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Distinctive Marketing Measures Our brand expressed.

Introduction This book is a collection of marketing measures used by real estate’s most successful Advisors to represent and promote the world’s finest properties. It is a higher standard we have developed to market our brand, our properties and ourselves with competence, exclusivity and passion. Use this book as a resource to develop strategies that maximize Engel & Völkers’ full capabilities.


The E&V brand card

11 The presentation box


The Engel & VĂślkers story

12 Paperless presentations


Our shop concept

13 The E&V Home Journal


Brokerage brochures

14 Our exclusive property exposĂŠ


Agent brochures

15 Private Office


The collaborative approach

16 GG Magazine


Professional stationery

17 Private Residences USA


E&V signage

18 Shop TV


Presentation pages

19 Online exposure

10 Presentation covers

20 Cooperative advertising


21 Corporate rates

32 E&V Print Shop

22 International media exhange

33 E&V Image Bank

23 Corporate communications

34 E&V Merchandising Shop


35 E&V Studio

25 The shop website

36 Property Investment Profile™, Market Tracker™ and Homefinder™

26 The agent website 27 The E&V Mobile App 28 Mobile strategy 29 QR codes 30 Social media strategy 31 E-Lead Routing System

37 E&V postcards and mailers 38 Newsletter campaigns 39 GO!ConnectTM 40 Global reach

We link together the aspirat ions of discerning individuals around the world, be it in a private or a business context. With total passion.

1 Create opportunities.

The E&V brand card – making the first connection a lasting one. An introduction begins not with a business card but with a promise to deliver higher quality service and a commitment to exceed expectations. This unique card creates the opportunity to describe our brand‘s core values. It quickly establish-

es your competence to produce exceptional results, an essence of exclusivity, and gives you the chance to express your passion for what you do best. This card makes a strong impression that will keep you on the minds of potential clients.

2 Be original.

The Engel & Völkers story – the origin of extraordinary service. The Engel & Völkers story is like no other--from a specialized boutique agency in Hamburg, Germany to an international brand representing premium properties around the world, and to you, an elite representative providing an exceptional level of service in your local market. It’s a story about our guided expansion throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and North America, to

meet the additional needs of our most valued clients and bringing the prestige of our brand into new markets, including commercial real estate and luxury yachting. And how, in our geographic expansion, we selected only the world’s most desired real estate markets. Every agent who represents the Engel & Völkers brand is part of the story, which is one that our clients want to hear.

3 Be in the best locations.

Our shop concept – beyond a real estate office. It’s the unique design and purpose of our distinctive white shops that are at the very heart of the Engel & Völkers global brand strategy. Throughout the world, Engel & Völkers shops are located in the neighborhoods and streets where our clients live, work and play. They are designed to encourage sidewalk traffic to view our exclusive prop-

erty exposés and to invite potential sellers and buyers to meet our team. Professional conference spaces provide a safe and comfortable environment for client consultations. For world travelers, the sight of an Engel & Völkers shop wherever it may be, brings to mind the same expectation of high-end service and exceptional real estate.

4 Communicate leadership.

Brokerage brochures – announcing that the best is even better. We’ve created a well-crafted brokerage brochure that distinguishes you and your services from competitors in the marketplace and leverages the value of the Engel & Völkers brand. It’s designed to fully communicate your service quality, passion and true international network. Brochures are created with Engel &

Völkers’ unique and elegant design style with pre-written content that can be customized or replaced to explain the benefits in your own words. In the end, with some time and effort, you will have a company brochure to communicate your position in the local market.

5 Distinguish yourself.

Agent brochures – sharing your story. We’ve taken the idea of an agent bio a step further with our professionally written, high quality agent brochures. Your experience, successes and capabilities as a market leader will tell the story of who you are and how you came to rep-

resent the Engel & Völkers brand. We’ll work with you to develop the right tone in your copy, photography and design. This piece also lives electronically and is a valuable addition to your online marketing.

