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EvoSwitch overview Secure • 24 x 7 security on site • Electric security fence • Secure racks and cages • Fully certified (ISO, PCI, etc..) Sustainable • CO2 Neutral • PUE less then 1,2 • 100% green energy • Constant innovation

Cooling • Efficient cooling 2N • High density solutions • Free-cooling • Corridor concept Support • 24 x 7 remote hands • High qualified engineers • Quick response • Logistieke support

Energy • 100% uptime 2N • High density option • High quality UPS • 25 MVA with option for 60 MVA

Connections • Carrier Neutral • 35+ carriers on site • Located in Amsterdam area • Managed cabling • AMS-IX partnership

The trend is: UP

The Bad News: ICT Accounts for Approximately...


…of Global CO2 Emissions.

The Good News: There are substantial inefficiencies in the technology and use behaviors that can be readily addressed ‌ 2% ‌and IT can significantly contribute to control and reduce the 98% of CO2 emissions caused by other activities and industries.

Focus on energy efficiency: •Demand •Supply •Cost

Source: Belady, C - 2007

Source: EPA Report to Congress 2007-2011

Source: BCS

PUE: •A way to look at ‘Power Usage Effectiveness’. •Does not go below 1. •Has (international) rules on calculation and publication. •Its not a marketing tool.

Still a long way to go: •Energy usage: 41% Closet & Small, 31% Medium, 28% Large – Datacenters; •> 50% of datacenter owners do not measure PUE.

Still a long way to go (2): •IT equipment average intake temperature; still 20 – 22C. (BCS research 2010); •ASHRAE 2008: 27C max; 2011: 35C max. Also relaxed humidity range.

Where to start?: -Measuring; -Implement basic best practices; -Read the research that is available. And start saving money now..

Energy in the Stack; But ‘Green’ is more than facility energy; Treat the data center as a common system - Input & Output.

Green Grid Maturity Model; •Think Facility and IT •Management •CO2 emissions •Water usage •E-Waste

PUE is only the beginning‌.; Next WUE & CUE

How Green is your Cloud?

So: Why should I care ? •Green equals cost leadership; •Corporate social responsibility (CSR); •Government regulation on the horizon; •Governement demand; •Avoid bad press…

Being ‘Green’ requires; •Looking at the whole ICT stack – cradle-to-cradle; •Constant innovation; •Transparency; •Education – staff & customers.

Thank You!

EvoSwitch Presentation  

EvoSwitch Presentation

EvoSwitch Presentation  

EvoSwitch Presentation