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More often than not we are judged by how we look. Why not let what we wear speak volumes about the life we live?!

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Hello Elite Women Today I am so excited and happy to share with you our magazine dedicated to women. It is our prayer that his magazine will enrich the lives of the many who will flip the pages on a personal and professional level. EW2Day Lifestyle magazine has been branded for success and abundance; not according to society’s standards but according to the very standards, you ladies have set for yourselves. Success and abundance for one woman could be as simple as having a family, a nice house, two cars and a dog named Rover. For another, it could be to have an executive job in the corporate arena with all its quirks while living in a posh penthouse downtown. To yet another, it might be educating children during the week and volunteering on the weekend (thanks Dap). All of these are great aspirations because they are yours! No matter what success and abundance means or looks like to you, we would like to use EW2Day Lifestyle Magazine as a conduit, if you will, to those dreams and successes; to your new Life and Style.


An Elite Woman Today is any woman who is seeking to be her best and deliver her Best to the World. She is a woman positively, productively contributing to the success of others while moving forward in purpose and destiny. She knows and respects the value of words and employs her voice, to encourage, uplift, edify, elevate, enrich, inspire, and champion the Greatness of others. An Elite Woman Today is one who desires and radiantly exudes the abundant life of peace, love, virtue, authenticity, faith, joy, and giving


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INSIGHTS 11 – On Beauty 17 – The Kitchen Diva 22 – Travel 24 – Essence of Life 36 – Leadership 39 – Being the Change

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5 GREAT Travel Tips for Women On the GO

1. Research where you want to travel 2. Always let someone know where you are traveling to or have a traveling buddy 3. Have Emergency Cash 4. Travel Safe 5. Always travel in Style Kirsten Goodwin


YOUR Power Pledge Compliments of Lisa Nichols I am unique. My journey has been filled with experiences that have built my resiliency, defined my character and made me a better woman. I am ready to cash in on my greatness, my brilliance, my God-given possibilities and my prosperity. I will turn my valleys into my mountaintops, my obstacles into my opportunities, my tests into my testimony. I love my cinnamon, caramel, mocha and deep chocolate skin, my full lips, my round hips and my kinky hair. I am a masterpiece of humility, gratitude, godliness and divinity. My beauty is real. My heart is good, and my strength has been confirmed through the test of time with my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I will show the world how to treat me—and it's my job to give the world the best example possible. I have turned my crawl into a walk, my walk into a run, and I'm now turning my run into my soar. I am unapologetic about my brilliance, untamed in my quest to discover me. I am no longer asking for permission to be me. I'm giving notice!


INSIGHT - On Beauty

LAMIK National Director & Professional Make-Up Artist,

Shalawn Willis EW2DAY LifeStyle: What is your top beauty tip? Shalawn: My beauty tip is emphasizing your Features. EW2DAY LifeStyle: What do you love most about your business? Shalawn: What I love about this business is the ministry of giving advice, listening, and sharing a simple laugh sometimes while enjoying makeup. EW2DAY LifeStyle: What do you like most about LAMIK as a makeup? Shalawn: As much as I love makeup like many women, with LAMIK cosmetics I never feel made up or look heavy. 11

EW2DAY LifeStyle: What are some common beauty mistakes that women make? Shalawn: Not cleaning your makeup brushes or not using a skin routine. EW2DAY LifeStyle: What are some of your favorite products in your make-up kit? Shalawn: I always have my LAMIK Celebrity Brow Kit I use it for photoshoots, film etc.... EW2DAY LifeStyle: What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women? Shalawn: I cannot stress the importance of a proper skin care routine makes all the difference especially if you wear makeup. EW2DAY LifeStyle: How would you respond to the statement, " A person should not look made-up. Make-up is to extenuate and/or enhance your natural beauty? Shalawn: This statement is 100 % of what I define my style of makeup techniques. EW2DAY LifeStyle: Do you feel that looking and feeling beautiful is important in regards to a woman's confidence and self-esteem? Shalawn: I feel both are important. However feeling awesome radiant’s a woman’s confidence and self-esteem genuinely.

EW2DAY LifeStyle: Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career? Shalawn: I have had the pleasure of meeting Reggie Wells Oprah's makeup artist for many years who gave me advice that I treasure as a makeup artist. My clients....I'm thankful to have meet many inspiring people in my career. EW2DAY LifeStyle: What must-have products for every makeup kit? Shalawn: LAMIK vegan makeup brushes at least 2 of each and LAMIK facial care to prep the skin. EW2DAY LifeStyle: How can women find their individual "elite" look? Shalawn: In the Atlanta area visit LAMIK counters in Macy's at Southlake or Greenbriar Mall. LAMIK Beauty Experts will be excited to customize your Elite look! #LOOKLamik. Outside of the area visit for a location near you.

