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Individual research of Frankenstein. You have totally free hands! Use the internet and/or the library the best you can to answer the questions below. A good tip is to Google keywords. Remember, if you use “quotation marks“, you only get hits with the exact wording, which might specify your search. 1: The story is written in 1818. Which historical changes happened at this point in time which could be of interest for an interpretation of the story? And how do you interpret these changes in connection with the story? 2: The subtitle of Frankenstein is The Modern Prometheus. Find out who Prometheus was, and try to give an explanation what the subtitle might symbolize. Maybe you’ll find some help from your answer in the question above. 3: Victor Frankenstein is the name of the monster’s creator. Can you find a symbolic value in his name? A hint: You might find the answer by looking at John Milton’s Paradise Lost. 4: Research some interpretations of Frankenstein (both from the internet and from ‘verdens litteraturhistorie’. Write down key words to an interpretation, you think is proper, which combines elements from the interpretations you have researched and your own knowledge of the novel. Write your answers in key word form in a word document, and upload it on the E-learning platform in your English room.

Individual research of Frankenstein