deborah L. Kaufman24 Don and Vickie M. Kennedy13 Beverly A. and Michael M. Kvamme23 Rodney K. and Jacqueline A. Mild Lau3 Tim and Darla Lindsey10 Paul A. and Jane Martin5 Rick J. and Carolyn T. Mattern11 Chris D. and Kris M. Mikkelsen25 Don Morgan Jr.10 John W. and Penny Nelson11 Duane A. Norby13 Sandra J. and Carl J. Nuechterlein10 Jeffrey K. Olson6 Bertha P. Ortega4 Dave C. and Linda K. Portwood8 Stan and Sandra Reider14 Patty and Clay J. Richmond8 Scott E. and Carrie L. Rider5 Greg L. and Sandra L. Robertson18 Shirley N. and Randy Roth19 Joe M. and Lola J. Sample3 Shirley A. Schoenleber21 Joseph M. Schretenthaler21 Richard G. and Martha R. Severn6 Bill J. and Diane B. Shaw30 David E. Simpson and Pamela A. Bariletti10 Judy L. Sine5 Reid S. Smith3 Valerie K. and Mark A. Sonderen11 Richard D. and Donna E. Stone6 Lydia G. and Kenneth L. Strange4

Curtis A. and Pamela L. Vail10 Craig D. Volosing and Karen A. Stevenson10 Col. Michael E. and Jodi L. Walker6 Pamela A. Warnick13 Darryl L. and Kathy A. Zehner6 Len and Dawn L. Zickler8 1974 L. Dale and Sarajane Aebly4 Rodney W. Amend10 Will and Anne L. Aslin15 Jon E. and Faye Henney Atwood3 Charles E. and Margaret Bartlett7 Daniel P. Beyer17 Betty L. and Rick L. Braddock3 Diane G. and John A. Brennan18 Cam and Debbie L. Buffington3 Pat and Beverly J. Cabbage4 Terry F. Clement6 Michael P. and Margaret A. Craddock3 Rosanne L. and Gary W. Cramer12 Bill and Merilee Dinneen21 L. Craig Fairhurst9 Linda M. and John C. Featherstone7 Tracy A. and Wayne A. Fitzwater5 Karen S. Fox6 Debra J. and Kevin L. Gaffney4 Wayne D. and Laura D. Hahn10 Teresa A. Hurliman and Tim Lawhead10 Darryl W. and Carol F. Isotalo12 Robert N. and Linda M. Kukal10 Dan H. and Janet L. Leaf20 Thomas F. and Denise A. Leonard8 Karen L. and Howard C. Marsh Jr.5 Helen E. and *Dr. Phil R. Marshall9 Lt. Col. Frederick L. and Venus H. Masters3 Mark A. and Stephanie D. Mayer4 Bonnie R. and Earl J. Overlie4 Pam A. Parks28 Jane and John Rehms3 John D. and Peggy L. Renford9 Donna J. and Brig. Gen. Neal Sealock II9 Alys S. and Loren L. Seifert4 Marlet K. and Anita H. Smith4 Zoe A. Smith5 Kathleen E. Sodini4 Gordon R. and Sandra Starnes7 Colleen M. and Jack F. State5 Kathleen L. and Larry A. Sunderland3 Paul and Lucy Tanaka11 Mark C. and Susan M. Thaut3 Peter and Peggy Turping17 Gayle B. and Mike Van Matre3 Robert W. and Margaret Wafstet6 Jodi L. and Col. Michael E. Walker6 1975 Marijke E. Albers15 Kathy and Bruce Anderson21 Dorothy A. Babcock5

Greg W. and Judi A. Behrens3 Keith and Christine Berrett4 Sue J. and Ronald L. Edwards19 Calli J. Eli4 Alan L. and Sherry A. Erlenbush10 William L. and Linda R. Fisher3 Steven R. Flanagan3 Michael J. and Cheryl Franco6 Michael B. Gary4 Rich Harris5 David A. and Christine Hastings5 Ted A. and Rhonda R. Horobiowski7 James R. and Sherry M. Hutchison6 Debra C. and Roy E. Jennings12 Cheryl L. and Neil A. Jeske19 Melodee K. Jones and Robert C. Hyslop4 Janelle and Robert P. Kingsley5 Stephanie D. and Mark A. Mayer4 Michael A. and Barb L. McCammon17 Robert E. and Jan M. McIntyre9 Jeanette M. and Bill Mercier14 Don C. and Tami S. Meserve3 Debbie A. Murphy3 Mike L. and Danielle Nicholson21 Gary W. and Jan Nogle27 Randy Park and Susan Holliss3 Dr. James and Paula M. Perez10 Mel W. and Cheryl A. Petrie5 David L. and Virginia Pounds3 Susan D. and Kyle M. Pugh Jr.10 Scott M. and Bonnie Rehn19 Lynn L. Rued21 Louise and Bill Saylor29 Edward M. Snyder Jr.7 Pamela J. and John R. Swanson8 Marilyn A. and Michael A. Theobald5 Terrie L. Tucker4 Ernest M. and Carol Jean Vollmer4 Joanne B. Watts9 Bob and Karen R. Wayt11 Mary E. and Peter O. Weller4 Julia M. and Lee Williams9 1976 Gayle M. and Michael A. Belles3 Douglas E. and Patricia Bohlmann14 Jack R. and Melinda M. Brennan5 Drs. Diane M. and John F. Cronin4 Darrell E. Eik3 Richard R. Elder9 Vicki J. and Gary L. Erickson15 Arthur C. Fry3 Stacey R. Furumasu6 Gary G. and Geralyn Garberg6 Vaughn S. and Martha L. Hagen3 Theresa L. and Stuart J. Hart7 Mary C. and Dr. David M. Haugen29 Sandra K. and Mark C. Head12 Arlene Helsing4 Jean A. and Joesph M. Hensley6 Michael J. and Jerilue Hopley3

Neil A. and Cheryl L. Jeske19 Shannon M. Kleinhuizen12 Rhonda S. and Fernando Lara7 Catherine A. and Dr. Frederick M. Lauritsen32 Wilbert W. and Bernadine U. Lee14 Barbara A. and Edward R. Lindstrom5 Rebecca J. McDaniel10 Karen M. McKinney and David William Moershel4 Madonna A. and Dennis R. Neely18 Geri L. and Dr. Mark J. Nurre3 Linda K. and William R. Odell4 Marcus L. and Irene J. Randow8 Karen K. Raver14 Jan M. and Roger A. Riediger5 David N. and Gail Sackville-West5 Wesley A. and Carol A. Sanborn7 Barry L. and Debbie K. Sartz7 Clyde T. Shimabukuro5 Anita H. and Marlet K. Smith4 Peggy A. and Scott C. Smith15 Sharen M. and David Suffield5 Leslie M. and David L. Swannack3 Cindy A. and Randall B. Troupe4 Mike and Gayle B. Van Matre3 Ralph J. Vogel5 Michael L. Westby and Kathy D. Ringo6 Stephen J. and Robin L. Wharton4 Chris D. Wollam7 1977 Shirley G. Asmussen15 Gwynn R. Barnes6 Claudia M. and John J. Barnings17 Frank L. and Dawn W. Bayman16 Jeanette E. Bemis and Jacob Koff3 Dave A. and Patti L. Carter3 Stephen R. and Cynthia J. Dustrude5 Ronald J. and Sandy L. Edgar20 Donald W. and Susan K. Eggart4 Dean R. and Cydney Bradford Elliott5 Jon and Joanne K. Fancher16 Lyle and Victoria Grambo4 David N. and Gayle Harwood10 Muriel C. and William Virgil Hebert3 Kathy J. and Mark L. Jenkins17 AnnRenĂŠ Joseph3 David A. Klaue21 Jack G. and Frances M. Lucas5 Carol A. and Dan McDonald12 Theon C. McMahan17 Carol L. and Michael S. McPartland29 David R. and Lea J. Morse7 Charlie Mutschler13 Cathy G. and John P. Neer3 Virginia P. and Mark H. Paulson14 Lorrie and Bob N. Perry11 Donna J. and Kenny Pittman15 Isaac A. and Marybeth Queral3 Rickie W. and Rosalyn L. Robinson3 Debi G. and Richard N. Roccanova23

