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October 2015 ~ Vol. I, Issue 6

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A Guide for Conscious Living A Chat with Julia Cameron Mojo and Money Energy as Medicine Eating and Living for Energy Evolving‌in SANTA FE


October 2015

Evolving‌in SANTA FE


October 2015



The 5 Gifts of the Spine

The Wormhole Experience

Multi-Dimensional Mastery



Mojo and Money Heart & Business

Accepting and Loving All Our Parts in the Journey Toward Spiritual Growth


Authentic Voice: Embodying our Throat Center Somatic Psychology



Eating and Living for Energy

A Personal and Philosophical Chat with Julia Cameron

Vitality Foods


About Hair Loss


Herbal Wisdom


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Evolving…in SANTA FE


October 2015

4 14 15 Fiesta Colores, Tim Althauser If you look close, unexpected colors like lapis lazuli and genuine malachite are threaded through the trunks of artist, Tim Althauser's, trees. Childhood memories of naps on the forest floor, bring your spirit to a special place when you gaze at one of his magnificent creations. At the age of 38 he suffered a severe brain hemorrhage, after that he began to teach himself to paint. He started with cowboy boots and churches, but found that he could put so much more into his art when he painted what he knew - trees. Althauser is represented exclusively by The William&Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe. www.thewilliamandjosephgallery.com

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News & Tips

Spirituality and science: finding the connection Biology professor Dr. Cynthia Toth highlights the benefits of energy medicine in new book After a series of unfortunate events in her life nearly 20 years ago, biology professor Dr. Cynthia S. Toth found herself angry with God. One night, she was visited by a spiritual force that wrapped her in warmth, love and contentment, which she describes as her “spiritual awakening.” As a result of her experience, Dr. Toth gained a clear understanding of energy levels humans have in addition to their physical bodies, and the aura that permeates from them. In her book, “Science of the Soul,” Dr. Toth explains what the energy body is, how it is different from the physical body and why it has a powerful impact on the health of the individual. “It is hard for people to connect spirituality and science because most do not have in-depth understanding of scientific principles,” Dr. Toth said. Dr. Toth also presents scientific information about the positive effects of meditation and prayer on the body, why and how prayer works and how to meditate and manifest effectively using scientific principles. “It is essential that people learn to use their God-given power, and understand

that we are spiritual beings who are having a human experience,” Dr. Toth said. “We can change and heal our lives no matter the circumstances.” Dr. Toth also encourages readers to live from the soul by staying on their own spiritual paths, and to use filters in their lives prior to making decisions. For more information, visit http:// www.drcynthiatoth.com. Science of the Soul By Dr. Cynthia S. Toth ISBN: 978-1-5043-3123-4 Available in hardcover, softcover and ebook Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press About the author Dr. Cynthia S. Toth is a writer, professional speaker and scientist. She has a doctorate degree in biology from St. John’s University, and is currently an associate professor of biology. She is also the founder of Align Balance Life Energy, Inc. She was born in Hungary, and moved with her family to the United States to escape communist influence in the 1960s.

Atlantis & Lemuria:The Lost Continents Revealed! Comes to Bookshelves Light Technology Publishing announced the release of Tom T. Moore’s latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed! (ISBN 978-1-62233-037-9). Sixty thousand years ago, Earth had two more continents than it does today, each larger than what we now know as Australia. Why are they no longer there? Mr. Moore says, “One of these additional continents, Atlantis, was located in the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Africa. The other, Lemuria, was located in the Pacific Ocean near present-day Japan.” In this book, Mr. Moore states that you'll learn all about these huge continents and the great civilizations who called them home before destroying themselves in two horrific wars. He says there were several million people living on each continent for over 50,000 years. How could they just disappear? Where did the Adam and Eve story originate? Why did the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals disappear? When did 4

October 2015

the actual story of Noah and the great flood happen? Were there three destructions of Atlantis as Edgar Cayce related? What was their daily life like? What was the Crystal power the Atlanteans used? What was the "Land of Oz?" “All of these questions are answered in my book,” he states. Mr. Moore says their daily life was quite similar to that in the modern day. He compares it to the differences between living in modern day North America and living in Europe or Asia. He says that greed for power finally corrupted these two societies, which resulted in their destruction in two final battles—worse than any war in modern times. Mr. Moore is an award-winning author. His previous books have included THE GENTLE WAY series, plus FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. He’s a frequent speaker and radio/TV guest. He is also the CEO of an international film distribution company.

The 5 Gifts of the Spine

Multi-Dimensional Mastery


ur nervous system is responsible for the function of every joint, muscle, and organ in our body. The shape, tone, and position of our spinal cord determine every thought, feeling, and action we take. Often we think of the spine as simply the backbone, whether straight or crooked, relating it only to posture. However, our outward posture reflects the inner distortion or integrity of our spinal cord and the spinal nerves. There is far more going on with our spines than we realize. The nervous system through the spinal canal registers every word, thought, memory, and feeling we have. More importantly it registers the energy state we were in when we had the experience. According to Dr. Donny Epstein, developer of Epstein Technologies, Network Spinal Analysis, and Somato Respiratory Integration, the 5 gifts of the spine are: • Function • Emotion • Self • Behavior • Consciousness Our nervous system is the first system to develop in Emotion utero and it continues to develop into adulthood. If all of the Emotions are feelings and sensations that move through 5 gifts of the spine are fully experienced, then our potential the body in response to situations. Our emotions are key to is unlimited. the actions we do or don’t take in life. Emotions are meant to move and change, often instantaneously, so when we are Function “frozen” we are unable to feel enough to create a shift or Our spine and nervous system are essential to all the desire to take action. The challenge is that when we have vital functions of our body, automatically and unconsciously habituated ourselves to experience only a narrow range of coordinating functions such as breathing, emotions we don’t have enough energy to heart-rate, blood pressure, digestion, feel what needs to be felt in the moment. “There is far more going walking, and so much more. We often only When that happens our body will express notice our spines when there is a problem. on with our spines than what isn’t felt in muscle tension, The gift of Function is about selfcontraction, and rigidity. The gift of we realize.” healing, self-regulation, muscle emotion is the ability to express a full contraction, organ function, and hormone range of emotion and to be able to access balance. When Function is not operating effectively, the emotion to create change through new behaviors quickly energy of the body is diverted to ensure that survival and effortlessly. processes can continue. The survival process shuts down ‘optional’ functions and growth. However, when the gift of Sense of Self Function is working well and we don’t have to consciously How we posture or hold our body says so much about think of how to survive then we can put our focus and who we feel we are. We posture differently when we connect consciousness on life fulfillment. with different aspects of our selves. Our posture will reflect our lack of confidence, our inability to feel our heart fully, our sadness, our lack of self worth, and our compensations. This can be directly seen in the position of the spine, the

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Evolving…in SANTA FE


October 2015

position of the shoulders, how deeply we breathe, the position of our tailbone, and the position of our chest wall and heart. The gift of the sense of self through the spine is feeling confident and connecting to what it means to be ourselves, which will be then be reflected and reinforced in our posture.

