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Fall 2013

Move窶的n Guide

Welcome to Your New Home! Greetings and welcome to life on campus! The Housing and Residential Life staff are excited you have chosen to live on campus and have a true college experience. As a former EWU resident of the very halls in which you are now living, I know the benefits, lifelong friendships, learning and fun you are about to experience. Living on campus is more than eating and sleeping in a residence hall. It puts you at the center of the action with countless opportunities for study groups, campus activities, campus recreation and easy access to all that EWU has to offer. Your enthusiasm and willingness to try new things will go a long way toward creating your new community and making this a great year. This fall, we are excited to open a new residence hall and showcase a number of completed upgrades and renovations in other buildings on campus. Please become familiar with the information in this move-in guide as you prepare for Movein Weekend and a smooth transition to life on campus. It is my hope that your time living on campus will be as rewarding and memorable as I found it. Seize this moment in your life, take care of each other and challenge yourself to be great! With Eagle Pride,

Josh Ashcroft Chief Housing Officer


Welcome to your campus home at Eastern Washington University! Please print this information and bring it with you when you move in. It will help your transition to campus as you begin your college adventure at EWU. See you soon!

Our Vision Housing and Residential Life is the heart of a successful EWU experience through excellence in community, academic and social development.

Our Values Student-centered


We believe student success is the reason we exist.



We believe in embracing and honoring the unique traditions and experiences of each individual.



We believe in combining our efforts and resources with other departments to provide a diverse and optimal student experience.



We believe in providing opportunities to discover and utilize resources, concepts and best practices for students, staff and the campus community.



We believe in being purposeful in how we care for our environment, our money, our facilities, our time, our employees and our residents.


Room Assignments How do I find my room assignment? An email with your room number and move-in time in September has been sent to your Eagles email. We use your EWU student email address for all email communications.

What if I want to change rooms? If you want to change your room before you move in, you may email your room change request to While our goal is to have everyone in a space they are happy with, we cannot always accommodate all room changes prior to move-in. If we cannot accommodate your request immediately, we will put you on a waiting list and make room changes in the order the requests are received. Any room changes that are not granted by Sept. 14 will be void, and you will need to submit a new and separate fall quarter room change request after you move in. If you did not receive a room assignment that you are completely happy with, please bring an open mind and a positive attitude. You may find out that you really like your floormates and that the roommate you worried about turned out to be pretty nice once you got to know him or her. Remember, too, that your roommate does not have to be your best friend to be a very compatible roommate.

Move-In Day Go directly to your assigned residence hall to check in. When you arrive, our goal is to help you unload your vehicle immediately so that you and your family can park at a more distant parking spot and create room for the next person to drop off their possessions. Please be patient and courteous to others throughout this move-in process. Do not park in handicap spots unless you have a valid DP placard, and do not park in service drives or by fire hydrants. If you have access to a hand truck, please bring it. We have limited carts for your use, but during peak times the waiting time for a hand truck will increase. To reduce congestion and elevator and stair wait times, Friday check-in is separated into a morning shift and an afternoon shift. Please see the schedule below to determine when you’ll move in. Your move-in time is based on your residence hall and hall floor to reduce congestion and help you move in as quickly as possible. We hope this makes move-in more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone. While we will not refuse those who do not arrive at their designated time, we do ask that people voluntarily comply to improve the move-in experience for everyone. Do not arrive earlier than Sept. 20, as the hall staff will be preparing for move-in.


Check in Dates and Times Friday, Sept. 20 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

» » » » » » »

Anderson (LA) – 3rd floor Brewster – Floors 1, 2 and 4 Dressler – Floors 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Dryden – 1 South, 2 North, 3 South and 4 North New Hall– Floors 2 and 5 Pearce – Floors 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Streeter – Floors 1, 2, 4 and 5

1 – 5 p.m.

» » » » » » »

Anderson (LA) Hall – Floors 1 and 2 Brewster – Floors 1, 2 and 3 Dressler – Floors 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Dryden – 1 South, 2 North, 2 South and 3 North New Hall– Floors 3 and 4 Pearce – Floors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 Streeter – Floors 1, 2, 3 and 6

Saturday, Sept. 21 – Tuesday, Sept. 24 If you choose to move in on one of these days, you may arrive anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. After Sept. 24, we will no longer hold your room unless you’ve made previous arrangements. If you are arriving after this date, please contact the Housing Office to make arrangements.

Driving Directions Go to for directions to campus and a link to a campus map. Once on campus, use your residence hall address in this guide to find your new home.