Connect with Shalawn Willis at: Twitter/Instagram @beautyarchitect


Pretty Girls Read Compliments of LaRubia McDaniel Author Chaka Adams is a very determined woman, not only is she a Gates Millennium Scholar, she graduated with honors from Temple University. She is an unstoppable force. Chaka did not allow poverty, drugs and the all too real grit of urban life hold her back. Adams’ novel “A View of The Bridge” sheds light on the trappings that lie in wait for many inner city teens. Growing up in the notorious Queenbridge housing projects in New York, Chaka is well acquainted with the moment when one bad decision can make your life go astray forever or just temporarily. It is that moment, in which Chaka seeks to influence inner city women and girls. The moment when Smart = Pretty. Chaka founded PrettyGirlsRead (PGR) Publishing with Co-founder Shakeena Moses for the purpose of empowering women to read, write, and communicate effectively. The PGR board is comprised of a group of women each with diverse talents; each dedicated to promoting literacy. The team makes it all happen from garnering book donations to setting up writing workshops and mentoring programs. Chaka continues to be amazed by their enthusiasm, as they are literally putting books in the hands of women and girls who may not see reading as a way to a better life. Chaka’s mom once told her “it’s ok to be smart, don’t let anyone stop you from reading.” So many young women are afraid to show their intelligence as it is viewed as being uncool. Adams is here to tell them differently. “I want them to know that their success is directly tied to reading… communication opens many doors.” In a time when many celebrities stray away from the title of role model, it seems as though Adams is rushing towards it. Chaka stated that she wished there had been a Pretty Girls Read book club when she was coming up, as it would have given her the self-esteem to use her intelligence in the best way

July 5th, 2013 marked the first Pretty Girls Read Book Club Event. It will take place in Adam’s old neighborhood, the Queensbridge Houses. Publishing companies and private donors have committed to providing books for the excited readers and future authors. Chaka envisions PrettyGirlsRead chapters across the United States and ultimately as the publishers of Sasha and Melia’s memoirs! One might think that those are lofty goals, but coming from Chaka Adams it is a mission. In her own words” We are a movement by ourselves; we are a force when we are together.” To learn more about Chaka Adams and Pretty Girls Read visit



Fruitvale Station Directed by Ryan Coogler

Big Words Directed by Neil Drumming Kevin Hart’s documentary

“Let Me Explain”

Directed by Leslie Small & Tim Story


The Butler Directed by Lee Daniels


Baggage Claim Directed by David E. Talbert

Mother of George Directed by Andrew Dosunmu

Oldboy Directed by Spike Lee


Black Nativity Directed by Kasi Lemmons

Twelve Years a Slave Directed by Steve McQueen


A Madea Christmas Directed by Tyler Perry 14

News & Culture the State of Black Cinema After years of complaints from cinemagoers about the quality of movies by and about black Americans, as suggested by the New York Times, film companies are set to release at least ten new African American films later this year. Jeff Friday, Founder and CEO of the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) has called this a comeback year for black cinema. Tyler Perry mentioned in his interview with Oprah that we need more storytellers; telling their own stories or at least a story as they see it(emphasis mine). These films will cross a variety of genres and a few are award contenders, according to the Times. Lee Daniels, screenwriter and director of the upcoming film “The Butler,” was even surprised by the recent influx of black films... “I’m working in my own bubble, I come up for air, and there they are,” Mr. Daniels said. There has been a support system, of sorts, among black directors, actors, writers and playwrights that has sustained black filmmakers over the past several years. David E. Talbert, director and playwright, likened it to the Harlem Renaissance comparing it to the time when black musicians and writers buoyed one another in the early 20th century. The NY Times has also noted that, black filmmakers, writers and directors have honed their skills on the independentfilm circuit, while waiting to gain the interest of the ‘big boys’, the big distributors, who in years past had shied away from the same ol’, same ol’ - movies often depicting drugs and family dysfunction. Studio execs seem to feel audiences are not only growing but also growing multi-cultural which gives black films a broader appeal… “There’s a genre audience out there, but it’s no longer quite so segregated,” said Stephen Gilula, one of the presidents of Fox Searchlight. Films like “The Help,” “Jumping the Broom,” “Think Like a Man” and a number of Tyler Perry productions have given execs a new confidence in the potential of movies involving black themes. Hence, more story tellers, telling different stories. There has also been a rediscovering of small independent filmmakers according to the Times … “The conversation within the black film community is about this new energy that was jump-started by the indie movement,” said Ms. DuVernay, who in 2011 started the African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement(AFFRM) to issue blackmade films that were being overlooked by commercial distributors. Independents are credited with several of the movies set to premiere this year. Mr. Daniels says the presence of other black directors makes him feel less isolated; he calls it ‘comforting.’