6 Succeed together.

The collaborative approach – merging talent and resources. The U.S. real estate industry is always evolving which means the way we compete for business is always changing. In the past several decades the industry has shifted from broker-centric marketing to agent-centric marketing. Today, however, these approaches are less effective because consumers are demanding more. It’s no longer just about the broker or the agent. Understanding this shift, we’ve developed a revolutionary, collaborative branding approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

Engel & Völkers is the only global real estate company that uses an extraordinary collaborative logo that positions the expertise of its agents with the brand’s expansive reach and proven resources. This collaborative logo represents a merger of your talent and the brand. Of course, this begins in selecting only the best agents in the industry to represent Engel & Völkers. It is an unprecedented approach to real estate in the U.S. and anywhere else in the world where properties are sold.

7 Reach out and truly connect.

Professional stationery – standing the test of time. Technology gives us the ability to connect to more people, faster. Yet, in real estate, it’s still the first impressions and personal connections that make the difference between leaders and followers. That’s why we continue to invest in designing the perfect stationery of the best materials for you to properly introduce yourself and keep in touch with your

most valued clients. Professional business cards, letterhead and envelopes, are all personalized and finished in Engel & Völkers’ distinguished style. For the extra touch, we’ve also created time-honored compliment cards, designed specifically for those important hand-written notes that truly make a statement.

8 Establish your leadership.

E&V signage – declare a higher standard. Our signs are trusted around the world as a symbol of exclusive, highly-valued real estate opportunities. The yard sign is sleek and elegantly designed, complete with its distinct red banister knob, which is a symbol of home. In addition, our sign riders provide the opportunity to attach detailed information, such as status,

features, and property websites. Also, our yard and open house signs link your listings with the prestige of the Engel & VĂślkers brand for homeowners in your market. Signs are produced by proven corporate partners to meet the highest quality standards and can be ordered and delivered on demand, effortlessly.

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September October November






Collector, writer & Gallerist An Interview with the Multitalented Provocateur


A Country Trip to the Home of Sculptor Lynn Chadwick’s Son


How her Amazing Eye can Transform Public Spaces

AI WEIWEI AND HERZOG & DE MEURON The Trio’s New Collaboration Gallery for London’s Serpentine

Art Attack



USA $ 6.99



– Engel & Völke


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ers over 140,000 read network, reaching with each issue. of be the centerpiece GG continues to ts and the anchor for our marketing effor . ence influ our growing brand

9 Present a higher standard.

Presentation pages – adapt, create and impress every time. Because we value personal and highly customized service for our clients, we believe that no two presentations should ever be the same. Address the specific needs of a client using a variety of pages that allow you to perfect your presentation. Easily create pieces based on high-

quality templates using compelling, predrafted copy. The quality of the overall design delivers your marketing and pricing strategy, the value of the brand and the higher level of service that is consistent with Engel & VĂślkers.

10 Promote value.

Presentation covers – set yourself apart. In a business as competitive as this, quality matters every time. Set yourself apart by delivering your presentation pages in our distinctive and elegant presentation cover. The Engel & VÜlkers clean, white and red design identifies the brand’s

superior quality and ensures that your commitment to a higher standard is effectively communicated. Our cover design and tab system allows for efficient organization and quick assembly on active appointment days.

11 Leave a lasting impression.

The presentation box – deliver a presentation of value. For those special opportunities, showcase the value of the information communicated in your presentation pages by delivering the final version in an Engel & VÜlkers presentation box, an elegant-

ly designed vessel that adds dimension and weight to the encased materials. The box adds a distinct touch and sense of permanence to encourage clients to keep you at the top of their list.

12 Be innovative.

Paperless presentations – tech savvy designs for tablets. In addition to the superior presentation materials that showcase your talents as part of Engel & Völkers’ world-class brand, we have also introduced companion digital versions specifically designed for tablets to highlight your technology

expertise and leading edge standards. We’ve developed content with our elegant and distinct branding and leveraged the tablet’s vibrant graphics capabilities for you to deliver stunning presentations for your most tech-savvy clients.