Access to Your Hall and Room Your room key also opens your mailbox (excluding Brewster Hall). The hall exterior doors are locked 24/7, and you will use your student ID (EagleCard) to gain access to your building. To do so, place your ID card near the card reader by the entrance. DO NOT LOSE OR LEND YOUR KEY OR EAGLECARD! If you lose your key, your lock will be re-cored and you will be charged for replacement. Duplicating your key is prohibited as is punching a hole in your EagleCard.

Room/Hall Accommodations What is provided in my room? desk and chair, etc. The furniture provided in your room must stay in » Bed/mattress, your room. Clothing storage (hanging and drawer). For useful measurements of your room, visit » the “Printable Information” page on our website and print the document named “Typical Room Information by Hall.”

» Trash can » Mirror » Blinds or curtains » High speed Internet and wireless Internet access » Expanded basic cable television » Courtesy/emergency phone on each floor for campus, local and 911 calls What should I consider bringing? mattress pad shower caddy shower flip-flops towels/washcloths hangers laundry basket laundry detergent backpack area rug (rooms are not carpeted) fan personal decorations 4 iron (ironing board is available on floor or hall office) one set of dishes/small pans coffee maker (must have auto-off feature) bicycle and lock a great attitude and a smile!

Computer with Ethernet cable 1 ethernet hub 2 (see more under Technology) surge protector/power strip 3-pronged extension cord alarm clock/radio flashlight iPod gaming consoles television with coaxial cable DVD player mini-fridge microwave lock for hasp on desk drawer blanket/comforter/bedspread pillow/pillowcase sheets 3


1 Cables are available at the bookstore. 2 Ethernet hub to connect two computers to one shared wall port (Roommates often share the cost of this item if both want to be online at the same time.) 3 Bed lengths (with scattered exceptions): 80 inches: Anderson, Brewster, New Hall, Pearce, Streeter | 76 inches: Dressler, Dryden 4 Please use 3M™ brand Interlocking Fasteners/ Poster Strips. Screws and nails are not allowed.

What items are not allowed? Fire prevention takes precedence over convenience. We reserve the right to refuse the use of a variety of appliances that may not be in our written rules. A partial list of items includes candles, incense, hotplate, open burner, griddle, waffle iron, toaster/ toaster oven, deep fat fryer, halogen/torchiere lamp, space heater, water cooler and air conditioner.

What is provided in my hall? Laundry—Laundry facilities are provided in each hall. You will receive a pre-loaded laundry card which will activate the machines. Kitchen—There is a stove top and sink on each floor and almost every floor has a community microwave. A full kitchen is also available in each hall. NOTE: Brewster Hall has a full-size refrigerator and kitchen sink per suite. TV Lounges and Game Rooms—Depending on decisions made by each hall during the prior year, your hall may have a pool table, ping pong table and/or foosball table. Each hall also has a main TV lounge for relaxing or group activities. Wireless Internet connectivity is also available in all main floor lounges. Other Recreation—Depending on decisions made by the prior year’s hall government, each hall has a varied inventory of games, movies, DVD players and other items that can be checked out at the hall office. Your $10 activity fee goes, in part, toward providing these items.

Technology and Internet All rooms have a high-speed wired Ethernet connection. Wireless connectivity is available in all halls. Gaming will likely be faster via the wired connection.

Hardware Since there is just one port per room, roommates must share an Ethernet hub or switch if they wish to be online at the same time. The cost ($20-$30) is often shared between roommates. You’ll need a length of Ethernet cable too, but you may want to determine your cable length after moving into your room. Switches and cables are available at any electronics store or at very reasonable prices at the University Bookstore. Routers are expressly prohibited. They negatively impact the network. Students may connect a wireless access point or “bridge” to the wall port; however, this may cause their connection to be slower. We recommend a direct cable connection.


Software To better protect both the EWU residence hall network and your computer, we have a product called Safe Connect installed on our network. It will verify that you have current anti-virus software and current OS security patches before allowing you to login. Login instructions will be available when you arrive.

Are there limitations to my Internet access? While you have the freedom to access any website you wish and play any online games you like, the residence hall network is designed for maximum speed with educational purposes in mind. There are very few recreational limitations placed on the network, but bandwidth is prioritized for people who are simply browsing, emailing and performing educational research. You are expected to adhere to the EWU Housing Internet Acceptable Use Policy, which can be found via a link on our web page titled Internet in the Residence Halls.

Can I download music, movies and other copyrighted materials? Yes—as long as you are downloading legally. If we receive a letter from any governing copyright association indicating that illegal downloads are occurring onto your computer, we will notify you and it will be your responsibility to address the allegations and arrive at a legal settlement. The university holds no liability for illegal downloads of copyrighted material, whether it is audio or video or otherwise. You may wish to visit and to educate yourself about the seriousness of this matter.