Kudos to all the black filmmakers, directors, writers and actors. See you at the movies! RIP Mr. Ebert



INSIGHT in the Kitchen

Ingredients of A Legacy Recently EW2Day Dished with Dr. Oz and the Today show regular - Angela Shelf Medearis, aka,

The Kitchen Diva EW2DAY LifeStyle: How did you get the name The Kitchen Diva? Kitchen Diva: D.I.V.A. stands for Divinely Inspired, Victorious, and Accomplished through Christ. I purposely chose that name because it gives me an opportunity to give my testimony when I’m being interviewed! 17

EW2DAY LifeStyle: What three (3) things are you most thankful for up to this point in your life? Kitchen Diva: Faith, family, and good health! EW2DAY LifeStyle: It is evident you have a heart for sharing, giving, and family – share how you give back and why you feel it is important to give back? Kitchen Diva: My family and I organize and present fund-raising events for non-profits and charities to help them raise money. We call the events THE KITCHEN DIVA’S COOKING FOR A CAUSE. Our family has been so blessed and using our Godgiven talents to provide assistance to others is our way of supporting our community, and putting our faith in action. EW2DAY LifeStyle: You are always so full of joy and energy – where do you get your inspiration? Kitchen Diva: When I accepted Christ, got saved on January 12, 1975, got married, and started living my life as a Christian, I experienced real joy, peace and happiness for the first time in my life. Although some days are a little challenging (this ain’t heaven, after all :), I always have the God-given gift of joy in my heart every day. I also try to always be thankful for all of the many blessings that I have. Because I love the career the Lord has blessed me with, I’m always excited and energized by the work I get to do! EW2DAY LifeStyle: What do you envision as your legacy? Kitchen Diva: I was inspired to move from writing children's books to cookbooks, which is part of the story behind my book- “TEN INGREDIENTS FOR A JOYOUS LIFE AND A PEACEFUL HOME” . Writing this book is my legacy because it contains all of the “ingredients” that have made me into the woman I am today. Using my own personal experiences and Christian testimony, I provide a unique look at the scriptures concerning love, serving the Lord, forgiveness, friendship, overcoming fear, receiving healing, single Christian relationships, marital harmony, raising Godly children, and becoming financially free. Biblically-based commentary and scriptural references that clearly explain the topic of each chapter are provided by my Pastor, Salem Robinson, Jr., of Dunn’s Memorial in Austin, Texas. “TEN INGREDIENTS FOR A JOYOUS LIFE AND A PEACEFUL HOME” is a spiritual memoir and inspirational guide to living a blessed Christian life. Another beautiful addition to the book are the stories and testimonies from Michael Medearis, my husband, and First Lady Patricia Robinson, Pastor Robinson’s wife, as well as other members from the Dunn’s Memorial church family about their struggles and triumphs as Christians. This book is a wonderful daily affirmation and study guide, as well as a source of strength and inspiration for anyone who wants to live a joyous life and have a peaceful home. This is a book for Christians by Christians and my gift to anyone who wants to live a joyous life. Connect with The Kitchen Diva @


The Kitchen Diva’s ORANGE PEPPER SHRIMP WITH TEXMATI RICE Makes 8 servings

Sweet oranges and spicy black pepper create a fantastic marinade for shrimp. It’s a fairly simple dish that looks like it took hours to prepare. You can prepare the Texmati Rice ahead of time and reheat it in the same pan you used to sauté the shrimp. 2 pounds (medium to large, 16-20 count) shrimp, raw, peeled and deveined 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar 2 fresh oranges, juiced and zest removed from 1 orange 6 cloves garlic, peeled and minced finely 2 tablespoons canola oil Herb Texmati Rice Prepare the Herb Texmati. Meanwhile, rinse shrimp in cold water. Place the shrimp in a glass bowl. Add the salt, pepper, vinegar, orange juice, and 1 tablespoon of the zest (reserve 1 teaspoon of the zest for the Texmati rice), minced garlic and juiced orange halves. Stir mixture to combine. Cover, refrigerate and let marinate for 20 minutes. Heat the oil in the skillet over medium high heat. Saute shrimp, until cooked, about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes on each side. Fluff the rice by raking through it with a fork. Place a ¾ cup of the Herb Texmati Rice on each plate. Top with 8 to 10 pieces of the shrimp. 19

TEXMATI RICE Makes about 3 cups The Kitchen Diva states, “I love the bold, nutty flavor and perfume of Texmati rice. Texmati is an aromatic rice that’s a blend of American long-grain rice and basmati. You can also buy Texmati rice blends with Thailand jasmine, Lousiana wild pecan rice, red rice from Asia, wild rice or as a brown rice”. 1 cup uncooked long-grain, brown Texmati or Basmati rice 1 3/4 cups low-sodium chicken broth or water 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon unsalted, whipped butter 1 teaspoon orange zest, minced 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Bring the rice, the broth or water, salt, and butter to a boil over high heat in a small heavy-bottomed saucepan. Stir the boiling rice. Cover and reduce the heat to low. Simmer, covered tightly, for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat, keeping the cover on the rice and allow it to sit, covered, for 5 to 10 minutes. Sprinkle with the pepper. Fluff with a fork, and serve warm.


