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P repositional dominoes

from extensive research.

He broke his leg

in five places.

He achieved his goal

by working very hard. I have always been afraid of pigeons.

I’m really bad

at all k inds of sports.

Juliet wasn’t guilty

of the crime even though she was convicted. of his story.

He t r ied his best to convince me

on how well he does tomor row. on her. I t wasn’t her fault.

Don’t be too hard

Pete r’s success is dependent

I t never occur red

to me that I might have been w rong. of crashing is very small.

The r isk

at me while talking.

We won the match

by ten points.

He prevented me

from making a big mistake. on maths.

I’m no expert

in I ndia before planned. to me that you do what I say. of Ha r ry’s job.

I t’s important

He pointed r ight

We ar r ived

John has always been jealous We know this

Prepositional dominoes