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Out in the fields, where the field mice play There in the barns where the animals stay Or in the courtyards, where the rooster crows At five in the morning, his little voice sows The seed of good tiding, a good morning call To wake each and everyone, all of ye all The day starts early, with the clucking of the hen Cleaning the horse stalls, and the pig pen There is a certain odor, that is all around Everywhere you step, whew, it can be found While walking around, in a light careful shoe The day half way gone, like the morning dew You can not see it, but you know is there, Pungent and putrid, in the air everywhere You reach down to pet, your dog of old Your eyes start to water, his story is told Telling a tale, of a skunk to have been And a dead fish later, to roll around in Tails a wagging, says he is your best friend Right through the smell, to the very end


Johnny Rivers

Episodes start in our next issue. for m o r e i l l u s t r a t i o n s a n d a r t w ork check out: r a f a e l t a p i a i i i . b l o g s p o t .com

wierd dreams Raf

i woke up saying this.

Master Chieftan Editor in Charge: O. Mendez Art Director: R.Tapia Project coordinator: Caros dezmen Social Networker: Leafar Piata Spatial Relations: omen scar-dez Animatronics : Rafael T. Animatronics Supervisior: Raf tap the Wizard: Oscar M. Luchador 1: Rafa l. tapi Illustrations By: the wizard & Luchador

TMAG Summer 12  

Team member submissions based zine

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