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T H E T E R R A R I U M t hegr eenandsust ai nabl edi ni ngexper i ence

ChuaYi Mun BA( Hons )I nt er i orDes i gn c hua_y m@hot mai l . c om +447922787824 y i munc hua. v i r b. c om

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15002500mi l es

100mi l es

Mi niUr banFar m,RoppongiNouen,Japan

Exi st i ngLayoutPl an

Exi st i ngSect i onalPl an

Ent r ance/Foyer



Gr oundFl oorLayoutPl an

FoodLab( Mezzani ne)

Voi d

Sect i onalLayoutPl anAA

Bas ementLay outPl an


FoodLab/Mez z ani ne



1s tFl oorLay outPl an

Sec t i onal Lay outPl anB-B

Ter r ar i umsDi ni ng1 Col ourbyf r ui t &veget abl e

T er r ar i um Di ni ngDes i gnSk et c h

Ter r ar i umsDi ni ng2

Sal adBar

Sal adHous eDes i gnSk et c h

The Terrarium  

The Terrarium is my final interior project of Teesside University 2014.

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