Are anti-virus software and current OS patches required on my computer? Yes. After you login using your iTech account (provided as a benefit of your Technology Fee), you will be prompted to install a small program which checks to see that you have current anti-virus software and operating system patches. Both are required before you will be allowed to access the residence hall network. Free anti-virus software is available to all students as another benefit of your Technology Fee. If you choose to use that free AV software, plan to install it immediately upon arriving. You may use other established AV software if you prefer.

Parking To avoid waiting in lines or forgetting to obtain your permit, we suggest that you pre-purchase an annual or quarterly parking permit from Parking Services by printing the permit application online. Even if you received complimentary parking as part of the Sign Up Bonuses, you still must complete an application. Visit and click on “Parking Forms.” Go to the “Annual Permit Request Form” and complete the online form. The academic year permit costs $105; the quarterly permit is $40. If you do this by Sept. 4, Parking Services will mail the permit to you prior to your arrival. If you submit it after Sept. 4, Parking Services will have your permit waiting for you when you arrive. Temporary parking permits may be purchased for visiting friends and family based on availability.


Pets Only fish or underwater turtles are allowed. Ten-gallon tanks are the maximum allowed. No snakes, lizards, hamsters, birds, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, etc., will be allowed in the residence halls. (Exception: service animals assisting those with disabilities as approved by EWU Disability Support Services are allowed in the residence halls.)

Phone Services We do not automatically provide telephone landlines in each room. If you would like a landline, please email the Housing and Residential Life office at Note: A quarterly fee applies to this optional service, and you must bring your own land line telephone.

Employment Hint You cannot get a job on or off campus without providing proper identification. Bring your driver’s license and Social Security card or current passport.

EagleCard This card provides access to services (examples include the library, the recreation center and much more) and athletic games, contains your meal plan dollars, gains you entry into your residence hall and reduces your need for cash. Remember to take it with you everywhere while you are on campus. Visit for a good summary of the uses of your card.

Dining Your meal plan will be activated beginning Friday, Sept. 20. Present your EagleCard to any cashier and they will swipe it through the register to deduct the purchase from your meal plan. If you are a returning resident, continue to use your same EagleCard. If you are a new student and have not yet obtained your EagleCard, it is important to do this immediately. The EagleCard office and the Dining Office are located in 120 Tawanka and will be open on opening weekend to assist you.


Where do I eat? In the PUB Baldy’s Food Court—Large variety for breakfast, lunch and dinner; sandwiches and » salad bar. Eagle Espresso and Smoothie Bar—Hot and cold espresso drinks and blended fruit » smoothies.

» Eagle Express Market—Primary campus convenience store. In Tawanka Tawanka Main Street—The campus “All You Care to Eat” location. It offers » great value, convenience and variety. It’s home to the infamous Sunday Brunch— one of the “can’t miss” meals on campus. With multiple service styles and an ever changing menu, something for everyone is offered at this location. Tawanka Bistro—A handy location in the corner of Tawanka Hall which » features espresso, baked goods, blended smoothies and Freshëns Frozen Treats:

candy-blasted yogurt and ice cream.

In the Recreation Center The Roost serves up a unique menu that can’t be found anywhere else on campus. » Try some onion battered green beans, blackened salmon salad or some Burnin’ Wings of Fire, all while overlooking the EWU ice rink.

In Brewster Hall Brickhouse Deli is open to the public and has delicious sub sandwiches created » The on house-made French bread with fresh veggies and the best meats and cheeses. Open Mic night and other events are held at the Brickhouse Deli. It’s so cool it has to have a Facebook page— Check out the menu under “Photos.”

Getting Involved Add value to your college experience: get involved! Housing and Residential Life is committed to creating an engaged student learning experience enhanced through numerous student leadership opportunities. Below is a brief list of some of the numerous activities in which students can get involved.


Hall Council/Community Council— Each residence hall has its own hall government. Opportunities for executive officers or for being a floor representative are available. This group is responsible for the hall budget and has opportunities to purchase equipment and plan activities for all residents. Get involved in order to have the best experience possible.

RHA—Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student government body representing the interests of all students living in the residence hall system. It is the parent organization for individual hall governments. They organize educational and social events to enrich the lives of students residing in the halls, as well as aid in organizing leadership conferences, workshops and retreats for student leaders living in the halls. RHA also provides communication between the residents in the halls to the Housing and Residential Life Office and the ASEWU.

NRHH—National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is an important extension of RHA and branch of the NACURH. NRHH is an honor society comprised of the top one percent of leaders in the residence halls, based upon outstanding leadership and academic achievement. Residents must be nominated by a staff member, apply and be selected by NRHH to join this selective group. The main goal of NRHH is recognition for those who contribute and enrich the lives of our students living in the residence halls.