Behavior Our nervous system and spine co-ordinate how we move and the actions we take either consciously or subconsciously. Strongly related to our sense of self, the actions we take profoundly reflect our experience in life. The gift of behavior through the spine impacts our habits and choices. It has to do with how we show up or don’t show up in our lives. The experience of coming from a place of freedom and flexibility is a gift of behavior.

Consciousness We are sentient beings. Through the function of our spine and nervous system, which includes our brain, we experience our life. Increasing consciousness and awareness will influence how much you live life or how much life lives you. The gift of consciousness through the spine is being self -aware, present, living joyfully and contributing to others.

Judy Scher, D.C. is Director of the Scher Center in Santa Fe since 1992. She is an international teacher, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. The Scher Center utilizes cutting-edge reorganizational healing tools including Network Spinal Analysis Care. For more info go to www.HealingWithoutLimits.com or call 505-989-9373

Heart & Business

Mojo and Money


e go into business because we have a spark a moment that inspires us. The Mojo. If that spark is powerful enough it will ignite you into action. While anyone in business can attest, there is a moment when your inspiration evolves from a hobby to a well-established business. In the middle there is a journey. That journey will test and transform every ounce of you. Ultimately, leading to a life of love, living, laughter, and a legacy you're at peace with. I love the money because we can't talk about consciousness and business without talking about money. How we choose to express our viability in the world for an exchange of cash flow is incredibly important. It's important because sometimes we think we are "human beings on a spiritual journey when the truth is we are spiritual beings on a human journey (Stephen Covey)." Given that perspective we only have so much control with cash flow and mojo then the rest is truly up to the unseen miracles. I had a dear friend ask me what I would tell someone who works in an office all day just to pay the bills and is unhappy. Basically, no mojo and in it for the money. For starters, I'd clarify what is directly in front of this person in this moment that is creating the tipping point into unhappiness and repeat that exact step time and time again until the truth is revealed. Is it a person, a task, a project, a manager, a team, the paperwork, or their perception? Life is a mirror.

What is your present use of inspiration reflecting back to you? Are you happy? Do you feel prosperous? Do you feel strong? Do you feel peaceful? Happiness and wealth require conscious action. Money is not attracted to fragmented focus or emotion. Money is attracted to clarity. Clearly defined focus! Pair that with a dash of heart and you have mojo and money standing in front of you. Yes, this is a light-hearted approach with a topic we regard as very serious. Some words of advice; we must relax to expand and that includes generating wealth. People want to make money and, generally, they want to enjoy themselves while earning it. They attend money boot camps, seminars, conferences, and read many books. Some figure it out and others don't. Here are some quick tips for the mojo and the money: • Understand your numbers. • Get clear with your focus. • Get ready to learn. • Choose as if you have already made it to your destination. • Ask yourself: "What would someone with a million dollars do?" • Trust your intuition, cultivate your strengths, and build

your stamina. Train!

• Find a mentor and learn from their success. • Do not live by the rule "Do what you love and the money will follow."

• Live by the rule "Do what taps into your genius and the money will follow." Truly, we have everything it takes and I mean everything. According to Jean Houston "We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released." To your everyday mojo and money!

Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in Santa Fe, NM. Need the more formal version or want to know more: www.wideawakebydesign.com or email info@wideawakebydesign.com

Somatic Psychology

Authentic Voice: Embodying Our Throat Center


he throat serves as the vibrational center for self- these children develop into adults, they play out their early expression, creativity and will power. At this conditioning in their relationships and encounters with center, we harness energy to express our inner other people. When children are taught to stay silent or most thoughts and feelings to the outer world. are shamed for self-expression, they may fear speaking in Whether we are engaging in verbal expression, such as public or may acquiesce, to avoid conflict. Similarly, when friendly conversation, or participating in non-verbal children are not heard or appropriately mirrored by an expression such as dancing, each self-expression provides adult, they may talk excessively, or in an overbearing the outer world—our friends, employers, partners—a manner, in an attempt to be validated and “seen” by those glimpse into our inner state of being. Each time we express around them. ourselves with truth and integrity, and are met with A blocked or closed throat center often manifests as openness and acceptance, our throat center problems. For those who “A healthy and balanced physical is strengthened. When balanced, our voice have been taught to swallow their is resonant, we express with a good sense of and words, energy will often throat center involves feelings timing and rhythm, and our communication stagnate in the throat, creating becoming comfortable conditions such as tightness in the is clear. Yet, each of us, no matter how skilled a teeth grinding, and chronic ear with our own ideas and jaw, communicator, find ourselves in situations and throat infections. Without where we struggle to clearly communicate healthy outlets to express one’s opinions. ” our perspectives and needs. Expression emotions, many turn to drugs, requires judgment and balance. There are alcohol, or excessive eating to times when expressing our true thoughts and emotions temporarily anesthetize feelings one considers too painful, may be hurtful to others. When we are exhausted or frightening or overwhelming to express. overwhelmed, it may be difficult to formulate a coherent A healthy and balanced throat center involves thought or engage in active listening. When we are in a becoming comfortable with our own ideas and opinions. state of fear, we may fight back, freeze, or flee the When we feel overwhelmed by our emotions, we can go conversation to protect ourselves. inward and explore our feelings through journaling or Communication challenges are further compounded other art forms that encourage self-expression. As we when we are immersed in dysfunction. Parents who have begin to bring form to our emotions, we can seek the unhealed trauma or are chemically dependent, for assistance of a therapist or trusted friend who is able to instance, ingrain in their children the mantra, "don't talk, hold space, actively listen, and help us check out our fears. don't trust and don't feel." Environments marked by Through validation and mirroring, it becomes safer to authoritarianism and close-mindedness, such as some trust our own ideas and opinions. Through accessing our schools or churches, may discourage or shame children for authentic voice, our bodies and creative lives begin to asking questions or engaging in creative expression. As spark with excitement and potential. Delving more deeply Evolving…in SANTA FE


October 2015

into our own authenticity, we realize the power that resides within honest self-expression. Eventually, we become more relaxed with expressing our opinions, even if they are at odds with those who are important in our life. We are able to hold our own center and integrity when people disagree with us, and are able to self-correct when we slip into unhealthy communication patterns. As we begin the journey into exercising a more authentic voice, it is vital to be compassionate with ourselves, and appreciate our small successes while understanding that the journey is about progress, not perfection. When we do healing work to support our throat center, we free ourselves to embody and live more vibrant and authentic lives.