13 Engage your clients.

The E&V Home Journal – a home selling exercise like no other. A seller’s personal connection to a home provides insight that will elevate your ability to represent it on the market. The Home Journal is an extraordinary tool used to capture a homeowner’s favorite features and fond memories of their property and surrounding neighborhood,

in an intimate, secure and creative way— through writing. What is revealed can be used to add life and color to brochures, ads and web listings. Participating in the exercise will also allow the seller to experience your service on a deeper level.

14 Position your listings.

Our exclusive property exposé – commanding attention with detail and imagery. Showcase premier listings locally and around the world with our exclusive property exposés that combine visuallystriking photography and a compelling narrative to connect homes with the right buyers. Each exposé is digitally produced on high-quality paper to best express the value of the property on

each page. Exposés can be created and ordered online and are archived for convenient access and reprinting. Exposés are also available through GO!Connect in formats for window displays, crossselling, showings, open houses and digital distribution.

15 Be selective.

Private Office – our reserved brand of service for high net-worth clients. For more than 30 years Engel & Völkers has been a select provider of high-end luxury real estate service worldwide. We’ve taken the highest category of service, which is reserved for our most distinguished properties and clientele and we perfected it. Private Office allows you the opportunity to submit highly valued properties to be shared with cli-

ents who include celebrities, dignitaries, international business leaders who are also personal contacts of Christian Völkers, the founder and CEO of Engel & Völkers. While our Private Office has been imitated, this level of service and access is what makes this a true and valuable offering to the most select market in real estate.

16 Represent more.

GG Magazine – your world of art, architecture, travel and design. The Engel & VÜlkers brand is brought to life with every issue of its award-winning lifestyle publication, GG Magazine. Printed four-times-a-year, in five languages, the glossy, full-color magazine features the latest news and trends in the world of luxury living and of course, global real estate. The publication, which is delivered directly to Engel & VÜlkers top clients, distributed to our shops worldwide, and is also available on newsstands in Europe, gives you the chance to include your most prestigious properties among its catalog of high-end homes. You can also highlight your local expertise by utilizing customized cover wraps. Predesigned GG cover wrap tem-

plates are available with collaborative branding that enable you to convey your story, provide market data, and feature your listings. Demonstrate your level of service, local expertise and global reach by making GG part of your market leadership activities. Use it in all of your presentation and client relationship building efforts. Reach a greater audience by sharing GG Magazine electronically. Each issue is created digitally for you to include in your online marketing campaigns providing a great way to increase traffic, capture leads, and elevate social media engagement.

17 Publish your best.

Private Residences USA – showcasing the finest properties in America. Published four-times-a-year, Private Residences USA showcases America’s premier properties and offers both national and international exposure for your listings. Shared throughout our network, this unique property catalog receives special

attention for its U.S focus giving you the ability to promote your listings coast-tocoast and worldwide. This publication is also delivered directly to our exclusive database of home buyers, estate managers, financial advisors and relocation consultants.

18 Your listings televised.

Shop TV – broadcasting through our international property channel. Taking every opportunity to leverage our international reach among Engel & VÜlkers Advisors and potential buyers, listings are broadcast on the Shop TV network to our locations throughout the nation and around the world. Flat screen monitors prominently display select list-

ing in high definition and include pertinent sales information such as location and price, reaching potential buyers who have already shown interest just by watching. As Shop TV viewers, fellow Advisors also keep up to date on international properties.

19 Offer maximum exposure.

Online exposure – presence on the most visited search sites. For virtually all home buyers, the search for your listings begins online. We offer unique listing exposure opportunities through our strategic alliances and our partnership with ListHub, the leading provider of online listing data. Through our relationships with the Top 10 most visited real estate search sites, including, Zillow, Trulia, HGTV’S, and Yahoo Homes, Engel & Völkers’ listings re-

ceive preferential placement when possible and include our distinct branding and additional property details. Also, while many companies “syndicate” their listings, our online exposure is part of a larger strategy in which leads generated from these websites are captured and managed through our E-Lead Routing System, an essential part of our GO!Connect platform.