Donald C. Ross6 Sally S. Schaeffer5 Sharon A. Sisemore16 V. Roberta Smith and Lyle Phillips3 Theresa M. Tschirky3 James M. and Susan J.S. Walters15 Rosemary C. and James R. Washburn3 Peter O. and Mary E. Weller4 Ron F. and Trudy Weston5 Ann O. and Phil Wetmore4 Randy J. and Nadine E. Willis5 Don R. and Barb J. Wold13 Donald S. Worley and Alice Aldous5 Karen B. and Kelly Wright3 1978 Fred C. and Deloris Bonser21 Susan E. and Curt L. Byrnes3 Thomas E. and Cindy A. Cochrane3 Cathy A. Comar3 Les B. and Dee S. Elliott29 Joanne K. and Jon Fancher16 Marla J. and John J. Gallagher Jr.3 Judy H. and Charles T. Halstead4 Jack E. and Cynthia M. Hernvall6 Ray and June Johnson16 Douglas E. and Mary Ladwig11 Dennis L. Larsen14 Peggy S. and Larry J. Lewis9 Marilyn J. Love9 Harish T. and Sumita G. Luthria5 Michael L. and Christina G. Malsam12 Robert W. and Sharon L. Mellis3 Nadean J. and Bill Meyer7 David and Gretchen L. Millard21 John P. and Cathy G. Neer3 Kevin L. and Colleen Nollette5 Mark A. and Vickie L. Nysether12 Ken E. and Sue Pelton10 Alan F. and Gina V. Rice7 LaDonna J. Schuster8 Bill A. and Renee E. Simer8 David L. and Phyllis E. Sivills Sr.16 Bob and Debra J. Stone12 Diane M. and David A. Sundvik18 Jane B. and Col. David W. Swett Jr.3 Pamela L. and Jerry W. Thomas5 Tom and Colleen A. Tracy3 Steven R. and Megan T. Vaughn8 Wade S. and Victoria S. Walter3 Sharman L. and James D. Watson11 Harriet M. and David R. Weber3 Kathy R. Whiteman3 Richard A. and Carolyn L. Wika3 Lawrence A. Witt and Lynnette M. Rose7 Dr. Ellen L. Wolf and James P. Healy10 1979 Janna M. and Alan Basham3 Irene B. and Brian D. Birdsall5 Doug Boe and Lou A. Carver16 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 26

Linda G. and Siegfried G. Boettcher4 Melinda M. and Jack R. Brennan5 Matthew E. Crowley4 Mike J. and Debra A. Custer4 Vanita W. and Glenn W. Davis25 Allison J. and John Durkin27 Janet L. and Rolando Esparza10 Ruth A. and Jerry R. Galm21 Rick D. and Kathi M. Gehrts12 Sybil J. Gray7 Ann E. Hemly3 Jean M. and Martin O. Hill8 Sheila J. and Edward L. Hubbard5 Linda G. Iller4 Roy E. and Debra C. Jennings12 Judy L. and John Labelle7 James F. McKee3 Judy L. McMillan and Jerry Johnson14 Sharon L. and Robert W. Mellis3 Jeffrey S. Miller and Paula J. Ronhaar19 Steven R. Monroe and Anita J. Pickens8 Dan D. and Maria R. Obenchain10 Mike and Jeanette K. Ormsby28 Barbara M. and Robert S. Peregoy13 Felix and Minnie A. Ramon4 Lynne H. and Ben M. Ridlon5 Shirley H. and John M. Riley III14 Louis B. Schipper III and Cheryl Warren3 Jerry and Debbie Schmidt5 Mary E. and David W. Seagrave4 Bruce A. Sinkbeil13 Ray R. and Pat A. Spanjer8 Debra J. and Bob Stone12 Steve E. and Patrice H. Thayer4 David W. Twyman8 Brad J. and Julie Upton17 Kathie C. and Gregory L. Webber19 1980 Jim and Cathy L. Almekinder8 Daniel B. Anderson21 Alissa M. Andersson8 David T. Busch5 Jim B. and Denise K. Carey5 Carol A. and Charles E. Clupny6 David E. and Charlene D. Cook12 Stephen R. and Brenda Coomes10 Ed T. Crawford7 Ron and Cheryl R. Davis17 Kevin L. and Linda L. Fairhurst9 Celia M. and James D. Hatch6 Lucinda A. and Dennis J. Healy4 Sherri K. and Dwayne Herbel12 Jim and Patty L. Hutchens4 Michael K. and Kathleen M. Jansen5 Nancy A. Jenny15 Stan V. and Saralynn H. Kerr18 Jerry C. and Jennifer G. King6 John and Judy L. Labelle7 Jim and Monna L. Mach19 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 27

Joyce G. Malone3 Doug and Christine L. Mares3 Doug A. and Alisa L. Matson14 Fred E. and Julie A. McDowell9 George P. Menegas5 Gretchen L. and David Millard21 Eugene B. and Teresa Ann Ockinga4 Nancy A. O'Neill14 Mike G. and Bobbi L. Parker4 Linda I. and Roman P. Petkevicius4 Karol A. and James L. Price21 Ronald P. and Susan A. Runyon3 John A. and Karen Rupp3 Steve and Suzanne K. Schmick4 Rita G. and Martin F. Seedorf23 Leland G. and Lori J. Smith12 Kathy and Rick Snyder21 Pat A. and Ray R. Spanjer8 Teiko K. Stradling3 Rick Taylor and Sharon Smithson16 Janice A. and Thomas F. Whitfield3 Karen L. and Jim Wierenga9 Carolyn L. and Richard A. Wika3 Janice V. and Col. Bruce S. Wong3 1981 Tony K. and Sandra B. Barnett4 Dawn W. and Frank L. Bayman16 Mike A. and Peggy Blowers3 Edward N. Brandstoettner5 Scott A. and Verna M. Carpenter10 Denis A. Craine3 Eric E. and Julie A. Dickson5 Bob and Jackie Downie6 Gail J. and Douglas M. Freese3 Jenny R. Gibbs Mertes and Scott O. Mertes3 Richard K. and Joyce D. Harai16 Dolores J. and Jeff Humiston4 Kathleen M. and Michael K. Jansen5 Betty Keeler14 Suzanne M. Knapp4 Virginia M. and Paul J. Korn5 Frank A. and Elizabeth A. LaFayette5 Jay O. and Patty Lemcke7 Anita G. and Carter B. Lewis3 Linda K. and Robert J. Long5 Camela S. and Lonn Maier4 Gaylord L. and Marijo T. McCabe4 Chris D. and Kris M. Mikkelsen25 Roxy E. and Janet Mikkelsen3 Doug and Claudia A. Minnich3 Mike R. Mumford14 Joan E. Nealey21 Rob D. and Randi L. Neilson11 Laurel M. Nett5 Sandra K. Nolting and John W. Miller9 Kerry D. and Cheryl L. Pease20 Roman P. and Linda I. Petkevicius4 Barbara E. Robinson3 Charles Romanick9