Corine Frankland, Ph.D., is the department chair of liberal arts at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, where she teaches courses in women’s psychology, archetypal psychology, and Kundalini yoga. She is also a somatic polarity practitioner, specializing in anxiety reduction, grief and depression, and women’s reproductive health and wellness. You can find her on Facebook at Vibrational Healing Santa Fe or visit her website at www.myvibrationalhealing.org

. . . e v l o v X

Eating Well in Santa Fe

Eating and Living for Energy


ave you noticed how certain foods feel energy promoting where as others feel like they are robbing you of your vitality? Here's an easy way to play detective and discover which foods are providing you with energy. Commit to capturing what you eat (in detail) and how you feel 20 minutes after each meal, physically, emotionally and energetically. Journal for at least five days and you'll begin to identify the food culprits. Each day the choices you make regarding your lifestyle and the foods you eat will either enhance your health, and longevity or compromise it. Here are some effective ways to enhance your energy and improve your health: Food combination: Ensuring that 50% of your meal includes a variety of vegetables, 40% of a good source of protein (animal-based or plant-based) and 10% a healthy source of fat, will provide you with a good source of fiber to support your digestion and gentle detoxification. Thus, you'll experience increased energy and feel satisfied for longer periods of time. It is important to note that specific nutritional needs are based on your bioindividuality. Supplements: Like vitamin D, SAMe (SAdenosyl-L-Methionine), derived from an amino acid and B-complex, a balanced omega oil combination, and herbs like St. John’s Wort have all been shown to improve mood, energy and a sense of vitality. These supplements are especially helpful during the long winter months and when experiencing low levels of depression or experiencing stress. Essential Oils: Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Blood Orange, Geranium, Eucalyptus Lemon, Cinnamon Bark are some of the many essential oils that support energy and your immune system. Please remember that not all essential oils are created equal, look for 100% derived oils from the bark, root, flower, stem or resin, there should be no carrier oils in 100% essences. Protein smoothies: For the “go-go” person check out the June and July Evolving Santa Fe issues or visit Vitality With Val’s website for some tasty and energy promoting smoothies and vegetable juice recipes. It’s all about knowing how to combine vegetables, fruits, fats and a good source protein powder to make a smoothie that will keep you feeling satisfied for at least four hours. Hydration: One must consume at least half of your weight in ounces of water. So if you weigh 130lbs then you must consume at least 65oz of water per day, more if you are traveling or live in a high altitude place. Here are five ways to enhance hydration on a cellular level; you can add freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice, or minced ginger, or sliced cucumbers and mint leaves, or add a pinch of Celtic sea salt or a couple of drops of chloroxygen. Lifestyle: Proper sleep benefits your body with improved memory, metabolism, heart health and decreases stress eating during the day. Feeling rested supports our ability to respond to life rather than react. Fitness enhances your metabolism and stamina, maintains insulin response, it’s a great stress management outlet and supports healthy

Into something beautiful. Santa Fe’s newest resource for holistic living offers online and print options for living well.


sleep patterns. How and with whom you engage in life can also enhance your overall sense of wellbeing or jeopardize it. So pay attention to your work/life balance or lack there of, and assess which relationships are mutually loving and supportive in your life.

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The Tower of Power

• Toast a slice of whole grain bread (sprouted seed • • • •

bread is best) Drizzle a little olive oil and add a few avocado slices Add sauteed green, cooked in minced garlic and onions Add a fried egg, or a few slices of Alaskan smoked salmon Garnish with a hand full of sprouted greens

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This well balanced meal will satisfy your hunger for at least four hours! Enjoy!

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Valeria Alarcón is a Holistic Health Coach and Advocate AADP, whose mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals who are committed to reclaiming life and vitality through health and wellness. As a cancer survivor Val knows what it takes to reclaim life and vitality, and she is delighted to be of support to her community. For more information visit www.VitalityWithVal.us.

Evolving…in SANTA FE


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Energy Healer Psychic Massage Therapist Astartehealing.com 505-603-0888 astarteearthart@gmail.com

October 2015

Herbal Wisdom

About Hair Loss


n a culture preoccupied with the worship of youth and unwrinkled flesh and seemingly so ashamed of the physical symbols of age and life “Male pattern baldness is a condition emanating from the effects experience, it seems necessary to of testosterone production—a feature of our male hormone.” discuss the occurrence of hair loss in men and suggest a re-evaluation of its meaning. Male pattern baldness is a condition emanating from the effects of testosterone production—a feature of our male hormone. It is an integral part of being a man, nothing to be Couchgrass and Yarrow. The herb avoided, hidden or dreaded, merely to called the essential fatty acids), re-evaluated and respected. vitamins A and D (the universally Ho shou wu strengthens jing and Hair Care acknowledged vitamins for hair and consequently helps prevent the hair from graying. Certainly, heredity has a great deal skin to treat dandruff, dry, itchy a to do with the condition of one’s hair. flaky scalp). • Ayurvedic medical science sees However, no one is rendered • All minerals, especially silica, graying and baldness as symptoms powerless by genetics. There are many magnesium, calcium, potassium, of stress and excessive thought things one can do to condition the which clogs the mind, producing phosphorous, iodine and iron are scalp and nourish and strengthen the needed. excess heat in the head leading to hair. hair loss, graying and insufficient • Traditional Chinese Medicine sleep. An oil fusion of Gotu Kola • Iodine deficiency in the diet will explains the basis of hair loss by using sesame oil for the fixed oil cause dryness, thinness and poor going back to the dynamic role of (this is called Brahmi Oil) is quite growth of hair . Kelp, dried seaweed jing in body sustenance. The kidneys helpful to cool the scalp and the and seafood are the richest natural rule male sexual reproduction and brain, helping to stop graying and source of iodine. also the hair. Nurturing the kidneys hair loss. This is a cooling oil which • The micro-nutrients particularly with foods such as asparagus, cools the brain promoting mental artichoke, celery, aduki beans and essential for hair care are: Vitamin B alertness, clarity, improved memory, the herbs Lovage, Parsley, complex, vitamin E, vitamin F (also and sound sleep. To stimulate hair growth and increase blood circulation in your scalp: 1.Finger massage the entire scalp at least twice a day. Place all 10 fingers firmly on your scalp and push the whole scalp in circular motions for 10 seconds. 2.Get into a position that reverses the gravity of the body forcing the blood to your head. The blood will penetrate into the capillaries of the

One Great Magazine. Two Great Cities.

