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ELLEN WILKINSON SCHOOL | ISSUE 79 | Fri 15th mar | 2019

Upcoming events and Notices Message from MS KRUGER

Upcoming dates Week 18th - 22nd March Monday • Tennis competition hosted @ EWS • Year 13 Biology Amersham trip payment due - 18 March or 19 March. See letter issued to students for details." Tuesday • Uniform spot check • Trampolining competitions hosted @ EWS

2019 Campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter A balanced world is a better world. How can you help forge a more gender-balanced world? Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality. Take some time to look at the photos and videos in support of the International Women’s Day theme of #BalanceforBetter here:

Messages sent home last week

on School Gateway or paper copy via students​

All parents / carers​

Lunchtime arrangements letter Ealing Parent and Care Forum information from the London Borough of Ealing

Y11 Certain students - additional Maths Mock

Y8 Options online reminder


Parents' Evening reminder

Wednesday • Primary Panathlon @ EWS, run by our Sports Leaders • X-Country relay @ Perivale Athletics Track Thursday 21st March • ​Year 7 Parents' Evening 4:15-7:15pm • Year 10 Immunisations Catch up • Year 7 netball fixture away @ Drayton Manor High School ​ Friday 22nd March • Year 10 interim reports available

Student Calendar 2018/2019

Notices PTA@EWS: Thank you to all the parents, Carers, Staff and pupils and PTA team for their lovely donations and a successful bake sale. PTA raised £120. A big thank you to the PTA team who volunteered their time during lunchtime on Monday 11th March. The next PTA bake sale will take place in the last week before the Easter break. We look forward to receiving your donations for this event. Information on this will follow. Self defence with Sweet Science: Year 7, 9 and 10 pupils are still welcome to join these sessions. We had a successful first session this week where pupils were introduced to self defence. Pupils who attended this session expressed how much they enjoyed it. Payments are to be made to Mrs Brown during lunch or break time. Circle time: This week pupils watched a video on the impact of the media on young women aged 8 to 18 years old. During the session, pupils shared one thing they liked about themselves other than their appearance. Pupils were also invited to praise each other

On Tuesday 12th March, our Year 8 and 10 netball teams played a home fixture against Villiers High School. Both teams were triumphant with the 8s winning 14-1 and the 10s winning 9-0. The girls have been training hard together and are really improving their game play. This was the last game of the season for the year 10s, who have won all of their games apart from one. We will await the final results of the league to see if they came top. Good luck to the year 8s for the rest of their games.

The Student Voice Book Choice! The new selection of amazing books have now been released for you students to vote for! The Student Voice Book Choice is a chance for students to have a voice and decide what books they would like in the library. The students vote for the book they would like and the most popular book voted for by each year group will be purchased for the school library. Students can either vote online in the Library area on Firefly or they can register their vote in the library.

On Thursday 14th March, our fantastic gymnastic judges were involved in judging the Year 3 and 4 primary competition for Ealing. The girls did a great job again and were complimented on their maturity and professionalism. Well done girls.

Scholastic Book Club! Great News! We're running a Scholastic Book Club to earn free books for our school. Students have received a Book Club leaflet home so that they can choose from the latest exciting selection of books. More leaflets are available in the library. For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 25p to spend on books for the library. Please place your order online at http:// by by March 29th, 2019.

On Friday 15th March, 20 girls are taking part in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships. The girls have been putting in lots of effort with their training, coming to sessions before and after school, we wish them all the best of luck.


Behaviour focus | March 11th 2019

Week 18th - 22nd March Monday Soup of the day | Spaghetti Bolognaise | Vegetable Lasagne | Jacket Potato | Jam and Coconut Sponge Tuesday Soup of the day | Sausage and Mash | Quorn Sausage and Mash | Pasta of the day | American Pancakes Wednesday Soup of the day | Roast dinner | Vegetable Pasta Bake | Pasta of the day | Vanilla Ice-Cream Thursday Soup of the day | Hoi Sin Meat and Noodles | Vegatable Noodles | Jacket Potato | Apple Pie and Cream Friday Soup of the day | Fish and Chips | Vegetable Quiche | Pasta of the Day | Waffles and Syrup

Spring term

Year 7 Parents evening: Thursday 21st March Last day for students: Friday 5th April early close at 12.30+ Easter Holiday: Monday 8th April to Monday 22nd April

Summer term

First day for students: Tuesday 23rd April May Day: Monday 6th May 2019 Half term: Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May Year 9 Parents evening: Thursday 6th June Year 10 Parents evening: Thursday 11th July Last day for students: Friday 19th July 2019+ Changes to school day: on days where times are altered from the standard school day students may not arrive on site before the allocated time, or stay on site after the allocated time; this is for safeguarding reasons. * students have 5 shortened lessons and need to have their equipment for all 5 lessons. + students have various activities and need to have only some of their equipment, more information will follow. Leave of absence and holidays during term time: Government guidelines and EWS attendance procedures are very clear that holidays or extended leave MUST NOT be taken during term time and that a continued period of absence from school may put a student’s place on roll at EWS at risk. If parents/ carers still choose to take their child out of school they need to ensure they by follow the leave of absence procedures available from the attendance team.

Investors in Careers reaccreditation

Ellen Wilkinson is excited to announce that we are working towards our reaccreditation of the Investor in Careers Quality Award. This is the highest accolade that Schools, Academies and 6th Forms can seek to evidence their outstanding careers provision. It will involve showcasing all the careers support we provide from Year 7 to 13 and highlighting the partnerships we have with businesses, FE providers and universities, to ensure our students are aware of opportunities, raise their aspirations and work with them to ensure they achieve their full potential to make well informed plans and decisions about their futures.

Student Calendar 2019/2020 Autumn term

Safeguarding at

Ellen Wilkinson School EWS taking action to protect all members of our school community from harm

Due to feedback from parents and guidance in KCSIE (link to the document is below) we will once more be informing parents of all our safeguarding procedures at EWS.

This week’s spotlight: Online Grooming

Children may often meet people online through social media or gaming who may not be who they say they are, it’s important to discuss the risks with them. Groomers are not always strangers and may be someone that they have already met socially. Children may not be aware that they are being groomed as they believe they’re in a relationship with the person. Groomers use fake profiles on social networks to connect with children and pretend to have similar interests, use gifts and compliments to build a relationship with them. Once they have the child’s trust the conversation can steer towards a sexual nature which can lead to the child sending sexual images or videos of themselves, performing sexual acts through live streaming or arranging to meet. Make sure your child knows who they are talking to; both online and face to face. They do not send explict pictures and report anybody who asks for them. It is advised to check your child’s phone regularlly. Remind your child to visit safe space at break and lunch if they wish to talk about anything. Please contact Ms Moore if you are concerned with any child at EWS.

Tuesday 3rd September 2019 to Thursday 19th December 2019 Friday 6th September: Students not in School Half-term: Monday 21st October 2019 to Friday 25th October 2019 Christmas Holidays: Friday 20th December 2019 to Friday 3rd January 2020

Spring term

Tuesday 7 January 2020 to Friday 3rd April 2020 th

Half-term: Monday 17th February 2020 to Friday 21st February 2020 Easter Holiday: Monday 6th April 2020 to Friday 17th April 2020

Summer term

Tuesday 21st April 2020 to Friday 17th July 2020 May Day: Monday 4th May 2020 Half-Term: Monday 25th May 2020 to Friday 29th May 2020

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