She Auto the blog

Everything Auto for Her by Her‌.

Check out our new blog @


INSIGHT on Travel with Kirsten Goodwin, Owner of Time Travel Luxury Although “Always on the Go�, EW2DAY was able to gain some travel insight from Time Travel Luxury owner, Kirsten Goodwin. EW2DAY LifeStyle: Where did you get the inspiration for you travel line? Kirsten: This is a great question. I got the inspiration to start my own travel accessories store due to my traveling errors. I was tired of checking a bag and experiencing several hassles at the airport. I wanted to create something that was for women on the go. Something that was easy, affordable, and fashionable. If you are anything like me, I want to have everything in my carryon bag, so that I can get on, off, and to my destination. Currently, we have opened an on-line store that carries a variety of travel brands and I am in production of starting my own travel accessories line. EW2DAY LifeStyle: As a world traveler, what has been your favorite destination thus far and why? Kirsten: I've been to London, Nottingham, Amsterdam, Dubai, Caribbean, San Juan, New York , Miami , Los Angeles , Vegas and more.I love Amsterdam, Holland. As soon as I landed I fell in love with this place. The place fit my personality to the fullest. It's literally the land of the free and there is no crime. Although, it is very expensive due to the currency exchange, I was able to enjoy myself. The one thing that really caught my eye was the fact that everyone rides bikes as though they were cars. I was able to catch onto the Dutch language and many people were helpful. Thus far, if I ever get the opportunity to live there, I will be on the next flight ASAP. EW2DAY LifeStyle: As a woman always on the go...where are you headed next? Kirsten: As far as business, I can only go up from here and as far as travel I will be headed to Africa and Brazil next. I want to do some community service overseas. For Additional Information Visit:



INSIGHT on the ESSENCE of LIFE There are remarkable women all over the world moving forward in grace and power as daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, teachers, businesswomen, and more. EW2Day was blessed to obtain the opportunity to glean from one such woman -

Dr. Katrina Mallory Wife, Mother of Three, Educator Favorite quote: “Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. “

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

EW2DAY LifeStyle: How do you balance work and home? Dr. Mallory: Taking care of home and handling responsibilities at work may sometimes become overwhelming. There are a number of ways to balance work and family, but planning makes my life easier and more systematic. In order to balance work and family, I share the responsibilities with my husband to make sure our schedules are coordinated to meet our family’s needs at all times.

EW2DAY LifeStyle: What words of wisdom would you share with moms striving to balance marriage, family, work/career? Dr. Mallory: It's never easy being a mother and wife trying to juggle a job with a family life. Work and family does not “balance” automatically. Achieving balance is an ongoing process. Understanding this can reduce frustration and help you act to gain control. My words of wisdom to moms would be to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between profession and parenthood.

EW2DAY LifeStyle: What is the most important lesson(s) you learned from your mother? Dr. Mallory: My mother is the epitome of a “phenomenal woman!” The most important lesson she taught me was to keep God first in my life. She also taught me to set goals and ask myself what really matters. She told me that in order to create the life I want, I must first define what's most important to me and develop a plan that helps me prioritize and balance those things.

EW2DAY LifeStyle:

What are the 3 most important lessons you have taught your children?

Dr. Mallory: The three most important lessons that I have taught my children are: 1. To put God first, pray, and always have a personal relationship with Him. 2. To live by the biblical principle, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 3. To always strive for excellence, remember that you can do anything with hard work and perseverance, and always do your best.

EW2DAY LifeStyle:

What words of wisdom would you share with women wanting to go back to school?

Dr, Mallory: Women have many factors to balance when it comes to going back to school: time management, scheduling, child care, transportation, college tuition and fees, money for books, and keeping children fed, clean, and rested while mothers work, study, or both. My words of wisdom for women who want to go back to school would be to…. Make it happen!


The Happy Wives Club

The Happy Wives Club is on a journey to prove love and marriage still go hand-inhand, the ‘Happy Wife’ really does exist and you and I aren’t the only ones a part of this club. And if you haven’t yet joined the Club, what are you waiting for? Join Today and together let’s change the perception of marriage around the world.