scalp and feed the hair roots. Combine the position with the finger massage for 5 to 15 minutes twice a day. It will do wonders for your hair, your brain, your veins, your legs and your overall circulation. 3.Regular hair and scalp brushing 2 to 3 minutes twice a day is a must. This cleans all sorts of debris from the surface of the scalp and at the same time deep massages the scalp. Brushing will stimulate the emptied follicles to grow new hairs. Place a very small amount of Rosemary essential oil in the palm of your hand and rub it into the bristles of your hair brush. 4.Rinse your hair and body with a quart container full of warm water, to which you have added 1 Tbsp. of apple cider vinegar. Leave this on for about a minute, then rinse. This vinegar rinse will re-establish your body, hair and scalp’s natural protective acid mantle. 5.To a quart of apple cider vinegar, add some Nettle, fresh Rosemary, Sage, Horsetail and/or Chamomile (Approximately 1 ounce of herb to a cup of vinegar). Put the herbs into the container of vinegar and keep it close to your shower or bath. Use this herbal vinegar mixed with warm water as a daily hair and scalp rinse, and use it for that 1 tablespoon full mentioned in #4 above. 6.One can also apply the expressed juice of the Stinging Nettle to the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Evolving Magazine now in Kansas City AND Santa Fe, NM. Read both issues online at:

www.EvolvingMagazine.com Tomas Enos studied with Michael Moore in 1990 and then created Milagro Herbs. Erin Galiger has worked with herbs for 10 years. Their philosophy of health and healing is holistic and rooted in the ancient tradition of “Solar Living,” synchronizing our bodies according to the biological time clock, circadian rhythms, and seasonal patterns found on Earth. www.milagroherbs.com 505-820-6321 info@milagroherbs.com 419 Orchard Drive (off Paseo de Peralta next to Kakawa Chocolate House)

Evolving…in SANTA FE


October 2015


The Wormhole Experience


ere’s the thing: If you are reading this article, you are likely someone who is an explorer, open to new ideas, the infinite nature of our existence, and you are seeking a more profound spiritual connection. As spiritual explorers, we often become fascinated with the various spiritual tools available to us. We learn about and interact with crystals, spirit guides, angels, herbs, pendulums, tarot cards, meditative music…the list goes on. Perhaps you utilize these tools in environments that are in juxtaposition to exploration and then witness the energetic shift. In our journey today however, we will go a level deeper than these tools, as wonderful and fun and interesting as they may be. As an explorer, you weave your way through a tremendous amount of energy each day. Here on this planet, we physically experience gravity, density and the energy of the elements. And that is life. That is earthly existence, neutral in its nature, yet powerful in its forces. Today’s journey is about being in energetic alignment with our self, and navigating earthly forces and experiences from this place of strength and truth. So, let’s begin by peering through the wormhole; the bridge between space-time that connects you to your divine and the energy of alignment. Foremost, one indicator of misalignment is when we can use words to describe our situation, and it is typically

words like frustrated, stressed, stuck, and drained. Such words and the related feelings are the indicators of misalignment. There is no doubt that in our current collective consciousness the state of misalignment is more readily apparent, but is it really more prevalent? I invite you to personally challenge this notion in your consciousness. Step aside from what mainstream society and media is pointing toward and tune into your inner compass. You are a brilliant individual in an amazing collective of beings on an incredibly diverse blue orb in the middle of an expansive universe beyond your imagination. How dare you think you cannot shift into energetic alignment! So, let’s leave misalignment behind, for it will collapse our energetic wormholes. Energetic alignment occurs when we not only realize our divine connection, but we experience it. The energy of empowerment and truth arise as we match the frequency of our true nature. We sense love, bliss and oneness simultaneously and to such a degree that it is difficult if not impossible to explain the experience in words. How very interesting that most native songs do not translate into the English language, because words fall short of the experience! Immersing in nature supports our alignment because it reminds us of life, resets us in the understanding of cycles, and connects us with the spirit of exploration. But as you step outside, you

Evolving…in SANTA FE

are not simply getting fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin, or watching the bird fly. You are the air, the sun, and the bird. Music triggers our imagination, ignites our creativity, and transforms us. But, you are not just listening to a song, singing a song, or dancing to the song. You are the melody, the rhythm, the song itself. This is not just movement; this is a dance, a flow. And it is not outside of you, it is you. You are the movement, the dance and the flow. You are the experience. Let’s consider yet another angle of being in energetic alignment. If you call to an angel or spirit guide and ask for support, protection, or confidence, you are calling forth energetic alignment. A true “angel” or “guide,” another unique expression of the universe, will hold that space for you until you realize there is no separation between you and them. There are no words to describe them, no names, and no characteristics. You become the angel. You become the guide, and they become you. The beings that are truly connected to the energy of alignment, which connects you to source, hold space for you to be the energy of support, protection, or confidence. In this way, you know yourself as supported and supportive, protected and protective, confident for yourself and others. This is inner peace. So the idea here, the wormhole experience if you will, is that whatever spiritual tool you are utilizing or experiencing, you become the living realization of it. It is not something outside of you, rather part of your true energetic alignment. And if any tool or being is not in complimentary energetic frequency with you, it becomes no longer needed, no longer consulted, yet a glorious and valuable partner (albeit shortterm) on your journey. That’s another really cool thing about energetic alignment: Releasing what isn’t a

match becomes effortless as you are more and more in alignment – another indicator! Practically speaking, how does one step into the wormhole of alignment and trust it not to collapse? How does one come into energetic alignment with oneself and maintain that space-time connection? Consider yourself the creator. Alignment strengthens the wormhole, misalignment collapses it. The wormhole is a vast tunnel of energy just waiting for you to dance through it, with it. Consider your favorite spiritual tool, close your eyes, and imagine that you are it. Become one with it, become it. Describe it with words until words fall short. Be sure to give yourself whatever space and time is needed with this energy. This is the energy that strengthens your wormhole and propels you on a luscious adventure through space-time. It is valuable to strengthen your familiarity to it. Next, repeat with another tool, another angel or guide, and so on. What’s happening here!? Everyone is creating and existing in a place of energetic alignment. Individuals are shifting. The collective consciousness is shifting. The earth is shifting. Space-time is becoming one as each wormhole explodes with the energy of alignment to source. Words…they no longer…describe.

“The wormhole is a vast tunnel of energy just waiting for you to dance through it, with it.”


October 2015

Stephanie Forcier is a Certified Teacher and Advanced Practitioner of the Akashic Records with over a decade of experience. Stephanie actively offers certification classes, events, workshops, and personal sessions. Her website is currently in the wormhole, being recreated. To contact Stephanie: innerwisdomevolution@ gmail.com, 816-260-2438 or www.facebook.com/ innerwisdomevolution.


