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Who Is In Your Energy Field? Do You Really Want Them There? (And How To Clear Them Out) BY STEPHANIE RED FEATHER


s empaths (sensitive beings), we naturally have very open energy fields, big hearts, and a desire to serve others. This makes us exceptional therapists, healers, energy workers, coaches, healthcare professionals, and servers in similar careers. Unfortunately, when we are not conscious of our energy field, we often have loose, sloppy, or non-existent boundaries. This means the edges of our energetic container are not well defined, if at all (think Swiss cheese). One consequence of this is that we tend to let everybody into our energetic (and even physical) space indiscriminately.

We Are Energetic Servers There are many reasons for this. On the positive end of the spectrum, it is because we are naturally kind, helpful, compassionate, and thoughtful.

On the unhealthy end of the spectrum, it can be because we are codependent, define ourselves by how others view us, or have no idea how to say no. Either way, it is not uncommon for unconscious empaths to walk around carrying everyone they know in their energy field. On multiple occasions, I have lovingly sent clients right back out my office door as soon as they arrived and instructed them to leave everyone they walked into my office with outside the threshold. Sometimes I would give them a handful of crystals to create physical representations of whom they were leaving outside the door. One client shared, “I was a little taken aback when Stephanie made me go back outside. I had no idea I was carrying so many people with me. Once I left them

outside, I was kind of disoriented and lonely because I had so much space within my energy field. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I soon realized how much I let everyone else define me.” Because it is so easy for empaths to merge with other people and take on their energy, beliefs, values, emotions, habits, and more, the line between where we end and the next person begins can become indistinguishable. In learning to disunite people from our sovereign space, it creates breathing room, frees up our life force, and gives us greater access to our own voice and truth.

But Wait, There’s More Yet to the who in your energy field, you need to also add the what. In addition to all the people, we also carry around problems, health issues, pets, decisions, unforgiveness, shoulds, old belief systems

and so much more. No wonder we feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic! It is easy to become numb to all of the baggage and energetic clutter we accumulate over time. We acclimate to it and don’t recognize how bogged down, confused and exhausted we have become in the process. Fair warning: once you become aware of these energies, it will be almost impossible to go back to ignorance of them. Which, I suppose, is the point if you want to evolve in consciousness! In the sidebar I created a powerful tool that anyone can use, as many times as needed, to become aware of who and what is in your energy field. It is an excellent exercise for illustrating just how much you are carrying around with you at any given time.

Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others. ~Brene Brown


October 2018 Evolving Magazine  

Discover your quantum life.

October 2018 Evolving Magazine  

Discover your quantum life.