Stephen J. Ross and Sherri R. Robinson3 Karen R. and Rich L. Runyon3 Bill and Louise Saylor29 Mark L. and Marisa S. Sheldon6 Bob B. Shoemaker3 Lori J. and Leland G. Smith12 Kim A. and Claudia C. Spacek20 Mike and Janelle A. Stolp26 Alison C. and Hugh E. Swimley9 Carla R. and Michael L. Teegarden6 Barbara M. and James K. Uehara3 James C. and Lisa M. Van Nostrand3 Cliff Watkins19 Victoria R. and Bill R. Wolfe5 Irma and Don Zacher5 Dr. Randy J. and Jenny Yu Zauhar5 1982 Janet K. and Jack L. Arkills5 Linda M. and Dale M. Baumgarten11 Michele Bond and Mark Mohnkern9 Dave and Lucille Bowen5 James R. Braukmann and Carla Nuxoll27 Stan Brazington4 Randy C. Bruce5 Theresa R. and Bob Carleton3 Stephanie L. Combs4 Steve L. and Shelly A. Compton6 Shirley A. and Brian J. Cornelius6 Toni J. and Doug Dietel6 Carl C. and Joan E. Durkoop5 Sue A. Everett7 Leslie A. and Steve D. Fink8 Wayne W. and Jean R. Fitzsimmons6 Laverne R. Foxley18 Dorothy A. Graham and Bill Knight3 Cindy L. and Roger A. Hall10 Orene K. Harder3 Donna L. Huck4 John W. and Lisa A. Johnson8 Catherine M. and Craig S. Jones8 Steve J. and Brenda L. Jurich17 Suzanne M. and Barry J. Kato19 Tim J. Kintschi8 Jim E. Mason22 John M. and Melody L. Matthews6 James L. and Margaret A. Mercer3 Kent A. and Kathy L. Meredith3 Ahmad Moini and Laurie Barker4 Connie A. and Jim A. Newman3 Bobbi L. and Mike G. Parker4 Sue and Ken E. Pelton10 Rich L. and Karen R. Runyon3 Lori and David H. Schafer10 Rick and Kathy Snyder21 David G. and Fay C. Stebor5 Fredrick M. and Charlene Suter3 Mitch D. and Laura Swenson11 Linda H. Taylor4 Michael L. and Carla R. Teegarden6

Mark B. and Kirsten L. Thomsen4 John B. and Connie F. Towner11 James K. and Barbara M. Uehara3 Michael F. Yates8 1983 Janet E. Adams19 Dianna L. and Richard J. Anderson5 Delan Beah and Victus Y. Wong4 Dan R. Brauner and Mary Kay Hughes3 April E. Bresgal5 Susan E. and Gordon M. Denton21 Gail A. and Gary D. Dodd5 Duane L. and Peggy Dvorak11 Dan W. and Theresa C. Fears3 Daniel A. and Kimberly K. Geiger4 David E. and Lori Ramsdell Gilkey5 Doug Kelley12 Judy M. Kellogg and Harry F. Felton13 Greg J. and Joan Fitterer Kirk16 Jim M. Kuntz18 Rebecca L. Lamb3 Debbie Lander and Scott A. Cecile19 Caren L. Lincoln28 Clint A. and Patti A. Marvel18 Jim S. and Susan D. Matter3 Carla B. and Bruce A. McLane12 Garey M. and Marilyn L. Norgard4 Jeffery E. and Diedra L. Orwick3 John W. Palmer Jr.10 Leslie A. and Dee W. Peterschick10 Ken and Belva L. Reilly3 Lynn Reilly5 Shamus J. and Pamela A. Reilly6 David A. and Elizabeth Robert8 Elizabeth G. and Terrence Dean Russell4 Neil Ann and Tom Ryan9 Kathy W. and Tom W. Sevey8 Jeffrey N. and Susan A. Smith8 Gary C. Taller4 Merikaye and Tim A. Thamm3 Kris K. and Jo Ann Townsend8 Kimberly A. and Shale Undi12 Michele R. and Tony J. Webb18 Thomas B. and Sandra J. Weir5 Jo Ann and Tim White4 Janice J. and Donald C. Young12 Frank R. and Lee Drake Zahniser11 Chris P. and Leanne M. Zilar6 1984 Carol A. and Robert C. Anderson5 Nick Bekanich Jr.3 Craig L. and Linda Bertholf28 Kelli R. and Jerry T. Borden4 Betty K. and John Bowers15 Timothy M. and Shelly Bradbury3 Dr. Dorv and Diane D. Breitenfeldt5 Megan M. and Tim D. Brinson4 Doreen M. Broeckel-Riedner and Thomas F. Riedner15

Mark R. and Teresa D. Christensen6 Dan and Virginia Colby25 Kathy A. and Jim A. Cullen3 Sharon K. and Mike Damon12 Raeann K. and Edward G. Ducar7 Gayle W. and Michael J. Ekins17 Carol L. Ellis3 Chris A. Ericksen and Ellen S. Pierce20 Sandy L. and Kim N. Fardell3 Janice K. Forbes and Michael B. Reagin19 Lisa M. and Rob Friese10 Mikael A. and Gary W. Gavin Jr.8 David R. Geist and Ines Zozaya-Geist12 Jo and Jim Gooley21 Patrice K. and David Gorton11 Kathy S. and Robert C. Griffin5 Linda M. and Chuck Kieffer18 Lynne A. Kuntz18 Elizabeth R. and Richard W. Leitz6 Cathy D. and Jon C. Manor6 Marnie M. and Matthew M. McCoy8 Samuel J. and Ann M. McGetrick8 Matthew G. and Bobbie J. Medlin20 Suzette R. and Bill Nordstrom5 Michael L. and Nancy B. Olin22 Diedra L. and Jeffery E. Orwick3 Paul A. and Cheryl Roe12 David H. and Lori Schafer10 Judy and Kent Schroeder12 Kathleen R. and Charles P. Schuerman10 Lois A. and Jerry Sheffels8 Michele L. Slider3 Linda L. Snapp-Olsen and Paul K. Olsen12 Teri and Kevin J. Switzer19 Ed and Linda K. Tabish4 Ed and Susan L. Valdez4 Megan T. and Steven R. Vaughn8 Thomas E. and Margie Walters4 Tony J. and Michele R. Webb18 Victus Y. Wong and Delan Beah4 Brigitte R. and Gregory C. Woodard3 1985 Jon C. Albright5 John M. and Peggy G. Altman5 Camille T. Baltuck3 Karen L. Barber-Ocheltree and Gary R. Ocheltree4 Alan D. and Sherry Burke3 Anne K. and John T. Chambers17 James J. and Carrie Lee Clanton3 Shawn M. and Todd P. Claypool12 Wade D. and Chris Clutter11 Virginia A. and Thomas F. Coonelly Jr.4 Peggy S. and Brad Coyle7 Linda J. and Mark S. Dearborn17 Cheryl D. and Michael H. DeBoer18 Kimberly K. and Daniel A. Geiger4 Gary H. and Kathyrn A. Gemar5 Karen D. and Barry J. Harmitz11