Accepting and Loving All Our Parts in the Journey Toward Spiritual Growth “When we practice Radical Acceptance, we begin with the fears and wounds of our own life and discover that our heart of compassion widens endlessly. In holding ourselves with compassion we become free to love this living world.”


he focus of many spiritual and contemplative traditions is to help their followers move away from attachments to the ego and live in higher or more loving states of consciousness, which has been called by many names throughout the world. In Buddhism it is referred to as No-Self; Hinduism calls it Atman; and Christians address it as the God Seed, Holy Spirit, or the Christ Spirit within. Psychological disciplines also speak of this state of consciousness and have called it the Transpersonal Self or merely Self. Regardless of the name we give to it, this state of being is described with similar qualities by the various traditions. It is a state in which we experience love, compassion, understanding, peace, curiosity, non-judgment, confidence, clarity, creativity, and greater connection toward ourselves, others, the world, and that which we hold sacred. On the other hand, the ego is described in a very different way. For many of us, it is what we experience as our identity. It consists of what we have come to understand as our personality, as well as

the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and about the larger world. As such, the ego houses our fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs. It houses the lessons and messages we learned from family, friends, and the larger cultures of which we are a part. Oftentimes, it is our attachment to these experiences, stories, and beliefs that “ keep us from living our lives in more loving and expanded ways. In other words, when believe in our limitations as experienced through the ego we keep ourselves from experiencing greater joy, intimacy, and expansiveness available to us when we see through the eyes of the spiritual Self. Unfortunately, many of us try to live more fully in our spiritual Self by denying, avoiding, or somehow caging up our ego. In psychological language, we repress those parts of us we don’t like or that cause us pain. The problem with this approach is that denying a part of our experience doesn’t necessarily make it go away. Alternatively, and as so beautifully stated

by Tara Brach, accepting and loving all the parts of us leads to greater love and compassion for ourselves. In other words, it leads us to more easily access our spiritual Self and all of its wonderful qualities. A relatively newer form of psychotherapy, called Internal Family Systems (IFS), also recognizes the importance of loving and accepting all the different parts that make up who we are: the parts we like as well as the parts we want to avoid or deny. IFS was developed by Richard Schwartz and recognizes that when we live a greater part of our lives from the spiritual Self, we are able to live a more fulfilled and authentic life and be of greater service to others. A unique feature of IFS is that it provides activities that guide us in establishing a relationship between the various parts of our ego and the spiritual Self. In the process, the qualities of the spiritual Self can help the ego to experience healing and

A relatively newer form of psychotherapy, called Internal Family Systems (IFS), also recognizes the importance of loving and accepting all the different parts that make up who we are: the parts we like as well as the parts we want to avoid or deny. ”

Evolving…in SANTA FE


October 2015

transformation. In other words, IFS helps a person to become Self-led, a state in which the spiritual Self is leading your perceptions and experiences instead of being led by elements of the ego. It does this by bringing love and acceptance to all parts of you, which in turn can help you to bring more love and compassion to yourself and others. For more information on how IFS can help you on your personal or spiritual journey, check out the workshop entitled, “Living From the Spiritual Self” listed on the Events page.

Elaine Casquarelli, LMHC is coowner of The Gloaming at Santa Fe, LLC, a counseling and lifecoaching practice. She is a mental health counselor, educator, and workshop facilitator specializing in spiritual issues in counseling as well as emotional and relational concerns. For more information, visit www.thegloamingatsantafe.com.


A Personal and Philosophical Chat with Julia Cameron


entitled The Medium at Large that synchronicity is a fact. As we become premièred in 2008. Do you believe in clearer and more focused, we tend to mediums? attract that which we desire. This is certainly the case with my play Romance in JC: Yes, I do believe in mediums. I the DMZ that opened (August 7th) in believe that we can make contact with Albuquerque. I wrote people who two new plays last have passed on. “I wouldn’t say that I don’t care winter and a couple of I do believe that my friends who about what others think, because months later my Pages said get have died still that is putting me in an inhuman Morning in touch with Vivien have a helping hand and give position. But I care to put forward and ask her what you should do with your me guidance what I believe to be true and then plays. Vivien Nesbitt is and nudge me producer friend who in the right let the chips fall where they may.” aowns the SOL direction. I had Academy in a director friend named John Newland (1917 to 2000). John Albuquerque. I sent her the two plays. She called me up and said, “Why don’t you directed my first musical Avalon, and he come down to Albuquerque and have lunch directed Four Roses that may go up in Albuquerque in February. He just believed with me”. So I went. At lunch, she said, GM: I’m curious, how did you put what “The acting academy has just acquired a in me as an artist. So when I’m thinking, others think of you aside and become performance space. Would you like to see “What should I do next?” I think, “What comfortable in your own skin? would John have me do next? What would it?” I said, “Oh sure”. When we walked into JC: Can I say it’s an ongoing process? I I be bold enough to try if I had John’s the bare empty room I said, “ It’s perfect for think as long as I’m authentic that I’m on Love in the DMZ.” She replied, “Oh I was support?” And I try that. the right track. It’s a constant quest to be hoping you’d say that.” To me this is the real and to allow people to learn from the perfect example of synchronicity. I GM: I know in other interviews you’ve example. So I wouldn’t say that I don’t care GM: If you could advise the human race happened to send her my plays the week been asked the basics about your of one thing, what would it be?” about what others think, because that is she happened to get the performance place. teachings through the The Artist’s Way. JC: Well, this is where I come to putting me in an inhuman position. But I Plus your website, Juliacameronlive.com, care to put forward what I believe to be true Morning Pages (Julia’s free writing exercise GM: That’s a great example of the provides readers access to what they and then let the chips fall where they may. from The Artist’s Way). I feel I have been law of attraction. I do appreciate might want to know about you and your valuable because I teach people to write. your openness in sharing with me. writings. Therefore, I’d like to ask more When they write they get in contact with an Thank you for your time Julia. GM: On the subject of mysticism, you copersonal questions. I was wondering how inner resource that some people call God, wrote with your creative colleague, or why did you become so open about the muse, the force, or the Tao. There are Emma Lively, a musical set in 1938 many different names for it…At this point I have a fantasy that I am dead and at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter asks, “What have you done that we should let you in?” And I say, “Well, I taught people to write.” And he says, “Come in.”

ulia Cameron is an internationallyacclaimed writer and self-proclaimed “creativity expert.” She is indeed both. Her best selling book, The Artist’s Way, one of the 40 she has written to date and published in 1992, has sold more than four million copies. The Artist’s Way landed in my hands in what I can only describe as a serendipitous manner. I was vacationing on the Maya Rivera in 2008 and standing in our rented condo’s little office waiting to ask a question. The clerk was on a long-winded call and I started gazing around. I discovered a shelf of left-behind books and saw The Artist’s Way. I lobbed it down and flipped through its dog-eared, waterstained pages. As a writer, the book immediately piqued my interest. Little did I know at the time that four years later I would move to Santa Fe, Julia’s home, attend one her workshops, and interview her for this issue of Evolving Magazine; serendipitous, fate, or law of attraction? I think it was all of the above. I met with Julia at a Santa Fe coffee haunt for our chat.

sharing your personal life and its dark moments? JC: Are you thinking in my memoir Floor Sample? Well, I felt I was on a pedestal as a teacher, and people started thinking of me as “Saint Julia,” which was not the way I experienced myself. I wanted to step off the pedestal and step into plain view and give people an authentic experience of what the journey has been like. When I wrote Floor Sample, I decided I was going to be authentically autobiographical, which meant including my divorce and my nervous breakdowns. I was determined to paint a true picture. Interestingly enough, the book was loved by readers but was hated by critics who were angry that I had demystified the persona.