When it comes to healthy Fruits and Veggies, Organic is not always the Only Option. According to the Environmental Working Group below is a list of items which should be purchased organic and items that are ok to purchase conventionally in the produce aisle The Dirty Dozen (BUY Organic) Apples Blueberries Celery Cucumbers Grapes Lettuce Nectarines – imported Peaches Potatoes Spinach Strawberries Sweet Bell Peppers

The Clean 15 (Buy Conventional) Asparagus Avocado Cabbage Cantaloupe Eggplant Grapefruit Kiwi Mangos Mushrooms Onions Pineapple Sweet Corn Sweet Peas Sweet Potatoes Watermelon

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month More than 30,000 men die of prostate cancer each year in the U.S. Prostate cancer has no early warning signs, which is why undergoing a yearly DRE and blood testing for PSA is so important if you are male 50 years or older. In addition to the age factor men in highrisk groups such as those with a family history of prostate cancer and/or of African American ethnicity should begin screening as early as age 40.

Encourage the Men in your life to Get Tested.


7 Ways to Create Peace in Your Home with Glennette Haynes of Stephin Oubre According to ancient wisdom, your environment reflects your life. Therefore, with the hectic hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, our home should be our haven. Here are a few ways to create a peaceful home. 1.


This is my personal number one advice to bring peace into your space. What your eyes see affects your inner calm, your energy. This may sounds nuts but I promise if you try clearing (eliminating) the clutter you will experience an immediate sense of peace. Start the de-cluttering process by clearing surfaces of all STUFF, you know all the unnecessary STUFF. Purge your closet, I feel your pain and know it’s hard to give away those clothes that you will one day be able to fit again, wink-wink; we are all guilty. Trust me, when you purge and donate to an organization or simply bless someone who needs what you are hoarding, the smile and gratitude you will receive will elevate the peace in your life.


2. Flowers Fresh flowers add positive energy to a space and some add a bit of fragrance. Dr Nancy Efcoff, PhD, and Harvard Medical School reveal that people feel more compassionate towards others, have less worry and anxiety, and feel less depressed when fresh cut flowers are present in the home. Who knew the Power of the Flower?! 3. Color The easiest way to change the mood of a room is to add splashes of color. You can add instant zest or tranquility to a room with a fresh coat of paint. In the design world most decorators often choose blue for the bedroom because it’s often described as calming, peaceful, secure and tranquil. Remember, whatever color you choose will dictate the mood and tone of the entire space including the spaces directly related to the room of choice. 4. Music Music has the power to change the atmosphere. Listening to CALMING music allows you to release stress and less stress means more peace. 5. Lease for Peace Create a space in your home just for you! It doesn’t have to be a large space, just simply a place where you can go to clear the air or just to take a time out for a few moments of peace. 6. Lighting If you have not added lamps and/or sconces, please do yourself a favor. Overhead lighting is necessary and it creates energy, alertness and creativity but lower levels of light create ambience, an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy. If all else fails, always incorporate dimmers to your overhead light; you will notice an immediate difference. 7. Scents Scents create a sense of calm, peace and relaxation. Incorporate fragrances such as lavender, lilac, jasmine, sandalwood, eucalyptus, vanilla and/or patchouli and you will create a serene environment in your space. If you have a fireplace, in the winter, sprinkle the logs with a few drops of essential oils (sandalwood, peppermint, myrrh, cinnamon...) before burning for a wonderfully fragrant atmosphere. Your personality is as individual as your fingerprint. Remember He, the Master Creator, made us all uniquely different, so have fun creating a peaceful environment in your home and please add elements of you to your space. Happy Decorating and Many Blessings, Glennette Haynes Stephin Oubre Events and Interiors 770-841-2665 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”Mahatma Gandhi 28


Rene Miller

EW2Day had the opportunity to speak with media mogul Ms. Rene Miller about her life and career. Ms. Rene has been a part of almost if not every aspect of media and entertainment. She also celebrated her birthday on July 10th as many of you are probably already aware. Please know that Ms. Renee is as fly as ever!

Tell us about RMP‌ Rene Miller Presents is an event production company I started years ago which allows me to bring national recording artists in R&B, Jazz and Neo-Soul to perform here in Atlanta. However, we will be producing concerts and events around the country in the future. You’ve finished another Jazz Festival in St. Lucia...How was it, first of all? The 2013 St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival was a phenomenal experience as it is every year that I've attended. Does The Festival happen in St. Lucia every year in May? Yes, the festival usually takes place for 2 weeks starting the last week of April through the second week of May. 29