Lynn G. and Sid Harty14 Terri R. and Tom Hayman3 Kyle D. and Lori G. Hinton3 Birney R. and Sally Holberg13 Tim P. Kiblen17 Jennifer G. and Jerry C. King6 Jeff and Ruth Larew Kupp13 Rosmond G. Langberg and Mary C. Maxfield4 Yvonne R. and Ben A. Lee15 Christina G. and Michael L. Malsam12 Dave C. and Beth A. Marriott14 Geri L. and John L. Martinsen6 James F. and Karen L. McElwain3 Todd W. and Sophia Wright Meinhold10 Jay M. O'Donnell3 James P. O'Keefe7 Lynn D. and Dan L. Olson3 Mark A. and Rosemary R. Puyear4 Jeffery L. Robinson and Dawn Fagenson3 Tom and Neil Ann Ryan9 Lori J. and James W. Sherwood4 Carolann and Don Swartz II3 Alice P. and Victor L. Taylor4 Michelle R. and Steve C. Troy4 John W. and Sarah Walden6 Jeffrey D. and Lori D. Waybright7 Chris Weber19 Virginia M. and Keith Weisz4 Susan M. and Morris J. Whalen Jr.4 1986 Paige D. and Jim Lee Adcock5 Rollie and Randy C. Behrens8 James A. and Deborah Z. Blake4 Debi A. and Paul D. Blaskovich4 Kathleen A. and Charles K. Boykin3 Jeffrey S. and Rhonda J. Brandt5 Cpt. Thomas K. Brunke and Stacy A. Olson-Brunke10 Gary T. and Donna Burger17 James F. and Peggy J. Burton18 Lidwina E. and Ron H. Dalla27 Dan M. and Linda L. Daniels5 Joan E. and Carl C. Durkoop5 Gloria B. and Jim Fox5 Rob and Lisa M. Friese10 Curt A. and Tammy L. Fuller4 Mark W. and Bethany L. Greetham4 Ray Hahn and Cynthia Marie Artist16 Connie R. and Dale E. Heldt6 Renee L. and Dan Hoke7 Phillip C. and Judy Jerman Jr.5 Debra M. and Blake Jones6 Jeff and Teresa Kenoyer15 Diane M. Ketcham8 Sue A. and Kevin K. Linn4 Jan E. and Steve R. Loux10 Lt. Col. Jimmie C. Mahana and Lt. Col. Tammie J. Pettit-Mahana5 Elizabeth A. and David I. Matlick3 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 28

Susan H. and Jim S. Matter3 John D. McCallum5 Shannon E. Meagher3 Mark E. Metcalf3 Bill and Nadean J. Meyer7 Terry J. and Carol J. O'Leary3 Jeanne M. Pluth10 Curtis A. Rettenmier8 Karl G. Sampson9 Kent and Judy Schroeder12 Michael and Sandra L. Sicilia5 Rebecca G. Valentine4 Thong Q. Vu3 Mary P. and John Michael Wynne12 Martin S. and Patricia J. Yacker7 Arturo G. and Elizabeth Zamora15 Ines Zozaya-Geist and David R. Geist12 1987 Rick and Kathleen L. Allstot3 Barbara J. and Douglas R. Appleby12 Todd P. and Shawn M. Claypool12 Tina L. and DJ Clumpner12 Charlene D. and David E. Cook12 Margaret A. and Michael P. Craddock3 Keith M. Davis8 Jackie and Bob Downie6 Denise S. and Bob Elliot16 Benji and Marcie Estrellado14 Ruth A. and John P. Fabian19 Dale P. and Suzanne Flom23 Mary W. and H. George Frederickson4 Marilyn K. and Mike Garofano4 Laurie K. and Thomas T. Ghigleri24 Kim and Bruce E. Hayes4 Joan T. and Dennis B. Hollis5 Marcia A. Isenberger3 James E. and Sheila A. Jones3 Alan E. and Susan L. Lesher3 Stacey L. and Marlon D. Lockhart5 Philip R. and Kelly Martin6 Karen L. and James F. McElwain3 Colleen J. and Royce Mort6 Margaret L. and Frank L. Moulton3 Timothy S. Murphy3 Charles L. and Pamela K. Neill3 Nancy B. and Michael L. Olin22 Stacy A. Olson-Brunke and Cpt. Thomas K. Brunke10 Ida M. and Ed A. Ovnicek11 Thomas J. and Lizamma T. Palakeel4 Kristin L. and Mike A. Peek14 Michael J. Piccolo and Carmencita M. Niere-Piccolo14 Bruce A. and Lori A. Porubek12 Arlene K. and James G. Raschka11 Julie A. Rector8 Lori L. Reeder3 Steve Rowles5 Patrick T. Sawyer3 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 29

Matt T. and Amy Marie Schermerhorn3 Keith R. and Leilani Kelea Scribner4 Chris and Rogene G. Seidel4 Patty Shea6 Rebecca L. and Gregory J. Thomas3 Lisa M. and James Christopher Van Nostrand3 Jon A. and Lisa M. Vea8 Marilynne A. and Lewis M. Wilson5 Jan E. Yoder and Gary L. Jewell5 1988 Gary L. and Shelly Atkinson6 Brad and Kimberly Banta3 Kevin G. Bates and Ana C. Pereyra-Bates4 Todd E. Butler4 Kim R. and Gary Casas4 Karen L. and Jeffery E. Cunningham3 Russ and Sarah M. Elliott10 Jon R. and Sherri A. Estrellado8 L. Sue Flink6 Carole F. and Michael M. Folsom32 Bethany L. and Mark W. Greetham4 Betsy and Doug Hammond20 Krisann D. Hatch and James A. Sloan3 Nancy L. Hathaway8 Thomas C. Hayes and Sonia Arévalo-Hayes4 Mary L. Kienholz5 Von and Brenda S. Klohe9 Leonard J. Kukucka3 Dale A. and Kathy Lamphere12 Katie Lappano18 Kevin K. and Sue A. Linn4 Kathleen P. and Mike S. Maguire10 Cynthia L. and Kyle C. Malmquist10 John J. and Kari Manning Jr.26 Joy E. and Howard Kenneth Mewhinney Jr.5 Diane G. and James Nebel5 Cindy R. and Hal R. Nelson15 Frank C. and Sheila V. Gates Ping7 Kathleen S. Putnam4 Maureen J. and Gerald L. Ritter3 Phillip G. and Sue Robinson4 Malinda and Hal Sautter6 Lisa R. and Rex T. Schultz19 Shusmita and Achin Sen28 Peggy A. Skirko3 Carol M. and Garrett C. Templin3 Lisa M. and Jon A. Vea8 Mike and Sandy Waara3 Lori D. and Jeffrey D. Waybright7 Cathy J. and Jay Westby6 Troy E. Wheelock4 David A. and Nancy E. Wing16 Darcell S. and Gary J. Yeager5 Lauri L. and Tim P. Zadina9 1989 Sonia Arévalo-Hayes and Thomas C. Hayes4 Michael A. and Dana A. Bailey10 Judith A. and Timothy W. Beamer4 Eric and Suzy Besel3