GM: That’s an excellent exercise to determining ones purpose in life, because many people like myself believe there is a purpose to our lives and we are in search of it. JC: Yes, I think so too. GM: Given the October theme for Evolving Magazine is the law of attraction and energy, do have any thoughts on either subject? JC: Again this is when I say write Morning Pages, as you will be led into synchronicity. And I do believe that Evolving…in SANTA FE


October 2015

Gloria J. Maschmeyer is an author and freelance writer. Her works have appeared in a variety of media, both nationally and internationally. Since moving from Alaska to Santa Fe in 2012, she now steeps herself in her favorite subject, mysticism. Reach Gloria by email at gmaschmeyer@ yahoo.com.


Energy as Your Medicine


Rife (www.rifefrequencies.com) in the early ow much energy is your to mid-1900s and are useful to boost cellular body producing? When we energy. I use an Erchonia laser generate abundant energy our human bodies will flourish. Daily (www.erchoniamedical.com), which is programmable for these frequencies to energy requirements are needed to break upregulate and energize the body with the down our foods, rebalance the meridians, possibility to treat hundreds of detoxify, fight off diseases processes, and conditions. The cold laser safely slow aging. When our body infuses energy into the body at 635nm, stops manufacturing energy we cease to which is the frequency that cells replicate. exist! Our bodies are 100 percent electric These frequencies allow an interaction and run off of energy manufactured in the between the cells and photons and affect the cells. We also conduct energy—have you ever wondered why you can touch metal and body at the cellular level. The energy alters the cell membrane permeability and is get shocked? absorbed by the mitochondria. The Our intercellular health, down to the mitochondrial level, determines how healthy mitochondria are the "Powerhouses" of the cells, producing ATP that is needed for every we are and how much energy or ATP our cell to be healthy. The laser also accelerates cells are able to generate. A number of cellular reproduction and can rapidly speed factors determine our intercellular health. The cell membrane must be healthy up wound healing, increase the immune and nourished in order for nutrients to enter response, reduce inflammation and swelling of joints, and increase joint mobility. It is and toxins to exit the cell. The heavier the also great to stimulate lymph and blood toxic load of our bodies, the less energy we may be able to produce, resulting in fatigue circulation for detoxification. In 2001, Erchonia Medical became the first company and decreased health. in the world to receive FDA market There are many ways to increase clearance for the use of low level laser in the the energy in our bodies and keep the cells happy and healthy. I've found over the years treatment of chronic pain. Some of my favorite uses for the if you don't find “where” the stress is on the Erchonia laser body and “why” the are to correct cells are unhealthy it’s hard to make long To get you started on your pathway neurological signal imbalances term changes in the to health, here are a few things you that have been body. The top can do at home to help take stress distorted or shut three “energy off by injury or depleters” I have off the body and start feeling better: trauma. Specific noticed and work with To ground yourself to the earth’s frequencies work on a regular basis, frequency all you need to do is to balance apart from poor diets have your bare feet in the grass or the left/right and lack of nutrients, brain and are cement that's connected to the the electrical sensitivities, earth. Thirty minutes a day will help upregulate neurological negative emotions, rebalance the body and help fight signaling from and a condition called inflammation at the cellular level. the brain such as neurological disorganization or Be sure you’re getting enough green cranial nerves and the nerve "switched, " which foods or drinks daily. These help supply branching means your energy is alkalize the body and provide macro off the vertebral basically running nutrients your body needs on a daily segments. One of backward and not the most flowing correctly in the basis. impressive body. When you’re mentally and treatments I’ve Every living thing emotionally stressed you can put one done was working on the earth has a hand on your heart and one on your with a client who vibrational had been in a car frequency. Thousands forehead and feel the emotions of wreck and had of these frequencies the shock, surprise, or trauma. Hold lost her sense of were mapped out by that for a minute or two until you taste and Dr. Royal feel your energy shift and that will smell. Two 15help reduce the negative effects from minute treatments the event. turned on her cranial nerves Evolving…in SANTA FE

that had been shut off and restored her taste and smell. Another amazing use of Erchonia energy is to assist the body to “reset” from the negative effects of electrical pollution or "dirty electricity." The laser frequencies can produce amazing benefits for the body, but the wrong frequencies or electrical signals can devastate it. If you are neurologically switched your energy is basically running backwards. If the energy coming from your wall outlet was running backwards it wouldn't produce much power or electricity. Frequencies from smart meters, Wi-Fi's, cell phones and towers, and electrical appliances are just few of the hidden stressors that affect the body’s electrical system. Any named disease, and especially ones involving the neurological system such as ADHD, create higher sensitivities to electrical pollution. It’s amazing to see how often electricity has a detrimental effect on the body. I frequently test homes and businesses of people who are sick and/or don't feel well and find the electricity has a negative effect on their bodies. Have you ever heard of “Schumann Resonances,” or “Earthing?” The earth has natural frequencies that help rebalance your body, reduce inflammation and help neutralize the negative effects of dirty electricity (www.earthing.com). Negative emotions also have a devastating effect on the body. The emotions are stored as a program in your subconscious and also your cellular matrix (fascia system). Every emotion, including shocks, surprises, and traumas, are stored in the body. These programs help make up our personality and how we respond and react to stimulus. They can also have a devastating effect on the body, even altering the musculoskeletal system. Further, each organ (i.e., liver, kidney, gallbladder) has an invisible energetic pathway called the meridian associated with it. If you have long-standing negative emotion, it can affect the performance of the 12

October 2015

specific organ. For instance, the liver is associated with anger and rage. If you have experienced a lot of anger you can create an imbalance in the liver meridian, which weakens specific muscles corresponding to the meridian. The liver is most energetically active between the hours of 1-3 a.m., and you will likely have sleeping issues during this time until you rebalance the liver. Fear affects the kidneys and can set you up for a lifetime of lower back issues because the kidney meridian controls the primary stabilizing muscles of the pelvis, which are the psoas and illiacus. If a client comes in with a chronic lower back issue, the kidney meridian and corresponding muscles are usually what I address first. Negative emotions use up a lot of minerals trying to regulate our body's pH. and keep it alkaline. With the Erchonia cold laser we can reprogram those negative emotions and belief systems very quickly from the subconscious and cellular matrix. So, how is your energy level and emotional state? Are you feeling the effects of the above-mentioned stressors?

Todd Borron is a Functional Health Coach and Applied Kinesiology Specialist. He evaluates every part of the body for stress and checks the functioning. Dysfunction can be structural, neurological, nutritional, emotional, electrical or increasing toxicity levels, which affect the body. Todd can be reached at tborronmo@gmail.com or 573-6920000 and has offices in Lee’s Summit and Overland Park.