Is RMP the Atlanta connection to the festival with respect to promoting and talent? Yes. My company has hosted an annual competition titled "Atlanta's Next Best" where we not only promote the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival but local musicians and singers compete for an all expense paid trip for 2 and an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform several times throughout the festival. You've stated in the past that your real love is being a DJ and touching people's lives. Is that still true for you today? It certainly is! There's no greater joy than being involved in helping listeners (or family as I refer to them) get through their day and provide them positive and inspirational nuggets which I hope will help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. How does it feel to back on radio again? I am ecstatic to be back on radio after my long hiatus! There is something organic about connecting with listeners over their favorite songs, which ultimately either help them get over today's issues or takes them back to a place in time that they remember as though it were yesterday. I read it said 'your voice is perfect for jazz'...What is it about your voice that makes people think jazz when they hear you over the airwaves? That is the ultimate compliment and I humbly accept those kind words. I am a vocal artist at the core, so whether it is hosting a jazz concert, reading copy on the radio or announcing the winning numbers for the lottery, using my voice properly and adequately is a major priority for me. What do you love about Jazz? I love the freedom and unpredictability of Jazz while at the same time it maintains a certain discipline. On your website, you talk about that itch you couldn't scratch and wanting to move to Atlanta. What was it in or about Atlanta that made you want to move here?


Coming to Atlanta was inevitable because it has always been progressive for a Southern city, and has proved to be a conducive environment for Women entrepreneurs and entertainers like myself. Plus, you can't beat the weather here. Plus, you can't beat the weather here. Who were some of the people that have influenced you in your personal and business life? My long time friend and mentor the late Terrell L. Slayton who was a tireless and dedicated public servant to the State of Georgia for over 30 years. You've interviewed many well known people in your career. The interview you did with John C. Maxwell changed your life, you said. How so? First, landing the interview with John Maxwell was one of my top ten “buck list” accomplishments. In talking with Dr. Maxwell, he is the first global influencer that told me that I had “it”. He told me that when I discover what that “it” is, to reach back out to him. Daily, almost hourly I am working on my “it”. I would imagine in the world of media and entertainment, there is always another event to promote or another appearance to make. How have you balanced your work and personal/family life without sacrificing too much of either? I'm at a point in my life where my "Quality of Life" is the utmost importance to me regardless of what's going on in my professional life. The key is knowing when to say "Yes" and when to say "No". I can't go to every event I'm invited to. Do you listen to other genres of music outside of Jazz? Of course, I enjoy listening to a variety of artists in other genres like Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton who are both great Soul singers in their own rights. Who's CD might we find in your changer right now? In my CD changer, I'm currently jamming to Miguel, Kirk Whalum, Ledisi, Alex Bugnon and I have to keep Will Downing on rotation. How often do you take time for Rene just to get away from it all? I definitely make having downtime and rest a priority.


What are some of the things you enjoy during your off time? I love going to church and taking my down time at home to simply do nothing. I also enjoy curling up to a good book, listening to some music or playing around in my yard. A lot of people probably recognize you and/or your voice from the GA Lottery. The camera really loves you, by the way! Is this possibly an avenue to becoming a television personality as well? Actually because I am already seen Monday thru Friday hosting the GA Lottery on WSB-TV, I am considered a TV personality. However, if you are asking if I plan to do more prominent TV personality opportunities, the answer is yes. I have a show currently in development. So what else is on the horizon for Rene Miller? I am looking forward to "Cocktails & Conversation" edition of my "Live from Loews" concert series and getting back in the groove on my radio show. Plus working on extending my brand in a variety of platforms and avenues, that I'm not at liberty to discuss at this time. However, please be on the lookout. What advice do you give young women aspiring to be as successful as you are in the world of media and entertainment? The best advice I can give them is to make sure that they become educated about the craft as well as the business end of media and entertainment. Too often, they focus on developing their talent but fail to research how to conduct business. Last, I would strongly suggest that they find a mentor who is successful in their field. If someone wanted to utilize your services, how would they contact you? Visit my Contact Page:



5 Ways to Empower Your Life: Let go of the guilt - Rather than dwell on the time you are not spending with your children while working, maximize the moments you have and make them count. Create memories! Find ways to be efficient in both worlds and focus on the priorities. Make your family a priority - - Figure out your family's priorities and carve out dedicated time to spend with them. Try not to take your work home. Finish your office work at the office. Keeping work and family separate from each other is critical to balancing work and family life. Get organized – Create and organize a family calendar with everyone’s activities so all will know what to expect and look forward to (i.e., gymnastics practice, meetings, etc…). Plan fun family activities regularly into your schedule to nurture your family’s dynamics and allow everyone to bond. Nurture your relationship with your partner - Foster the relationship with your spouse/partner. Plan and dedicate time that will allow you to get closer, feel rejuvenated, and enjoy each other's company.

Create Moments for Yourself - Fit in valuable "me" time regularly. A refreshing break will help you recharge while taking care of your personal needs. Pray, meditate and keep an open line of communication with God daily.