Gregory D. and Deborah Bever4 Jeff A. and Janet L. Budke3 Nancy A. and Tim Carroll22 Jeanette M. Cummings and Ron LeFebvre18 Michelle L. Dexter5 Elizabeth L. Dobbins and Brian Kassof3 Maureen J. and Brad J. Drinville3 Marcie and Benji Estrellado14 Andrea G. and Larry Frostad8 Craig O. Hanson and Alisa May3 Gordon W. and Brenda A. Hester16 James T. and Dianne E. Hose7 Robin E. and Patrick K. Humberstad7 Martina Iñiguez6 Richard T. Jones13 Carol S. King5 Shannon E. and Richard R. Knipp4 Douglas E. and Michelle Lee13 Mike S. and Kathleen P. Maguire10 Tim A. and Kerri L.M. McBride9 Lynn M. Neitzel-Cleavenger and Kerry D. Cleavenger19 Carmencita M. Niere-Piccolo and Michael J. Piccolo14 Paul W. and Carmen Norstog3 Sandy and Jeff A. Pylant3 Scott R. and Suzette L. Rahn9 Wendi R. and Jonathan J. Seabrook Jr.11 Mike J. Shelton5 Joanne F. Shreeve16 Donna M. and Lowell B. Smith9 Lori C. and Hank Y. Steiner16 Cindy L. Williams6 Denise L. and Gary H. Zahller5 1990 Sondra Adams3 Sarajane and L. Dale Aebly4 Debbie and Christopher R. Barnes9 Susan and Wayne Bell10 Christopher and Linda Bethely4 John and Debbie M. Brooks19 Stacey L. Brown8 James H. Burnett and Elizabeth Malia11 Cheryl L. Bush10 Gina Mauro Campell and Connan D. Campbell5 Eric J. and Teresa Conway10 Carolyn R. and Jim S. Craven9 Julie M. and Ken J. Cruz7 Lonnie R. and Kimberly D. Eaton8 Susan K. and Donald W. Eggart4 Valerie M. and Chad A. Esche11 Greg J. and Lisa M. Figg3 Jennifer J. and Anthony J. Fischer6 Steven E. and Kris Fouts9 Patrick T. and Lisa M. Godsil3 Ronald N. and Barbara L. Harle12 Doris M. and Donald M. Holdaway17 Daron and Michelle Howard3 Steven E. Jackson3

Debra L. and Dr. Sidney Kasuga29 David J. and Lynn L. Kennaly14 Pamela D. and Kelly L. Kindelberger4 Sheila A. and Karl W. Klages14 Neil F. Klindworth4 Brenda S. and Von Klohe9 Jennifer A. and James V. Lucke3 Brian M. and Wendy A. Macy5 Kathy Myers21 Peter J. and Heather D. Nemeth3 Ed Niblock6 Sheilah D. and Timothy A. Payne3 Sheri and Dr Stephen F. Renner7 Lynette H. and Dr. Robert O. Rich15 Patty and Dale L. Rockwell4 Lynnette M. Rose and Lawrence A. Witt7 Karen M. and Jack M. Soliday11 Paula J. and James H. Stageman III14 Karen J. Stratton and Chris J. Wright4 Kim M. and Jay S. Symons3 Cathleen A. and Jeff J. Walter3 Karen and Richard A. Watson4 Terry E. and Wendy N. Williams4 Shawn T. and Heather S. Wilson3 Heather A. and Edward Zurcher3 1991 Kathleen L. and Rick Allstot3 John S. and Deborah S. Burke5 Connan D. and Gina Mauro Campbell5 Douglas A. and Kristine A. Chase4 Todd D. and Kari Crook4 Ruth A. and Michael K. Daley3 Sharon L. and Dale L. Ford7 Lisa M. and Patrick T. Godsil3 Susan Hales and Larry Luton28 Scott A. and Erika A. Harmer14 Byron E. and Lorraine A. Harris13 Patti A. and Don L. Harris12 Linda K. and Lyle D. Hemingway5 Susan A. and Jim Horstman5 Verna L. and Clyde C. Johnson5 Cheryl A. Johnston8 Daryl L. and Juli M. Jones12 Robert E. Kaake6 Mike and Debbie Kreuch4 Diane E. and Einar V. Larson23 Meridth L. and Rob J. Lemelin Jr.3 James V. and Jennifer A. Lucke3 Chuck and Amy McGlocklin6 Frank L. and Margaret L. Moulton3 Timothy A. and Sheilah D. Payne3 Margaret P. Perrenoud3 Robin Peterson9 Stacy S. Priano13 Jon L. and Lori A. Roman3 Craig N. and Valerie B. Rongey15 Kim and Roy E. Schulz12 Kurt E. and Susan M. Schulz3 Leslie D. and Peter H. Schweiger III6

Diane B. and Bill J. Shaw30 Michele G. Siedenburg9 Diane M. and Ray J. Somerday19 Kirk F. and Marcie Sunitsch12 Michael K. and Trisha L. Taylor3 Sherri D. and Ron A. Thies5 Nancy J. Wenke6 Tim S. and Lisa A. Wolfe16 1992 Michael P. and Christine M. Bale5 Pamela A. Bariletti and David E. Simpson10 Bob and Elizabeth Berrigan5 Deborah S. and John S. Burke5 Verna M. and Scott A. Carpenter10 Alicia M. and Chris Casserino6 Chris and Wade D. Clutter11 Freida I. and Dave R. Cook22 Dennis S. and Gretchen Eaker10 Joyce K. and Thomas M. Fancher6 Theresa C. and Dan W. Fears3 Kay E. and Duane D. Grubb6 Leslee C. and Philip W. Hacker3 Chris Hansen4 Rick L. Harwood11 Doug and Deanna L. Hawley4 Brenda A. and Gordon W. Hester16 Daniel L. and Dawn M. Hiebert9 Marchand L. and Todd J. Hovrud5 John G. and Tui L. Kincaid16 David R. and Doreen P. Kishel18 Tesha A. Kropidlowski16 Stanley A. Marsh Jr.5 Greg and Julie A. Matthews6 Melody L. and John M. Matthews6 Arlene Fisher Maurer and Richard A. Maurer4 David K. McRae13 Vicki L. Merrill6 Linda S. Overhauser5 Vincent L. Pierce4 Robert A. Puller3 Barb A. Richey14 Michael J. and Tamara A. Secrist4 Julie A. Sherwood9 Barbara R. and Walter Shields5 Renee E. and Bill A. Simer8 Joyce M. Smith3 Claudia C. and Kim A. Spacek20 Margie and Thomas E. Walters4 Tim A. and Laurel C. Warner5 Trevor and Daiatra H.P. Westlund13 1993 Kevin W. and Kristin M. Bacon3 Chris J. and Kristin A. Bradshaw3 Gail A. and John T. Bush Jr.3 Patrick A. and Tonyia M. Crebbin5 Jerry H. and Tanja Daniels3 James E. and Kristina L. Deaton4 Michael J. Dinnen4 Robert A. and Connie J. Downen19

David L. Duhamel3 Roger A. and Maellen Ford6 Deborah J. and James T. Freeman Jr.3 Carol S. Fundane't5 Cathy Greiner13 Michelle R. and Jim T. Grose8 Dave A. and Meridee E. Hajek3 Jennifer S. and Scott Hamsher4 Erika A. and Scott A. Harmer14 Dawn M. and Daniel L. Hiebert9 Shawna C. and Jeff Kneale3 Ann M. and Samuel J. McGetrick8 Matthew L. and Lisa Marie Minton19 Eric W. Moore4 Pam Ovendale5 Bob N. and Lorrie Perry11 Steve Poff5 Cynthia E. and Robert B. Ridings7 Paula E. and Brion R. Salter5 Scott M. Seedorf3 Claudia C. and Geoffrey Slagle3 Gayle A. and Gary R. Stickel4 Cindy and Michael G. Sullivan4 1994 Chuck Aude3 Marcy L. and Mike Boesel3 Lynn Burks-Herres and Edward P. Herres4 Tom B. Capaul and Jennifer K. Pearson11 Cheryl W. and Antonio J. Chavez5 James M. and Cher Desautel6 Ruami R. and Rickey S. Dyck5 Lee A. and Adrianna M. Gmeiner14 Wendy R. and Dan Holsten8 Carlila J. and Ric E. Hughes5 Alexia I単igues6 Wade E. and Kathy M. Iseminger13 Kris J. and Rae Lynn Kallem8 Kathy and Dale A. Lamphere12 Rob J. and Meridth L. Lemelin Jr.3 Thom J. Lightfoot and Kim M. Krieger17 Marsha G. and Bob Marcuson9 Mindy L. and Dean H. Melville7 Richard D. and Mary M. Miller5 Brent D. and Fawn Higinbotham Murphy3 Michael P. and Dee A. Myers6 Maurice J. and Kimberly Ann Nollette5 Thomas A. and Sandy Pauley6 Robert S. and Barbara M. Peregoy13 Lisa M. and Ron E. Poplawski Jr.8 Mary G. and James B. Prudente4 Lisa M. and Sean M. Reidinger12 Sue and Phillip G. Robinson4 Daric P. and Heather R. Ronngren3 Steve S. Roylance and Veronica Caballero-Roylance3 Brion R. and Paula E. Salter5 Kristin J. and Dave Sands3 Keith A. and Christina D. Schmidt15 Jennifer L. and Doug S. Skone5 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 30

