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Remote controls in hands, turn on"Big TV" and .. listen to the new White Lies! This is the third album of British band that can be found in Polish stores. The band shows its new face. It is worth spending all prime time in front of "Big TV"! Pushing "Power" button and it begins! The programme begins with the title "Big TV". It is the most vital song as far as interpretation issue is concerned. If we understand its lyrics and "soundtrack", we understand the whole album. It is the story about a lonely girl who achieved success in the big city. Now she is sitting alone in front of a TV set. There are a good electro sounds and Jack Lawrance-Brown drums' part in the background. We should remember about this girl and those electro sounds accompanying her thoughts. It is the leitmotive of "Big TV". Switch the channel and here comes a series titled "Love Trap". But TV programme made by White Lies is so much better than the Brazilian soap operas presented in Poland. "There Goes Our Love Again" is a dynamic, yet simple musical history of feelings that are fading away. The lector is wonderful Harry McVeigh. Caution! Intro on a third channel! Number three is a short instrumental part "Space I". This is a new thing for White Lies. It is like a short film intro. In the begining it is like "2001: A Space Odyssey", then more the intro to Disney movies, but ends up as an intro to sci-fic thriller. Indeed, the fourth song is "First Time Caller", a strange composition of vivid and happy music from the 1980s with the lyrics resembling a good thriller. Dialogs are really tense. Zapping the specialty channels On channel 5 the good kitchen sink drama "Mother Tongue" is on. We have a break from love affairs and can concentrate for a moment on the different problem. The theme is the denial of our heritage and, hence, loosing identity. This is accompanied by a beautiful bass by Charles Cave, wild guitar and really great drums. In "Getting Even" Harry McVeigh gives the best of himself. You can find here a brilliant vocal and perfectly integrated keyboard. Also, pay attention to the drums. It is one of the longest songs on the album when it comes to text. We came back to the love subject. This is a story of great injustice, revenge (in the looming shadow of forgiveness), and finally breaking-up. News "Change" is another stylistic innovation. The music is extremely enjoyable as if White Lies decided to create a piece for the relaxing music album. Background of the song delights and calms, but do not lose your vigilance. After listening to the lyrics you will find out that "Change" is not a fairy tale. This is the story of how lonely can a person be. It does not matter if you are alone or... in a relationship. This subject continues in "Be Your Man". The pace is faster. Very ineteresting guitar parts are the background to the dilemmas of a man loving the unavailable one. Classic friendzone.

Television series "New Hits On" The next programme is "Space II", which is a second premiere (sic!) on the album. Excellent instrumental. Then "Tricky Love". Lyrically - a great word game with the ambiguous word "tricky". Something about Casanova who knows what and when to say to make every girl scream. It seems so easy. But THE ONE doesn't love him. Oh, mystery. This song is worth a deeper analysis. It is number one on the album. All actors in the drama gave a truly amazing concert here. Like in a Hitchcock's film - a strong keyboard introduction and then it's just better. Brilliant bass, brilliant vocals, brilliant guitar, drums ... The Polish language is too poor to express all shades of delight belonging to each part of the song. (not) schematic happy ending Last but not least on the list are "Heaven Wait" and "Goldmine". In the first one, the sun shines through the clouds. In the end, there is a timid ray of hope for a little happier love than in previous stories. Musically - bass and drums are the leaders. The second track is a bit like "The Black Eyed" by Placebo. White Lies ends with strong drums and awesome guitar. It's a vivid and nice story about ... birth-giving. Credits Usually, the third part of a film series is not that good as the previous two. Fortunately, the "Big TV" White Lies has not taken over this practice from the world of the glass screen. The album is different but as good as the others. We have instrumentals, electronics sounds from the 80's and great lyrics that can be interpreted in many ways. The band did not choose the soft option. They searched for new ways of making music and refined this "experiment" to the last second. Now we can sit comfortably on our couch, press on the "Replay" button on our remote control and sing with Harry: "True, it's a beautiful view." "Big TV" tracklist: "Big TV" "There Goes Our Love Again" "Space I" "First Time Caller" "Mother Tongue" "Getting Even" "Change" "Be Your Man" "Space II" "Tricky To Love" "Heaven Wait" "Goldmine"

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