20 Go further.

Cooperative advertising – opportunities to reach more. Though statistics report that a greater number of property searches begin online, we continue to work with select print publications to reach your target market. Our cooperative advertising makes it easy to include your listing in ads in the most highly respected and widely read publications in the world. It also allows you to benefit from pre-negotiated subsidized rates. The publications we choose connect our brand positioning with titles

that have similar recognition to high-end quality. By including your listings with others in the Engel & Völkers network in this way, you are taking part in advertising the breadth of our offerings under a single brand, which strengthens your position in the local market. Here are some media partnerships that will effectively position you for attracting future listing:


International Herald Tribune


Vanity Fair


The New York Times




The Wall Street Journal




The Los Angeles Times


The New Yorker


The Miami Herald


Architectural Digest


Conde Nast Traveler


* Media selections will vary.

Robb Report Exceptional Properties

Robb Report – Exceptional Properties Robb Report Exceptional Properties is an authoritative resource dedicated to topics of interest to affluent and active consumers, offering valuable insight on design and style trends, locations, values and amenities. Covering architectural trends, interior design and communities that cater to specific lifestyles—urban living, country homes, ranch properties, vineyard and equestrian estates—Robb Report Exceptional Properties provides a broad and diverse look at the luxury home market and captures the interest and attention of the world’s most coveted consumers. Robb Report Exceptional Properties provides distribution 60,000+ copies to the most exclusive and coveted real estate consumers in the world. Published 6x per year. ■■

Median Age












Average HHl



Average Net Worth



Average Total Asset Value



Average Value of Real Estate Owned



lkers USA

Engel & Vö

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Full Page



Half Page


am sing Progr

21 Save on rates.

Corporate rates – cost effective advertising in top publications. Through our corporate rates program we’ve negotiated on your behalf to advertise directly with premier publications at preferred rates. This offering

makes advertising independently of our cooperative option easier and cost effective.

Engel & Völkers Portfolio of Homes

Hobe Sound, Florida: Hobe Sound Polo Club, 1,757 acres equestrian paradise and lifestyle. Unique opportunity. $47,250,000 Ken Meierling +1.561.602.4333

Malibu, CA: Architectural estate & auto museum surpass most discriminating expectation. $40,000,000 estate only, $50,000,000 with auto museum Nicole Van Parys +1.805.795.1880

Miami Beach, Florida: Palm Island 1.5 acres, 2 lots, 200 feet on the bay. Build one or two dream homes. $11,000,000 Irving A. Padron +1.305.458.8565

Westlake Village, California: The epitome of southern California living: a slice of estate heaven. $9,500,000 Nicole Van Parys +1.805.795.1880

Miami Beach, Florida: 6,461square foot luxurious bay front estate on prestigious guard gated Palm Island with 100 feet on the bay. $7,900,000 Lourdes Alatriste +1.305.926.5322

La Habra Heights, California: European-style estate. This 9000 square foot resort sits on 3 acres and features a million dollar pool. $7,500,000 David Alex Wright +1.888.285.5843

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida: Amenities abound. Oceanfront. One home per floor. 7,600 square feet of living indoor and out. $6,550,000 Giancarlo Cuffia +1.954.593.8352

Miami Beach, Florida: Magnificent unobstructed ocean views from Bath Club 3,982 square foot apartment, offering 5-star amenities.$4,290,000 Lourdes Alatriste +1.305.926.5322

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida: The Porsche Design Tower. Units from 3,800-9,500 sq ft. Duplex layouts avail. Auto elevators. Starting from $3,900,000 Giancarlo Cuffia +1.954.593.8352

Moorpark, California: An extremely special 20 acre estate. Spacious, yet intimate. Elegant, yet inviting. $3,495,000 Curt Kastan +1.805.320.0130

Lake Placid, NY: Adirondack Great Camp architecture, majestically on 68 acres, bold southern views of the High Peaks. $2,950,000 Colleen Holmes +1.518.524.4759

North Palm Beach, Florida: 8,800 square feet of luxury, dock 130 foot yacht, spectacular water views. $10,995,000 Sheri Reback +1.561.685.9215

