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the quality of services and security. On match days Boryspil has to the city's economy is developing sharply and it is well placed georeceive 4,500 passengers per hour, Donetsk - 3,100, Lviv - 1,900, graphically to service Asian states. As regards Kharkiv, as a regional Kharkiv - 2,500. However, it would be ineffective to prepare the airport it will serve its own region and neighbouring ones. infrastructure only for the sake of 2-3 games in Donetsk or Lviv. Which countries are we comparing ourselves with? We have come to agreement with UEFA that all the tasks will be carried out taking into account the needs of cities after EURO 2012. It is hardly likely that we should compare the Ukraine of 2012 with We are building a terminal in Donetsk that will enable 2,000 people CIS states. In Russia the only good airports are in Moscow. We are building four modern airports in different regions. The only country per hour to pass through. And for the period of the championships we can compare ourselves with is Poland. To date the two host the figure will be 3,100 thanks to additional operational procedures countries have been at a similar level but today we are changing our - simplification of the customs and registration procedures and the aviation capacities in parallel. most optimum navigational security. We shall do the same in Lviv. The Terminals of 2012 will be built to modern for around 15-20 While for Kharkiv, in order to satisfy UEFA, in addition to the new years. In general terms the infrastructure of Polish and Ukrainian terminal we shall build a temporary one: once it has done its job it shall be put away or put to some other use. Poland is taking the same cities will be roughly at the same level, with variability of 10-20%. The runway can differentiate an airport. In Donetsk it will probably route. Where UEFA requirements do not meet the development be the biggest, at 4 kilometres and smaller in Lviv and Kharkiv at 3 plans of cities the Poles are saying: we shall carry out the demands kilometres. but by way of operational optimization and temporary terminals. UEFA's recommendations are connected with the capacity of Can t be assumed that EURO 2012 will become a stimulus for stadiums and the infrastructure of the location. IT is one thing when the carriers sector? there are enough hotels as then you can suggest to visitors that they I am 100% certain that if it were not for the holding of the European arrive a few days before the match and get to know the city. But if you do not have anywhere to place hundreds of thousands of people Championships similar airports would not appear soon in Ukraine.

I am 100% certain that if it were not for the holding of the European Championships similar airports would not appear soon in Ukraine

they will fly in and fly out in the space of one day. The number of guests will also depend on the logistics of the championships - which matches, which games will be played in specific host cities. This will be known once the draw is made and then we will be able to predict passenger flows at specific airports. If the national teams of Cyprus and Malta are drawn to play each other then we will be ready to receive two planes.

Nobody even dreamt about such airports in Ukraine. Perhaps someone would have built a business for the business sector using private funds. But that would be the vision of a businessman and not clearly international standards.

How can the capacities of the modernized airports be comÂŹ pared?

Both the state and the local authorities are counting on tourists returning to Ukraine after 2012. It is one thing to safeguard the provision of services to guests of the championships and another thing to use such resources within the auspices of reforming the country, stepping up economic activity and investment attractiveness. However, one should understand that we are opening up such an opportunity, the filling of airports with passengers after EURO 2012, and it depends to a great extent on the business plan and the effectiveness of the operational management of the infrastructure. If the ports manage to attract new routes, sign contracts with airlines and fight for this market then the flow will grow and the airports will develop.

Proceeding from the capacity and flow of passengers, Boryspil will be the biggest airport. Donetsk is next in our rating, which has not only a high passenger capacity but the best technological features. They are flowed by Lviv and Kharkiv. At the same time one needs to have understand that all airports have, from the point of view of the aviation business, different goals. The biggest accent is being put on the capital, where three terminals will be put into operation prior to EURO 2012 - existing Terminal B and the new F and D Terminals. Another airport in the capital, Zhulyany, is aimed at business aviation for people who do not want to waste time getting to the city centre. In Lviv the emphasis is being put on assisting the tourist potential. It is planned to make Donetsk a hub (a tourist junction for stopping over in Asian countries), as

How will passenger capacity, whose growth is stated in the terminal projects as rising threefold or fourfold, be maintained after 2012?

Interviewed by Lesya Solovchuk

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