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Welcome to Lifetopia; fully-hosted, web-based, plug and play platforms serving the entire range of student roommate and housing needs.

Lifetopia Roommates

Lifetopia Software solutions for the unique student housing needs of colleges and universities.

Lifetopia RoommatesŽ provides a controlled and secure environment for your students to self-select compatible roommates. This user-friendly, web-based solution allows the housing department to easily set the roommate search and match criteria, while empowering your students with the freedom to connect with and select roommates efficiently and safely. By offering this school-sanctioned service within your existing website, your students are able to meet and select roommates with confidence. In lieu of the time consuming process traditionally used by housing offices for roommate assignments, Lifetopia enables students to now determine for themselves the roommate or roommates with whom they choose to live – reducing stress and uncertainty, and significantly enhancing overall student satisfaction. Lifetopia HousingŽ is an optional enhancement to our roommate solution. It centralizes your housing department's entire available housing inventory into a single online marketplace, enabling students (particularly those who may not qualify for university housing) to view all available housing options and make their selections directly within your branded website. Our easy and efficient inventory management system allows your housing department to set the criteria for sanctioned housing, including whether to allow private landlord listings and other off campus residences to be included among the offerings to students.

Lifetopia Housing

Self-selection works. "The service really meets our students' roommate & housing needs."

Studies prove that a positive living experience significantly increases student success across every aspect of college life. From greater social development and the formation of valuable lifelong friendships, to improved GPAs, higher enrollment and increased applicants for graduate programs, Lifetopia is the winning solution for all sides of the student housing equation.

– Phillipe Cumia, Associate Director of Housing, San Francisco State University

Features and Benefits Administrative:

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Streamlines the administrative housing process and reduces costs. Significantly enhances student satisfaction with 24/7 access to online roommate selection and housing services from anywhere, anytime, all online. Generates new revenue channels through fees collected from private landlord listings as well as from providing roommate and housing data for interdepartmental promotion of school events and activities. Easily integrates with existing housing and management software applications. Restores university’s control of important housing policies currently being unknowingly disregarded by students using unsanctioned social networking sites for roommate selection. Serves as a valuable university offering for student recruiting and retention.

Students & Parents:

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Self-selection empowers students; reducing their stress and uncertainty. Easy to use tools enable students to create and search robust roommate profiles and available housing. Dedicated customer service and technical support; online and by phone. Secure internal e-mail system allows students to communicate without exchanging personal data. Advanced security technology verifies student identity and authenticates registered students that are approved for housing. The ability to view pre-approved housing options online provides greater peace of mind for interested parents

Proven Technology From a Proven Company

Launched in 1995, Lifetopia is the world's leading provider of web-based roommate and housing services. Our remarkably simple, fully-hosted, plug and play platforms for colleges and universities are the highest quality software solutions available.

Join these and other leading higher education institutions offering Lifetopia roommate and housing services: • • • • • • • • •

Harvard University University of Arizona Tulane University State University of New Jersey Rutgers Georgia Southern University San Francisco State University DePaul University Baruch College Sacred Heart University

“The service is easy to use. I highly recommend it!” – Dr. Jon Coleman, Assistant Director of Housing, Georgia Southern University

We provide turn-key implementation, along with complete technical and managerial support and training to ensure a successful launch and an ongoing benefit to our clients and their students. We also provide useful tools to help our clients introduce and promote the offering to students.

“Lifetopia shares Tulane's goal of providing programs and services, such as roommate and housing self-selection, to enable our students to maximize their education and enjoy the best overall collegiate experience. Our housing administration and our students benefit significantly from the Lifetopia system.” – Marty Brantley, Director of Housing Services, Tulane University

More Information For more information or to schedule a demonstration please contact: Bill Schneider Tel: 646-264-0729 E-mail:

Lifetopia Solutions Brochure  

Lifetopia knows how challenging a Housing Administrator’s job can be. We are proud to provide the best, easiest and most reliable solutions...

Lifetopia Solutions Brochure  

Lifetopia knows how challenging a Housing Administrator’s job can be. We are proud to provide the best, easiest and most reliable solutions...