Compliments of Dr. Katrina Mallory


GREAT FINDS – If you are in or around the Atlanta Area make your way to

IWI Fresh Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa 341 Nelson St SW, Atlanta (404)577-8072

2221 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 748-4288

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Stacey Chavis,

Founder of Campaign Academy EW2DAY LifeStyle: When looking at the role of women in the political arena, how is the time we're in now different from previous times in history? Stacey: In 2013, more women serve in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate than ever before. In each election cycle, we build on the victories on the previous elections cycle. Women are serving in State Legislatures in larger numbers. According to the Center for American Women in Politics, 24% of the state legislators are women. Women hold 20% of state Senate seats and 25% of state House Seats. The numbers are increasing when each election cycles. We will get to 50% for women’s leadership in state legislators one day in the near future. EW2DAY LifeStyle: Who are some of the women who've helped create this change? Stacey: Eleanor Roosevelt, Barbara Jordan, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Dole, Carol Moseley Braun, Geraldine Ferraro, Kay Bailey Hutchison and Nancy Pelosi have helped create this change on a national level. They have provided examples for women political leaders coming behind them. EW2DAY LifeStyle: How do women in leadership positions lead differently from men? Stacey: Women lead from a place of bringing all involved to the table to discuss the issues. Women also lead by reaching across the aisle to work members of the other political party. EW2DAY LifeStyle: What are some of the obstacles in political leadership that are unique to women? Stacey: Women are traditionally seen as leaders in their home as wife, mother, and helpmate. We are not seen as leaders in a political arena. We are working to change those perceptions. Women can be a wife, mother, partner, friend, helpmate and she can also serve her community in elected office.


EW2DAY LifeStyle: As a woman, walk us through the first 5 things to do if running for office? Stacey: The first step is to make the final decision to run for elected office. Step 2 is to get your resume together. The third step is to prepare your family for the campaign trail. The third step is to check the election laws for your race. Step 4 is to learn the issues in your area. The fifth step is to hire a Campaign Manager and began raising money for your campaign. EW2DAY LifeStyle: Share with us 3-5 things do we need as women to be successful in serving in a political position? Stacey: First, women must attend a political leadership training to learn the tools and skills for running and serving in elected office. Women need to become comfortable making the asking for votes and money. It is essential for women to prepare for public speaking. As a woman serving in a political position, one must know the issues in your area.

For Additional Information Connect with Stacey: Campaigns Academy 404-913-2540



INSIGHT and INSPIRATION “Being the Change” Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Creative Genius.....

Glennette Haynes of Stephin Oubre Events and Interiors

EW2DAY LifeStyle: Tell us about Glennette “Cookie” Haynes? Glennette: My name is Glennette Haynes, I am a woman of faith, a wife, a mother of three, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. I grew up in New Orleans, LA, where we consider ourselves totally unique and utterly vibrant. I believe it is our moral duty to help those that are in need. EW2DAY LifeStyle: The Great work you do requires inspiration – What inspires you? Glennette: My inspiration comes from people, we are all unique. Nature, it’s all around us and we can pick up so many ques from its wonder. My Creator, for He is the author of creativity, just stop and take a look around you.


EW2DAY LifeStyle: What is your favorite quote or saying? Glennette: The quote I love most is, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi. I believe he was telling us to do a self check. The world conditions are but mirror images of our human nature, our inner self. If we want to contribute to the positive change, we must first start with ourselves then, we must stop talking about the situations that bother us, get up and participate and cultivate awareness then, take action to change our world (communities) for the better. EW2DAY LifeStyle: Share with us three (3) thing you are most grateful for? Glennette: I am most grateful for my faith, my health and my family. What I love most about my business is simple, having access to so many beautiful and unique things especially, beautiful luxurious fabrics...oooh la-la EW2DAY LifeStyle: What do you love most about your business? Glennette: I enjoy the creative genius of others in my industry and the sheer joy of helping my clients realize their own personal style is very gratifying. Last and by far not least, I am privileged to meet people from many different cultures and walks of life. EW2DAY LifeStyle: It is evident you have a great spirit and a big heart – share your philanthropic endeavors with us? Glennette: In 2009, I started a non-profit organization to bless returning wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans by decorating a space within their home and we also help homeless and severly impoverished high school seniors with their prom attire. Our organization, ORPHAN, believes a calming space eases the depression and anxiety brought on by the visible and invisible injuries as a result of war. Our goal this year is to raise enough funds to retrofit a kitchen and/or bathroom for a returning wounded veteran impacted with a lasting injury. Also, the children are deeply affected by their parents absence and then their re-integration after duty; therefore, we offer a make-over for the children to give them a calming retreat as well. We also believe every young person should have an opportunity to participate in their senior prom, after all, it is a rite of passage. (fb like us @ Orphan-Foundation) Connect with Glennette Haynes @: STEPHIN OUBRE events & interiors 770-841-2665


