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Tall-Building Progress Plans, current work and recent openings from around the world Dubai Tops in Tallest Residential Towers Seven of the 10 tallest residential towers in the world are in Dubai, according to building database Emporis. The four tallest are within several minutes of each other in the city’s Marina District. The buildings’ names and heights are: Princess Tower, 414 m; 23 Marina, 395 m; Elite Residence, 380 m; and The Torch, 337 m. The rest of the list is as follows: ♦♦ Q1 Tower, Gold Coast City, Australia, 322 m ♦♦ HHR Tower, Dubai, 317 m ♦♦ Ocean Heights, Dubai, 310 m ♦♦ Cayan Tower, Dubai, 307 m ♦♦ Etihad Tower 2, Abu Dhabi, 305 m ♦♦ Capital City Moscow Tower, Moscow, 302 m

Capital City Moscow Tower


ELEVATOR WORLD India • 1st Quarter 2014 •

The Persian Gulf region lends itself to tall-building construction due to availability of capital and urban planning not being tied to preserving the existing skyline, Emporis notes.

Beijing’s CCTV Headquarters Wins Worldwide Honor Following a nearly yearlong selection process, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) bestowed its annual Best Tall Building Worldwide honor on CCTV Headquarters in Beijing. CCTV was chosen from best building winners from four regions. The honor was announced during the CTBUH Awards Symposium on November 7, 2013, in Chicago. Rem Koolhaas, Office for Metropolitan Architecture founding

Etihad Tower 2

partner, accepted the award for CCTV. Noting that CCTV changed traditional thinking about skyscraper design, CTBUH stated: “Instead of competing in the race for the ultimate height and style through a traditional two-dimensional tower soaring skyward, CCTV’s loop poses a truly 3D experience, culminating in a 75-m cantilever.”

Schindler to Outfit China’s Tallest Building Schindler continues its success in China with a contract to outfit the 660-m-tall Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen with 33 7000-series double-deck elevators. Upon completion, the 115-story retail/office tower will be the tallest in China. Elevator traffic will be managed by Schindler’s PORT

CCTV Headquarters

Elevator World India  

The Premier Magazine for the Building Transportation Industry in India Volume 7, Issue 1

Elevator World India  

The Premier Magazine for the Building Transportation Industry in India Volume 7, Issue 1