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Changing Seasons Written and Illustrated by Ece Bidav

The seasons change like how green leaves transform into brown, gold, and red.

Like the summer air soothes its way into cool relaxing breezes.

The seasons change just as you go from wearing shorts to relaxing sweat pants.

Like the faces of your friends change from camp mates to schoolmates.

The seasons change the way you go from finding a swimsuit to the perfect Halloween costume.

Like the way you go from having an ice cream sundae to a warm pumpkin pie.

Seasons change just as you go from planting an apple seed to picking the apple.

Like the way the 4th of July changes to a Thanksgiving meal.

The End

Changing Seasons by Ece '15  
Changing Seasons by Ece '15  

EWS English 10 Children's Book Project