© 2012 Engel & Völkers U.S. Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. Engel & Völkers is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports the Fair Housing Act. Each brokerage independently owned and operated. All information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

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9/26/12 1:18 PM

22 Access global markets.

International media exchange – advertise worldwide. Our international media exchange gives you the chance to include your properties in advertisements placed in media markets throughout the world. We manage a process between Engel & Völkers shops in the entire network that systematically combines listings so yours can

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Chile Croatia Czech Republic France Germany Greece Hong Kong

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

reach media outlets worldwide. To reinforce your global capabilities, your local advertisements can include those from shops abroad, as well. Below are countries where Engel & Völkers shops are located:

Hungary Ireland Italy Jordan Liechtenstein Luxembourg Macau Montenegro Netherlands Oman Peru Portugal

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Qatar Russia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay

23 Public relations.

Corporate communications – enhance awareness, trust and credibility. Our dedicated corporate communications team works to increase visibility of the Engel & VÜlkers brand nationally and internationally. Editorial placements in the most trusted news publications, online outlets and industry sources including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune, The Financial Times, RIS Media and Inman News brings both awareness and credibility to your services and

brand. Tools and release templates are available for local PR efforts including exceptional listings and; new agent and brokerage announcements. Our U.S. public relations strategy focuses on positioning Engel & VĂślkers as an industry leader and market experts. Throughout our organization worldwide we use E&V InHouse, to share company news, notable sales and success stories among our Advisors and brokerages.

24 Online perfection – perfecting the online experience. is the centerpiece of our integrated online marketing strategy that includes our regional, local and agent websites, designed to introduce and engage highly qualified visitors to our listings, brokerages and Advisors. An eye-catching marquee grabs the attention of visitors to our home page, cycling through high-resolution imagery of premier homes and brand and lifestyle messages. Our innovative, assisted search functionality helps users identify the perfect home with ease. Digital property exposÊs present rich photography and relevant sales information in a comprehensive format. leads the industry in the use of instant messaging allowing visitors to engage with our Advisors. Compiled trends and data are continuously

available in real-time through our Market Tracker. And, our neighborhood profile pages are an invaluable resource that offers an abundance of local information, color and original content. Behind the intuitive and visually attractive layout of are robust tools to increase lead generation. Engagement with our website triggers activity in our E-Lead Routing System which automatically flags and distributes potential buyers and sellers throughout our network via GO!Connect. is integrated with, our global site managed from our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. The interaction between our local, national and international domains maximize exposure for you and your listings.

25 Brokerage leadership.

The shop website – an integrated approach to maximize internet exposure. The Engel & Volkers shop website is part of our integrated subdomain strategy that positions the brokerage as the source of local expertise and as market leaders. The detailed regional information complements the global brand with rich local flavor and data. The shop website focuses listing exposure on the community and effectively pulls interested investors

from abroad with more specific market area information. Utilizing the same innovative design and functionality as the site, the leading edge shop website establishes your credibility and increases your lead generation capabilities. The site will also impress top performing agents in your market to take notice of the Engel & VĂślkers brand.

26 Agent leadership.

The agent website – directing traffic to you. The Engel & Völkers Advisor website is an effective collaborative branding tool that positions the agent as the local expert and market leader with the international reach of a global firm. The Advisor website is a fully functioning site with the same design, graphic quality

and depth of information as the Engel & Völkers shop site. Agent’s will quickly expand their network of local contacts while new contacts familiar with the Engel & Völkers brand will immediately identify the agent as a the local expert to turn to for their real estate needs.

27 Expand your mobile presence.

The E&V Mobile App – a powerful mobile search tool. Designed for the iPhone®, Android®, iPad® and other mobile and tablet devices, the E&V Mobile App searches and finds the most accurate and up-to-date MLS listings from the Engel & Völkers network anytime and anywhere. The application provides access to all IDX properties in the best U.S. locations. Your listing can be included in results on the application and will be searchable by

* MLS intergration is required.

GPS location, address or zip code. The properties that appear include information such as price, bedroom and bathroom count, feature descriptions and photos, taxes, maps and more. When a user finds a property of interest a contact feature allows them to be connected to an Engel & Völkers real estate Advisor by phone or email.