The Scher Center for Well Being connects you to your body’s genius! Bridging the gap between where you are and where you must be to live the extraordinary.


ave you ever wondered if you could heal beyond what you’ve experienced before? Are you red of going round and round, trying to change, but finding yourself in the same situaon over and over again? Have you ever wanted to feel more at home with your body and heart? Do you feel there may be a missing link to having vibrant health? The Scher Center for Well Being in Santa Fe is a world-renowned center that will help you discover a new way of creang the change in your life for which you’ve been looking. The Scher Center offers a range of evidence-based techniques and tools for well being, including Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integraon (SRI). NSA is a pracce that uses gentle touch to signal the brain and nervous system to develop new, coherent neural pathways. SRI works with breath and the body through a set of exercises that allow you to more fully connect to your own unique healing rhythms. Through these and other reorganizaonal healing tools, you learn how to sustainably integrate your body wisdom with your conscious awareness and find your unique formula for living your life in an effortless and resourceful way. Healing happens through connecon--by connecon to every cell in your body; to your feelings, to others, to all of life. Too o2en, as a result of stress and trauma, our bodies lose their natural state of connectedness, which creates energy demands on your body and life that are not available, so you go into “survival mode.” We hold tension pa5erns that shut us off from our own healing potenal and from the world around us. To heal, grow and transform, you need new available energy sources for your body. At the Scher Center for Well Being, we not only help you move out of “survival mode,” but help you go beyond what you’ve been able to experience in your life through a more energecally resourceful body. When the energy of what is

Live Wild. Live Wise. Celebrate the Magic of an Integrated You.

unconsciously held in the body becomes present, then the journey to wholeness is well underway. A renaissance in cellular biology has led to a new understanding of the mechanism of the mind body connecon. Dr. Judy Scher’s contribuon on wellness strategies, based upon this cu!ng edge science, provides empowering insight into the process by which our thoughts, a!tudes, and beliefs create the condions of our bodies and our exterior world. – Bruce Lipton (cellular and developmental biologist and author) If you feel that there is more to your life – there is! The Scher Center is dedicated to inspiring, educang, and delivering a blend of cu:ng-edge reorganizaonal healing tools, state-of-the-art nervous system and life assessments and meless wisdom, to support sustainable healing and transformaonal change for you. Come journey with us and connect with your body’s wisdom and freedom. Feel, be, and live empowered through and with your body’s genius. During the week of October 26-30, 2015, the Scher Center is holding its annual Chiropracc Opportunity Week (C.O.W.), to support our community in moving into healthier, empowered, and more vibrant lives. There will be talks throughout the week, raffles, door prizes, and our Fall Food Drive to benefit Youth Services Street Outreach. In exchange for food donaons, we offer you the opportunity, free-of-charge, to learn about your nervous system and experience what we do. If you would like more informaon or want to parcipate in our C.O.W. Week programs, please call the Center at 505 989-9373 and speak with our staff to set up an appointment for your wellbeing.


Evolving…in SANTA FE



October 2015

1602 4th St. Santa Fe, NM 87505

Spiritual Horoscope

forgive them. Someone is anxious and needs your kindness and understanding.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

October 2015 Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Happy birthday Libra! You can renew yourself completely! Meditation and journal writing exposes subconscious programs that obstruct joy. Explore techniques to re-wire your brain and change thinking patterns. It’s possible to feel different to your core.You’re not a victim to habitual thoughts — they have no power over you! Prosperity, self-love and Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) It’s time for fun! Make hobbies, joyous activities and time with friends a priority. Be present with good feelings and give selfanalysis a break! For quiet time, meditate on life goals. Are you fulfilling them? Or are there new directions or actions needed? Dreams give interesting inspiration. It’s also a good time to do charity or volunteer work.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) There’s likely a promotion, raise or awesome job change coming up! Your greatest strengths are recognized. It also seems like work isn’t work since it’s fulfilling and enjoyable! In the love department, you can meet someone who instantly “clicks” with you, or a current bond has a re-awakening. It might even be fun to re-create your first date! Maybe join a spiritual class or group that offers new ways to see each other.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) You’re in a spiritual awakening. This could take you in a new direction, or re-affirm current beliefs. You could even meet someone who sees you as a mentor and you re-inspire yourself as you share with him/ her. Travel, as even day trips are fun now, so plan a little get-away. If parents, family or co-workers push buttons, meditate to Evolving…in SANTA FE

room to receive love and to let it flow though you! Also, it’s a great time to buy or sell a house.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

It’s time to let down your guard and trust! For Aquarius it’s a lifelong process to bond deeply and become interdependent as opposed to emotionally independent (and isolated!). You can have amazing breakthroughs about sacred sexuality, financial prosperity and profound forgiveness. You’ll have joy pour though you and might even find a new avenue of spirituality. Also, meditate to break rigid thought patterns.

Affirmations are especially healing and empowering right now! Observe your thoughts, and for every negative one, confidently spout back at least three positive ones. Try saying them aloud with a strong “AND” between them, as you build your case against the downer thoughts! You’ll also have intuitive answers for friends and family, and they’ll be amazed when they take your advice.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

If single, you can start a relationship with a potential soulmate! If partnered, you can realize your current spouse is more of a soulmate than you realized. Either way, meditate on forgiveness to make your heart and mind a clean slate. Release old patterns, even good ones, to make way for fresh, uplifting energy. Financially, think about a healthy budget. Resist impulse spending until November (when it’s no longer impulsive and you might not even want it anymore!)

Use creative visualization and affirmations to generate prosperity! You’re a money magnet now, so open your mind as wide as possible to receive abundance in your wallet! Meditation helps uncover blocks to fulfillment of all sorts of desires. Once exposed, the blocks lose their power to hold you back. You can also use mental and spiritual power to heal your body, and even heal others with a reiki-like energy!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Jupiter, Venus and Mars join together to make you confident, joyous and irresistibly Make sure you’re balancing time between attractive! People will be drawn to you, as work and relationships. It’s easy to get over will also new opportunities for happiness. -excited about work, since so many cool You’re honoring yourself and prioritizing opportunities are happening — but don’t your needs. You’re eating well and being neglect your partner. If single, remain open kind to yourself. This makes so much extra to dating even if busy, since someone great energy come off of you that others notice could be interested! Also plan stress your light! Let your soul shine brightly! reduction activities — like sleep, meditation, massage, yoga and healthy meals that are chewed, not gulped!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) It’s a great relationship month for many signs, including yours! Focus on being playful. The word recreation means to recreate, and the energy of fun and play rejuvenates heart and mind. You’ll easily throw away worries or negative ideas, and allow good thing to happen. Make art, dance, do sports, be silly with kids or pets, visit museums. All this nourishes your soul and helps love flow.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) If you’ve worked on healing family-oforigin issues, you’ll see major breakthroughs! You’ll feel a weight off your emotional shoulders and feel joy and bliss. You can also start a significant relationship, or if partnered, you’ll enter a second honeymoon phase. You have more 14

October 2015

Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 or visit www.alunamichaels.com


Resource Directory

John Holmes, Numerologist Confirm your Pre-Intended Life Story. Three-part reading, two-hour consultation by phone or in my Santa Fe office. Contact John with inquiries or to schedule a reading: jrholmes@gmx.com or call 505-466-4297.