Campus Friends Program—The Campus Friends Program is a program within the Asia University America Program (AUAP). Campus Friends are EWU students who have the unique opportunity to meet and share college life experiences with Japanese students who are participating in the AUAP at Eastern Washington University. Students who participate in this program are able to share various aspects of American and Japanese culture, develop their cross-cultural communication skills and deepen their university experience by getting to know someone from another country. If you are an EWU student and would like to be a Campus Friend, please call Michael Reid at 509.359.6008 or stop by Louise Anderson Hall, Room #104.

Links to help you get involved Campus Recreation— Residence Hall Leadership— Athletic Events Schedules— Student Activities— Associated Students of EWU (ASEWU)— Clubs and Orgs— EPIC Adventures—

Quarterly Arrival and Departure Schedule Please do not arrive early, as the hall staff will have other responsibilities they must complete before you arrive. Thank you!


We make rare exceptions to these dates. Each exception must be individually approved by administrative personnel. If you are with a sanctioned preseason sport or extracurricular activity or have a campus job that begins prior to a move-in date, your coach or supervisor must notify Housing to approve early arrival.

Fall 2013 move-out and winter 2014 move-in Leave: Friday, Dec. 13, no later than noon Arrive: Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014, 9 a.m.

Winter 2014 move-out and spring 2014 move-in Leave: Friday, March 21 Arrive: Sunday, March 30, 9 a.m.

End of spring quarter 2014 Friday, June 13, no later than noon

Living on campus during academic breaks Fall quarter residents staying on campus winter quarter may stay during winter break for an additional fee of $250. It’s an all-or-nothing proposition and meals are not included. If you are staying one day extra, the charges for the entire break apply. Additional dining points are not included and limited meal service hours are in effect. Staying past noon on Friday, Dec. 13, indicates your acceptance to pay this break housing fee. In addition, due to reduced staffing during winter break, students are consolidated into one or two halls. If you are not already living in one of the break housing halls, you will be required to move temporarily, taking only the possessions you will want during the break. Winter quarter residents staying on campus spring quarter may stay during spring break at no extra charge. For security and safety reasons, we simply require that you notify your Community Advisor.

My New Address Anderson Hall

Brewster Hall

<Your Name>

<Your name>

905 Elm St., Room #

404 2nd St., Room #

Cheney, WA 99004-2429

Cheney, WA 99004-1604


Dressler Hall

Dryden Hall

<Your name>

<Your Name>

1128 Elm St., Room #

106 N 9th St., Room #

Cheney, WA 99004-2498

Cheney, WA 99004-2711

New Hall

Streeter Hall

<Your Name>

<Your name>

1027 Cedar St., Room #

202 N 10th St., Room #

Cheney, WA 99004-2708

Cheney, WA 99004-1604

Pearce Hall <Your name> 1112 Elm St., Room # Cheney, WA 99004-2439

Hall Office Phone Numbers Anderson:


Brewster: 509.359.4407 Dressler: 509.359.4420 Dryden: 509.359.4445 Pearce: 509.359.4435 Streeter: 509.359.4482 New Hall:


Typical Hall Office Hours Mon – Fri:

Noon – Midnight


Noon – 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. – 2 a.m.


Noon – 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. – Midnight

Meet Your Residential Life Staff Visit your hall’s Facebook page to meet your Residential Life staff! Housing and Residential Life— Anderson Hall—


Brewster Hall— Dressler Hall— Dryden Hall— Pearce Hall— Streeter Hall— New Hall—TBD

Area Coordinator (AC)—This is a full-time professional in charge of one residence hall. ACs have supervision over at least one other professional staff member and hall.

Residential Life Coordinator (RLC)—This is a full-time professional in charge of each residence hall. RLCs oversee the daily functions of the hall and manage the hall staff.

Community Advisor (CA)—This is a student staff member who has been assigned to each floor of the residence halls. CAs help plan floor activities, mediate conflicts, regulate policies and answer questions.

Central Staff—These student staff members and full-time professionals are found in the Housing and Residential Life Office, which is located in the New Hall. They assist in room assignments, room changes, updating your account and more.

Office Worker—An office worker provides customer service at the office of each residence hall.

Your First Floor Meeting Your first floor meeting is mandatory. At it, you’ll learn the answers to questions like…

» » » » » » »

What are our floor standards? Does my floor have quiet hours? Are there any bathroom guidelines (i.e. cleanliness, use)? What are our floor expectations about common area cleanliness? Who is my Community Advisor? What room do they live in? Where is the “On-Call” board located? What is my hall’s on-call cell phone number?


2013 Fall Move-In Guide  
2013 Fall Move-In Guide