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For: anyone who is loosing a tooth.

One day a boy named Charlie discovered he had a loose tooth.

Charlie was as excited as a kid who recieved a new toy because he was the only one in his class who had not lost a tooth.

As soon as Charlie found out his tooth was loose, he ran as fast as a cheetah to his mother, and he begged her to pull the tooth out.

He told his mother that his tooth was as wiggily as jello, so it had to be taken out right away.

His intelligent mother knew the tooth was not ready to be taken out yet because it had not been loose for long enough.

She told him that if they took the tooth out now, he would feel the pain of jamming a finger into a door.

With this terrifing thought in his head, Charlie decided to stay patient. He imagined his loose tooth as a great prize at the front of a long line. He would just have to wait in that line with patience, until the tooth was ready to come out.

As weeks progressed, it was hard for Charlie to stay patient and wait for his tooth to fall out on its own. He started to feel as anxious as a child waiting to open a gift they were told not to.

Everyday Charlie asked his mother if his tooth was ready to come out, and every day she had the same response like a broken record, “Not yet Charlie. You have to stay patient.�

One night during dinner, Charlie took a bite into some chicken, and he felt something pop on his gums like a baloon.

He soon realized it was his tooth and pulled it out of his mouth. He was as excited as some one who just won a billion dollars.

Charlie ran from his seat to his mother and showed her the tooth. She was very proud of her son because he stayed patient and waited for nature to take out his tooth.

Charlie was so happy he stayed patient because when his tooth eventually fell out, he did not feel any pain.

He learned that being patient is a good thing because everything will go smoothly and pain free.

Charlie's First Loose Tooth by Nikaya '15  

EWS English 10 Children's Book Project

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