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Limited Edition: SELF PORTRAIT #2

E wanSearle Studio graphic designers

Duffy, photographer

John Webster, Art Director

Mick Brownfield, illustrator

Alan Fletcher, designer

BRIEF: In 1985 Andy Ewan commisioned four of the top creatives to simply draw the renowned Creative Handbook ‘The Bible’ of creative services published by Reed. The images were used on letterheads and businesscards which won the Best British Letterheads Award sponsored by Royles Printers

FaulknerBrowns + GHM|Rock Townsend

mentor: education design collaborative creativity | case studies | capabilities

GHM Rock Townsend, architects | 48 page brouchure Introduction:

education design collaborative

In BSF this design talent has been ratified by successful CABE reviews for all of our projects and the inclusion of Mentor schools as exemplars in CABE publications.

Mentor has been a leading partner in successful consortia on Leeds BSF and Tameside BSF, and is in the process of designing and delivering over £250m worth of construction projects on these two frameworks alone.

Mentor is committed to an ongoing research programme in educational design; how spaces can enable different pedagogy and curricula to be delivered in buildings which enable real transformation, and help prepare students for a world characterised by change.

1. ideas

The Mentor partners are two large, nationally known, award wining practices. With a combined staff of over 250 people across five major offices in the UK, which combined with production information outsourcing partners, makes us ideally placed to service projects of this scale.

4. make

Mentor is an education design collaborative established by FaulknerBrowns and GHM Rock Townsend in 2005, to address the BSF programme.

This brochure has been designed to inspire, open doors and encourage discussion. It illustrates our work, our research, our designs and our completed projects along with our capability to provide unique solutions for all stakeholders: consortia, local authorities and individual schools.

2. discussion

5. test

3. research

6. present

As well as expertise in education design, the Mentor partners have extensive expertise in related sectors including Leisure, Libraries, Healthcare, Housing, Mixed Use and Masterplanning projects. For example at Leeds, Mentor is currently delivering three leisure centres which are the first non school BSF projects in the country.

This involves benchmarked study visits throughout the UK and Europe with regular workshops and invited specialists on relevant topics.



education design collaborative

Case Studies

11 Pudsey Grangefield School Leeds 13 Rodillian High School Leeds 15 Cockburn High School Leeds 17 Swallow Hill High School Leeds 19 St Damian’s RC Science College Tameside 21 New Charter Academy Tameside 23 Samuel Laycock Special School Tameside 25 Kenton School Newcastle, BSF Bid

“...this will not happen if they remain founded on a narrow conceptualisation of learning : one that focuses on content over process, comprehension over competence, ability over engagement, teaching over self discovery.” CLAXTON



Rodillian High School


The new Rodillian High School is located next to the junction of the M1 and M62. The site experiences significant noise pollution which the design of the new school successfully addresses. The new school is designed as an acoustic barrier to shield the site from the noise pollution from the motorways. An outer ‘L’ shaped block arranges large buffer spaces such as halls and sports facilities as a barrier to the motorway to provide acoustic protection to the site. Learning spaces are largely arranged in a three storey block which bisects the outer ‘L’ creating a protected courtyard which forms the heart of the school. Although largely traditional in plan form, the school creates transformational possibilities allowing a number of class spaces to become an extension of the generous circulation spaces with the flexibility to allow more class spaces to open up as the school’s pedagogy evolves. The new school is characterised by large coloured forms celebrating the art rooms which provide a processional route to the main entrance, and by generous use of coloured glass to the main community spaces.

This provides a beacon to the community and, with the LRC, lecture theatre, hall and sports facilities, delivers a viable community resource in South West Leeds. 13



Early Years and Primary Education

works/Bright Horizons Family Solutions

28 Nursery

29 Northampton Schools

Higher Education 30 University of Westminster London 31 InfoLab21 Lancaster

Further Education 32 Worthing 6th Form College 33 College of North West London

Education Masterplanning 35 Bishop Ramsey School Hillingdon 37 Dame Alice Owen’s School Potters Bar

Leisure 39 Lakeside Centre Killingworth Centre for Excellence in Gymnastic Newcastle Gateshead Regional Hub 41 New Leaf Centre Leeds

Libraries 43 Stratford Library London Forest Gate Library London North Woolwich Library London

Healthcare 45 Alnwick Community Care Northumberland Pembury Acute Hospital Tunbridge Wells Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup St George’s Hospital Tooting

Mixed Use/Residential 46 Worthing College Site Worthing 47 Copland School Wembley

“ times of change the learners will inherit the earth while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.” HOFFER



Kenton School

Newcastle, BSF Bid

The design for Kenton School developed after extensive research and consultations with educationalist advisors into a radical and innovative approach to provide transformational change in education. The proposal for a big school population of 1800 students was conceived as a large single volume with a central amenity space. This concept was developed into the building form creating a ‘winter garden’ space as its heart. Teaching accommodation was arranged in two wings either side of the winter garden over three levels. The ground floor plan was given over to art design and technology spaces that opened up to the outside landscape and in to exhibition space in the winter garden. General teaching spaces were organised as classrooms clustered round open learning zones that were ‘slave spaces’ for the library. On the top level further innovative proposals were suggested where the science labs and prep rooms were manufactured and fully fitted off site as prefabricated units that would be craned onto the roof of the development, partially roofing over the winter garden. Innovative landscaping proposals based on a Cuban educational programme that became known as ‘where you live is where you grow’ were incorporated into the proposals.

This scheme translates the demands of how the school works into a celebration of how the school feels...a building that feels good.


Amplio Developments Limited


October 2011

Iain Pattie

Limited elopments Amplio Dev Street wn 55 Kingsto 8JP 1 W N n o d n Lo 50 03 355 71 T +44 (0)2 0 665 667 7 7 )7 M +44 (0 E iain@am


James Sta


Amplio Dev elopments Limited 11 Bentin ck Street London W 1U 2EP T +44 (0)2 0 7935 00 44 M +44 (0)7 776 204 7 66 E james@ k www.amplio

Business Cards

i2a Consulting LLP | website

Richard Sapper Exhibition : set of postcards

Bermondsey Street

Saturday 24th September 2011



Bermondsey Street to Bermondsey Square

design by EwanSearleStudio | illustration by Hannah Warren

11.00am-5.30pm on The Street 10.00am till late in The Square

Organised by: BERMONDSEY STREET AREA PARTNERSHIP Festival Patron: Zandra Rhodes

The Peter De Haan Charitable Trust

E wanSearle Studio design to inform and delight...

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