Susan A. and Jeffrey N. Smith8 Richard S. and Masako S. Tebbetts13 Trevor S. Thompson10 Heather L. Vogler13 Daiatra H.P. and Trevor Westlund3 Janet E. and C. Scott Wilbanks3 Heather S. and Shawn T. Wilson3 Nunn and Allen W. Winship3 1995 Kim L. Bailey13 Sharon A. and James P. Cross4 Dr. Thomas M. and Tiffaney E. Golden4 Otto M. and Aimee D. Guardado13 Michelle E. Hege and Rich Beaven10 Tanya D. and Kevin Hill6 Bob L. Jenkins16 Joel and Colette L. Loiacono13 Dee A. and Michael P. Myers6 Jennifer J. Pirie6 Lori A. and Bruce A. Porubek12 Dale L. and Patty Rockwell4 Paula J. Ronhaar and Jeffrey S. Miller19 Kelly L. and Davey J. Sanders3 Robyn M. Sciuchetti3 Jason R. and Christine M. Scott3 Mary and Greg Vopalensky6 Sabrina Wang and Steven Ung5 Harold R. and Diane Elizabeth Watters13 Michelle D. and Ron White Jr.5 Sheri L. and Jeff Willis3 1996 Janet L. and Jeff A. Budke3 Lou A. Carver and Doug Boe16 Kristin M. and Kevin W. Conklin3 Beth and Mike W. Hill3 Malaine J. and Marvin Hill5 Perilee D. and Wayne L. Howie5 Mark and Yolanda Ifflander3 Stormy H. and Ron Kurtz12 Kyle E. and Leslie A. Martin6 Michael D. and Wendy McCliment16 Kathy P. and Ron W. Mercado16 Margaret Q. Miller11 Dylan A. Smith3 April L. and Mike Stark7 Laura A. and Lane S. Stockert4 Karen K. Tyner6 Janay M. and David P. Verhey3 1997 Diane L. Adler4 Sherrie L. and Durval Arruda3 Debbie C. and Michael Brogan5 Mike A. and Denise Campitelli5 Chris and Alicia M. Casserino6 Christopher D. and Katie Jane Clapin3 Yvette P. and Chad Cornmesser5 Dayle L. and Lisa A. Crockett8 Michael K. and Ruth A. Daley3 thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 31

Jeffrey S. and Gaylene Davis5 Tiffaney E. and Dr. Thomas M. Golden4 Shane P. Hamlin3 Jeremy J. and Jennifer D. Heimbigner5 April R. and Phillip Henderson10 Denyse L. and Jason Russell Hutchinson3 Tracy King and Paul A. Kocharhook3 Tiffany L. and Walt C. LaMonte16 James D. and Rachael R. Lamphere4 Jennifer M. and Jeff S. Lichorobiec11 Jeannette J. and Del Liljegren5 David E. and Clara S. Martineau9 Dia J. and Robert Jeffry Maurer4 Kellie G. and Chris Picinni9 Steven T. Rimmey9 Gabriel and Anel C. Suarez4 Kathi L. Young3 1998 TJ and Kris A. Brill10 Kevin W. and Kristin M. Conklin3 Jackie and Mark E. Coomes14 Jeffrey R. Emery4 Karene M. and Bruce Erdman10 Shannon R. and John Thomas Flahavin11 David and Patrice K. Gorton11 Patricia Grandos and Jeff Howard3 Jennifer D. and Jeremy J. Heimbigner5 Marie T. Hughes13 Alexis and Benjamin S. Jackson6 Morgan J. and Jody L. Jannot7 Kory L. and Tracy J. Kelly10 Casey and Nichole C. Kinzer11 Jay and Chelsey Kirkpatrick3 Paul A. Kocharhook and Tracy King3 Walt C. and Tiffany L. LaMonte16 Jeff S. and Jennifer M. Lichorobiec11 Louise E. and Bradly W. Marcus8 Staci L. Mellinger4 Kathy and Les Payne22 Heather R. and Daric P. Ronngren3 Marisa S. and Mark L. Sheldon6 Linda M. and Stephen J. Shrope4 Galina V. Sinekopova and Igor E. Klyukanov11 Gretchen and Shane M. Skipworth3 Keith N. Turpin6 Michelle R. Wasco4 1999 Eric A. Barnhill7 Kristine J. and Keith A. Benguiat5 Kris A. and TJ Brill10 Lisa A. and Dayle L. Crockett8 Adam C. and Jolene M. Fisher13 Shannon L. and Stacy Flynn3 Dr. Martin M. and Christina T. Garcia6 Gerald L. and Diane L. Gemmill12 Paula R. and Ryan C. Grant7 Stephanie A. and John Groom4 Carol A. Hawkins7 Barb G. Hill16

Benjamin S. and Alexis Jackson6 Tracy J. and Kory L. Kelly10 Keith M. and Erika J. Klauss12 Colette L. and Joel Loiacono13 Sherrae M. and Jeff R. Nelson3 Lt. Col. Tammie J. Pettit-Mahana and Lt. Col. Jimmie C. Mahana5 Stacey L. Reece8 Diane M. Schott7 Shane M. and Gretchen Skipworth3 Rebecca J. and Brian Stauffer3 James D. and Kristin C. Williams6 2000 Julie Y. and Kenneth Cleveland7 Erin M. and Bill Foster10 Brendan F. Genther7 Jill M. Greenfield8 Danielle M. and David Frederick Kilian3 Nichole C. and Casey Kinzer11 Michele L. and David J. LaZorik8 Eugene F. and Lynn R. Lewan3 Jennifer D. and Vince McGovern7 Irene M. McGrady13 Joyce R. Nelson5 Jared B. Rose3 James H. and Kathy A. Rowe10 Lea M. and Eric A. Sandberg11 Kyle R. and Heidi A. Sipe12 Erin C. and Rand Young5 2001 Aaron W. and Kimberly G. Best5 Aaron D. and Ida Irene Brown6 Casey D. and Tracy N. Curtis3 Christina T. and Dr. Martin M. Garcia6 Ryan C. and Paula R. Grant7 Daniel J. and Tanya M. Gunther5 Patrick K. and Robin E. Humberstad7 David F. and Danielle M. Kilian3 Erika J. and Keith M. Klauss12 JoEne and Matthew E. Liezen11 Melissa A. and Robert Mason6 Jeffrey L. and Monica Gail McMurtery7 Mark C. Nuetzmann5 Michael R. Penrod and Judith P. Siminoe3 Gail and David N. Sackville-West5 Anna M. Skelton10 Stu and Shirlee Steiner11 Laurel C. and Tim A. Warner5 Michael N. and Tisha M. Woolf3 2002 Nicole A. and Beau D. Baldwin10 Pamela L. and Jeff Bordelon7 Lindy M. and Kristofor K. Boustedt5 Jamie M. and Carlo D. Chavez4 Andrea L. and Seth C. Claassen8 Carrie L. and James J. Clanton3 Heather J. and Dr. Dana C. Elder28 Kevin L. and Kelli L. Hills6