28 Capture more mobile leads.

Mobile strategy – to be everywhere home buyers search. Over 40% of real estate related searches on Google are coming from mobile devices. And for the first time this year Trulia, Zillow and, the most popular real estate search sites are receiving the majority of their inquiries from their mobile applications. As an industry leader, Engel & Völkers was one of the first to develop our own mobile apps and optimize our marketing tools for mobile access to ensure our clients’ properties maximum exposure in this emerging segment. Additionally, our

listings are available to home buyers on the most downloaded real estate mobile apps, including Trulia, Zillow and REALTOR. All of our printed marketing materials can be mobilized with our custom Engel & Völkers branded QR codes that lead traffic directly to our listed properties. The codes can appear on our exposés, postcards, sign riders and other campaigns we use to reach potential buyers.

29 Instant discovery.

QR codes – mobile tagging for quick response. Our wide use of Engel & VÜlkers branded QR codes give mobile phone and tablet users the ability to know more about a property at the best possible time -- the moment they discover it.

We can place our QR codes on our marketing materials, including exposĂŠs, advertisements, post cards and sign riders. Using our codes we drive traffic to listed properties, neighborhood information, Advisor information and to other areas where we can convert interest into leads.

30 Socialize your brand.

Social media strategy – increase your fans and followers. Engel & Völkers applies a managed social media process to achieve successful engagements and awareness with minimal effort on your part. Our Facebook pages, Twitter® feeds, Pinterest® boards and YouTube® videos follow a strategy that works and succeeds in broadening awareness of your expert services and our brand values by engaging with so-

cial media users. We place an emphasis on building relationships by producing content that is engaging, social, brand positive and above all valuable. We want to help you position yourself and Engel & Völkers as a source of not just real estate expertise but as guides to better living.

31 Never miss an opportunity.

E-Lead Routing System – rapid response to every lead. Survey results have proven that today’s homebuyers expect immediate answers to their inquiries. Your ability to respond quickly distinguishes you as a market leader. That’s why every lead from all Engel & Völkers’ web sites, mobile apps and digital marketing campaigns, enters our E-Lead Routing System that notifies you within minutes so you can act immediately. This real-time advantage

allows you to build your network and increase sales faster while maintaining the highest levels of customer service. Choose the best way to receive notifications--by text or email. All leads are automatically entered into GO!Connect so you can easily build and manage your relationships.

32 Deliver your best.

E&V Print Shop – high quality materials produced fast and efficiently. All the print material required as an Engel & VÜlkers Advisor, from business cards and stationary to marketing materials, are produced simply and affordably through E&V Print Shop. The intuitive online management tool allows you to select templates with prewritten

text and imagery. The same design tools will allow you to produce customized print materials. The E&V Print Shop ensures that all of your printed collateral meets all of the Engel & VĂślkers brand standards.

33 Compelling imagery.

E&V Image Bank – striking images for creative designs. Our collection of photographs, each perfectly expressing the essence of the Engel & VÜlkers luxury brand, is available for you to successfully execute your marketing campaigns. Organized in a wide range of subject categories, these professionally photographed images are readily available and easily accessible

for your print and electronic marketing materials. They allow you to be as creative or consistent as you want while visually conveying the exceptional quality of your services. We add to the collection regularly to keep your marketing fresh and engaging on an ongoing basis.

34 Shop Engel & Völkers.

E&V Merchandising Shop – stylish gifts, memorabilia and event favors. The E&V Merchandising Shop provides numerous ways for you to deepen relationships with your key clients while demonstrating your position as a market leader. Be creative and innovative in the way you reach out to your clients with our inventory of designer products, including baseball hats, golf balls, polo

shirts, desk sets, sporting equipment and more. All items are stylishly designed to display the Engel & Völkers logo with subtlety and sophistication. Each of our merchandising products are selected for their exceptional quality and value to meet Engel & Völkers higher standards which you then extend with each gift.

