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Revelations—by Paul Rudy Play Your Own Perfect Instrument


ithin us is our own perfect instrument. It comes factory installed, and all we need do is use it! Like any instrument it needs input to produce output, and tuning to resonate fully. All our major nerves and meridians wind their way from our head, through our neck, to the rest of us. In this fifth-chakra passage we inhale breath to create sound with our voice. Learning to use our whole throatchakra instrument involves a feedback cycle of giving through our voice that is, in turn, informed by listening. This complete circuit promotes optimal energy flow and is powerful for tuning our whole body. As the saying goes, the longest distance in the universe is the 18 inches between the human head and heart. This traverse requires negotiating between two most potent instruments: our intellect and intuition. The mind collects, differentiates, classifies, strategizes and connects, while our heart directs the use of all that information. The two sides of our fifth-chakra instrument, making sound and listening, employ both our intuition and intellect, and a holistic path is one that oscillates freely between the wisdom of both. Practicing the strengths of these two allies brings us fully into harmony and balance, and halfway in between that 18-inch distance is a most powerful ally: our voice! The perfect proportions of our body focus around the voice. With words, consonants convey meaning, while vowels carry the energy. Each chakra has a vowel that activates it (IPA: u, oʊ, ʌ, ɒ, aɪ, e and ɪəʳ). We witness this when our body naturally groans in pain with “uh” and “oh” sounds, grounding us. We whimper when we desire comfort of parental energy and we grunt under strain, reflecting the will power of our solar plexus. When something feels right, we sigh with the open “ah” of our heart chakra. The third, fourth and fifth chakra vowels (like sun, heart, and eye) are similar in production (the most open of the vowels), revealing a close connection between our personal will and the necessity to speak (or sing!) our truth through the language of the heart! Toning is a simple way anyone can

begin to bring the receiving and giving halves of the fifth chakra into harmony. Start by singing the most natural tone you can (“ah” on a note without strain). As you do, listen inward, scanning your whole body. Do you feel a vibration anywhere? If so, explore it. Slowly slide the note higher and lower, and see if the vibration gets stronger, or migrates to another place in your body. Next try changing the vowel. Play with it! There is no right or wrong: only your own voice, resonating within, as you listen to the body for which it was made! Try laughing with differing vowels, and listen inward to how it vibrates your body! Laughter makes our chest a drum, which moves lots of energy. Try other forms of play with your voice too! As you listen, listen inward, and bring your third eye online. Feel the subtle vibrations going on in your body. As your listening develops, target specific areas of discomfort through the intention of your voice. Your sharpened listening can be turned to things outside, such as instruments, singing bowls, meditation recordings or all sound in your proximity, even other people’s vibrations. When you can feel those vibrations within you, you can learn to tune your shield to harmonize with all of them. Listening is key, so have fun practicing it! The best way to get to know your fifth -chakra instrument is through using it! Because it is unique, you are the only person who can master it! Ride between the heart and mind freely on the breath of your voice and into your whole body by listening. Your instrument is perfect, and you are the practice room! Please download and enjoy a free meditation track from my SoundCloud page to facilitate your practice! Dr. Paul Rudy, Curator’s Professor at the UMKC Conservatory, is a Fulbright, Guggenheim, and Rome Prize Fellow. He is an award-winning composer for film, electronics, and instruments, who also performs widely in concert, installation, meditation and sound healing venues. As a sound practitioner Dr. Rudy facilitates improvisation, play, journeying and healing through sound. CD’s are available at CDBaby. EVOLVING… A GUIDE FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING


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