Kim L. Kelley12 Richard D. Lambert Jr.3 Rachael R. and James D. Lamphere4 Nadene D. and Neil L. Lewis-Green8 Randi R. and Daniel Miller4 Josh R. Nelson10 James B. and Julie Newton4 Lisa M. and Ron E. Poplawski Jr.8 Mariah L. and Jeff Rhodes6 Jeffrey D. and Kristine McCormick Schmedding5 Jaclyn M. and Brandon P. Simchuk6 Katrina J. and John A. Vander Waal10 Joseph A. Young5 2003 David M. Benedict3 Peter T. and Verna E. Blankenship9 Ida I. and Aaron Dale Brown6 Colleen Cullen3 Debra P. and Stephen W. Dickerson3 Melody L. and Paul B. Donohue9 Rachel L. Fleshman5 Doug and Betsy Hammond20 Staci K. and Chadron B. Hazelbaker5 Lawrence R. and Karen M. Keller4 Ronda D. and Clayton W. Kenney4 Sabrina M. and Michael P. Manning3 James J. McLaughlin6 Monica G. and Jeffrey L. McMurtery7 Tom Owens4 Martin D. and Genevieve F. Rollins9 Ben and Jessica L. Rook3 Tracy J. and Cole L. Schweiger4 Serina O. and Christopher G. Varallo6 2004 Renee L. and James Bailey6 Kristofor K. and Lindy M. Boustedt5 Kathy J. Brooks4 Shawna M. and Eric L. Clowser6 Tracy N. and Casey D. Curtis3 Brian P. and Stephanie Dunfee3 Lance D. Kissler7 Elizabeth Malia and James H. Burnett11 Dwaine G. and Laura Mayovsky4 Nicholas S. Peyton9 Cpt. Leslie J. and Rebecca A. Ratcliff3 Jessica L. and Ben Rook3 Katherine M. and Michael Roos5 Leslie A. and Tommy M. Rosser4 Jeremy R. and Katherine A. Ryf8 Brandon P. and Jaclyn M. Simchuk6 Gunthild E. Sondhi8 Justin A. Uriarte3 Jeffrey Y. and Melody Weaver4 Kelsey I. Wickstrand5 2005 Blondel C. and Sandrine C. Assonken3 Don P. Bushnell4 Kandi L. and Tom Carper5

Janice L. Coburn4 Seth A. and Deena M. Dryden8 Lawrence L. Falk3 Dennis C. and Susan Franklin3 Jennifer E. and Kit L. Frantzich5 Matthew D. and Rebecca H. Fulbright6 Aaron P. Garrett3 Heidi D. and Brett M. Hoblin3 David A. and Sarah Jordan3 Troy M. Kirby4 Denise A. and Thomas F. Leonard8 Daniel S. Longoria and Katie A. Wiemerslage3 Travis L. Naught4 Timothy M. O'Byrne5 Julie M. Poolman-Jackson and Nick C. Jackson15 Linda K. and John F. Richman7 Michael and Katherine M. Roos5 Rachel A. and Brian Rupiper5 Katherine A. and Jeremy R. Ryf8 Brett W. Schmidt3 Cole L. and Tracy J. Schweiger4 Tracei J. and Jack W. Scofield4 Mary J. and Stephen Shervais Jr.3 Angela M. Wagner3 Katie A. Wiemerslage and Daniel Stuart Longoria3 2006 Kimberly G. and Aaron William Best5 Devin T. Chung3 James W. Conrick5 Rebecca H. and Matthew D. Fulbright6 Catherine G. and Ronald D. Moss4 Carol Murch3 Sari R. and Fritz Pabst5 Carol J. Titus5 2007 Raelynn Chaffee4 Kristie Clark-Brink8 Kimberlee L. Davis and Gareth L. Davis III3 Kyia M. Douglas4 Kit L. and Jennifer E. Frantzich5 Brenda S. Hammond3 Alicia M. Kinne5 Michelle R. and Merlin Magers4 Buddy J. and Karisa McSpadden5 Krysta M. Plato5 Laura L. Ramsey7 Jacquelyn J. and Bryan Speare4 Charles S. and Carlene Wells3 Maya J. and Christopher D. Zeller3 2008 Tammy and Harold Fleiger5 Chelsey and Jay Kirkpatrick3 Curtis D. and Ivy N. Lindaas3 Lindsay J. and Chad P. Powell3 Jesse S. and Randall K. Stephens5 Christopher D. and Maya J. Zeller3

2009 Jordon J. and Erin W. Bennett3 David J. and Lindsay A. Takisaki3 Carlene and Charles S. Wells3 2010 Ryan T. Reid4 Robert A. Ritter and Lisa N. Cole4 2011 Kelli L. and Kevin Lavern Hills6 Chad P. and Lindsay J. Powell3 2012 Dawn L. and Len Zickler8

amy & querida meyer } Mother and daughter Amy and Querida Meyer are attending EWU at the same time, creating a doubleburden on the family budget. Thanks to generous donors to EWU Scholarship Fund, Amy has served as editor of The Easterner student newspaper, earning numerous national awards and duel journalism and graphic design degrees. Querida is student teaching Cheney fourthgraders toward her natural science education major with a middle level endorsement. Amy and Querida will graduate together June 15, 2013, at Eastern’s Commencement.

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legacy Society Recognizes and honors individuals and families who, through their estate plans, have established a planned gift of any size to the Eastern Washington University Foundation. Gifts take many forms, such as a bequest through a will or personal trust, or one of several charitable life-income plans. Number after name indicates consecutive calendar years giving.

Anonymous (2) Dr. Barbara L. Alvin Janet H. Ames Molly H. and Thomas L. Anderson Dr. Virginia M. Asan *Carol K. and Charles H. Baumann *Virginia Baz Betty W. Bender Shirley L. Bowden Dr. Dorv and Diane D. Breitenfeldt Gordon E. and Rhoda P. Budke *Col. Gerald R. and Alma L. Carlton Dr. Pat M. Chandler Richard E. Christenson Todd P. and Shawn M. Claypool Ron and Patty Coolbaugh Dale and Jean Corn Ike Cummings Evelyn L. Custer *Maxine C. Davidson Jon W. Dearmond Sharon L. DeMills and David A. Woods James M. and Cher Desautel Hallie M. Duck Michael J. and Gayle W. Ekins Wendell L. Exline Ronald H. Fleming Yelena and Gene E. Foley Jr. *Neal R. and Helen W. Fosseen Rebecca P. Garcia Dr. Robert J. Gariepy Dr. Peggy Gazette Laurie K. and Thomas T. Ghigleri John L. and Sherry Gilbert