35 Rely on our talent.

E&V Studio – creative support for customized ads. E&V Studio provides professional design support to create ads for key listings and important placements, as well as web graphics and print marketing materials. Working with E&V Studio saves time and effort on advertising production

that’s both creative and consistent with the Engel & VÜlkers style and standards. The goal of this service is to be a cost effective solution that maximizes the impact of your advertising efforts.

Marketing Center - Property Watch


Bob Braun


Engel & Völkers Santa Monica Phone: +1 310-123-4567 Cell: +1 310-123-4567 Email:

MLS# Market

Tracker 232431 Withdrawn to Status Change Active DOM 48 Price Prev Price $ Difference % Difference

$795 $875 -80 -9.14%

ADDRESS 2504 PARKWOOD PL, OCEAN SPRINGS, MS 39564 Welcome to "My Market Tracker", an exclusive ENGEL & VÖLKERS USA report that informs you of residential real estate sales activity and regional trends. It complements "My Property LOCATION Profile" (MPP) to give you a broader look at the real estate market. The Market Summary below County: Jackson County offers a look atOcean salesSprings activity for the prior month and year, along with current year-to-date Area: statistics. TheParkwood graphs depict four different aspects of the real estate market for the specific zip Subdivision: Estates code. Please contact me if you would like more information on current market trends. Elem School: Middle School: High School: School District:

Ocean Springs

Property Type: Bedrooms: Baths: Year Built: Lot: Parking: Utilities: April 2012


Zip Code - 71301

My Market Tracker

April 2011 Features: Appliances:Year-To-Date 2012 Floor: Fireplace: Year-To-Date 2011 Cooling:

Features: Construction: Roof: Water/Sewer:

Bob Braun Engel & Völkers Santa Monica Direct: +1 310-123-4567 Cell: +1 310-123-4567 Email:

Style: Lot Size:

Residential 3 Full: 1

New Listings Carport 22 17

% Change


92 68


Homes Sold


APRIL 2012 $

Avg. Price





% Change 39.46%

Median Price

Days on Market



$109,000 54 $130,715 10.17% $86,154






98 137 113




Engel & Völkers Santa Monica 1608 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 12345 | Office: +1 310-123-4567 | Fax: +1 310-123-4567 © 2012, Mississippi Gulf Coast Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Buyer and/or Buyer's Agent should verify data and evaluate source. This information is furnished by the Mississippi Gulf Coast Multiple Listing Service, Inc. This data is copyrighted and may not be transmitted, retransmitted, copied, framed, repurposed, or altered in any way for any other site, individual and/or purpose without the express written permission of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Multiple Listing Service, Inc. All properties are subject to prior sale, change or withdrawal. Neither the MLS nor the Listing Broker will be held responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation and misprints and shall be held totally harmless.

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6/15/12 6:05 PM

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6/15/12 6:08 PM

36 Share your data.

Property Investment Profile™, Market Tracker™ and Homefinder™ – real-time research to keep potential clients aware. There are several ways to nurture leads and to be ever present so that when the time comes to act, you will be top of mind. Our approach is to provide information of value on a regular basis and as vehicles to reinforce your knowledge and local expertise as an Engel & Völkers Advisor. GO!Connect gives you ful-

ly automated, electronically distributed reports and alerts providing your clients with insights and real estate data on a schedule you determine.

Property Investment Profile



Specific to your client’s property


Offers real-time and historical data


Presents information visually through charts and graphs

Market Tracker ■■



Focuses on a neighborhood or designated area Reports latest market activity including new listings and recent sales Keeps clients up-to-date on relevant changes

All reports are branded with the agent’s information to make you the first point of contact for all further inquiries.


■■ ■■

Alerts your buyers of new properties on the market Based on client’s search criteria Includes photos, price, styles, bedroom/bathroom count and other features

37 Target your market.

E&V postcards and mailers – raise awareness and generate leads. The popularity of e-mail and digital marketing has reenergized direct-mail strategies as an effective way to get the attention of new clients. We have predesigned face cards, post cards and the ability to create your own branded cards and mailers to stay in touch or reach new clients. The cards are Engel & VÜlkers

branded with great imagery. You can also provide your own images to stand out even more. Select from a variety of seasonal and holiday oriented themes, and timely designs, all with the goal of building your credibility and positioning you as the market leader who should be kept top-of-mind.