ALTERNATIVE HEALING New Mexico Hypnotherapy helps you reach your goals, remove blockages to growth, and resolve limiting beliefs. From body image to clearing traumas and phobias to growing younger to natal and past-life regressions, we help people improve their life experience by understanding themselves. NewMexicoHypnotherapy.com.

SELF CARE Beth Budesheim, Artist, LMT, RN, ATP® Your Goddess Energy Portrait™, therapeutic massage and energy medicine, chakra work, Art Rituals™, paintings. www.BethBudesheim.com

COACHING LIBIDO COACHING. Somatic coaching for people who wish to change/expand the relationship with their body/intimacy/sexuality. Isa Magdalena has taught conscious sexuality since '92, in the US and Europe. Her book is called A Map of Full Spectrum Sex. http://isamagdalena.com.

SKIN CARE Sharon’s Skin Care "Give me beauty in the inward soul; and may the inner and the outer be as one." — Socrates ~ Contact Sharon Fernandes at 505-983-7470.

EDUCATION Southwestern College/New Earth Institute: Consciousness-Centered Graduate School for Counseling and Art Therapy 3960 San Felipe Road, Santa Fe, NM 87507 toll free: 877-471-5756 direct: 505-471-5756 email: info@swc.edu

SPIRITUALITY Heart of the Mother Healing by Gwendolyn Hill Individual spiritual sessions and classes on ascension topics both remotely via teleseminars and in person in Albuquerque, NM. For more information: http://gwendolynhill.com, 505-864-4084, gwendolyn@gwendolynhill.com.

METAPHYSICS Natural Kingdoms Oracle Readings by Gale Litvak Thurs., Fri. and most Sat. afternoons, noon-4 p.m. In a sacred space of nature’s energies, receive support for areas of concern in your life. Sugg. donation: $20/15 minutes. Drop-ins welcome. 505-984-8009. Hillside, 86 Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe. www.santafehillside.com.

Events OCTOBER 3 VAL ALARCON SPEAKS ON IGNITING YOUR VITALITY FROM WITHIN At Inner Rhythms Wellness Center1418 Luisa Street, Suite 6, Santa Fe NM 10 a.m.-3 p.m. OCTOBER 3 & 4, AND OCTOBER 10 & 11 MADRID/CERRILLOS STUDIO TOUR Silver Day Trading Co. (see ad page__) 2876 State Hwy 14 Madrid, NM 505.570.0537 Medicine jewelry by Dayton Simmons and many more healing tools! OCTOBER 12 FREE COMMUNITY WELLNESS DINNER WORKSHOP 6:30 p.m. given by the Scher Center for Well Being. Take your health and your life to the next level! Increase your energy and improve your immune system. Go beyond managing pain into thriving. To reserve your space and find out the location call 505 989-9373. OCTOBER 15 THE TRIAD OF CHANGE WORKSHOP 6:30 p.m. Discover the power of knowing your personal formula for lasting change, progress and success. Lecture and

experiential. Call Scher Center for Well Being to reserve your space 505 989-9373. Individual $45. Groups of 3 or more, $25pp OCTOBER 17 IGNITE YOUR VITALITY WORKSHOP At UNM Center For Life 11a.m.-12 p.m. To register, please call Michelle at (505) 9254551 or e-mail: mmhale@unmmg.org. Creating fundamental changes is about how you want to feel from the inside out, it is about defining your commitment to self, to your health and your life. How we honor ourselves each day, through each choice we make, will determine the state of our overall health, wellness and vitality! OCTOBER 17 A CHAKRA BALANCING WORKSHOP WITH STONES AND ESSENTIAL OILS Naturopath Dr. Wendy will lead an experiential workshop to learn to sense and balance the major chakras of the body. You’ll practice using stones and essential oils to work with these energy centers. 10:00 a.m.2:00 p.m. $40 Milagro Herbs, 419 Orchard Drive (next to Kakawa Chocolate House on Paseo de Peralta), Santa Fe. Register: 505-820 -6321

Evolving…in SANTA FE

Unity Santa Fe is a welcoming Interspiritual Community that offers practical tools for a healthy, abundant life. Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m., variety of classes and workshops. www.unitysantafe.org 1212 Unity Way, Santa Fe 87506. 505-989-4433

OCTOBER 17 THE TENDER BODY We will explore and feel our physical and energetic body as a friend and ally to deepen and restore the first and foremost relationship: you and your body! With Sherry Stephenson and Isa Magdalena. Women: October 17; Mixed Gender: November 7. 'The Amazing Body' 1- 4.30 p.m., $50 pp. Space is limited. Please contact Sherry, desertfairynine@gmail.com, or Isa, spiral@newmex.com OCTOBER 23 MEDICINAL ROOT WALK Stefan Link will lead a herb root walk in Santa Fe. Learn about the uses of our local roots for food and medicine and how to identify them. 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. $20 Milagro Herbs, 419 Orchard Drive (next to Kakawa Chocolate House on Paseo de Peralta), Santa Fe. Register: 505-820-6321 OCTOBER 24 LIVING FROM THE SPIRITUAL SELF Join us for an interactive workshop focused on helping you connect with and live from your highest Self. Drawing from Internal Family Systems Therapy, meditation and journaling activities, you will learn ways of bringing compassion and healing to those parts of you that serve as obstacles to living from your most loving Self. $95. 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Unity Santa Fe, 1212 Unity Way, Santa Fe, NM 87506


October 2015

OCTOBER 26 -30 CHIROPRACTIC OPPORTUNITY WEEK (COW) Helping our community MOOVE into healthier, empowered and more vibrant lives. Talks, raffles,food drive, complimentary sessions- call and ask how! Specializing in reorganizational healing, Network Care and Somato-respiratory integration. Call Scher Center for Well Being for full schedule or go online to www.schercenter.com , 505 9899373. ONGOING HATHA SOUL YOGA Join Heather Robertson in her Hatha Soul Yoga class to awaken your inner strength for less stress and more freedom. WideAwakebyDesign.com for more details. ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS CERTIFIED BARS EXCHANGE Wednesday nights, Santa Fe, get your bars run! Huge savings to a private session! Kathy White CFMW@ 505.366.9120 VITALITY HIKES WITH VAL Every Monday at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. To register please email Val at info@VitalityWithVal.us Enjoy a revitalizing hike (moderate level) and learn about your circle of life and how primary and secondary foods impact your health and sense of well-being.

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Evolving Santa Fe October 2015  

The October issue focuses on Energy, Law of Attraction, and includes an interview with Julia Cameron.

Evolving Santa Fe October 2015  

The October issue focuses on Energy, Law of Attraction, and includes an interview with Julia Cameron.

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