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Corporative Profile


MISSION "Advise and exceed the expectations of our customers with excellence and efficiency, always committed to integrity, social and environmental responsibility and the result of our services. "

QUALITY POLICY The Juscon Quality Policy is to provide the Accounting Services, with the requirement to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, through continual improvement of processes, professional improvement, meeting the legal requirements and standards of the QMS.

VIEW "Being in the Accounting Firm national reference for all business segments and nonprofits. "


THE COMPANY Founded in 1990 by Mr. JosĂŠ Pereira Juraci, Juscon Accounting Advisory, was born with the purpose of ensuring security, speed and efficiency in the administration of tax and accounting advice to its clients.

STRUCTURE With high qualified team, Juscon Accounting Advisory, splits its structure into departments, to better serve its customers. With modern facilities and always updating new technologies, we keep all our functional infrastructure, enabling agile and organized labor.


4 AREAS OF EXPERTISE The Juscon offers a wide range of services, specializations and technology. We have everything to be the best accounting advisory firm for your company.

Accounting The Accounting Area is responsible for processing economic and financial transactions generated by companies or entities, allowing the accounting and management of the data generated. Through accounting, our technicians provide strategic advice on enterprise business, financial analysis and tax mapping that enable secure business decisions.

Fiscal and Taxes This is the area responsible for processing of the tax movements generated by the companies or entities. Jobs in this sector are developed by highly qualified technicians that allow safe determination of taxes owed, using last generation technologies. The tax burden has great relevance on business enterprises thus, tax information and directions are great allies in business management.


Labor force

This area is essential for any company, being responsible for the execution of the whole routine of the Human Resources department. This area is also responsible for the tax calculation and the payment tabs gathering, as well as giving specific advice concerning the relevant legislation in the areas of Labour, Social Security, Landholding and Labor Union Associations.

Lawsuits and Regularizations

The Corporate Area provides comlete services of Into issues involving the legal part (administrative) business with public and private agencies.



Corporate Advisory

Technology is essential in all sectors of a business, thinking of it, Juscon Created the Corporate Consultancy Area, with highly skilled professionals in implementation of any ERP system available in the market. We hold partnership with the best suppliers of these systems, which ensures success in the implementation of projects ERP's sofwares. Finance Management

The idea of offering ​​ this service came from the request of companies facing difficulties in managing their own finances. In addition to the high cost of maintaining an internal staff, such obligations consume too much time and make the businessmen lose their focus.


Benefits Management

Companies that care about the well-being, quality of life and protecting their employees know how the benefits such as health insurance, life, food, pharmaceutical and dental are valuable resources to attract and retain talent, as it encourages and improves performance of the professionals. Thinking about it, Juscon takes responsibility for managing those benefit plans, whether they are operational or assistance. The investment and management of your human resources are a strategic part of the business in building a solid foundation for the future of the corporation.


8 CERTIFIED QUALITY We strive for excellence in everything we do and that is why we are one of the few companies in our industry which has the following certifications:

Company certified under the NBR ISO 9001:2008 - ABNT Brazilian Technical Standards Association.

Company certified by Quality Program Business Accounting PQEC since 2007 imposed by the Regulators of Accounting Activities.

Company recognized as "Child friendly Company" for contributing and for its concern with social responsibility.

MPE Brazil Award (Small Business Competitiveness) in the Service Provider category, Sao Paulo State.

CORPORATE PROFILE JUSCON DIFFERENTIALS Professional Liability Insurance Thinking about the security and tranquility of our customers, so as to maintain a good relationship, Juscon hired a Liability Insurance. After all, although we have a highly qualified team, we know that mistakes can happen and aware of our responsibility in managing the accounting of our customers, we want to ensure the damage compensation eventually caused in the exercise of our activity. On-line Support To ensure the agility of our services, Juscon offers our clients the possibility to get help in real time over the internet. To get support access: menu "Customer Area"> option: "Online Service".


Street Borges de Figueiredo, 303 Offices 415 e 513 ZIP: 03110-010 - Mooca Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil Tel./PABX: 55 11 2343.0000

Corporate Profile - Juscon Accounting Advisory  

White paper of Juscon Accounting Advisory, on of the best brazilian accounting firms.

Corporate Profile - Juscon Accounting Advisory  

White paper of Juscon Accounting Advisory, on of the best brazilian accounting firms.