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A Collaborative and Customizable Platform

Development Services

Activate a powerful platform to sign, service and sell new development listings. Engel & Völkers Development Services empowers you with resources designed specifically for the world of new development marketing and sales.

From site selection to the sales process: our services support successful urban, suburban and resort projects on five continents.

Stuart N. Siegel

Laura DesMoine

Global Head of Development Services

Head of Development Services Marketing

The Advantages You Need A Collaborative and Customizable Platform

Dedicated Branding Distinctly branded and purpose-built materials conveying specialization and expertise.

Global Resources Success stories, best practices and marketing channels shared among international experts.

On-Demand Expertise Pitching assistance and as-needed access to experts in project analysis, positioning, marketing and sales.

Dedicated Branding Purpose-built Initiatives and Tools

From your business card to customizable pitch presentations and the marketing and educational resources available through a customized World IPS Collection, we provide tools that showcase your specialization, build developer confidence and empower your marketing.

Global Resources Shared Experience and Success A collaborative network of shops and advisors around the world enhances your track record and broadens your perspective, whether you leverage our Global Reference Pool or participate in our Round table discussions and trainings. Shared marketing channels and virtual events connect your developments with key feeder markets and create qualified engagement.

On-Demand Expertise Access to Tailored and Turnkey Support

We understand the needs and challenges of development and have proven processes for delivering turnkey, yet highly customized and strategic services at every stage.

We assemble a team of specialists with the market insight and expertise to anticipate what will motivate target buyers.


Research Research ++ Reporting Reporting Research and data dataareare at the ourdevelopment new development Research and at the core core of theofnew process. processes. We Comprehensive data from third-party is meticulously and can work with you to collect and analyzesources comprehensive data setscollected from analyzed tosources derive insights the competitive and guide a project’s third-party that willinto provide insights intolandscape the competitive landscape and guide a project’s proposition and positioning. value proposition and value positioning.


Development ++ Design Design Development


Marketing Marketing ++ Branding Branding

A strong connection with buyer needs and motivations ensures optimal A deep connection with buyer needs and motivations ensures optimal project project positioning. Drawing from deep collective experience and market positioning. Drawing from strong collective experience and intimate market understanding, the Engel & Völkers Development Services team can provide understanding, Engel & Völkers Development Services provides expertise in the expertise in design, architecture and lifestyle programming required to design, architecture and lifestyle programming, crafting the ideal value proposition. craft the ideal value proposition.

Crafting a brand story across multiple touch points creates engagement Crafting a brand story across multiple touchpoints creates engagement and and draws buyers to a project. We provide access to marketing experts connects buyers to the project. Our marketing experts create effective and who know how to create effective and compelling campaigns that best tell compelling campaigns that best tell the story and convey the project's vision. the story and convey a project’s vision.


Sales Sales Successful sales salesmomentum momentumisisathe result of precise tactics initiatives, Successful result of precise tactics andand initiatives, executed executed by an experienced sales team at specific times. Employing by an experienced sales team at specific times. Our data-driven methodology data-driven methodology and extensive experience, our team can support coupled with extensive knowledge allows us to successfully navigate even you in navigating even the most complex markets. They know how to craft complex markets. Engel and Völkers crafts tailored outreach strategies and tailored outreach strategies and the programs that drive sales momentum programs that drive sales momentum and deliver results. and deliver results.


Operations Operations

Exacting procedures and seamless sales support maintains high quality Exacting procedures and seamless sales support uphold high quality standards standards throughout the project sales cycle. We understand the methods, throughout the project sales cycle. Our methods and techniques ensure a simple, tools and techniques that ensure a simple, straight-forward and elegant straight-forward and buyers elegant and experience experience for both brokers.for buyers and brokers.

How it all comes together

Success Factors

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Our Services

Our Competence

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