Dr. William G. and Patricia S. Goetter Jacqueline R. and Larry L. Groll Susan M. Hall *Joan L. Hattemer Larry Hattemer Stuart P. Hennessey and Catherine Anderson-Hennessey Dennis R. and Sandy L. Higgins *Gwen A. Hill Susan M. Hollinsworth DDS Ray and June Johnson *Dr. Wendal S. Jones Barbara D. Jordan Dr. Stephen M. and Ruth Kinnie Jordan Raj Joshi Jean Julum Mabel L. Kaiser Alan H. Kane Patricia M. Kelley Lexine Killian Helen L. and Jack R. Leighton Emily M. Leingang Dave E. and Kathy R. LejaMeyer Marian R. Lewis Stacey L. and Marlon D. Lockhart Dr. Bernard and Ellen Loposer Don F. MacKay Linda D. MacNaughton Bill Main Sr. *Norma L. Main Stanley A. Marsh Jr. Dr. Jackson J. and Phyllis R. Martin Dr. Sonja C. Matison Dr. Mark and Paula Mays Marnie M. and Matthew M. McCoy *John A. and Nancy R. McDaniel *Lenora E. McEachran Esther J. McFarland Bill and Betty McGonigle Charles H. and Sara A. McGregor Brad and Dr. Diane E. McHenry John and JoAnne McKay Neil L. and Nancy McReynolds Jan L. and Vin Monaco Nathan R. and Bonnie Narrance Jean K. Neils Mary Ann Nelson Nancy J. Nelson Robert L. and Joan A. Morgan Nelson *Rod G. Nicholls Sr. Linda J. and Danny L. Noel Patricia W. and John S. Nugent Sr. Gayle M. and John D. Ogden Kurt E. and Gayle S. Orton Col. Ted Paterson Dr. Peter Piper and Patricia J. Baxter Piper Harriet D. and William H. Plucker

Mildred M. Powell Rebecca E. Powers Dr. Walter L. and Myrtle M. Powers Julie E. and Aullie L. Prafke Veronika G. Pue Fred B. and Muriel Radebaugh Carol J. Rainwater *Lloyd N. Rainwater Jr. Karen K. Raver JoAnn and Roger K. Ray Jay W. Rea Barb A. Richey Peck Ritter Dr. Travis S. and Sharlene A. Rivers Donald W. and Donna Rockstrom Bill and Louise Saylor Susan J. and Richard Schwasnick Rita G. and Martin F. Seedorf Diane B. and Bill J. Shaw Susan B. and Robert Shayne Barbara R. and Walter Shields Catherine D. Simpson Gary R. Skelton *Dr. Victor C. Smith Margaret E. Soderberg Arelyne M. Steinbacher *J. Herman and Jean Swartz Donald L. and Laverne N. Taylor Sally S. and Thorne L. Tibbitts Al J. and Bernie M. Toutant Nancy J. Tsutakawa *George C. Tyler Donna L. Wells Paul M. and Gail H. Wham *Bill Wynd Robert J. and Mary Kay Yuditsky Len and Dawn L. Zickler

Corporate and Foundation Matching Gifts American Electric Power Company7 Alaska Airlines Gift Matching Program2 Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program7 The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation Avista Foundation10 Ben B. Cheney Foundation Boeing Company Monetary Donations32 Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. Chevron Humankind Program13 The Clorox Company Foundation7 CNA Insurance - Seattle Darigold, Inc. Esterline Interface Technologies

The Annual Honor Roll of Donors is based on gifts from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012. If we have made an error, please let us know by calling 509.359.6252. * Deceased

General Electric Foundation Goodrich Foundation The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America2 IBM International Foundation27 Inland Empire Paper Co.5 Integrated Device Technology Corporate Itron Corporate Giving Program2 Key Bank Foundation3

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program16 MSNBC.COM Matching Gifts Paccar Foundation2 Pearson Foundation4 Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc.16 Procter & Gamble Fund7 Prudential Foundation, Matching Gifts The Rasmuson Foundation6

Raytheon3 The Scholarship Foundation10 State Farm Companies Foundation27 Sysco Corporation Tidewater Holdings Verizon Foundation10 Wells Fargo Foundation20

Giving It Up 4 bigfutures } This is an exciting time for Eastern Washington University. We are launching Eastern’s first-ever comprehensive campaign, which we call bigFutures. You will hear more about this effort soon, but in the meantime, I will tell you that every dollar donated toward our $15 million goal will directly impact every student on this campus, every alum and every community where our alumni live, work and play. How is that possible? Over the past few years, the EWU Foundation Board, Board of Trustees, university administration, faculty, staff, alumni, students and our region’s employers have collaborated to assess areas of EWU that require the greatest amount of resources to ensure our graduates are prepared for an evolving job market. The result of that dialogue can be found in the key goals of the bigFutures Campaign: Student Success, Community Engagement, Institution of Innovation and Visibility. These are the four main areas you will hear us talking about in the months to come, as EWU embarks on a fundraising campaign that will ensure access and support for all those hoping to improve their lives through an Eastern education. For more than 130 years, Eastern has been enrolling students who have big dreams, and go on to graduate and do big things. In 1882, our region needed excellent teachers, so we trained teachers. Today, with more than 350 degrees to offer, we are educating tomorrow’s teachers, accountants, mechanical engineers, business leaders, nurses, musicians, social workers and computer programmers. If you live in the Northwest, I challenge you to ask your dental hygienist, child’s principal, graphic designer, fitness trainer, city administrator, police officer and neighbors if they are Eastern alumni. I think you will be surprised to learn how many of our alumni are making a big difference in your life. None of them could have achieved success without the support of generous donors like those listed in the pages of this Honor Roll of Donors. I am so proud to be a part of our university during this exciting time, and I thank you for your continued support of our students’ big futures. Go Eagles! Jack Lucas, ‘77

bigFutures Campaign Chair EWU Foundation Vice Chair President, TicketsWest and WestCoast Entertainment Vice President, Red Lion Hotels Corporation

thank you for giving it up 4 ewu } page 34

EWU Foundation Board of Directors } 2012 to 2013 Bill Simer, ‘78 Chair Jack Lucas, ’77 Vice Chair Dave Walker, Treasurer Kris Mikkelsen, ’81 Secretary Gordon Budke, ‘63 Daniel Carper, ‘72 Jim DeWalt, ‘73 Leroy Eadie, ‘93 Mike Ekins, ‘68 Arlene Fisher, ‘92 Curt Fuller, '86 Karla Gehlen, '85 Lionel Greenwood Otto Guardado, '95 Raphael Guillory, ‘94 Jason Jones, ‘96 Jim Kensok, ‘92 Rob Neilson, ‘81 Sheryl Phillabaum, ‘68 Jay Rea Shelley Ripley, ‘93 Ed Tabish, ‘84 Mark Thompson, ‘86 Jamie Wolff, ‘69 Ex-Officio Members Dr. Rodolfo Arévalo, EWU President | Gina Mauro Campbell, ’90 EWUAA President Linda Fairhurst,’80 EAA President | Jo Ann Kauffman, Board of Trustees Representative Michael Westfall, Vice President, University Advancement and EWU Foundation Executive Director

EWU advancement Staff Michael Westfall

Vice President for University Advancement 509.359.7430

Tim Szymanowski

Marc Hughes

Associate Athletic Director of Development 509.359.2079 | 509.280.3152

Rebecca Chamberlain

Director of Development 509.359.6132 | 509.981.4496

Stewardship Coordinator 509.359.4860 | 509.954.0604

Dennis Reed

Mary Ann Murphy

Planned Giving Director EWU Libraries, Honors 509.359.6901 | 509.844.5916

College Advancement Director Social & Behavioral Sciences and Social Work 509.359.6703 | 509.435.3488

Craig Fischer

College Advancement Director Arts, Letters and Education 509.359.6979 | 509.953.9130

Todd Sturgis

College Advancement Director Business and Public Administration 509.359.6846 | 509.850.5585

2012 EWU Honor Roll of Donors  

To continue our commitment to students, we must overcome the modern realities of higher education. Shrinking budgets, declining state fundin...

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