38 Be the source.

Newsletter campaigns – keeping in touch with helpful news and content. Our newsletter program helps you deliver valuable news and information, such as homeowner tips, real estate news, local events and Engel & Völkers shop updates, to build relationships and to maintain awareness of your service and expertise. Through E&V Print Shop and GO!Connect, our marketing man-

agement platforms, you have the tools and simplified process to establish your presence and maintain your visibility with periodic print and e-newsletters. The Engel & Völkers newsletter template is designed to match our overall marketing campaigns.

39 Manage with ease.

GO!Connect™ – access everything Engel & Völkers. Global Office or “GO” is our web-based productivity platform shared by Engel & Völkers Advisors throughout our international network. GO!Connect, is the name we’ve given to the U.S. portal and gives you all the tools required to connect with your past, current and potential clients. This proprietary system is a single log in solution to manage all of your daily and ongoing client relationship tasks. Review and refresh your personal database. Update and manage your calendar of appointments and showings. Create, launch and keep track of your ongoing marketing campaigns. GO!Connect gives you access to our E&V Print Shop services, E&V Merchandise orders and additional benefits provided by our preferred partners. It is also your connection to the entire Engel & Völkers family as the entryway to E&V Life, our worldwide intranet. In fact, all the marketing materials described in this book are provided to you through GO!Connect, conveniently and efficiently, reducing time and effort and with the promise of superior quality.

As the core business management tool for the entire Engel & Völkers team, it gives you the ability to increase the impact of your marketing efforts. Create targeted lists from your database and automate the distribution of ongoing marketing campaigns. Then respond to every lead quickly and professionally with the E-Lead Routing System, also a part of GO!Connect. GO!Connect can be accessed by mobile phone and synchronizes with our Microsoft® Outlook® Exchange server to ensure all of your contacts, appointments and tasks are always up to date. Finally, our Engel & Völkers websites throughout the U.S. are connected to GO!Connect which provides integrated MLS data to create our real-time research analysis and reports and gives you access to analytics to view traffic and trends on websites and specific listings. GO!Connect is an essential offering and an invaluable program to help market leaders maintain and increase their leadership.

40 Joining a global brand.

Global reach – gain real access to international buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, more than $82 billion worth of homes in the U.S. were sold to international buyers in the 12-month period ending in March 2012. Global market conditions and the rise of new booming economies in other countries have widened the audience for potential buyers within your local market. To win new listings, it is now essential to show your ability to draw buyers from abroad. The key to Engel & Völkers international growth strategy has always been to open and operate in markets where we know our clients want to be--the most desirable locations in the world. We’ve also established our shop concept as a successful part of this strategy, maintaining our consistent brand design globally so that we are easily recognizable and trusted by our international real estate clients. As a U.S. real estate agent, there has never been more of an advantage in joining the Engel & Völkers brand.

There are frequent opportunities to build relationships with other Advisors from our 400+ locations in 36 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. We utilize our network to provide opportunities to advertise listings in international publications and to display exposés on main streets around the world. Our Engel & Völkers U.S. Advisors have received invitations and have attended home shows abroad. They have attended training in workshops on foreign real estate markets and have also shared their own knowledge regarding the U.S. market. Similar training and tools are easily accessible to convey your unparalleled international capabilities as part of your listing presentations. As an Engel & Völkers Advisor, your clients will be better positioned to benefit from the current international real estate market where a potential buyer could be in your local market or from a neighborhood half a world away.

©2012 Engel & Völkers U.S. Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. Engel & Völkers is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports the Fair Housing Act. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated. Engel & Völkers, E&V and the Engel & Völkers logo are trademarks owned by Engel & Völkers Marken GmbH & Co. KG. GG and GG Global Guide are marks of Grund Genug Verlag und Werbe GmbH.

Distinctive Marketing Measures  

Distinctive Marketing Measures

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