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the table gives information illustrates/shows it was nearly two/triple/four…fold increase/decrease over the peioud compared to men=males=sterner sex women=females=fair sex obviously/clearly on the contrast/on the other hand to conclude/overall/generally speaking noticeable – заметный достойный внимания almost, early, approximately dramatically, drastically(радикально) promptly (быстро), quickly, rapidly grow, rise, go up, extend, rise decline, decrease, descend, drop, fall, reduce gradually, steadily grow by 10%, increase from 5% to 20%, to increase tenfold to quadraple- увелич. в 4 раза there is no clear overall trend fluctuate – колебаться twice as many women as men(в 2 р.>ж, чем м.) a greater/smaller proportion, a 40% of, over 50%, three-quarters, half

К КР  

К контрольной работе. Шпаргалка

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