Are you Single and Looking to Mingle? If you are single, making the inner connection will increase your chances of a holistic outer connection. People are often most vibrant and attractive when they are enjoying themselves and enjoying life. Check out the list below and Get To Mingling: Enjoy your own company Treat yourself to long bubble bath with candlelight, lunch in nice restaurant, movie, etc., Be Social In the age of all the Social Networks, don’t forget to actually BE Social. Schedule regular in-person Social Connections with friends and family. Learn Something New If you have always wanted earn a degree, or learn something such as cooking, playing the piano, another language there is no better time than the present. Search online and contact admissions departments of local colleges and universities to see what is being offered. Volunteer We each have something to share. Volunteering not only makes a difference in the lives of others, it will make you feel good too. So find and organization you are passionate about, check your schedule, and begin. The following sites may be great places to start: ,, and . Get Physical Getting physical does not require another person. Getting physical does require making a commitment to get moving and experience optimum health. You could begin with the gym or think outside the box and look into golf, tennis, swimming, kickboxing, Zumba, etc. Also, there is an Awesome National Organization called Black Girls Run( that empowers you to start walking and/or running at your own pace with a team of ladies in your geographical area. Hit the Books Reading doesn’t have to mean alone or lonely. Join or start a book club. Therefore, Hit the Books for a Great weekly or monthly date of Food, Fellowship, and Conversation. SheCation Connect with the girls and schedule a Shecation. Your Shecation can be as budget friendly or as elaborate at you decide. The destination could be a Spa Day, Night Out on the Town, Pajama Party in Posh Luxury hotel, Camping, Hiking, Rafting, or a Cruise. The most important thing is to Connect, Plan, and GO!

Get to Mingling….



7 PURSE POWER Tips for the Summer Summer is a Great time to explore, hit the road for a family vacation and/or unite with your girls for a Shecation. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get away. Here are some money saving tips to add more power to your purse this summer: Plan Your travel experience will be enhanced by planning. Some of the things to consider when planning are: date, time, place, number of travelers, climate. Location, Location, Location When planning your trip consider a getaway nearest your shore. Traveling to a nearby destination will place the trip within the range of driving instead of flying. When considering the drive don’t forget to count the cost of car maintenance, car rental, gas, etc. In addition to consideration for location, you may want to consider booking an “off-season” location that will offer a really great discount. Fly Solo If possible avoid flying Fridays, Over the Weekend, and on Mondays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the cheapest times for flying. Also, with the term flying solo, early morning and late night red-eyes tend to better priced flights.


Check It Out Online Don’t forget to check the online sites such as , , , . Although the most popular major travel sites such as: , , , ,,, offer great deals, when booking hotel reservations be sure to visit the actual hotel website, as well. Oftentimes, the hotel offers very good deals of their own. Membership does have its privileges Are you an AAA member? Does your place of employment, club, or professional organization offer discounts or deals for events, entertainment, or travel accommodations? When booking a hotel, flight, or rental car package check to see if there are any discounts offered through your membership affiliations. Free or Little to No Cost Consider exploring your city by experiencing some of the local events. Most cities have “Screen on the Green”, music in the park, concerts, fairs, festivals and more. Also, don’t forget about checking with the National Park Service for events and affordable campsites. Stay at hotels where breakfast is included and kids eat and stay free. Many brand name hotels offer free breakfast and free accommodations for kids under 12. Therefore, be sure to check the “Specials and Details” page on the hotel website.


5 Natural Style Ladies Want Done Professionally: Tabitha Ford Author of the blog Small Salon Biz @

While many natural clients spend a great deal of time taming their curls at home, you can bet they’ll keep looking to the pros for help with the following services. Blowout – Natural girls embrace their curls, but occasionally they’re in the mood for a sleek blowout. One particular occasion for getting a blowout is to enjoy longer length. Curly hair can shrink as much as 6 inches in its natural state. Sometimes naturalist just wants some hair flipping action. Textured Up-Do – Sure there are plenty YouTube tutorials, but who wants to take a chance for a special occasion? For special occasions and spunky moods, you can expect ladies to go a stylist for textured up-dos that make a statement and command attention. Sets – Services such as the flexi rod set are great for naturals who want to elongate their curls. While this can be done at home, many folks don’t want to invest in the tools and time that’s required to do this on their own. The speed and expertise of a professional, turns styles such as straw sets, twist outs, and roller sets into more practical options.


Hair Color – Many naturals are particularly cautious about using harsh chemicals on their hair. Because of this, most will seek professional services for hair color. For ladies who wear their hair curly most of the time, consider highlighting techniques that add dimension to curls and twists. For naturals who wear their hair straight, bolder hair, color patterns become an option. Hair Cuts – Often times, naturals embark on the chemical free journey to begin realizing considerable length. Because of this, haircuts become less frequent. When natural ladies decide to cut they generally want to trim a small amount. Women will look to the precision and professional skills of a stylist, because it may be a good period of time before their hair is cut again.



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